Impact Wrestling Results (9/20/12) - Shaq Has Hogan's Back


Impact Wrestling Results - 9/20/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts with a video package about the Tara and Ms. Tessmacher teacher vs. student storyline. It goes to the Al Snow and Joey Ryan storyline. It switches to James Storm and Bobby Roode and how they are on each other's backs recently. It changes to the Aces and 8s and how Hogan locked the doors. Well, did he look them in our out? Finally, it has Jeff Hardy and how he is #1 Contender for the World Championship.

The camera is following Hulk Hogan backstage. He goes up to Shaq. Hogan welcomes Shaq to the Impact Zone. He says it is going to be a crazy night. Shaq says he has Hogan's back against the Aces and 8s tonight. Hogan can't believe it. He has all of the guns now. Hogan is getting ready with the guys so he has to leave. Shaq turns to the camera and shows off his huge arm muscle as he says he got that from Hogan. The Aces and 8s members who are hiding behind the masks will be no more after him.

The camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode from above the ring and then on the stage. The camera shows the Impact crowd. Music plays and here comes AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Kurt grabs a mic. The crowd keeps cheering for them. Kurt begins to speak. He says they were TNA Tag Team Champs a couple months ago but they were screwed by Daniels and Kazarian. Fast forward from then and they were screwed by the same people again. AJ did win his match last week so now they have a title shot. Chavo also won his match so he and Hernandez have a title shot too. Kurt says they want to show that they are the real #1 contenders. He calls out Chavo and Hernandez. Music plays as Chavo and Hernandez come through the curtain. They walk down the ramp as the crowd cheers.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez in a #1 Contenders vs. #1 Contenders

As the match starts, they show the Spanish announce team. The camera goes back to the ring as AJ and Chavo start out. They lock-up but Chavo locks the arm of AJ and brings him down. Chavo goes after AJ's head, but AJ puts a head scissor in and is able to get away from Chavo. They get to their feet and stare off. Chavo tags in Hernandez. AJ looks on. He tags in Kurt. He comes in. They go toward each other but Kurt kicks Hernandez right in the gut and then hits him with a right. He does an uppercut and Hernadez is against the ropes. Kurt does another punch and whips Hernandez into the ropes. He reverses it and Kurt comes back only to run right into Hernandez. He falls. Hernandez gets him up and hits a body slam. He tags Chavo. Guerrero jumps over the ropes and lands back first on Kurt's gut. Kurt goes to the corner. Chavo follows him but Kurt comes back with right hands. Chavo does a drop toe hold and applies a headlock on the mat. Kurt gets to his feet and gets out of the old. He is able to whip Chavo into the corner. He bounces out and Kurt locks his arms and hits the belly to belly suplex. Kurt gets up. As he does, Daniels and Kaz come out on stage. They clap to that impressive belly to belly suplex. Kurt sees them and stares. He goes back to the attack on Chavo.


