Impact Wrestling Results (8/9/12) - Bully Ray.....You're NEXT!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 8/9/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package about the Claire/AJ storyline. Claire reveals she is an addict and AJ and Dixie helped her. Daniels comes forward and Claire follows about being a father. While AJ is in Australia, Daniels and Kaz throw a baby shower for Claire. Claire wants AJ to do the right thing. The video switches to the Aces and Eights storyline where they attacked everyone but James Storm. Everyone wants to find out who they are and why they are there. Everyone showed up last week to fight the faction, but they no showed!

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode form the stage and above the ring. The camera shows the arena filled with fans! They are on their feet cheering and cheering! Music plays and it's Bully Ray! Ray talks to the fans from the arena. He walks down the ramp and pulls out his phone. He tweets! He is on fire. He gets right in the ring and tells So Cal Val to get in the ring to hand him a mic. He grabs it and yells at her to get out of the ring. Ray starts off by asking if the fans know who he is. He answers the question. He is Bully Ray and is the leader of the Bully Nation. He pulls out his phone. He says it is the fire breathing Twitter machine. He doesn't go anywhere without it! He goes on to give credit to Joseph Parks. He says there is enough evidence on someone to say they are guilty. All of the evidence points to James Storm. He will show everyone that he is part of the faction, but he is also going to beat him to get 7 points tonight. He is also going to win at Hardcore Justice to get 20 points. He tells the fans to shut up as they know he is right. He goes back to James Storm. Here is the reason why he is in the faction. He has so many facts! James Storm's music plays. Here comes The Cowboy. He comes right down the ramp with a mic in hand. Ray wants to tell Storm that he is glad he came out here....but Storm overpowers him with his voice to shut Ray up. James didn't hear one fact from Ray. He is sick and tired of these allegations. He is not part of the faction. He is more worried about the Bound for Glory Series to win back his title. Now he has Storm all wild up. When two guys have a problem, where he is from, you draw a line and cross it to beat each other up. He draws a line with his foot and tells Ray that he has 3 seconds to come over the line. Storm would cross it and punch Ray right in the face. Storm counts to 3. Ray backs up and gets on the apron. Storm challenges anyone to cross the line. Just then, some crazy voices come over the arena. Video plays and it is Aces and Eights backstage around a poker table. They say they will do things on their own terms. Ray gets back in the ring and yells at Storm without a mic. He says that is Storm. He knows that is Storm. James is confused.


The show returns to show the arena filled with fans. They replay the footage of Aces and Eights. They also reveal that Sting gave them permission to come on the show tonight. Sting has a lot of balls. They are going to show a lot. They will do stuff on their own terms.

The Pope is backstage. He says he will win his match at Hardcore Justice and get the 20 points. It will put him back in the standings. He will then go on to get the title. The Bound for Glory Series Leader board shows James Storm winning with 66 points. Samoa Joe is 2nd. The camera shows Mr. Anderson at the commentator's desk as he will be the guest commentator for this match. Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces this first match. Rob Van Dam comes out. He comes down the ramp as fireworks explode in the air. RVD gets in the ring. Magnus comes out after him. He slowly walks down the ramp as 7 points separate these two stars.

Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus in the Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds and both move around the ring. They lock-up. RVD slides behind Magnus and then slides forward and applies a headlock. Magnus pushes him in the ropes. He comes back to do a shoulder block but Magnus is not moving. Both stare at each other. RVD runs into the ropes, but Magnus follows and closelines him over. Magnus goes outside and stomps on the body. He brings RVD up and rams him back first into the apron. He brings him to the other side of the ring where he slides him in. Magnus enters and covers Rob. He kicks out at two. Magnus whips RVD in the ropes. RVD jumps but Magnus catches him and throws him down. He covers but Rob kicks out at 2. Both get up. Magnus brings Rob to the corner to ram his face, but RVD puts his boot up and then kicks Magnus in the face. Rob jumps on the corner and flies back to do a flying kick to Magnus. Both get up. RVD fights but Magnus hits a knee. RVD is able to do his kicks. He hits Magnus right in the head. It knocks him over. RVD does his "RVD" taunt. Magnus is in the corner. RVD runs to him, but Magnus lifts him up with one arm and slams him down. He covers but RVD kicks out. Both get up. RVD is able to kick Magnus and it knocks him down. RVD goes to the top rope and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash! He gets the win. Winner: Rob Van Dam with 7 points

