Impact Results (9/13/12) - Jeff Hardy Puts Hit #1 Contender Spot On The Line


Impact Wrestling Results - 9/13/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. The video is focusing on the No Surrender PPV. It sums up the Bound for Glory Series, Roode returning, and the Aces and 8s attack. It ends with Jeff Hardy being shown the winner of the BFG Series.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. The crowd is on their feet. Fireworks explode above the ring and on the stage. The crowd is cheering as music hits and Austin Aries appears. He walks down the ramp and holds the TNA World Title above his head. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Before he speaks, the crowd chants, "Aries, Aries, Aries." He thanks them. He tells us he is holding the TNA World Title. The belt has power. Everything revolves around this title. The title is the reason why stars wake up and want to fight. The belt is why the Aces and 8s are after him. Austin did not reveal any Aces and 8s members though. He wants to move on. He moves on to Bound for Glory. He is going after someone who defeated all of the odds. He defeated 12 other men. That man is Jeff Hardy and Aries wants him to come out. Hardy's music plays and the #1 Contender walks down the ramp. He interacts with the fans around the ring. He gets in the ring after. Jeff grabs a mic. Aries talks again. He wants to congratulate him on winning the BFG Series. He showed guts and something few men can. Aries knows what it takes to beat Samoa Joe and Bully Ray. Doing it in one night and after the Aces and 8s attacked him, he takes his hat off for Hardy. Jeff thanks him for the compliment. Aries says Jeff doesn't say much at all, but these fans love to cheer for him. Aries is a talkative guy and he tells the fans to be quiet but they still cheer. He says it's pretty funny. People are saying that Aries has something Jeff wants. Austin thinks of it like this....Hardy has many things that Aries wants. He goes on to speak but Bully Ray's music plays and he marches right down the ramp. He gets right in the ring and has a mic.

Bully Ray Aries and Hardy are lucky. Aries is lucky that Bully Ray isn't fighting him at BFG as he would have taken that title. Hardy his lucky because Ray felt bad for him. Ray took his eye off the ball for a second and that is why he lost. Ray beat Jeff for 15 years. He beat him in tables, tag, US, Japan and other matches and place. Aries holds Ray up and says he made Ray tap out when they fought. Jeff beat Ray last week too. If Ray wants to fight, he could fight. Hardy states he is in better condition now. "Let's fight!" Hardy takes his shirt off and Bully gets scared. He exits the ring. He says he won't fight, but Jeff's music plays. It looks like the match is official.

Video plays form earlier today as it shows James Storm entering the building. He is not happy at all.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first match of the night. Music hits and Sonjay Dutt comes out. He makes his way down the ring. After he gets in the ring, Zema Ion comes out. He has the X-Division Title around his waist. As he comes out, Taz and Mike Tenay bring up Jerry "The King" Lawler and give their deepest sympathies. He is recovering and they say he knows he will fully recovery.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion (Champ) in a X-Divison Title Match

Zema runs right to Sonjay, but he moves out of the way and Ion goes in the corner. Sonjay punches him a couple times. Ion is able to get away. he goes to the outside. Sonjay joins him. He is on the apron and does a hurricanrona. Ion gets up and Sonjay does another hurricanrona. Dutt gets to the apron, hits the springboard moonsault on Ion to the outside. Dutt gets to his feet and brings Ion in the ring. He follows. He does another hurricanrona. Ion gets up and he goes to the apron. Dutt tries to continue the attack, but Ion blocks him. He goes over the ropes and tries for a DDT, but Dutt gets away. Sonjay attacks Ion. He covers. Ion kicks out. Both get up. They go to the corner. Dutt climbs it. Ion is able to get him off the top, but Sonjay turns it into a hurricanrona. Ion is down. Sonjay does a standing moonsault but Ion moves. Ion is able to lock in Sonjay's arms from behind. Dutt is able to turn over and it has Ion's shoulders down. He kicks out. Sonjay climbs the ropes. He does a moonsault from the top rope and plants his feet into the gut of Ion. He covers. Ion has his foot on the ropes. Ion goes outside. Dutt follows him. They get back in the ring. Dutt climbs the corner but Ion grabs him from behind and plants him down on the mat. Dutt is turned into a small box. Ion covers and wins. Ion leaves the ring and grabs his title. Sonjay slowly gets to his feet. Ion slides back in the ring and hits Dutt from behind. He locks in an armlock as Dutt screams in pain. He releases it and Ion grabs his hair spray. Winner and Still X-Division Champ: Zema Ion