AJ has Chavo down in the ring as he has a back headlock applied. As he does, they replay the commercial break where AJ hit Chavo with an amazing dropkick. They go back to the ring and Chavo gets to his feet. He pushes AJ into the ropes. Chavo is able to hit him with a back body drop. Chavo tags in Hernandez. He comes in as AJ gets up. Hernandez jumps over the ropes and hits a shoulder block to AJ. Hernandez gets up and Kurt runs into the ring. Hernandez attacks him. AJ gets up and runs to Hernandez. He hits AJ with a headbutt type move and AJ flies to the edge of the ring. Hernandez gets him up and lifts him on his shoulders for a border toss, but Kurt kicks Hernandez in the gut. He attacks Hernandez but he comes back and knocks Kurt down. He tags Chavo. Chavo gets in and works AJ. He hits some suplexes. Chavo goes to finish it but AJ gets up and tags Kurt. Angle gets in and goes right after Chavo. Hernandez comes in and he and AJ attack him. Kurt grabs Chavo and applies the Ankle Lock. He has it in. Hernandez gets in and breaks it up. Angle goes back to his corner. AJ tags himself in. He gets in and goes right after Hernandez. Kurt gets up and hits the Angle Slam on Chavo. Hernandez capitalizes on AJ and goes after Kurt. Chavo gets back in the ring and hits the 3 amigos on AJ. Kurt comes back in and it's back and forth between the two team and four men. Chavo goes to the top rope and Kurt follows. Hernandez and AJ join them. As Kurt takes Chavo down from the top, Kurt gets knocked out by Hernandez while AJ knocks out Hernandez. AJ and Chavo are the legal guys. As they battle it out and AJ goes for a cover, Daniels and Kaz run in and attack the two guys. The referee calls for the bell. Hernandez enters and both leave the ring. Kurt gets in to aid AJ. As Daniels and Kaz go up the ramp, Hogan's music plays. He comes out with a baseball bat in his hand. He points it to the TNA Tag Champs. He says he has enough problems with Aces and 8s and then he had to decide with team wanted it more. It made his decision as the next TNA Tag Title match will be at Bound for Glory and it will be Daniels and Kaz vs. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. If Daniels and Kaz do not like it, they can get a piece of Hogan. Hogan's music plays and he walks backstage while Daniels and Kaz are not pleased at all.

Al Snow is walking backstage. The camera man follows him asks him about his hair cut. Al says it was emotional for his wife. It has been 12 years since he got a haircut. Al goes to talk about the Gut Check worker. He is 18 years old and has been wrestling for 5 years. He is special. The camera man asks about Joey Ryan. Al says he did nothing wrong. Joey threw beer in his face and punched him. It's not Al's wrong doing. He has been called to the principal's office though.

The Gut Check worker, Evan Markopoulos, is backstage as he is warming up for his match tonight.


Hulk Hogan is backstage on his phone. He says he hasn't heard from him all day. Hogan then tells a producer guy to tell him (Hogan) with the commercial is over. Hogan gets back on the phone and tells Mr. Parks to come right through the security when he gets there. He has the evince in his hand. Hogan tells him to come right to him when he arrives.

A video plays showcasing Samoa Joe's memorable moment at Bound for Glory. He talks about his match with Sting and his high risk spot in the stands where he jumped down on Sting while he was on the steps. It could have ended badly.

Another video plays hyping the Cut Check worker. He is 18 years old and he says he needs this. He is going to show everyone what he is all about. He has been working for awhile as his parents really didn't support him. They were speechless when he told them he wanted to be a wrestler.


Dixie Carter is in the office with Bruce Prichard. She says they have been working on this all week and they haven't gone anywhere. Dixie says Aces and 8s are winning. They don't know who they are but they need to. Bruce agrees. Al Snow knocks on the door and he enters. Dixie says they will talk about this later as Hogan asked Bruce and Al to meet together. Bruce tells Dixie that they need to keep their eyes open.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He introduces Even Markopoulos. This is his Gut Check. Douglas Williams' music hits and he comes out. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Even Markopoulos vs. Douglas Wiliams in the Gut Check Challenge

The match begins and we see Evan's dad in the audience. It looks like he is supporting him. Evan, in the ring, is clapping to get the fans involved. He locks-up with Douglas. Doug goes behind Evan and lifts him up. He takes him down to the mat and goes all over him to get in his head. Doug gets up. Evan gets to his feet. They go at it again and Doug wins the exchange. Evan goes to the corner. He tries to fight back but Williams whips him into the opposing corner. Williams follows. He puts the kid's leg in the middle of the rope and kicks it. Evan pops out of the corner and Williams knocks him down. He continues the attack as the kid slowly gets closer to the ropes. Doug whips him but Evan is able to flip behind him. Doug is able to flip back from the sunset tip and he knees Evan right in the head. Douglas continues the assault. He slowly works on the head of the guy with punches and chokes. He gets him up. Evan tries to fight back but Doug doesn't let him succeed. Doug picks Evan up, spins, and drops Evan down for a suplex. Both get up. Williams whips Evan into the corner. Doug runs to him but Evan moves. Doug goes right into the corner. Evan tries to fight back with punches, but Williams smashes the kid's face into the corner and then takes him down with a side headlock toss. He locks Evan's arm up and grabs his head. The kid quickly taps. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Douglas Williams

James Storm is walking backstage. He is making his way to the ring to call out Bobby Roode.