Bobby Roode is backstage. The camera man asks if he is aware of a contract signing with Austin tonight. Roode, of course, is aware. There might not be any signing though because there are things he and his lawyers do not like in the contract. He is going to read it to Austin and may not even wrestle him. Roode puts on his jacket and leaves.


The show returns with video from the baby shower for Claire that happened last week. Claire wants AJ to do the right thing for their baby.

The show goes the arena where the TNA Tag Titles will be on the line. Christy Hemme is in the ring to announce the match. The Television Champion, Devon, and Garett Bischoff walk down the ramp. They get right in the ring. Daniels and Kazarian come out. They are the "World Tag Team Champions of the World!" They get in the ring.

Devon and Garett Bischoff vs. Daniels and Kazarian (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Devon and Kaz start the match. They move around the ring. They go to each other where Kaz punches Devon in the face a couple of times. Devon is able to knock Kaz right off his feet as Kaz ran into the ropes. Devon tags Garett. They double whip Kaz into the ropes and knock him down. Garett continues the attack. Kaz is able to get away and tag Daniels. He gets in but Garett takes him down. Garett tags Devon. He gets in and whips Daniels in the ropes. He does a body slam. He tags Garett. They do a double hip toss. Garett goes to the ropes, but Kaz holds Garett. Garett turns around and Kaz gets away. He turns back and Daniels sweeps him right down. He tags Kaz. Kaz enters and continues the fight. He brings Garett to their corner where he smashes the face of Bischoff to Daniels' boot. Daniels tags in. He slams Garett down and then brings him in the corner. He stomps on him. He tags Kaz. They whip Garett into the corner. Daniels runs to him, but Bischoff moves. Kaz goes for a closeline but Garett rolls underneath. He tags Devon. He gets in and goes after Kaz and Daniels. He goes back and forth. He does a body slam to Kaz and covers, but Daniels breaks it up. Devon tosses Daniels out of the ring. Kaz whips Devon in the ropes. Kaz goes for a closeline, but Devon ducks and hits a spear on his run back. He goes for a cover, but Daniels enters. Garett enters, but Daniels gets him over the top rope. Devon takes Daniels out. Devon turns around and hits hit with a title right to the head. Kaz covers and gets the win. Winner and Still Champs: Kaz and Daniels

A video plays recapping the Brooke/Sting segment last week. Brooke talks about her father and then gets a message from Aces and Eights. The video ends and Sting is backstage. He says he told Hulk that he was going to protect Brooke. Sting told Brooke not to show up tonight because of the possible attack. Aces and Eights didn't show last week, but Sting is calling them out again this week.


A Hardcore Justice video plays hyping and promoting the PPV. It has stars from the Bound for Glory Series talking about how much the tournament and the shot for a title means. AJ says he was there since the beginning and that is what he has to do (win the title). It goes on to show stars like Anderson, RVD, Angle, Joe, Hardy.....a great video.

Robbie E. and Robbie T. are in the ring. Robbie E. has a mic. He says people do not think he can win the Bound for Glory Series. Well, he has 5 points! After Hardcore Justice, after he wins the Tables Match, he will have 20 more points. People will say he will be in the Bound for Glory main event. He is going to put the man who he won against, Jeff Hardy, through the table. Footage from that match is shown. He goes on to list 5 reasons why Jeff Hardy will never be on his level. First reason is the different clothes they where, BRO! He goes on to the second reason, but Jeff Hardy comes out. His music airs and Robbie starts to get excited. He thanks Jeff for the 5 points. He goes on to call him a hamster. Jeff gets in the ring and attacks Robbie T. Mr. T goes right outside. Jeff goes to Robbie E. who is now squatting in the corner. Jeff makes fun of the first pump and then hits Robbie E. right in the face. Jeff moves the table to use it, but Mr. T comes in and hits Jeff from behind. He lifts Jeff up and powerbombs him through the table! Robbie E. pops up and taunts and taunts!