Daniels and Kaz are backstage. Daniels has a picture of Hogan in his hand. He mocks Hulk. Kaz is wearing a Hulk-a-Mania shirt. Just then, Hogan enters the office. Daniels and Kaz are shocked. Hogan says it is fine. Stay there. Daniels has his feet on Hogan's desk. Hogan does a little cheer to both of them with a drink. Hogan says they will able to decide their rematch. Daniels fights Chavo Guerrero or Hernandez while Kaz fights AJ Styles or Kurt Angle. If both of them win, there won't be a rematch for their tag titles. Daniels and Kaz don't understand. Hogan says there is some protein in the bottom drawer of his desk. They just may need it. Hogan leaves.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage.


AJ Styles and Kurt Angle are backstage. AJ says he wants Kaz. He knows he can beat him. He has Kaz's number. Kurt isn't sure as AJ has been emotional about the situation. AJ says he has this. Kurt says he will allow him to fight if he can get the win. AJ and Kurt agree and AJ leaves. Just then, Wes Brisco walks up behind Kurt. Kurt is happy to see him. They join hands and they walk away together as Kurt tells Wes to watch AJ tonight as he is the best in the business.

A video plays about Roode interfering this past Sunday at the No Surrender PPV. It was James Storm vs. Bully Ray. Ray says there is no controversy as Ray won the match. He got the win. Roode was taken out by police at the show by Hogan. As Roode was leaving, James Storm came from behind and attacked him.

After the video, music hits and Bobby Roode walks out. He has his suit and tie on as he gets in the ring. Bobby grabs a mic. Roode says, "I'm back!!!!" Roode wants to give a history lesson. 2 months ago, Roode was screwed in his match against Aries. Roode is no longer to face for the title as long as Aries is champion. Roode took his ball and went home. While he was at home, he watched. He watched his former tag tam partner, James Storm, put everything into the BFG Series. He became the #1 person in the series. He was close to be in the World Title match. Roode asked....why should James Storm get the title opportunity as James rode on Roode's back for 4 years. At No Surrender, Roode came back and eliminated James' chances to fight for the title. Suddenly, music hits and James Storm comes out. He comes right down the ramp and slides in the ring. Roode goes right after him. James gets up and attacks Roode. James closelines Roode out of the ring. He gets out and slams Roode into the steel guard rail. He chokes Roode with his tie. He brings him beside the entrance stage and smashes him face first into the steel wall. It dents it. Roode falls but James continues the attack. He gets Bobby up and slams him against anther prop. Storm continues the assault.


A video plays from Bound for Glory 2009. It has AJ Styles one-on-one against Sting. AJ Styles retained his title against The Icon.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. First off, Kazarian comes down the ramp. He is holding one half of the TNA Tag Team Titles. After he gets in the ring, AJ Styles comes out. He walks through the sparks that fall down from above.

Kazarian vs. AJ Styles for a #1 Contenders Match for the TNA Tag Titles

The bell sounds and both move around the ring. They lock-up and AJ quickly goes after the arm. Kaz reverses it and twists the arm of AJ. Aj gets out of it and he is able to do a hip toss to Kaz. Kaz gets up and AJ does a couple arm drags. Kaz slides away and goes on the apron. AJ walks up and knocks Kaz off the apron. Kaz gets back on the apron and jumps over. AJ is able to grab his leg in tries to turn it into a Styles Clash. Kaz is able to get out of it. AJ continues through and Kaz falls and slides out of the ring. AJ follows him to the outside. AJ grabs Kaz and slams him into the steel guard rail. He adds some punches in there and more shots into the railing. AJ gets in the ring as Kaz leans on the guard rail.


