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Impact Wrestling Results (8/4/11) - Jokes Subside As Justice Rises

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Impact Wrestling Results - 8/4/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a recap from last week as Sting announces that he is the Network Executive. He then confesses that he is not part of the network, but that doesn't stop the chaos from the Steel Cage Match. Angle wins the match but then meets face to face with Sting.

The video ends and Immortal is in the ring. Bully Ray is on the mic and quickly insults the fans. The fans chant insults back, but Bully says that they are Immortal. He then announces each member: Scott Steiner, Gunner, Abyss, and his idol Jeff Jarrett (who has Karen beside him)! Jeff goes to the corner and stands up on the second rope as the fans boo. He then goes to Ken Anderson and says he is just an @sshole. Ken is fine with that. Bully then states that the town, or company, isn't big enough for both Immortal and Fortune. Ken then gets on the mic and says that the ring isn't big enough for both Ken and Bully. Ken goes on to say that Bully made him fight the best wrestler, Kurt Angle. He says that Bully made him loose. Bully goes back to say that Ken just couldn't get the job done, but Ken says it was Bully's fault. Ken says it doesn't matter when.....but he will get Bully back. Bully turns around and then turns back and asks who he is. He says Ken Anderson is the guy who lost the World Title after being in Immortal for one week. Ken is weak. Bully says that he is a 23 time World Tag Team Champion. When Eric and Hogan aren't around, Bully is in charge. The fans don't like the sound of that. Bully says he will become the World Champion. Ken is just the gum on his shoe that will affect his way to be World Champ. Ken says that he isn't booked for Hardcore Justice and either is Bully. Ken says let's do it. Ken then breaks out his Meatloaf persona from the "Paradise by the Dashboard Light". Bully had enough and just slapped Ken right in the face. Ken is not going to take that lightly and he doesn't. Ken goes after Bully but Immortal break up both of them. Just then Fortune's music hits and here comes the group on stage. Kazarian has a mic and tells Bully Ray Cyrus to calm down. Kazarian says he thought Immortal wanted Fortune to come down, so they will. Fortune comes down the ramp and into the ring. Chaos rises as each team goes at it. Immortal leave the ring before anyone of them gets hurt, but James Storm is down as it seems like his back is bothering him.

Ms. Tessmacher is backstage as she is stretching backstage. She is loosening up as she will be in action next!


Christy Hemme is in the ring as the welcomes Mickie James.

Mickie James' music hits and she comes on stage. She then walks to the right as she is the quest commentator for this upcoming match.

Madison Rayne's music plays and here comes the queen bee. Before she goes down the ramp, she starts talking trash to Mickie. Mickie then insults her high voice. The fans boo as she walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring and waits for her opponent. Tara comes out with Ms. Tessmacher as they are TNA Knockout Tag Team Champs. The crowd cheers for them. Tara gets in the ring as Tessmacher takes off her ring gear on the apron. Both kiss on the lips. She now gets in the ring as Earl Hebner sends Tara to the back. Madison loves that idea. Tara walks away.

Madison Rayne vs. Ms. Tessmacher

Madison waves good-bye to Tara as she leaves. Tessmacher waits for Madison to turn around to attack her. She turns around and Tessmacher goes right after her. She puts Madison in the corner and then has her sit down on the mat. Tessmacher does the famous stink face. Tessmacher gets up and walks away, but Madison gets up and runs to her. She knocks down Tessmacher from behind. Madison continues the offensive. She then puts Tessmacher's face into the mat a couple of times. She then yells across the arena at Mickie. Madison turns around and Tessmacher grabs her for a roll up. She gets the three count! Winner: Ms. Tessmacher

Madison can't believe it and she quickly gets up and goes after Tessmacher. Mickie says she can't take this anymore and gets up from the desk. She goes down the ramp, but Angelina Love comes from the back and knocks down Mickie from behind. Winter then comes out. Love holds Mickie from behind as Winter grabs the Knockout Title. She then WHACKS it right across the face of Mickie. Mickie falls instantly and is motionless. Mickie will put her title on the line at Hardcore Justice against Winter!


The show returns and a video plays recaping the live event status from last week and the updated Bound for Glory Series. As the updated leader board stands, Crimson has 40 points, and James Storm is second along with RVD being 3rd.

Devon comes on stage and the crowd pops. He is at the end of the ramp and goes to his family that is in the front row. He gets in the ring. As he is in the ring, AJ Styles comes on stage as he walks through some fireworks. He walks down the ramp as he looks ready to go.

