Impact Wrestling Results (9/27/12) - The Hulk-Iconic Kidnap


Impact Wrestling Results - 9/27/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package. It contains the rivalry between James Storm and Bobby Roode. It shows Roode costing Storm's BFG Series match. It switches to Mr. Parks and his investigation on the Aces and 8s. They captured him and destroyed his computer....and his head. Hogan will be going to their neck of the woods tonight. It changes to Jeff Hardy and his feud with Austin Aries. Aries was defeated by Bully Ray last week. Jeff came out and saved the day until Aries saw him holding the TNA World Title.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and on the stage. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome you to the show. They announce Jeff Hardy will team with Austin Aries tonight. Music hits and here comes The Hulkster! Hulk Hogan comes on the stage with the baseball bat in his hand. He swings for the fences. Fireworks explode behind him as he continues to taunt. Hogan walks down the ramp and gets in the ring as the crowd roars. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he has a date with Aces and 8s. The crowd chants his name, "Hogan, Hogan, Hogan!" Hulk tells the crowd to watch his back. They cheer. Hogan says this episode is huge for Impact Wrestling as Bound for Glory is 3 weeks away. Hogan has been distracted with Aces and 8s, but he wants to announce that it is Championship Thursday. Hogan says that the Television Championship will be up for grabs. He doesn't like to say that though. He wanted Devon here but the negations fell flat. He praises Devon once again. TNA has to move on though. He announces that he will meet with four stars in the back and determine who will get a title shot. Hogan moves on to talk about Roode and Storm. They have been battling for over a year. He is announcing that it will be James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a Street Fight at Bound for Glory. The match will have a Special Enforcer. That will be King Mo. He will be on Impact Wrestling next week. Hogan now focuses on Aces and 8s. He is going in their clubhouse. He thought he could one up them when he took one of their members. They came back and evened out the deal. Aces and 8s can't hide now. Sting's music hits and Hogan is shocked to see him. Sting comes down the ramp and into the ring as the crowd pops. Sting grabs a mic.

Sting does his famous "Woooooo!" Hogan says he only took his bat, that's it. Sting says that they can share the bat. Sting says he has Hogan's back. He and Hogan will meet the Aces and 8s together. Hogan says he needs to grab another bat and they will be on their way. Sting's music plays as they agree on the situation. Sting leaves the ring as Hogan swings for the fences again. He leaves the ring.


The show returns where Ken Anderson describes his BFG Moment in a video. He says it is 10-10-10. He was in the main event for that match and that was when Jeff Hardy turned heel.

Mike Tenay announces the Triple Threat Tag Team Match that will happen at Bound for Glory.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as Kurt Angle's music hits. Kurt Angle walks out with AJ Styles at his side. They get in the ring. Music plays and Chavo Guerrero comes out. Hernandez is at his side. They come down the ramp. As they get in the ring, the camera shows the Spanish announce team. As they are in the ring, Daniels and Kazarian walk out. Daniels will be joining this match. These two are the TNA Tag Team Champions. Daniels gets in the ring and shows off his title to the world.

Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Daniels

The match starts and Daniels exits the ring. Kurt walks forward and stares at him. Kurt turns and is ready to fight Chavo. They turn as Daniels is on the apron. They flip him over so he lands back first on the mat. He gets up and Chavo does an uppercut forearm. Daniels falls. He gets up and they put him in the corner. Kurt and Chavo both work on him with kicks and uppercuts. Daniels slides down in the corner. Kurt and Chavo stomp on him. Kurt gets him up and takes him to another corner. He smashes his face in it. Chavo grabs him and smashes his face in another corner. They grab him and whip Daniels into the opposing corner. Kurt runs but Daniels moves. Kurt goes shoulder first into the steel post. Daniels and Chavo fight. Daniels whips Chavo in the ropes, but Kazarian trips him up. Chavo falls. Chavo slides out of the ring but Kazarian quickly moves away. Chavo thinks it is AJ Styles who did it. Chavo and him exchange words. Kurt walks in on the discussion and so does Hernandez. Kazarian slides in the ring and talks to his partner. Suddenly, the two teams slide in the ring and meet Daniels and Kazarian. Everyone is exchanging words with the TNA Tag Champs.