A video package plays. It showcases James Storm and his road to Bound for Glory. He was on top of the series. He went on to fight Bully Ray at No Surrender. While he was about to win, Bobby Roode comes back and smashes a beer bottle on top of James' head. James hasn't forgotten and now has been on a rampage to get payback. The video ends and James Storm's music plays. He walks down the ramp. As he does, fireworks explode behind him. He gets in the ring as the fans chant, "Cowboy, Cowboy."

James grabs a mic and says that never gets old. He says he can come out and get on the mic. He is a great talker and a great trash talker. He does what he says too. Last week, he called out one coward. Roode took it to a personal issue to a "I want to beat the crap out of you" issue. James wants Roode's blood on his hands. Before Roode comes out, he wants to tell him something. This is not going to be a wrestling match. This is going to be "a man kicking a coward's @ss" match. We got the man in the ring so we just need the coward to come out. After a slight pause, Roode's music plays. He comes through the curtain in his nice suit. Roode has a mic in his hand as he stands on the stage. He wants to make this clear. He asks James if he wants him to come out there and fight him. Roode is overdressed. He is not prepared to fight. He wants to make this clear though. James will NEVER be as good as matter how hard he tries. He will never duplicate his success. He will never be the World Champion as long as Roode is around. He wants to fight in front of all these morons....well that is not going to happen. Roode is over him and this whole situation is finished. James can find someone else to fight. Roode leaves the stage. James stands in the ring appalled. Roode stands backstage but Hogan walks up to him. Hogan says this is Open Fight Night but it seems like Roode doesn't know what that means. If he doesn't want to fight, then he can take the night...the week...the month...the year off. He won't get any title matches. He will get nothing. Hogan tells Roode that he has 3 minutes to decide. He repeats that until Roode snaps back at Hogan. Roode turns around and deeply thinks on the situation. He has 3 minutes!


James Storm is in the ring with a mic. He tells Roode he doesn't have all night. He tells Roode to bring his @ss out here so he can kick it. Roode's music hits and the guy comes out once again. He stands on the stage. He slowly takes off his jacket. He takes off his watch and then his tie. Roode slowly walks down the ramp. James gets out of the ring and stands there as the referee holds him back. Roode slowly takes off his shirt but James had enough. He pushes the referee and runs up the ramp. He attacks Roode. Roode falls. James gets him up and punches him in the face. He takes off Roode's shirt and continues to punch. Roode comes back and punches James. He goes to smash his face into the stage but James blocks it and smashes Roode's face into the steel entrance stage. Roode slowly walks down the steps to where the announcer table is. Roode gets off the stage and is right beside it on the ground. James jumps and hits Roode in the head. Roode is able to come back as he smashes his shoe right to James' back. James screams in pain. Roode continues to attack as he brings him to the ring. He tosses him in and he follows. The bell sounds.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Roode goes to James but James hits Roode and he falls to the mat. Roode rolls out of the ring. James follows. He continues the attack. He takes him around the ring and smashes him into the steel guard rail and then face first into the steel steps. Roode gets up and is able to whip James into the guard rail. He gets him and whips him again. Roode then smashes Storm's face into the steel railing. He does it once more and is in total control. Roode grabs a beer bottle and takes a swig. He then shakes it and goes to spray it but James takes it out of the hand of Roode. He knocks him down. James grabs the beer and gives a fan a drink. Roode gets up but James continues the attack with punches and kicks. James walks away. Roode is able to get up and grab a chair. He runs toward Storm as he is resting on the steel post. Roode swings but James ducks. Roode hits the post and his whole body rattles. James grabs Roode and the fan who took a swig of beer puts his shoe up on the railing. Other fans join. James smashes Roode's head right into their shoes. Roode falls down. James gets up and he takes him into the guard rail. Roode is able to come back. He hits James with hard punches. James gives a few shots in the gut of Roode. He brings him to the fan's shoe again and smashes Roode's face in it. James continues. He brings Bobby in the ring. Roode is able to turn the tables. He pushes James out of the ring. Roode follows. James gets up and Brian Hebner, the referee, tries to get control. James pushes him though and he calls for the bell.