AJ Styles is walking backstage. The camera guy asks about the pictures of AJ and Claire in bed. AJ says you would remember good s#x, but he doesn't remember that. He also can't explain the alcohol because he doesn't drink. The camera guy asks him about his match tonight. AJ says he is jet lagged and needs to focus right now. AJ walks away.


Impact Wrestling returns where they promote the Fatal Four Way Ladder Match that will occur at Hardcore Justice! Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera. Suddenly, Samoa Joe comes out. He goes to the announcer's table. He can't believe people will just come and say what they are going to do in the Series. We will see AJ and Kurt in the ring right now, but Joe will beat both of them up on Sunday and he will win that match to get 20 points. Nothing will stop Joe! AJ Styles comes through the sparks that fall from above. He walks down the ramp to his music as Claire cheers him on from ringside. After AJ is in the ring, Kurt Angle rises above. He raises his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He continues his way to the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle in the Bound for Glory Series Match

The match begins and they move around the ring. They lock-up. AJ works on the arm of Kurt. He wrenches it behind Kurt. Kurt elbows AJ and runs into the ropes. AJ is able to dropkick him right in the face! Kurt rolls out of the ring as AJ pops up. AJ gets out of the ring and goes to Kurt as he is still lying on the ground.


AJ is in the ring working on Kurt with a front headlock. Kurt lifts AJ up and rams him back first into the corner. Kurt gets to a vertical base and whips AJ into the opposing corner. AJ runs to him as AJ comes out and Kurt does a huge belly to belly suplex. Kurt walks around as Claire smiles at AJ. Kurt gets down and applies a headlock to AJ. AJ gets up elbows Kurt in the gut and kicks him in the back of the knee. AJ is able to whip Kurt, but Kurt reverses, picks up AJ and hits a huge backbreaker. Kurt gets down and does another headlock from behind. AJ is able to get up and get out of it. AJ runs into the ropes. He comes forward while Kurt jumps. They both hit a cross body! Both are down. Both get up and AJ is able to attack Kurt. AJ whips Kurt into the corner. AJ runs to him, but Kurt gets out. AJ goes chest first. He comes back where Kurt locks his arms for the 3 german suplexes! Kurt gets up and tells AJ to, "Get up B%tch!" AJ goes for the Angle Slam, but AJ is able to get away and hit the pele! He covers. Kurt kicks out! AJ gets up. He grabs Kurt for the Styles Clash. Kurt does a back body drop though. AJ gets up. Kurt hits the Angle Slam! AJ kicks out! Kurt can't believe it! He gets up and takes his singlet down. He goes for the Ankle Lock. AJ twists and kicks Kurt away. Both get up. Kurt goes for the closeline, but AJ ducks and grabs Kurt from behind. He hits a german suplex. He goes for another, but Kurt ducks down and knocks AJ off his feet. He does the Ankle Lock! AJ rolls through. AJ goes after him, but Kurt lifts him up over the ropes. AJ lands on the apron. He does a springboard forearm hit! AJ hits the Styles Clash. He covers but Kurt kicks out! AJ gets up and climbs the corner! Kurt pops up, runs the corner and hits the belly to belly suplex from the top. Kurt covers. AJ kicks out! Kurt crawls over to the ropes and then the corner. Angle is tired. He climbs the corner now. He goes for the moonsault, but AJ rolls out of the way. AJ goes to the apron. AJ jumps and hits the 450 Splash, but Kurt put his knees up. AJ bounces up. Kurt gets to his feet and hits the Angle Slam! He gets the victory! Winner: Kurt Angle with 7 points!