AJ had Kaz in the corner, but Kaz turns it around and puts AJ in it. Kaz punches AJ in the head a few times. Kaz goes to whip him in the opposing rope, but AJ reverses it. Kaz goes into the corner. He pops out. AJ grabs him and is able to him in with a hard backbreaker. AJ gets Kaz up and puts him in the corner. AJ goes over, but Kaz puts AJ over the rope and on the apron. AJ is able to grab Kaz and bring him over. Both are on the apron. AJ lifts Kaz up and drops him down in a deadly DDT type move. They hit half on the apron and then land hard on the ground. AJ slowly gets up. He goes to Kaz. Kaz pokes AJ in the eye. AJ gets down to his knees. Kaz does a hard kick to AJ's back and then whips him into the guard rail. Kaz runs to him and does a monkey flip. AJ lands right on the ground. Kaz gets in the ring while AJ recovers. AJ slowly gets up. Kaz gets him into the ring and covers. AJ kicks out at two. He does another cover. AJ kicks out again. Both get up. Kaz punches AJ, but AJ punches back. Kaz falls from the punches. He does it multiple times. Kaz gets up and goes in the corner. AJ runs and smashes him with a flying forearm shot. AJ sets Kaz up and goes for the Styles Clash, but Kaz lifts him up and makes him land on the apron. AJ fights him back. AJ jumps and hits a springboard forearm shot. He covers. Kaz kicks out. Both get up. Kaz sends AJ into the corner. Kaz is able to do a roll-up. He puts his feet on the ropes. AJ is able to kicks out though. Both get up. Kaz goes for a closeline but AJ ducks and hits the pele. He grabs Kaz and hits the Styles Clash. AJ gets the pin. Winner: AJ Styles

Hulk Hogan is in his office with Brooke Hogan. Hogan tells Brooke to float around from New York to LA. He says she doesn't need to come to TNA Wrestling. If she is, he will need to find stars to protect her. Brooke doesn't understand where he will find two men at. Just then, Mr. Parks enters. He tells Hogan that he thinks he knows some of the people in the Aces and 8s. Hogan wants to know but Mr. Parks can't confirm them yet. He wants all of the evidence. He says there is a piece of info coming to him next week that will surely let him know who is in it. Hogan tells Parks to come to him first when he gets it. Hogan goes on to tell Parks that he will be Brooke's body guard as Hulk needs to go to the ring to talk to Aces and 8s. Hogan leaves and Parks tells Brooke that she is beautiful. He asks if she needs a lawyer but she has one. She says he can be her body guard though. Parks sits down right beside Brooke. Brooke inches her away over to put distance between them.


Bully Ray meets up with Jeff Hardy backstage. Ray says Jeff doesn't punk him out but Ray does that. Ray is not going to be embarrassed. If Jeff wants to fight, why not have it mean something. Ray tells Jeff to put up his title shot. Jeff doesn't have the big enough grape fruits though. Ray sees right through Jeff. He is a coward. Jeff says he can see through while his eyes are closed. Jeff has been ready since the first segment. Jeff accepts. The match is on. Ray doesn't say one more word. He is dumbfounded. He slowly walks away.

Video plays recapping the Aces and 8s faction. They have been attacking anyone but more so Austin Aries lately. Aries wants them though. He's the guy with the title around his waist. The video ends and Hogan's music plays. Hulk comes on the stage. Fireworks explode as he does his famous taunts. He slowly comes down the ramp. He gets in the ring as the crowd never been louder in this broadcast. The fans start chanting, "Hogan, Hogan, Hogan" as he has a mic in his hand. Hogan says the BFG Series put TNA in high gear. While Hogan thinks of the 3 months that passed and the 12 stars that were in the series, he realizes how intense it was. The creatures of the night came out on top. Jeff dances to a different energy. Jeff Hardy is from another planet. When Jeff put it all on the line, to sacrifice everything, and earned it, Hogan will not be standing in his way. It's official: Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray tonight. The winner will face Aries at BFG. Now let's move on. He wants to talk about the gaga that has been going on. Sunday was a game changer. The Impact Zone was locked down and the Aces and 8s couldn't ride their motorcycles in the building. Hogan says the building will forever be on lockdown. Aces and 8s show up on the titan tron. The main guy says Hogan is a great chess player. He is better than all of them....almost. Did he lock them out or in? Hogan needs to have his head look everywhere for now on. You never know when someone will walk up to him. It could be anywhere. The Aces and 8s members clap at the end while Hogan looks around the area.