James and Roode go back and forth. Roode is able to come back as he leads Storm into the crowd as they break up the guard rail. They go through the fans but James comes bak and rams Roode into the wall. Roode comes back but so does James. Brian tries to break them apart but they push him into the wall. They continue to fight. They go through a door that leads backstage.

Hulk Hogan is with a producer. He asks him about Mr. Parks. The guy says he let him through. He knows he is here. Hogan hasn't seen him. Just then, Hogan gets a phone call. It's Aces and 8s. They say they have a corporate lawyer with them. Hogan is not afraid. He tells them they will hear back from him. Here he comes! Hogan ends the call and yells for the guy to tell him he knows where Mr. Parks is.


Jeff Hardy is walking backstage. Austin Aries meets up with him. Austin asks if he has a minute. Austin says he will take his glasses off he Jeff can open his eyes. Jeff says he can hear them. Austin does take off his glasses. Jeff opens his eyes. Austin says Jeff cleaned up and now everyone wants to be him and want what he has. Austin wants his money and all of the fans to be with him. Whatever Jeff can do, Austin Aries can do. It's not Jeff chasing Aries but Aries chasing what Jeff has. He wants to have everything he has. No one knows what Bound for Glory is all about. Austin leaves Jeff alone so he can close his eyes again.

The camera goes to the Impact Zone and Tara's music plays. She comes to the ring. As she does, they replay footage from last week where she turned on Ms. Tessmacher. Tara gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Tara starts off by saying she knows everyone is talking about her. They wonder why she turned on Ms. Tessmacher. Tara says the fans used her. They had signs for her just to get on TV. Tara says she changed. Her boyfriend made her change. He is from Hollywood and he made her open her eyes. She goes to say Brooke Hogan used her. She says this is Open Fight Night so she is calling out her victim....Christy Hemme. Tara says she has been waiting for Christy. She calls her "saddle bags." Christy gets in the ring. Tara knows she is an announcer but she doesn't care. She tells Christy to shut up. She told the fans to shut up too because they were saying, "Boring" earlier. Tara asks for Christy's favorite knockout. Christy says it is Ms. Tessmacher now. Tara grabs Christy's hair and whips it back. She asks who her favorite is now. Ms. Tessmacher runs out to the ring. She slides in. Tara slides out. Ms. Tessmacher smiles at Tara and tells her to get in and fight. Tara walks around the ring and says, "Bound for Glory."

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. He is coming to the ring!


Brooke Hogan is backstage with Tara. She asks her what that was all about. Christy Hemme is not even a wrestler anymore. Tara wants to show her respect. Brooke had respect for Tara until she did this. Brooke goes on to say there will be consequences. She tells Brooke to bring it. Both walk away from each other.

A video plays showcasing Rob Van Dam's memorable moment at Bound for Glory. He remember his first BFG match against Abyss. He then goes on to bring up his match last year with Jerry Lynn. He says that is the big PPV. Fans ask him about the Van-Daminator and he says they have to watch the big pay-per-views like Bound for Glory.

Mike Tenay and Taz announce that next week is Championship Thursday and the Televison Championship will be decided.