Devon vs. AJ Styles in a Bound for Glory Series Match

Both are in the ring as the bell rings. Both move around the ring as they go to lock-up. They lock-up, but AJ slides behind and goes in the corner. They go to lock-up again, but AJ goes after the arm of Devon, but he slides away. The crowd is split down the middle. They go to lock-up again, but AJ slides past and applies a side headlock. Devon pushes AJ away as he gets sent in the ropes. AJ comes back and applies the headlock again. Devon pushes him away and hits AJ. Both come to and AJ takes advantage. Devon gets hit and he falls down. AJ goes to pin him. While he gets a two count, The Pope comes out and sits with Devon's family at ringside. Both get to their feet and Devon gets a big boot to the face. Devon then gets back at AJ. As he turns around, he sees The Pope with his family. He stares at him. While he does, AJ attacks Bully. AJ goes for a roll-up, but then lifts Devon for the Styles Clash. Devon gets out of it. As AJ keeps the momentum, he looks over and sees Daniels is at ringside. AJ walks over to the side of the ring and asks what he is doing. Daniels wants him to continue the match. AJ gets on the apron and then jumps to the top rope for a springboard move. As he lands, Devon moves out of the way and it looks like AJ tweaked his knee. Devon covers AJ and gets the win. Winner: Devon

As Devon wins, The Pope jumps in the air along with Devon's family. They do high fives all around. Devon looks on as he is dumbfounded. He then goes to AJ, who is now standing, and they hug. AJ then leaves the ring as he meets Daniels. He tells Daniels that this is a Bound For Glory Series Match. Daniels says he is dodging this and asks if this is more important than their friendship. Daniels follows AJ backstage.


Mike Tenay and Taz are on camera as they talk about the Kurt Angle vs. Sting match at Hardcore Justice. A video plays revisiting the recent setup of this match as Kurt won a match to be #1 Contender for the World Title. The video then flashbacks from 2007-2009 when Kurt and Sting fought. Every time, they had epic matches, but Kurt never beat Sting. Kurt says he has lost weight since he has been training and he is in the best shape of his life. He says Sting is better now than he was in 1995. You don't want to miss this match.

The video ends and The Pope is backstage. He talks about Devon and his family. Pope has a match against Devon at Hardcore Justice. He says he hopes it is good. He tells Devon to have a good match when they fight. Before that, Pope has a match tonight against Samoa Joe and that is next.


Impact Wrestling returns as The Pope is half way down the ramp. As he gets in the ring, Matt Morgan is a special guest commentator during this match as he can't fight due to his injury. Pope gets in the ring and Samoa Joe is already in the ring.

The Pope vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds and both move around the ring. They go to lock-up, but Pope dodges Joe. They go to lock-up again. While they do, Joe goes for a sweeping kick, but Pope jumped it. They go to lock-up one more time. Joe goes to attack Pope, but Pope dodges. Joe comes back and pins Pope in the corner, but Pope squeezes away and does an armdrag and then armbar onto Joe. Joe gets out of it and sends Pope out of the ring. Joe goes to follow, but Pope gets back in. Joe walks around and gets back in. Joe just can't get anything as Pope continues the momentum. He does several punches to Joe and it knocks him down. As Pope waits for Joe to get up, Devon comes on stage and walks down the ramp to be by his family. Devon doesn't see him. Pope bends down to get Joe, but Joe flips him around and puts Devon into a rear naked choke hold. Pope has nothing else to do but tap. Joe continues the hold though. He doesn't let go. The referee calls to reverse the decision. The Pope is now the winner. As Pope was locked in, one of Devon's kids wanted to help Pope, but Devon wouldn't allow it. Winner: The Pope

A quick video plays showing how Joe didn't release the hold. As the video is done, Samoe Joe is backstage as he is fed up with this. He says that the people running this company do not want him anywhere near the gold. That is why he is in his stupid tournament. Joe says he has been in ladder matches and matches filled with idiot referees. He then states that no one will stop him. Whoever is in his way will be their own fault. Samoa Joe is on a rampage!

Robert Roode is backstage and goes through a door. James Storm is there as he lies on the couch. Roode says his match is next. James says he hurt his back earlier tonight. James says that nothing is more important than the titles as he doesn't want to miss his match at Hardcore Justice. Roode says he will take over for James tonight. James will be at his side though.


Bully Ray is backstage as he is on the phone. He answers, "yes. Yes." He then refers to the person on the phone as Hulk. He is talking about Ken as their confrontation earlier. Hogan says that Bully needs to apologize to Ken Anderson. Bully says he will do it in respect to Hogan. Bully hates the idea.

