Impact Wrestling Results (9/6/12) - We Captured Aces & 8s' Mike


Impact Wrestling Results - 9/6/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

TNA's Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showing the Eric Young and ODB storyline. Eric finally came back to Impact Wrestling last week and met the love of his life! The video changes to the confrontation between Sting with Hogan and Daniels with Kaz. Hogan will put the Tag Titles on the line when he wants to. It switches to the final matches of the Bound for Glory Series. Finally it shows Mr. Parks asking if he can help finding out the Aces and 8s members. Who are they and what do they want?

The video ends and the camera shows fireworks exploding above the ring and on stage. The crowd is standing as it's the final show before No Surrender. A video plays hyping up the final matches of the Bound for Glory Series. James Storm is #1 in the series. Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and Rob Van Dam talk about the series and what it means to them by winning and getting the World Title. Mike Tenay is in the video saying that the competition is at an all-time high. Whose journey will be ending tonight? The video ends and it shows the BFG Series leader board.

Music hits and the crowd erupts. Jeff Hardy comes out. Christy Hemme is shown as she announces this opening bout. Jeff interacts with the fans around the ring as he wears green face paint on the right side of his face and purple face paint on the other side. After he is in the ring, Samoa Joe comes out. The crowd pops again.

Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds and both are in separate corners. They stare at each other and then start to move around the ring. Jeff gets the fans into the match as he claps his hands. They lock-up. Jeff goes for an armlock, but Joe reverses it and applies it on Jeff. Jeff gets to the ropes and Joe has to back up. They walk around the ring again. They lock-up. Jeff puts a headlock on Joe. Joe pushes Jeff into the ropes. He comes back only to get a huge shoulder block from Joe. It knocks Jeff off his feet. He rolls to the apron and then goes outside. Jeff gets back in. Both move around once more. They lock-up. Joe pushes Jeff back into the corner. It becomes a split screen as we see James Storm watching from the screen backstage. Meanwhile, Joe hits Jeff with right after right in the face and chest. Jeff falls down in the corner. Joe gets him up and tosses him outside. Joe follows. He punches Jeff in the face and he falls down. Joe gets him up and goes to push him into the steel steps, but Jeff smashes Joe's face into the steel. Jeff backs up. He runs, jumps on the steel steps, and flies! He lands right on Joe as he was leaning against the steel guard rail. Jeff falls while Joe slides to the ground.


Jeff runs into the ropes. He comes back and meets an elbow to the face. Joe walks around and then covers. Jeff kicks out. As this happens, they show footage from the break. Joe and Jeff were on the apron. Joe hit a big boot and knocked Jeff down on the edge of the ring. In the ring now, Joe has Jeff up in the corner. He hits Jeff a few and then whips him into the opposing corner. Joe runs and smashes him. He jumps and hits the pele type kick. Jeff falls down. Joe covers. Jeff kicks out again. Joe is getting pretty frustrated. Jeff slowly gets up. He uses the ropes to do so. Jeff is on his feet and punches Joe. Joe does one back. Jeff hits him again. They go back and forth. Joe is able to take advantage and knock Jeff down. He covers. Jeff kicks out at 2. Joe gets him up. Joe does a head but. Jeff stumbles back, but he is able to come back. He hits Joe with punches and then lifts him up for the atomic drop. He takes the legs out form under him. He jumps up and hits the double leg to the gut. He rolls around and hits the low dropkick. Jeff gets up and goes for the Swanton Bomb. Joe is able to get up. Jeff comes down and kicks Joe in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate. Joe is able to counter for the choke. Joe can't get it locked. He pushes Jeff and he goes shoulder first into the steel post. Jeff comes back, climbs the corner and hits whisper in the wind. Both get up. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate. Joe is still standing. He pops right up. Jeff applies a headlock and takes Joe down. He has his arm locked too. Joe taps. Winner: Jeff Hardy with 10 points

A video package plays showing the Aces and 8s and their recent attacks the past two weeks on the TNA roster, but, more importantly, on Austin Aries.

Hulk Hogan is in his office. Austin Aries comes in as Hogan was about to leave. Aries is tired of the attacks from the Aces and 8s. Aries got attacked two weeks in a row. Hogan says the guy last week is on the pay roll. He is bringing him in so Aries can take care of him. Hogan tells Aries to destroy the guy to get information out of him. If Hogan gives him permission, Austin will do so. He will break his legs.