Music hits and it's Hulk Hogan. He walks down the ramp. He has the black baseball bat in his hand. Fireworks explode behind him. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says this show is getting red hot. He is about to break out the spray paint and paint everyone "TNA Dead." He has an update on Aces and 8s. They have Mr. Parks captive. Hogan says he likes playing the games as long as he knows the rules. They want to play hardball, then Hogan can bring that and is ready. They want him next week to play. Hogan will be there. Hogan tells the leader to do the right thing. He wants them to release Joseph Parks. He wants him right now. The leader made a deal: Release Parks and Hogan will vein Aces and 8s club house. Just then, Aces and 8s leader is on the titan tron. He thanks Hogan for joining them in their club house next week. He says Parks has got too close to Aces and 8s business. They looked on his computer and the guy is good. Another Aces and 8s' member has a sledgehammer and SMASHES the laptop into a million pieces. Parks is shown in a cage. He says all of the information is on the computer. It had weeks of work but it is also in his head. The leader can do something about that though. Someone else has a hammer in their hand beside Parks. They smack him on the head with it and he becomes knocked out. Hogan looks on. He stands there just staring. He doesn't know what to do.


The show returns and the replay of the Aces and 8s and their attack on Mr. Parks with Hogan watching.

A video plays hyping up the Bound for Glory World Title match. It showcases Jeff Hardy. He is shown walking around outside. He says this is worth coming back. This is his final chapter of redemption. Jeff will walk out as TNA World Champion. All of his fans and creatures will be behind him.

The camera shows Ausin Aries as he is coming down the ramp. His music is playing as he holds his title and is wearing a cape. He gets in the ring and puts the World Title on the top rope. He takes off his cape. He has a mic. He says that was a nice video package of Jeff but they put hit right before he came out. That shows that everyone cares about Jeff. Austin is the hunter and Jeff is the target. What Jeff did in the past month is beat a big and bad bully. It is the same bully who said it was luck when Aries beat him. Bully Ray said it was luck when Jeff beat him once. Well, Jeff beat him again. Now Austin wants to beat him again. He wants Ray and his calves out here. Ray's music hits. He is backstage. He is a couple people if he really said his name. He can't believe it. Ray goes through the curtain. He walks to the ring. He can't believe this is happening. He doesn't understand. Bully grabs a mic. He tells the producers to shut his music off. Ray says he asked about 5 people in the back wondering if Austin called him out. Aries says he is correct. His hearing is fine. Ray tells him not to be wise. He beat him once and he can do it again. Austin says he may but he has to. Ray says Austin has a lot of nerve. People don't call Ray out here. Ray calls them out. As Ray says this, he is walking around the ring. As he does, some fan touches Ray. Ray flips out and tells him not to touch him. If he does, he will punch him in his face. He must be an Austin Aries fan because he doesn't have any brains. Aries says that is not his kind of fan as he will punch the fan after Ray. Ray continues to walk and someone else touches Ray. Ray says doesn't waste energy on the guy. Ray asks if Austin knows who he is. As he asks, Aries flips over the ropes. He twirls and lands right on Ray. Ray falls. He gets up and goes back to sit on a chair. Aries goes right after him and kicks him in the gut. Austin takes him and smashes his face into the steel steps. He brings Bully in.

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray

Aries continues the attack on Ray. Aries walks away and climbs the top rope. Just then, Bully pushes the referee into the ropes and corner. Austin loses his balance and lands on the apron. Ray gets to his feet and hits a big boot. Aries falls back and lands right on the steel guard rail.


Aries and Bully are in the ring. Austin has somewhat control on Bully, but Bully is able to lift Aries up and hit a back suplex. Bully gets up as Aries holds his back in pain.