AJ gets out of the ring and goes to walk up the ramp. Claire stands and says he did a good job. AJ stares at her. Claire reaches out for him, but he walks right up the ramp. Claire can't believe it. She is stunned.

Aces and Eights are backstage. They say they love handing out the Dead Man's Hands. They attacked stars of Hogan, Sting, Kurt, etc....but they are going after someone else and they are close!

Mr. Anderson is walking backstage. He goes up to Storm. He tells Storm that his buddies are funny. Storm questions him. Anderson says Aces and Eights say their next victim is close. Is Anderson finds out Storm is part of the group, then Anderson will certainly have something to say to James. Anderson spits in Storm's direction. Ken walks on by. Storm turns with a real angry face.


Austin Aries is backstage on the phone. He says the language in the contract is not theirs. They don't know where it came from. He gets off the phone and the camera man asks him about the language. Austin doesn't know about it, but he wants Roode to be comfortable for this match to happen on Sunday!

Christy Hemme is in the ring. She announces the next match. Gail Kim walks down the ramp. As she does, footage airs from last week's Knockout Match where Madison Rayne won with Earl Hebner calling the shots. Ms. Tessmacher comes out with the Knockout Title around her shoulder. She gets on the apron. Gail goes for a baseball slide, but Tessmacher side steps and Gail goes right out.

Gail Kim vs. Ms. Tessmacher

Tessmacher gets down and brings Gail in the ring. Both get in, but Gail knees Tessmacher right in the gut and does multiple punches to the face. Tessmacher goes down. Gail is standing tall as Tessmacher goes go the corner. Gail goes to her, but Tessmacher tries to come back. Gail is too good to let the momentum stick. She knocks Tessmaher down and brings her to the ropes. She stands right on the body of Tessmacher as Brooke is on the ropes. Gail gets off and continues. Gail covers but Tessmacher kicks out. Both get up. Tessmacher comes back with some offense moves, but Gail is able to knock Tessmacher down and wrap her legs around the gut. Gail gets up and does a backbreaker. Suddenly, Tessmacher is able to come back. She kicks Gail while on the mat. She gets up and hits multiple closelines. Gail goes to the corner to sit down. Tessmacher runs to her and plants her backside in the face of Kim. Gail gets up and fights back. Gail goes to the second rope, but Tessmacher trips her up. She grabs Gail and goes for a bull dog, but lifts her up and plants her face first. She covers and wins. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Ms. Tessmacher

As Ms. Tessmacher celebrates in the ring, Madison Rayne's music plays. She gets in the ring with all smiles. She looks at Tessmacher. She grabs Earl from behind. She wraps around him and kisses him right on the mouth. Earl falls right down. Madison continues to smile. She leaves as her music plays.

Mr. Parks is backstage. He says this is what he is all about. All of these accusations is intense. He remembers back in the day in a court matter he was part of. That is not important now. Parks suddenly sees potential clients and runs to them.

There is a split screen as Bobby Roode and Austin Aries make their way to the ring for the contract signing.


The show returns airing footage from last week's tag match with the World Title and X-Divisoin Title. A new video plays showcasing Kenny Kick. He talks about coming into TNA. He hopes to be compared to the big names like Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam someday. He goes to train everyday. He thinks about winning the title and hearing his name. That is what he is focused on right now.

The video ends and here comes Sting His music plays as he comes out on stage. He walks down the ramp as the crowd goes crazy. He gets in the ring. There is a table set up with chairs as it is all set for the contract signing. Sting gets on the mic and tells Aces and Eights that he promised them air time and ring time. Come out wherever you are! Moving on, he needs to get this contract underway. He needs Bobby Roode and Austin Aries! Roode's music hits first. He comes out with the spotlight on him. Roode has his clean cut suit on as he walks slowly down the ramp. What a demeaning look. Austin Aries' music plays and here comes the World Champion! He has it over his shoulder. He comes quickly down the ramp and into the ring. He is not looking as professional as Roode, but it will do. Austin puts the title on the table and sits down. Roode slowly sits down, but then gets up. He pushes the seat in.