The show returns and they show a replay of the recent Hulk Hogan and Aces and 8s segment.

Chavo and Hernandez are backstage. Chavo is pretty mad. He and Hernandez have Daniels and Kaz's number. They could do it. They should have beat them before. They can get another shot though. Chavo and Hernandez join hands and then pat each other on the back as Chavo gets ready to fight.

Christy Hemme is in the ring to announce this next match. Daniels walks down the ramp with the TNA World Title hanging on his pants. After he is in the ring, Chavo's music hits and he comes down the ramp.

Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero for a #1 Contenders Match for the TNA Tag Titles

Both move around the ring. Daniels quickly jumps through the ropes and goes to the outside. He climbs the steps and tells the audience to shut up. He gets in the ring. They move around again. Daniels tells the fans to shut up again. They finally lock-up and Daniels pushes Chavo into the corner. Daniels let's go at a 4 count but Chavo reverses it and punches Daniels in the face. He whips Daniels in the opposing corner. He goes to him and continues with punches and kicks. Chavo walks away. Daniels comes out and Chavo brings him down on the mat and applies a headlock. Daniels is able to get away from it. Daniels runs to Chavo, but Chavo lifts Daniels up and hits a backbreaker. Chavo works on Daniels until they are on their feet again. Chavo jumps up and hits the monkey flip. Chavo applies the headlock again. Daniels gets up and slides out of it. Chavo brings Daniels in the ropes. Chavo goes for a closeline but Daniels ducks and slides out of the ring. Chavo goes on the apron. He runs and does a summersault on Daniels. Chavo gets up and brings Daniels in the ring. Chavo gets on the apron. Daniels baseball slides Chavo into the guard rail. Daniels slides out and smashes Chavo into the apron and brings him in. He sends Chavo into the ropes and hits a knee to the gut. Daniels covers but Chavo kicks out. Daniels is in total control now. He has Chavo up, applies knees to the gut and then whips him down to the mat. Daniels applies a reverse bear hug. Chavo is able to get to his feet and elbows Daniels in the face. Chavo gets out of it. He turns and they go back and forth with punches. Daniels goes back and then towards Chavo. Chavo does a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Both get up and Chavo does a hurricanrona and then a dropkick. He covers. Daniels kicks out. Both get up. Daniels runs to Chavo, but Chavo does a hip toss. Daniels goes over the ropes and lands right on the apron, back first, and then to the floor face first. Daniels gets up and grabs his title. He brings it into the ring. The referee is pushing Chavo away from Daniels as he gets in. Daniels swings the title, but Chavo ducks. Chavo kicks Daniels in the gut and hits the 4 amigos. He climbs and hits the frog splash. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Chavo Guerrero

A video plays hyping up the next Gut Check challenger. His name is Evan Markopoulos. He talks about his life and what he is into. He tells us a story about him mentioning to his family that he has joined a wrestling school. They really didn't say anything. He was part of the Killer Kowalski Wrestling star. People say that he didn't pay his dues, but he will show everyone that he will. He belongs to TNA Wrestling.

Tara is walking backstage as we will hear from her, next.


They replay the brawl that happened earlier tonight between James Storm and Bobby Roode. Mike and Taz said it took about a dozen guys to break them apart. The video ends and James Storm is backstage. He says he hasn't had enough of Roode. He hopes Bobby slept great in that jail as he will make his live a living hell. Next week is Open Fight Night. James knows who he will be calling out.

A video plays hyping Bound for Glory. It is in Gail Kim's eyes. She talks about her moment as she won the Knockout Title and became the first person to hold that title. She will always remember that moment wherever she goes.