Daniels has Kurt Angle down with an armlock. As he does, they show a replay of what happened during the commercial break. The referee made the partners of the stars leave the ringside area. Kurt Angle, in the ring, is able to get out of the armlock. He is able to hit a german suplex on Daniels. Chavo gets in and Kurt ducks, gets behind him, and hits a german suplex. Both get up. Kurt goes for an Angle Slam, but Chavo slides out and does an arm drag. Kurt gets up and Chavo closelines him out of the ring. Chavo goes after Daniels. Chavo covers him but Kurt slides in the ring and breaks the cover. Kurt does a belly to belly suplex to Chavo. He then hits the Angle Slam on Daniels. He applies the Ankle Lock but Chavo attacks Kurt from behind. Kurt didn't like that. Chavo is able to hit Kurt with a dropkick. Kurt slides out of the ring. Chavo goes to Daniels and hits the suplex. Chavo climbs the corner. Kurt gets in the ring and applies the Ankle Lock. Daniels rolls through and Kurt goes into the corner where Chavo is located. Chavo falls off the top. Chavo is able to get in the ring. He talks to Kurt. Kurt tells him he just wants to win. Daniels gets up and attacks Chavo and Kurt. Kurt goes down. Daniels takes Chavo down and covers. He gets the win before Kurt can break the count. Winner: Daniels

Hulk Hogan is in his office. He has Mr. Anderson, Magnus, Garett Bischoff, and Samoa Joe in the room. He is glad Magnus and Bischoff are in the same room together. Hogan says he doesn't like what happened to Devon but it did. He has to move on now. He asks Bischoff if he can stand with the other three. Bischoff said Devon liked him and saw something in him. Hogan hasn't seen that though. Magnus says Bischoff was Devon's partner....that's it. Anderson says everyone in the room goes on and whines and cries. Hogan agrees. Joe says no one can match up to him. Joe says this is the Television Title. This is a pretty big deal. Anderson says he wants to knock off the young star but he wants to fight someone. Magnus describes what the Television Title is all about. Joe says no one should want to face him tonight. Hogan says he has to break up Bischoff and Magnus so he says Magnus is gone. Magnus can't believe it. He gets up. Bischoff starts laughing. Magnus tries to open the door but he can't. It's locked or he is pushing or pulling the wrong way. Hogan doesn't understand how Bischoff dealt with that.

Tara is standing backstage. Brooke Hogan walks up to her. She tells Tara she is late. Tara tells Brooke she is late. Brooke tells Tara that she has to serve the consequences from last week. Tar has to earn a title shot. Tara gets a phone call and it is her love from Hollywood. Tara sweet talks him. She talks about having dinner with Stacy and other people. She gets off the phone. Brooke continues to talk only to have Tara vibrate again. Tara talks to her love again. Brooke takes the phone and tells Tara's "Baby boo" that Tara is having a match next. Brooke hangs up on the guy and says she is taking the phone. Brooke leaves while Tara asks who she is fighting.


Christy Hemme is in the ring. She announces the next match. It is a #1 Contender's Match. Tara's music plays and she walks down the ramp. Tara is very displeased. She gets in the ring while Taryn Terrell. Music plays and ODB comes out! Eric Young is right at her side. They are the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions. ODB is wild! She gets in the ring. As she does, Eric gets in and goes right after the referee. Eric then does a summersault and then back at Taryn. Eric leaves the ring.

Tara vs. ODB in a #1 Contender's Match for the Knockout Title

Tara is outside of the ring. She gets on the apron and ODB brings her over the ropes. She takes Tara to the corner. She attacks her. She brings her out and does a snapmare. Tara is hurting. She slides out of the ring. ODB follows. Tara slides back in. So does ODB. ODB continues the attack. As they are fighting, Eric Young is in the corner asking for a tag. ODB whips Tara in the corner. Eric finally drops down. ODB runs and smashes Tara in the corner. She then does the bronco buster in the corner. Eric gets in the same position as Tara is in another corner. Eric wants that. Eric then leaves the ring. Tara goes out of the ring. Eric and her exchange words. ODB does a baseball slide. Tara falls down. ODB slaps her butt and then slides her back in. Tara is begging ODB to stop. She extends her hand. ODB slowly walks to her. She goes to grab it but grabs Tara's hair. She gets her up. Tara goes to slap her in the face, but ODB blocks. ODB kicks her and hits a fallaway slam. ODB kicks Tara in the gut as she gets up. Tara falls through the bottom and middle rope. She is on the floor holding her knee. Eric goes to her. He checks on her. ODB gets out and goes right after Tara. ODB gets her up and slides her in the ring. Eric says he has his pants still on. ODB and Eric kiss. She gets back in while Tara takes off her knee brace. She is in severe pain. ODB slowly walks up to her. Tara pops up and does an inside cradle. She has ODB down for the count. Winner and #1 Contender: Tara

Tara quickly leaves the ring. Taryn helps her up the ramp. Tara says she did it for her baby. Eric gets in the ring and tries to comfort ODB.