Bully Ray puts Aries on the middle rope. He starts ripping Aries' face up. Aries is screaming in pain. He let's go and Austin falls to the mat outside. Bully yells at the referee to start counting. Austin slowly gets on the ring apron. Ray walks to him and hip tosses him over. Ray grabs the arms behind Aries and yanks them back. Aries slowly gets to his feet and gets out of it with a kick to Ray's leg. Aries does another shot. Ray is able to come back and knock Austin down. He does a big splash. He covers. Austin kicks out at 2. Ray can't believe Earl Hebner's count. Ray continues the slow attack on Austin. Aries starts fighting back with punches to the gut. He gets to his feet and runs into the ropes. He comes back but Ray plows him over with his own body. Ray stomps on him and then plants a huge elbow. He is picking apart Aries. Ray covers him. Aries counts at 2. Ray gets up and trashes Earl again by calling him old and the worst referee. Earl fights back with words. Austin gets to his feet. He turns Ray around and punches him in the face. He hits him with punches, chops, and forearms but Ray does the palm slap to the chest. Aries fights back more but Ray knocks him down with the chop. Aries gets up and he continues with the attack. Aries backs up as Ray is on the ropes. Aries runs but Bully lifts him up. Aries lands on the apron. He runs to the corner. He climbs. He flies and hits a missile dropkick. He covers. Ray kicks out. Aries gets Ray up and knees Ray in the gut. He goes for the brain buster, but Ray blocks and lifts Aries up. Austin slides back. He lands on the mat. Ray goes to sit on Aries but he moves. Ray lands right on the mat. Aries gets up and continues to attack Ray. Ray grabs Austin and whips him in the corner. Austin goes right into Earl Hebner. It knocks him down. Austin turns around runs into the ropes. He comes back and dropkicks Ray right in the leg. Ray falls to the mat. He slowly gets up. Aries is able to grab him on his back and do a bridge chokehold submission. Ray taps. Aries let's go but the referee is out. He goes to check on Earl. Ray slowly crawls to the corner where he grabs his chain. He gets to his feet. Austin runs to him. Ray turns and smashes the chain into Aries' face. Ray gets Earl back to the action. Ray covers and gets the win. Winner: Bully Ray

Bully Ray rolls over and hugs Earl on the mat. He is right on top of him. Ray gets off and goes outside. He grabs the TNA World Title. He comes back in the ring. He holds the title up high. Austin slowly gets to his feet. Ray is about to hit Austin in the head with it when he turns around. Suddenly, Jeff Hardy runs out. Jeff and Ray meet. Ray is sent out of the ring. Jeff grabs the title and holds it high in the air. He brings it down. Aries turns around and sees this. He goes right to Jeff. He is right in his face. Austin then pushes Jeff back. Jeff releases the title. Austin grabs the title and is still in the face of Hardy. Jeff slowly backs up as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bully Ray - New from last week
2. Austin Aries/Jeff Hardy - New/Down from last week
3. James Storm/Bobby Roode - New/New from last week
4. Tara - Up from last week
5. Douglas Williams - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This week's Top 5 Rankings is a bit different if you have noticed. The #2 and #3 spot have two stars involved. I think Aries and Jeff preformed well together in their two segments. I honestly couldn't pick one out of the other so I joined them as a tie. The same thing goes with Roode and James. I always thought the rivalry of James and Roode should have went longer than it did before, so I am glad TNA brought them back against each other. They have great chemistry together but also against each other. You don't see that much. As far as Aries and Jeff.....this is the first time and I can't wait for their match. Jeff is in the best shape of his life right now and I honestly believe he can have one of the best matches in his career at Bound for Glory. And since Aries is with him too, both can lead the match. As far as this show goes, I thought it was a nice show but not the best one they put on. This show had many video segments and commercials. I can understand the commercials though. The videos allowed me to catch up on the play-by-play call for the show. I and no one should be surprised with the videos though. Bound for Glory is coming and it is like Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania time is filled with videos. It's the same thing here. I always like Open Fight Night and I liked the call out with Tara on Christy. Tara is able to be a heel or face whenever they want her to be. I actually like Tara heel more, as I stated last week, and I thought she did a fine job in her segment. Brooke said Christy Hemme is not a wrestler....but boy, do I remember when she was! She won that Diva's Competition on the WWE and a lot has changed since then. We also seen the Gut Check challenge tonight. It was the 18 year old Evan kid. I think Douglas Williams did the last OFN challenge. I have no problem with that as I think we should see more of him on the show, but I know he is helping OVW. Evan did not show me enough though. There are some who can really sell and really put on some great action, but Evan wasn't able to show his skills. I think that is one thing that made it bad for him. They didn't give him a chance to hit a big move if he had one. He sold the beat down but with the match alone, I would not move him on. We continue to road to Bound for Glory and I like the matches leading up to it. Next week's highlight will be Hogan walking into the club house of Aces and 8s. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio.) Tweet me anytime.

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