Christy Hemme has Samoa Joe beside her on the stage. She tells him that he lost but is still #2 on the BFG Series. Just then, Magnus jogs out from backstage. He says the match was taken from Joe....the same thing that happened to Magnus. They were a great tag team, but Joe through that away. He went his own way with his huge ego. Magnus will be the better man and wish Joe the best.

Hulk Hogan is in his office. There are three teams in the room. He talks about being in that room last week with the Tag Champions. He first welcomes Chavo to the company as it's Chavo and Hernandez. He asks Robbie E about the opportunity. Robbie E says age. Robbie E and Robbie T are the youngest people in the room. Kid Kash says they deserve it the best. Chavo interrupts and says he has been winning tag titles since he was 10 years old. Just then, AJ Styles walks in. He says he wants Daniels and Kaz. Hogan quickly eliminates him. This is not AJ's thing. He can't have both tag titles. There needs to be some tag team against them.

Brooke Hogan is in another room talking to Tara. Brooke states that she loved Tara vs. Ms. Tessmacher. She wants to see is Tessmacher can graduate though. She announces that it will be Tara vs. Ms. Tessmacher at No Surrender. Gail Kim comes into the scene and is not happy about this at all. She starts complaining about Brooke's power and the match she booked. Brooke tells Gail that she will have a match with Tara since she wants her so badly. That match is tonight!


The camera shows the entire arena filled to capacity. Mike Tenay talk about the Countdown to Bound for Glory. The camera shows Taryn Terrell in the ring. Music plays and Gail Kim walks down to the ring. She gets in the ring and starts arguing with Taryn already. Tara's music his and she comes down the ramp.

Gail Kim vs. Tara

Taryn calls for the bell. They quickly lock-up. Gail applies a headlock and takes Tara down. They get up and Gail wraps the arm of Tara and then lets her go. Tara turns around and Gail hits her with a dropkick. Tara gets up. She is able to come back and whip Gail into the ropes. She comes back and Tara hits the back body drop. Gail gets to her feet and comes back. She hits Tara and whips her in the corner. Gail runs and smashes right into her gut. She goes to the apron. Tara leans on the second rope hanging half way out of the ring. Gail jump up and lands right on her back. They get in the ring. Gail continues the attack. She does a huge kick to the head of Tara. She covers. Gail kicks out. Gail gets her up and whips her in the ropes. Gail runs to her. Tara gets out of the corner. Gail goes sternum first. She turns around and Tara hits a huge scoop powerslam. Both get up. Tara hits Gail in the head a few times. They are hard shots. Tara grabs Gail and lifts her up. She has her in the air and then drops her down for the suplex. She covers. Gail kicks out. Tara steps on the gut of Gail. Gail is able to grab her foot and trip Tara up. Gail is able to get up and climb the corner. Tara blocks the possible shot as Gail comes down. Tara lifts her up and hits the Widow's Peak. Winner: Tara

A video plays showcasing Joey Ryan from his Gut Check Challenge months ago. It has the the judges deciding on Joey's future. Al was the only ones to say "YES." For the past couple of months, Joey made his way into the arena. He was in the audience and was able to take a few shots at Al Snow. The most recent one was last week. The video ends and we see Al Snow walking backstage. He is the Director of Talent Relations. He is coming to the ring.


Al Snow is in the ring with a mic. Al begins to speak. He says a jack@ss has been coming to TNA for the past few months and taking shots at Al. Well, he knows Joey is in the building as security told him he was here. He wants to know where he is at. He has been crying and whining. Just then, Joey Ryan comes out through the crowd. He jumps over the railing and comes into the ring. Al asks for a mic for him. Joey grabs a mic. Al knows he has something to say because he has been talking for months now. Joey says a day has changed. Joey is bringing sleazy back on TNA and on Spike TV. Al tells him to shut up. Al tells Joey that he needs to do Gut Check one more time. Just a match. If he wins, he will get a contract. Al takes off his jacket. Joey says 87% of the fans wanted Joey to be part of TNA. Joey already proved himself. He doesn't need to do it again. Al asks if he doesn't have the confidence. Al says he has the confidence and the 87%, so he accepts the challenge. Al says that is great as he will be fighting HIM. Joey says it's not the 90s anymore. No one wants to see him in spandex. Al says he would wrestle him in cheese if he has to. Al then slaps the face of Joey. Joey felt that. Joey quickly leaves the ring and says he can sue him. He doesn't work him. He can't touch him. Joey hops over the railing and leaves.