Video plays as it shows Bruce Prichard, Taz, and Al Snow. They are talking about last week's Gut Check worker. Al says he is only 18 and has a long way to go. They will give their evaluation soon.


Video plays showing the replay of the Gut Check match from last week. Even Markopoulos got defeated by Williams.

Video plays that was taped last week. It has Bruce Prichard and Al Snow in a room. Bruce says Hogan doesn't know if Al is an executive or a wrestler. Al put his hands on Joey Ryan even though he isn't on a TNA contract. Al made a mistake. He understands the situation. Taz knows on the door. It's time to talk about Gut Check. Al says Even started young. He is still young. Al says has b@lls. Bruce praises his young status also. Al says he is only 18 though. He is too young. They will have to decide in a week. A week is now.

Bully Ray is walking backstage. The camera guy asks Bully who he is picking as a partner for tonight. Bully says the rule around here is to not bother him while he is on his Twittah Machine. Bully knows who it isn't. He doesn't want to talk anymore. He tells the guy if he wants to shoot him, put the camera on his calves. Ray walks away as the camera focuses on his legs.

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Garett Bischoff, Mr. Anderson, and Samoa Joe. Hulk asks about the three of them. He says Joe is fine but what about the others. Ken doesn't think Bischoff can stand toe to toe with him. Bischoff thinks he can. Hogan agrees with Ken and says Bischoff has been here for a short time and even though he has done some good stuff, he isn't ready. Hogan pulls Bischoff off the line-up and tells Joe and Ken to have one of the best Television Title matches in history. Ken and Joe turn to each there and they talk while they are inches away from each other. The match is next.


Austin Aries is backstage with the TNA World Title in front of him. Bobby Roode enters the room. Austin doesn't think anyone here knocks anymore. Roode tells Austin that they have a big past but he just wants to talk right now. Roode says he wants to be Ray's partner tonight. He wants to be involved in this and then says he wants Austin to beat Jeff Hardy at Bound for Glory. Roode was able to beat Jeff but not Austin. Austin is the better person compared to Jeff. Why would we want to see Jeff walk around as champion. We don't deserve it. Roode pats Ausitn on the back and leaves. Austin is a bit confused.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Samoa Joe's music plays and he enters the area. He gets right in the ring. Mr. Anderson comes out. He is on the stage and asks for the mic to drop. It falls in his hands. He introduces himself to all of the @ssholes and gentlemen. Anderson continues his way to the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson for the Televison Championship

Anderson goes right after Joe with punches to the face. Joe is able to come back with punches of his own. Joe goes into the ropes. Ken goes for a Mic Check but Joe takes Ken over his body and down to the mat. Ken gets up. They lock-up and Joe pushes in the corner. He does multiple punches. Joe whips Ken into the opposing corner. Joe smashes into him and then does the pele kick. Ken falls. Joe covers. Ken kicks out. Both get up and Joe goes for a punch. Ken punches back. Ken goes into the ropes. Joe is able to hit him in the face with an elbow. Joe continues the attack. Joe gets him up and takes him down again. He goes for a kick to the chest as Ken is sitting on the mat but Ken ducks and does a roll-up. Joe kicks out. Both get up. Joe goes for a closeline but Ken ducks, grabs Ken and hits a neck breaker. Ken continues to attack Joe as he is on the mat. He gets Joe up and goes to the corner. Ken has Joe up on his shoulders. He walks around and rolls through. He plants Joe back first to the mat. Joe is able to grab Ken and roll him back for a cover. Ken kicks out. Both get up. Ken continues the attack. He goes for a Mic Check but Joe gets out of it again. Ken is able to roll back for a cover, but Joe grabs him from behind and lock in the choke. Ken is able to turn to his stomach and slowly crawl to the ropes. Ken reaches out for the ropes but Joe grabs the arm and tucks it in. Joe turns over and is on his back now. Joe continues with the Rear Naked Choke. Ken is fading. He is out. The bell rings. Joe turns over and kneels as he does the Punk's taunt of "Go to sleep." Joe gets up and the referee gives him the Television Title. It becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner and New Television Champion: Samoa Joe

A video plays showing the beginning of Aces and 8s. It all started with a note that was given to Hogan. Aces and 8s have rolled the show for months. They attacked many. It's now Hogan's revenge. Mr. Parks was sent to find answers. Aces and 8s caught him. They attacked him. It's now time for Hogan to get them.