The camera shows the Impact Zone as music hits. Tara comes out. She interacts with the fans down the ramp and then gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. Tara wants to congratulate her best friend and the Knockouts Champion, Ms. Tessmacher. Tessmacher's music plays and she comes out. She holds the title in the air and then puts it around her shoulder. She gets in the ring. As she does, Mike and Taz talk about Tessmacher being in Sports Illustrated. Tara continues to talk now. She says Tessmacher beat the teacher. Tara was upset but also proud. It means that Tara taught her well. Tessmacher will be Tara's best friend, her boo, and she loves her. Tara wants to have this opportunity and represent the title to her. It means she is the best. She deserves it. Tara puts down her mic and grabs the title as Tessmacher hands it to her. Tara puts it around the waist of Tessmacher. Tara grabs the mic again. She introduces her best friend and the Knockout Champion, Ms. Tessmacher! Tara raises Tessmacher's arm. Tessmacher's music plays. She climbs the corner and taunts while Tara is at ringside clapping. Tessmacher goes to another corner and taunts. She gets down and turns around. Tara is in the ring and closelines her right down. She stomps on her. She gets Tessmacher to her feet. She lifts her up and hits the Widow's Peak. Tara stands over Tessmacher as her music plays now. Tara walks away. She turns around and looks down at the broken Tessmacher. She continues on her way.

A video plays recapping No Surrender from Sunday. It shows the Aces and 8s entering and attacking Jeff Hardy. It goes to the Hogan and Bully segment. Jeff is able to compete though while Hogan thought he couldn't. The match went on. Jeff picked up the win and became the #1 Contender for the World Title. Jeff comments in the video saying that the match at BFG will steal the show.

The video ends and there is a split screen. Bully Ray is on the left while Jeff Hardy is on the right. Both are walking to the ring for their match.


Dixie Carter is backstage. She is with Hogan, Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, Brooke, and D-Lo Brown. Dixie said she gave them a lot of space. She doesn't understand how they can't do this. Hogan said they are against everyone. It could be anyone around here. They could go after Dixie. Dixie says she is looking over her shoulder at home. Someone should protect Brooke and Dixie. This is Dixie's baby. Bruce says that they know all of them are in the room right now. Bruce says it could be someone in that group. It has to be someone with a top figure. They start to raise their voices back at each other. They calm down and they finish it by saying it could be anyone and they have to watch out.

The camera goes to the Impact Zone and Bully Ray comes out to his music. He gets in the ring. After he does, Jeff Hardy's music hits. The charismatic enigma walks down the ramp. He interacts with the fans around the ring. As he does, Bully Ray exits the ring. Jeff gets in while Ray continues to stay outside.

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy for the #1 Contenders Spot for the TNA World Title

Ray slides in while Jeff was in the corner taunting. Ray pounds Jeff in the back. The match begins and Ray continues the attack. Jeff gets up and fights back. He punches Ray in the face. Ray is able to whip Jeff into the ropes. Jeff comes back and hits Ray. Ray gets sent back into the corner. Jeff climbs and punches him in the face time after time. Ray is able to take him down. Jeff is able to slide off of Ray's shoulders. He does a kick to the gut but Ray blocks it. Jeff spins around and kicks Ray right in the gut. Jeff covers. Bully kicks out. He slides out of the ring and leans on the guard rail to regroup. As he does, Jeff goes to the ropes. He jumps over them and lands right on Ray. Jeff gets up.


The show is back and both are fighting back and forth in the ring. Both go back and bounce off the ropes. They come to each other for a double closeline. Both fall.