Mr. Parks is backstage. He is on the phone. Just then, Bully Ray comes up to him. He says he has to go. Ray says he is here to ask a simple question. He has a big match tonight. Ray asks about Aces and 8s. Parks says he wants to report to Hogan and Sting first. Ray says he knows people like them and Parks doesn't, so he better watch where he puts his nose.

A guard brings in one of the Aces and 8s members. He is the one with the long hair. Austin Aries comes out and asks if he remembers him. He says they are going to have a long talk. The guy is in a seat and is handcuffed. There is no way out of this.


The camera is in Hogan's office. He says he bought into the Daniels and Kaz drama and the Aces and 8s have been distracting everyone. He wants to see why Chavo and Hernandez should fight since they just joined a few weeks ago. Kash interrupts Chavo and says he doesn't respect him. Robbie E says Chavo and Hernandez along with Gunner and Kid Kash have been a tag team for about a month. Did they even have a tag match? Hogan says Gunner and Kash are out. Kash is shocked. Robbie E tells Hogan that they aren't going to let him down.

A video plays hyping up the RVD and Bully Ray match. Who will go on to the finals of the BFG Series?

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Bully Ray comes out. He stretches and comes down the ramp. He gets right in. After him, Rob Van Dam's music hits. He comes out. He walks down the ramp, raises his arms, and fireworks explode behind him.

Bully Ray vs. Rob Van Dam in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The match starts. They walk around the ring. The crowd is entirely behind RVD. RVD does his famous taunt to Ray. Ray starts screaming and yelling at RVD. He shows of his calves. RVD kicks him right in them. Ray screams. He turns around and RVD goes to kick him, but Ray blocks it. He takes RVD off his other foot. He falls to the mat. Ray leaves him there. Rob gets up. They lock-up. RVD is able to apply a headlock. He has it wrenched in. Ray is able to whip him into the ropes. Rob comes back and gets knocked off his feet from a shoulder block. Ray stomps on Rob. Ray stomps. RVD is able to roll Ray up. Ray kicks out from the count. He gets right up. They lock-up. RVD has another headlock in. Ray whips him into the ropes. He goes for a back body drop, but RVD rolls through. RVD goes for a kick, but Ray blocked it. RVD comes back and kicks Ray in the chest. Rob gets up as Ray stumbles. Rob does a super kick to the face. Ray falls back. He rolls out of the ring. Ray does a baseball slide to Ray. Ray goes back. He comes back to. RVD runs, jumps and does a summersault over the ropes. He lands right on Bully. Rob gets him up and into the ring. RVD climbs the corner. Ray hits the ropes and RVD falls on the corner. His leg is wrapped around the rope. Ray goes right o him and takes advantage. RVD falls. Ray pull him to the middle of the ring and works on the leg and knee. RVD tries to come back with an arm bar, but Ray fights him off. Ray gets up after releasing the hold. He gets RVD in the corner. He does a huge right hand. He does them multiple times. Ray said something to Earl Hebner. Earl is fired up from it. He yells right back. Ray looks stunned.

He walks away and goes to smash RVD in the corner, but RVD is able to get away. He comes back with punches and kicks. He knocks Ray down. He hits the rolling thunder. He covers. Ray kicks out. Ray gets up in the corner. RVD rolls to him. He flips him over for the monkey flip. Ray gets up. RVD jumps on the corner and flies back. He did a flying cross body. Ray kicks out from the cover. Ray gets up and goes to the corner again. He flies back with a kick, but Ray backs away. RVD turns around. Ray hits a huge big boot! Ray covers. RVD kicks out. Both slowly get up. RVD is able to get away and jump on the ropes. He flies back for the kick to the face. It knocks Ray down. RVD gets up and climbs the corner. He goes for the Five Star Frog Splash. Ray pops up and hits the Bully Cutter. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Bully Ray with 7 points

They show the Final BFG Series leader board. James Storm, Samoe Joe, Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy make the cut.

Austin Aries is backstage with the Aces and 8s guy. Austin tells the guy that he probably didn't think he would be here like this. He has a piece of paper that says everything about this guy. He is Mike from New York. He shows the World Title to this guy. Austin means business. He says he can speak now or it can get pretty physical. The guy is not speaking. He slaps the guy. He doesn't speak. He slaps the guy again. He then takes out some pliers. He grabs the guy's tongue. Hogan walks in and says this isn't the plan. He wants a piece of this guy too. He slaps the guy. He then goes for the final attack. He gets a phone call. It's the Aces and 8s. They want the guy back. Hogan says he wants the "arm breaker" guy to show his face and Austin will fight him at No Surrender. They give him till the end of the show. Hogan will have the guy live till the end of the show. Let's see if the deal can be made.