Mexican America comes to the ring. Sarita, Rosita, Anarkia, and Hernandez walk down the ramp. All of them get in the ring. They do their little formation in the ring. Just then, Beer Money's music plays and James Storm comes down with Roode. They are the TNA Tag Team Champs. Roode talks to the referee and the referee goes back and forth. Roode tells the referee that Roode will be in the match instead of James due to injury.

Hernandez vs. James Storm in a Street Fight

Roode gets in the ring and the bell sounds. Roode quickly attacks Hernandez and remains on the offensive side. He then sends Hernandez outside of the ring. As he stands up, Roode jumps over the top rope and lands right on Hernandez. Roode gets up and grabs a chair. Hernandez gets to his feet and Roode puts the chair right into Hernandez's gut and then right to his back. Roode throws a trashcan in. He then grabs the lid and hits Hernandez in the face with it. Hernandez comes back and pushes Roode into the steel steps. He then whips Roode right into the steel corner. Roode goes face first. Hernandez walks over to him and hits him with the lid of the trashcan. He puts the lid in the ring and slides Roode in. He comes in now and takes off his belt. He puts it around the head of Roode as he chokes him with it. He then releases it. He goes to Roode again, but Roode comes back. It doesn't last long as Hernandez pushes Roode down and then hits him with the lid. Roode rolls out of the ring. Hernandez follows him. He pushes Roode back first into the apron and then sends him shoulder first into the steel steps. He rolls Roode back in and goes for his belt. Roode grabs the lid again and hits Hernandez right in the head with it. Not once, but three times. Hernandez falls down in the corner. Roode runs to him, but Hernandez puts his foot up resulting in a kick. Hernandez flips to the top rope. Roode grabs the trashcan and throws it right to the head of Hernandez. Roode then climbs the corner and does a superplex. Both are down. They slowly get up and Roode grabs a kendo stick. He hits Hernandez with it multiple times. He then cracks it right over the head. Roode is in the zone now. Hernandez gets up and Roode puts him in the corner. He jumps up and does a tornado DDT. He covers but Hernandez kicks out. Both get up. While Roode continues to punish, Hernandez suddenly does a huge shoulder block right to Roode and it knocks him down. He gets Roode up and goes for the border toss, but Roode slides out. He then knocks Hernandez down and does the armbar. As Hernandez is tapping, Mexican America gets on the apron to distract the referee. As the referee shoos them away, Sarita comes in the ring and hits Roode in the back with the kendo stick. She leaves the ring. Just then Hernandez gets in the ring and rolls up Roode for a victory. Winner: Hernandez

Bully Ray is backstage. He knocks on a door and opens it. Ken Anderson is in the room. Ken is surprised. Bully goes to talk about Hogan. He says without Hogan, none of them would be there. He says he is going to apologize. He says he is sorry for everything. He is sorry for anything he has done. Bully extends his hand as he wants Ken to shake it. He then takes his hat off to apologize. He says it one more time. Ken goes to shake it it, but Bully knees him to do a low blow. Bully wants to take the name of being an @sshole now. Ken falls down as Bully walks away.


A video plays showing Kurt Angle back in the production truck from earlier today as he was giving his thoughts about matches he had with Sting in the past.

The short video ends and the camera goes to Christy Hemme in the ring as she announces the next match.

Austin Aries is introduced and he comes down to the ring. As he is in the ring, Alex Shelley makes his way on stage as the crowd cheers him on. As he comes down, Mike Tenay states Ken Anderson accepted the offer for the match against Bully Ray at Hardcore Justice.

Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

As he gets in the ring, he turns his back to take his coat off. Austin sees opportunity and goes right after Alex as he attacks him from behind. He then continues his attack on Alex. Austin goes to the apron and then jumps over the ropes to land right on Alex. Alex comes back though and does several moves to Austin. He sends Austin in the corner. Austin comes out of the corner and wants Alex to shake his hand. Well he slaps Alex's hand away and goes for a kick, but Alex blocks it. He sends Austin the corner. Austin comes out of it and goes into the opposing corner. Alex then comes and they go back and forth as they slide under each other. Alex then grabs Austin and rams his head into the second turnbuckle. Alex continues to go after Austin and then sets up a version of the figure four. Austin screams in pain. He is about to tap, but he reaches and grabs the ropes. Austin rolls to the apron. Alex comes to him and he sends Alex outside. Alex walks around the ring. Austin quickly jumps to the top rope and flies right to Alex. He lands perfectly. He gets Alex back into the ring. He sends Alex into the corner and puts him to the top. Austin joins him for a superplex, but Alex lifts him up and drops Austin chest and face first onto the mat. Austin gets up and Alex jumps applying a kick right to his chest. Austin flies back and goes through the ropes to the outside. Alex then runs and does a suicide dive. Alex brings Austin in the ring and goes to the top rope. Alex jumps down to plant a double foot stomp on Austin, but Austin moves. He then goes for slice bread, but Alex blocks. Alex then gets sent through the ropes. Austin grabs the coat of Alex and starts to mock him. He takes off his coat and the referee tries to pull it away from him. Alex then gets in and goes after Austin, but Austin blocks. He lifts Alex up for a suplex. He then plants Alex right down on the mat head first. He pins Alex. Winner: Austin Aries