They are back and Ray sends Jeff into the corner. Ray runs to him but Jeff kicks Ray in the face. Ray falls. Jeff covers but Ray kicks out. Both get up. Hardy goes to Bully but he does a huge big boot. He covers Jeff but Jeff kicks out. Ray stands and plants an elbow. He applies a headlock. Jeff gets up. Ray sends him into the ropes. Jeff comes back and is thrown up in the air for a back body drop. Ray jumps and hits a big splash. Ray continues as he hits an elbow from a vertical base. Ray gets up again and waits for Jeff. Hardy gets up and Ray goes for a big boot but Jeff ducks. Both turn to face each other and Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate. Ray pushes him away. He then grabs Jeff and throws him shoulder first into the steel post. Jeff hits it hard and falls through the ropes to the ground. The referee counts. Jeff gets in at 7 but slides back out. Ray goes to the apron and hits a forearm smash to Jeff's back. He sends him in the ring. He puts Jeff in the corner. Jeff tries to fight back with kicks. Bully is able to hit a huge chop to the chest. He whips Jeff into the opposing corner and smashes him. He whips him again in the opposing corner. He goes for a smash again but Jeff elbows Ray and runs up the corner. Jeff hits the Whisper in the Wind. Both slowly get to their knees. They turn and hit right after right. It's back and forth. They get to their feet and they continues. Jeff goes for more than one at a time. Ray is able to kick Jeff in the gut. Jeff goes back. Ray goes for a big boot but Jeff ducks. Both turn to face each other where Jeff hits the atomic drop and then takes the legs out from under Ray. He plants his legs in between Bully's and then hits the low dropkick. Both get up. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, but Ray grabs him, lifts him up and hits the Bully Bomb. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Both get up. Ray goes for the Bully Bomb again but Jeff is able to get out and hit a jumping DDT. Jeff gets to a vertical base and climbs the corner. Ray hits the ropes and Jeff falls right on the top corner. Ray climbs the corner where Jeff is and hits a superplex. He covers. Jeff kicks out. Ray slides Jeff to the corner. Ray climbs for the corner splash but Jeff moves. Ray crashes and burns. Jeff climbs the corner. He goes for the Swanton Bomb. Ray moves and Jeff crashes and burns. Ray gets him up now and hits the Bully Bomb. He covers: 1-2-OHHHHH!

Ray gets to his feet and waits. Jeff gets up and Ray goes for a big boot but Jeff ducks. Both turn and Jeff hits the Twist of Fate. Ray bounces up. Jeff hits another where Ray falls to the mat. Jeff gets up, takes off his shirt, and climbs the corner. He jumps and hits the Swanton Bomb. He covers and gets the win. Winner and #1 Contender for the TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Jeff Hardy - Up from last week
2. AJ Styles - New from last week
3. Chavo Guerrero - New from last week
4. Zema Ion - New from last week
5. Tara - Down from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I was pretty eager to watch this episode tonight on many levels. I first wanted to see what would go down between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries. Luckily, we seen them start the show. It was interrupted by Bully Ray though. I have no problems with that. In fact, I applaud that moment and their match. It's great seeing Bully Ray around as well as main eventing the show. Both did a fine job and I think the match was right on with the spots. Actually, all of the matches were quite enjoyable. AJ's match with Kaz is my second favorite of the night. Chavo's was also great. The Ion vs. Dutt match was pretty lagging. I did a live talk show last week discussing No Surrender and I talked about Dutt's obsession with hurricanronas. We continues to see his love for them tonight. I was getting bored until he did the huge moonsault stomp to the gut on Ion. That was just an incredible move. I could actually feel that as if I was Ion. Ouch. Zema picked up the win, don't have any regrets, but it's nice seeing Sonjay getting time with TNA. While that is the X-Division, we had a Knockout skit. If you would have asked me after the PPV about Tara vs. Tessmacher, I wouldn't have said anything about Tara turning heel. I thought they would surpass Tessmacher and face someone else. I then realized....who is she going to face? There really isn't anyone for her as she fought Gail Kim and Madison Rayne already. Those are the main heels in the division. It was only appropriate to turn Tara heel and extend the rivalry. It's going to lead right into BFG and I am pretty excited about that. I always loved Tara heel....I always remember her time against Trish Stratus in 2002. She was wonderful there. Speaking about segments, the segment with Dixie, Hogan, Brooke, Bruce, Al, and D-Lo was quite interesting. I am pretty surprised they had D-Lo there as I really didn't think he had that big of a job role. I know he has one but I forget what it is right now. It makes you think if they will put him into the Aces and 8s faction. They hinted on account of a member being in that room. I was just surprised to see Dixie. Going from Dixie to Brooke...the whole Mr. Parks with Brooke was a nice segment. I'll say it was enjoyable. One more segment is the Roode and James confrontation. They will obviously have a match at BFG and they just may steal the show. Overall, the show was great for being after No Surrender and leading up to Bound for Glory. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) as I love to interact with the readers. Thanks everyone.

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