Sting asks about the attitude. Roode asks if Sting is stupid. Why is he asking about his attitude?! This is his problem. The contract is his problem. It states that, "If Roode somehow loses to Aries, he will not get another shot as long as Aries is champion." He is not signing it. Sting has had a problem with Roode since he was champion. He always tries to one up him. He always tries to stick it to Roode. The games are over. Unless the contract changes, there will be no main event Sunday. Aries quickly pops out of his seat. He tells Roode enough. Aries says he comes from Wisconsin. He tells Roode that he should have some cheese with his wine. Aries brings up a point there Roode says it was a fluke, but is concerned about a rematch clause. Aries states Roode knows that Aries has his number. Aries says they don't need a contract. They can do it verbally with everyone there. If Austin wins, Roode will no longer have a rematch as long as Aries is champion. If Roode fins a way to win, then Aries won't get his rematch. It will be the last time between these two. Sting asks if this is a verbal agreement. He says to shake on it. Roode keeps shouting, "Fluke!" Roode shakes Sting's hand and Aries shakes Sting's hand. Someone will be champion and someone will no longer get a rematch. They take off their jackets and start throwing things off the table. The crowd is going crazy. Roode tells Austin to shake his hand. Austin raises his title up. Roode tags a swig of water and then spills the water on Austin. Austin can't believe it. He pushes the table over, but Roode quickly leaves the ring. He goes up the ramp as Austin yells from the squared circle!

There is a split screen as James Storm and Bully Ray walk to the ring for their match.


Chavo Guerrero is backstage with Hernandez. Chavo says he is there to face the best and get gold around his waist. Kid Kash and Gunner are backstage. It is a video package. They talk about Chavo and how he has Dixie and TNA in his back pocket. They will prove him about coming right into the spotlight. The video ends and Mike Tenay and Taz go through the line-up for Hardcore Jusice! See the full line-up right here on as the weekend draws near!

They show the leader board for the Bound for Glory Series. James Storm is first while Samoa Joe has 53 points. The camera goes to the arena where Bully Ray appears. He comes down the ramp as his music plays. He makes his way in the ring. After him, James Storm enters. He has his cowboy hat and trench coat. He looks around as he gets in the ring.

Bully Ray vs. James Storm in the Bound for Glory Match

The bell sounds and the match begins. They move around the ring. They look around at the arena. Bully asks Storm where they are. They move around again. James backs Bully in the corner. Ray goes through the ropes so Storm has to back up. Ray comes out and goes right to Storm. They lock-up. They push back and forth. Ray is able to twist the arm of Storm. Storm is able to get out of it and twist Ray's arm. He whips Ray in the ropes. Ray blocks the punch and hits Storm in the face. Storm is able to run back into the ropes. He tries for a shoulder block, but Ray is not budging. Storm does it again, but Ray is a wall. Storm goes back into the ropes. He comes back to meet a Ray's boot. Boot meet face! Storm falls and rolls out of the ring.