Austin grabs a mic and states that he beat Alex with a clean wrestling move. He then kicks Alex as he lies there. Just then, Brian Kendrick marches down the ramp and gets in the ring. Austin high tails it out of there.


A video plays as it shows Eric Young in L.A. as he is driving to some place for an audition. He gets there and the person says that he will be portraying the role as man and his wife is cheating on him. He does a terrible acting job. The lady even says it. She tells him to leave as she can't take any more people like that in Hollywood.

The camera switches to the production truck as Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle as he calls his 2009 open arena match with Sting. Kurt said people still talk about this match to this day. He said he got a few injuries from this bout. The match plays as Kurt and Borash talk while it's going on. It shows the two battle it out all throughout the arena. They go through the stands and seats. Kurt says he is a better wrestler than fighter and at Hardcore Justice, it's a wrestling match. Sting and Kurt are up in the stands. Sting lifts Kurt up and tosses him over the railing falling around 7-10 feet. Sting goes down and goes after Kurt, but Kurt hits Sting with a trashcan and gains momentum. Kurt states that this was several years ago, so times has changed and the ability of each star has changed. Kurt then grabs a chair from ringside and goes to hit Sting, but Sting blocks and hits Kurt right in the back with the chair. Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash are beside them now, but it didn't matter as both continued to brawl. Kurt says he hopes it doesn't end up like this at Hardcore Justice because he wants this to be an amazing match.


Sting is backstage as he walks down the hall to gear up for his contract signing later. He has sunglasses on with the TNA World Title over his shoulder.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match.

Gunner and Scott Steiner come out as Scott's music plays. The fans boo them as they come to the ring. As they are in the ring, Crimson's music hits and he comes on stage. He raises his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He is the leader in the Bound for Glory Series. He stops at the end of the ramp as RVD's music hits. Here comes the whole F'n Show! He walks down the ramp and the crowd cheers loudly. He meets Crimson on the outside. Both get in the ring.

Scott Steiner and Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam and Crimson in a Bound for Glory Series Match

RVD and Scott start the match out. The crowd chants, "RVD" as both stand in the ring. Scott gets angry and starts talking back to the fans. They go to lock-up, but Scott just pushes Rob right into the corner. He comes out of the corner and does a body scissor to knock Scott down into a pinfall. Scott kicks out. Both get up and Scott puts Rob right into the corner. He does several knife edge chops. He then whips Rob in the opposing corner. He runs to Rob, but Rob does a great kick to Steiner. The crowd cheers as Rob looks around. Scott gets up from behind though and hits Rob. He then mocks Crimson and then tags Gunner. Gunner comes in and goes right after Rob with several offensive moves. He puts Rob in the corner, but Rob kicks Gunner right in the face. Rob then tags Crimson. The top man comes in and just throws Gunner all around. Crimson runs into the ropes, but Scott knees Crimson right in the back. That gives Gunner the perfect opportunity to come back. He goes after Crimson. He puts Crimson in the corner and tags Scott. Scott comes in and continues to work on Crimson. He does a belly to belly suplex and then covers, but Crimson kicks out. Both get up and Scott knocks Crimson down with a closeline. He then drops a big elbow. He covers but he gets off of Crimson to do some pushups. Scott gets up and tags Gunner. Gunner gets in and does a back suplex. He covers but Crimson kicked out. Gunner goes to the second rope. He jumps to Crimson, but Crimson catches him and throws him down. Both crawl to their corner. Crimson tags RVD and Gunner tags Scott. Both get in and Rob hits Scott with a kick. Scott gets up, but grabs RVD for a huge belly to belly suplex. Both get up, but RVD jumps to the second rope, jumps back and hits Scott right in the head with a boot. RVD goes for rolling thunder, but Gunner comes in and stops it. Crimson then goes after Gunner. RVD puts Scott gut first into the railing. He goes for his famous kick, but Gunner knocked him off the apron. Crimson attacks Gunner. RVD gets to the top rope and does a five star frog splash on Gunner. RVD bounces up and Scott grabs him and knocks him down. He covers, but RVD covered. Scott gets RVD up and puts him to the top rope. Scott goes up to, but Crimson grabs Scott and does electric chair. RVD then jumps and hits the 5 star frog splash on Scott for the win. Winner: Rob Van Dam