Hogan and Sting are backstage. Hogan says they will play good cop bad cop. He tells Sting to let him deal with the situation. A lady approaches Hogan and tells him to sign a paper that is on a clipboard. It is ordered by Bruce Prichard and he needs it for the show. Hogan grabs it and signs. As he does, Aces and 8s attack! They beat Hogan and Sting up. They put sacks on their head and tie their arms. They put them in the back of a van. The guy with the long hair told the camera that they will send many pictures.


The camera shows the Impact Zone as the crowd is standing. They show a replay from moments ago where Aces and 8s attacked Sting and Hogan and put them in a van.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Taz, Pruce Prichard, and Al Snow. Jeremy introduces 18 year old Even Markopoulos. The kid comes out. He tries to get the crowd behind him. He claps his hands so the fans can follow. Even gets in the ring. Jeremy asks if Even put forth his best effort last week. Even says no because he lost but he can do more and better. Jeremy asks Taz. Taz says Even has an upside. He is way ahead of the curve. He wants Even to learn it with this brand. Taz votes Yes. Bruce agrees with Taz. He has a future. He is only 18. He has started very young. Not many people want it at his age. He votes No. He wants him to learn more. Even is given the mic and brings up 1994. That was when he was born and that was when Al was trying to get into two companies. Al was not 18 years old. Even will give his all. He will do anything to achieve stardom. Al grabs the mic. He states Even is the epitome of what Gut Check is all about. Al saw people who had the skill and talent but lacked the passion. Al thinks he has the passion and skill but he is only 18. Al votes No. Even shakes the hands of Taz, Bruce, and Al. Jeremy says he has a big figure ahead of him. Even thanks them and leaves the ring. He goes beside the ramp and goes backstage that way.

Mike Tenay welcomes a sneak peak of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are the main advertiser for tonight's show. The video plays.

Mike Tenay says footage has just arrived and the production team plays it. It has Hulk Hogan and Sting in the Aces and 8s clubhouse. A guy takes off the sacks on Hogan and Sting's head. The guy says the man is coming. He welcomes them two to the place though. Sting coughs as the sack is finally off his head while Hogan comes to realization and is shocked as to where he is at. He is also a bit confused.


A video plays showcasing the best memory of Bound for Glory for Magnus. He says 2009 was his favorite as that was when he won a championship at the pay-per-view. He was 22 then. He is hitting his peak but not yet. This year will be even greater.

A video plays in Aces and 8s clubhouse. The guy comes in with a sharp object dragging on the floor. Hogan yells at him. The guy says the identity is not important. Hogan asks where Parks is. The guy says it isn't important right now either. The guy says Hogan tried to one up them. Aces and 8s aren't going to let that fly. Hogan wants to be free and fight right now. The guy says he likes Hogan and Sting. They want to be on the same page. The guy then calls out Mr. Parks. Members pull out Parks as he is on a rolling table. The guy says he wants Hogan to pick the two toughest guys they have. Hogan picks him and Sting. Sting agrees. The guy says two of their guys. Not them. The two will face Aces and 8s and if the members of Hogan and Sting win, Aces and 8s will leave forever. Hogan asks to release Parks. The guy tells Hogan that they will release him after the match. They won't hurt Parks. Hogan has the guy's word.

Jeff Hardy is on the left side of the screen while Austin Aries is on the right. It's a split screen as both of them are walking backstage.


Impact Wrestling returns and they show a replay from moments ago with the confrontation between Hogan/Sting and Aces and 8s. They make the match official. Nothing will happen between them two before that match. If Aces and 8s win, they have full access to TNA but if Hogan and Sting's team wins, Aces and 8s are gone. Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as the give the updated line-up for Bound for Glory. The line-up for Bound for Glory can be seen right here on

James Storm is backstage. He says it is about d@mn time this happens. Two will walk in and one will walk out. You then have King Mo. He is one of the best MMA fighters in history. Only thing Mo has to do is raise Storm's hand at the end of the match. Sorry about your d@mn luck, Roode.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Music hits and Bobby Roode walks out. He has a long jeweled trench coat on. He walks down the ramp as the fans boo. He gets in the ring. Bully Ray's music plays. He walks down the ramp showing his calves off. He says he should be the TNA World Champion. He gets in the ring and does a double fist pound to Roode. Jeff Hardy comes out and the crowd pops. He walks down the ramp with green face paint. He interacts with the fans around the ring. He gets in the ring. Finally, Austin Aries arrives. He has his came on and is holding the TNA World Championship. Austin walks right down the ramp and gets on the apron. He jumps in the ring and exchanges words with Bully Ray.