Ray is standing tall as Storm is lying on the mat. Ray walks forward and plants an elbow, but Storm moves. Both get up and Storm comes back with punch after punch. Ray is able to stop Storm and knock him down. Ray goes down and locks the left leg of Storm. Storm's shoulders are down as the referee counts. Storm grabs Ray's leg and does the same. He is able to get out of his old. Ray gets out of the hold from Storm. Both get up. Ray is able to hit Storm and take him down. Ray stomps on him and then hits Storm with stiff punches to the face. Ray bounces off the ropes. He goes for a big splash, but Storm moves. Ray slowly gets up. Storm gets up using the ropes. Ray goes for a punch, but Storm blocks. He does right after right. He runs into the ropes and hits a neck breaker. He throws Ray in the ropes. He hits a back body drop. Ray gets up and goes to the corner. Storm runs, but Ray lifts him up. Storm lands on the apron and kicks Ray in the back of the head. Storm gets in the ring as Ray stumbles to the center. Ray is able to come to and lift Storm up with one arm and plant him down. Storm slowly gets up and Ray goes for the Bully Bomb, but Storm is able to get away. Storm attacks Ray and then climbs the corner. He flies with a flying cross body. It connects. He covers. Ray kicks out. Storm gets up to another corner. Ray hits the ropes and Storm falls on the corner. Ray does a huge chop to the chest. Ray climbs the corner, but Storm pushes him down. James jumps for an elbow drop, but Ray moves out of the way. Ray gets him up and hits the Bully Bomb. He covers. Storm kicks out. Bully climbs to the second rope. He flies to do a back splash. Storm moves. Both get up. James hits Ray with the double knee drop to the face! He is gearing for the Last Call Superkick! As Ray gets up, Storm goes for it. The referee was in the way. Ray grabs Storm and, out of nowhere, hits the Bully Cutter! He gets the win. Winner: Bully Ray with 7 points

Bully gets right up and grabs his steel chain. He looks around to see the Aces and Eights. He goes to Storm and asks where his group is. He is asking James where Aces and Eights are. He wants them. Come on! Just then, video from backstage airs. It's Aces and Eights.

The group states that they put on a great show and Bully Ray will see them a lot more this Sunday at Hardcore Justice. Aces and Eights laugh. The video ends and Ray is puzzled. They are coming for him next. Ray goes to Storm and asks if his boys are going after him next. He asks Storm if his group will attack him next. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bully Ray - New from last week
2. Kurt Angle - New from last week
3. Bobby Roode - New from last week
4. Austin Aries - Down from last week
5. Ms. Tessmacher - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This is the last episode before Hardcore Justice. I was pretty disappointed with TNA for not actually making matches earlier for the PPV as they announced the three main matches on Twitter and then just made the others without any official ruling. That is one thing I don't like, but the line-up is strong and the matches are great, so it has its ups and downs. This go home show was actually a great show. I found it way better than last week and this was actually one of my favorite episodes of the summer for TNA. The main thing was the wrestling! This show was packed with wrestling! You can clearly tell TNA is trying to out do the wrestling of WWE. We had two solid matches in the first half hour to 40 minutes while Raw had about 1 match in that time. Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles simply won the Match of the Week award. It was truly amazing. That is why Kurt is one of my favorites of all-time! What he can still do in the ring is amazing! What he would say, it was AmazeBalls! The James Storm vs. Ray match was a solid match too. I am glad there was an actual winner of the match. We don't see too much of those in TNA, but they did a great job this week. You can tell they were promoting the PPV and working to build their storylines at the same time. It's hard but they did a nice job. AJ walked away from Claire and while that wasn't a huge moment, it certainly built the storyline. One down turn is the team of Garett and Devon. Devon should be defending that Television Title every week. TNA forgot all about it and now moved him to the tag division. It's quite a shame. The Knockout division is doing quite well as I am enjoying the Madison/Earl storyline. Earl is that guy who gets all the luck. He is simply the most controversial referee in wrestling history! Even though there wasn't an X-Division match, they built it with a video. It's nice that they built every match that is on the card at the PPV. Lastly, the Aces and Eights were pretty hard to understand tonight (I am not going to lie). They are going after Ray next. The question remains about Storm. I have a feeling they are going to do this to the extent where Storm breaks. He may join them then. Storm can't handle all of this week in and week out. I am extremely excited for Sunday's Hardcore Justice as that will kick off an amazing week for me! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my personal blog (link also in my bio).

Update on Kurt Angle interview:

I thank everyone for the great questions that you sent in for my upcoming interview with Kurt Angle! Keep them coming! Seeing Kurt's match tonight kept me thinking of the upcoming interview. I should just ask him how he is able to move the way he does in the ring! My interview with Kurt is this coming Tuesday! To send your question in, simply click here!

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