James Storm's music plays. He walks down the ramp as fireworks explode in the air behind him. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says this has been a roller coaster year. It went up and down. At the beginning of the year, he was trying to win the World Title. When he lost at Lockdown, he went home and thought about the business. He spent time with his family and drank beer with his family. They all said something was wrong. The thing missing was James Storm hearing the crowd cheer. He came back at Slammiversary and ended Crimson's undefeated streak. He was in the BFG Series and he went on to win and win. He knows there are 3 guys in the back watching the monitor. Those guys are in his way to be the World Champion. He asks them to come out. Bully Ray comes out first. Samoa Joe is behind him and Jeff Hardy is behind him. James says Joe is one of the toughest guys in the business. If you blink, he will make you tap. You have Jeff Hardy. You don't need to talk about how good Jeff is. He chooses Bully Ray. He wants to tell something to Ray. He wants to say it right in his face. Ray gets in the ring. James says Bully Ray thought he was the leader of the Aces and 8s. Ray ended James chances last year. He will end Ray's chances this year. They will battle at No Surrender. Jeff and Joe are in the faces of each other as they talk.

Daniels and Kaz are backstage. The two are nervous as they wonder who they will be facing.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Rob Van Dam. As Christy begins to talk, Magnus interrupts. He says RVD went through a hard loss. Show him some respect. The actual and real RVD wouldn't have lost. He watched him in the past and was an innovator. He isn't the man who he thought he was. RVD heard enough. He clubs Magnus right in the face with a punch. They battle back and forth as referees and officials run to the scene and try to break them up.

Daniels and Kaz come out. They have the TNA Tag Titles around their waist. They get in the ring. Hogan is backstage with the two teams. He is on the phone. He is talking and then hangs up. He says the tag titles are the main focus right now. Both can prove themselves, but he picks Chavo and Hernandez. Let's have them prove themselves. Chavo and Hernandez walk through the curtain and run to the ring.

Daniels and Kaz (Champs) vs. Chavo and Hernandez for the TNA Tag Team Titles

The match quickly starts. They battle each other. Chavo is after Daniels while Hernandez has Kaz. Hernandez and Chavo meet. They go to the opposite people. Hernandez brings in Daniels and they are the legal men. Hernandez tags Chavo. Chavo goes after him, but tags Hernandez back in. Hernandez has Daniels in a bear hug. He turns it into a belly to belly suplex. Hernandez tags in Chavo. Chavo has Daniels in the corner. He attacks him and then has to back up. He tags Hernandez. Hernandez brings Daniels out of the corner and works on the head. He tags Chavo. He lifts Chavo up and slams him down on Daniels. Chavo covers. Daniels kicks out. Daniels is able to come back and tag Kaz. Chavo does a body slam to Kaz and tags Hernandez. Hernandez elbows Kaz between the legs. He brings him up and has him go face first into the corner. He tags in Chavo. Chavo enters, but Kaz is able to put up a fight and tag Daniels. Daniels tries to keep the offense going, but Chavo does a hurricanrona. He tags Hernandez. Hernandez works on him. He (Daniels) is able to get away and tag Kaz. Kaz runs in, but Hernandez kicks him in the gut. He does a huge attack. He gets Kaz up to his feet. He lifts him for a vertical suplex. Chavo runs in while Daniels does. Chavo kicks Daniels in the gut and does the 3 vertical suplexes. As he does them, Hernandez has Kaz up the entire time. He finally drops him down for the suplex. Kaz and Daniels roll out of the ring.