Bobby Roode and Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries

Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray start the match. They walk around the ring. They lock-up but Ray pushes Jeff down and pounds on his back several times. He puts Jeff in the corner and pounds Jeff multiples times in the face. He whips Jeff into the opposing corner but Jeff grabs the corner and lifts up. He wraps his legs around Ray's head and does a hurricanrona. Ray is on his knees and tells Jeff to stop. He gets to his feet. Jeff goes to Austin and tags him. Austin goes right to Ray. Ray starts yelling at him. Bully turns and has Roode tags him. Roode goes to Austin. Aries sends Roode in the corner. He hits Roode with an arm drag. Ray enters the ring. Austin does a drop toe hold. Ray falls right on his face. Jeff enters and runs into the ropes. Ray and Roode are up. Jeff jumps and double closelines them. Roode and Ray roll to the outside. Austin jumps to the top rope and leans back to get a sun tan. Jeff hops on the corner as the fans go wild. Ray is right below him at ringside.


Jeff and Roode are in the ring. Jeff is in the corner. Roode runs to him but Jeff puts his feet up. Roode falls. Jeff pops up on the corner. He falls right on Roode with a splash. Jeff covers but Roode kicks out.


Jeff has Bully Ray in the ring now. Jeff kicks Ray multiple times but Jeff is able to whip Jeff in the corner. Ray runs to him but Jeff elbows him in the face. Jeff goes to the top but Roode runs over and knocks Jeff off the top as he was suppose to do the Whisper in the Wind. Jeff falls back right on his neck. Ray talks smack to Austin as he leaves the apron to have Roode walk to his corner. Ray goes after Hardy and then tags Roode. Roode enters and continues the assault. He has Jeff down. He gets Jeff up but Jeff grabs Roode and hits the chin breaker. Jeff pops up and hits the Twist of Fate. Both are down. Roode crawls and tags Ray. Jeff crawls and tags Austin. Both enter and Austin does multiple forearm shots to Ray. Austin runs into the ropes. He comes back and ducks under Ray. He hits Roode on the apron. Ray goes after Austin and knocks him out of the ring. Roode grabs Austin outside and smashes him into the steel steps. Roode slides Austin in. Ray stomps on Austin's back and pounds on it with his forearm. Ray lifts Austin's head up and punches it. Ray tags Roode. They grab Austin's legs and pull them left and right. Roode continues with knees and stomps to the back. Austin gets up and goes in the corner. Roode continues. Austin is able to punch back and get out of the corner but Roode rams him back in and punches him. Roode takes him out and tags Ray. Bully enters and smashes Austin down and hits a big splash. Ray covers. Austin kicks out. Ray gets up and stalks him. Austin slowly gets to his feet. Ray does a bear hug. Austin elbows and claps his way out of it. He bits the face of Ray. Austin runs into the ropes and does a dropkick to Ray's legs. Ray falls right on his face. Austin gets up and goes to tag Jeff but they stare at each other. Austin turns and Ray tags Roode in. Roode goes after Austin but Austin has him in the corner. He punches and whips him in the corner. He smashes him. He closelines him down. He goes to the apron and is able to knock Ray down. Austin jumps over the ropes and hits Roode. He then applies the submission Chancellor move. Ray slides in and ends the submission. Ray then hits a big boot to Jeff as he enters. Ray is on top. He gets Austin up but Austin fights back. He puts both of his opponents in the corner. He runs to each other and does a flying dropkick. Roode leaves the ring. Austin climbs the top rope and does a missile dropkick to Ray. Ray gets out of the ring. Roode comes in. Austin kicks him in the gut and hits the brain buster. Austin gets up and stumbles back. Jeff tags Aries. He climbs the corner and hits the Swanton Bomb. He gets the win as Ray just pulled Aries out of the ring. Winners: Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries

Austin Aries goes right to Jeff Hardy. They are face to face as they exchange words.

The camera is backstage. It is Aces and 8s. They drop Hogan and Sting off in the back of the Impact arena. They let them go but they can't do anything. Sting starts to flip out and says he is bringing their best. He hits the Aces and 8s van. Hogan tells Sting that they have Mr. Parks. Sting knows. He tells Aces and 8s they are bringing their best. Hogan wants his hands untied. Sting unties them as the van is gone. Hogan and Sting stand there as the show fades.

I will be writing the IW Blog Zone this week, so I will be saving my thoughts of the show for that post. I should have it up by tomorrow night or Saturday sometime. I hope you join in and see my thoughts. I got quite a lot to say.

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