RVD becomes second in the leaderboards. RVD and Crimson are out of the ring. Christy Hemme meet up with them and asks RVD how he feels. He says he feels good after hitting the frog splash, but feels better after beating all the people in the Bound for Glory Series. Christy then states that RVD will face Crimson for the #1 spot in the series at Hardcore Justice. Crimson says it was an honor teaming up with RVD, but he will not team up with him at Hardcore Justice. He will beat RVD to keep the #1 spot.

A split screen occurs as both Kurt Angle and Sting are walking backstage to meet in the ring next.


Mike Tenay and Taz appear on camera as they discuss the match-ups for Hardcore Justice. You can see the full line-up of Hardcore Justice right here on!

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as the ring has a red ring mat and a podium that holds the contract between Sting and Kurt's match. Jeremy hypes up the match and then introduces Kurt Angle. His music hits and he walks down the ramp. The crowd cheers loudly for the #1 contender. Jeremy then introduces the current TNA World Champion, Sting! His music hits and he comes on stage wearing all black. He holds the title in his hand as he walks down the ramp. With his joker style face paint, he wears sunglasses to make look even weirder.

Jeremy asks Kurt Angle to sign the contract first. He says Kurt agreed to the conditions. Kurt looks down and signs it without hesitation. Jeremy then asks Sting to do the same. He turns it to Sting and he signs it also. Jeremy looks at it and it is confirmed that it will be Sting vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Title at Hardcore Justice. Jeremy says that if they have any last thing to say, they can say. He gives the mic to Kurt. Kurt says Sting is one of the men that he respects. Sting never messed up anyone. Sting has always been true. He says if he is half as good as Sting in his entire career, he has done a good job. Kurt then says he will be taking the World Title from him though. Sting then gets on the mic. Sting says that he doesn't feel like laughing. Sting tells Kurt that he now feels like he accomplished something from what Kurt said. Sting then states how great Kurt is. When a fan asks him who he thinks the best wrestler ever. He says overall it's Kurt Angle. Kurt has it all. Kurt got the technical, stamina, high flying, and everything else that would make a perfect wrestler. Sting says that the title is the most important thing to him right now. It has never been more important to him. He goes on to say that TNA belongs to Dixie Carter, but Eric and Hogan took it from him. Before he hangs his boots up, he will give Dixie her company back and that means the title. He can't loose the title. Kurt will have to really punish him to the point where he can't even move anymore. Sting will not let that title leave his side. Kurt stares right at Sting the entire time. Sting's music hits as he walks away. It's Sting vs. Kurt Angle at Hardcore Justice on August 7th, 2011 for the TNA World Title! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Sting- Up from last week
2. Kurt Angle- Down from last week
3. Rob Van Dam- New from last week
4. Hernandez- New from last week
5. Austin Aries- New from last week

My Thoughts:

As this became the last Impact Wrestling before Hardcore Justice, I have to say, it was a well developed episode. This episode didn't have anything big or amazing, but it did a fine job building the PPV this coming Sunday. It went through each storyline and rivalry and built up each match during the show. Sometimes TNA doesn't do this before the PPV and sometimes WWE doesn't do it either, so it was nice to see build and hype for the PPV. That is what basically the show as about tonight. Match wise, we have seen some good contests. My favorite certainly has to be the Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley match as that was back and forth and really wasn't sure when it was going to end. As far as the stories go, I am pretty interested in the Bully Ray vs. Ken Anderson as got some fire last week and it really heated up tonight. I am excited about the Sting vs. Kurt Angle match. They fought before, but the thing is, they never fought as much as Orton vs. Cena and whenever they face, it's always spectacular. If done right, it could be great. Hardcore Justice has little bit of everything. They have knockout action, tag team action, X-Division action, and "in your face" heavyweight action. We will have to wait to see what happens. Kendra is doing her prediction blog this weekend, so check out my predictions for Hardcore Justice. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter and while there, check out my podcast. Links where be there. Thanks!Follow me:

Weekly Question: Who do you think will win: Kurt Angle or Sting at Hardcore Justice?

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