Chavo has Daniels in a corner and gives him uppercuts and punches. Chavo whips Daniels, but Daniels reverses it into the opposing corner. Chavo pops out of the corner and Kaz distracts him on the apron. Daniels attacks him. He knocks Chavo down. Daniels tags Kaz. Daniels goes to the apron. He jumps over and lands right on Chavo. Kaz enters. He works on Chavo. Kaz tags Daniels back in. They double team Chavo as they whip him in the ropes. They knock him down. Chavo goes to the outside to regroup. Kaz follows. He hits him and rolls him back in while the referee is not looking. Daniels continues the attack. Daniels tags Kaz. He enters and brings Chavo down. He covers. Chavo kicks out. Kaz locks his arms behind his body. Chavo is able to get out. He rolls under Kaz and tags Hernandez. Hernandez jumps over the ropes and hits Kaz. Daniels enters. Hernandez has him go in the ropes. He comes back and just plows him down. Kaz jumps at Hernandez, but Hernandez catches him and turns it into a sit down power bomb. He has a cover but Daniels breaks it up. They get Hernandez up and bring him into the corner. They attack him together. They put Hernandez to the top. Kaz follows. Chavo enters and takes care of Daniels. He brings Daniels down. Chavo climbs and locks his legs around Hernandez. He flips Hernandez to land right on Kaz. He covers. Daniels breaks the count though. Hernandez and Chavo take Daniels and Kaz out of the ring. Hernandez gets ready and flies. He jumps over the ropes and lands on both of them. Hernandez brings Kaz into the ring. He lifts him up for the Border Toss. Daniels enters the ring while the referee isn't looking. Daniels has the title in his hand. He hits Hernandez with the belt. Hernandez falls. They cover and get the win. Winner and Still TNA Tag Champs: Kaz and Daniels

Daniels and Kaz celebrate. Hogan's music plays. He comes out and says that they shouldn't celebrate too long. AJ Styles thinks he can beat Daniels and Kaz. Well, it will be Daniels and Kaz against AJ Styles and Kurt Angle for the titles at No Surrender. Hogan's music plays again. Fireworks explode in the air as Hogan laughs.

Mike Tenay and Taz discuss the No Surrender line-up. will have the full line-up for No Surrender as the PPV is this Sunday!

Austin Aries is walking with the Aces and 8s guy backstage. Will the deal be made?


Austin Aries comes out through the curtain. He has the World Title over his shoulder while the Aces and 8s guy is beside him. Aries holds him as he brings hi to the ring. He pushes him through the bottom rope. Aries gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Let's see if they can make a deal. They want this guy. Aries was more than happy to beat the information out of him, but they want him, so come and get him. He will trade him as long as the "arm breaker" guy comes and has a fight with Aries this Sunday. It won't be a match....he wants a fight. He wants this to happen now. He is done playing games. He asks if the mic is working because nothing is happening. His patience is declining. He is going to call this deal off if they don't come. I guess they really don't want him. He lifts the guy up and puts him in the corner. He grabs the guy by his hair. The guy says he will talk. Another guy comes and pulls him out of the ring. It's the big guy. The big buy suddenly knocks Mike down. Aries isn't going to wait. He hits a suicide dive right to the "arm breaker." He does rapid fire punches. The "arm breaker" is able to get Aries away and roll him in the ring. The guy gets on the apron and comes through the ropes. Aries gets up and kicks the ropes. The big guy falls. Aries continues the attack. The big guy gets up and is truly powerful. He and Aries brawl out as they will fight at No Surrender. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bully Ray - New from last week
2. Jeff Hardy - Same from last week
3. Austin Aries - New from last week
4. Tara - New from last week
5. Daniels and Kaz - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I opened up on Twitter earlier today and said I was displeased with TNA. Now that doesn't happen too much as I try to pass on some things TNA did in the past, but this has really bugged me. This is the last show before No Surrender. I actually didn't even know there is a PPV this Sunday until Kurt Angle told me. I was shocked as I had no idea what matches there are going to be. TNA waits awhile till they announce their matches (So does WWE sometimes), but they didn't even advertise the PPV with any match at all. Where TNA stands, there is no excuse for that. They should not be doing that at all. Watching this show, they packed all of the matches into one show. They booked Magnus vs. RVD for Sunday based on one segment tonight. They announced Tara vs. Tessmacher, the TNA Tag Title match, and Aries' fight for Sunday just on tonight's show. Even the BFG Series matches were announced tonight. I know the final show gives the last opportunity for the PPV, but I like knowing weeks in advance on what to expect, just in case if I should order or not, etc. Overall, this was a fine show tonight. It was packed with so much in two hours. That is not necessarily a bad thing though because I was never bored. There was the Ace & 8s, the Championship Competition with the tag titles, Joey Ryan's appearance, and the two BFG Series matches. There weren't any bad segments nor matches tonight. I always look forward to TNA's PPVs, but I did not like the set-up for this one at all. I am surprised Bully Ray is going through. He didn't seem like he was in character too much tonight as he didn't really attack the fans as he usually does, but he's moving on. Hopefully him and TNA are close to a deal. Bully Ray needs to stay with them and TNA needs him. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my live online talk show this Saturday night! Tune to my Twitter for further details.

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