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Impact Wrestling Results (9/1/11) - The Show On The Road

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Impact Wrestling Results - 9/1/2011
From Huntsville, Alabama
Report by: Alex Barie of

This Impact Wrestling starts off on the road as they are in Hunsville, Alabama. The show comes on and it shows the entire arena. It is jam packed with fans and with a bigger entrance stage. The crowd is hot. Then, Hulk Hogan's music hits and here comes the legend! Hulk comes on stage and the fans boo him. He does his taunts and then walks down to the ring. He rips a fan's sign and gets in. They continue to boo.

He gets on the mic and says the power of Immortal is running wild. He says he had been in meetings all week talking business. At the end of the day, the network stands behind Ric Flair's offer. Sting will get Ric in the middle of the ring on September 13th. He can't believe the network is doing this. If Sting loses, it's Sting's last match. If Sting wins, then he will get Hogan one-on-one. All Sting wanted was to get Hogan back in the ring for a couple 10 years! Hulk then says he can make decisions too just like the network does. He says the network should start bowing down to Hogan. The only way Hogan is going to get in the ring is when he is good and ready. Just then, Kurt Angle, the TNA World Champion, comes on stage as his music hits. He has the title over his shoulder. He gets in the ring as the fans boo. He shakes Hogan's hand and then does a small hug. He then grabs a mic.

Hogan first says he apologizes for the former owner of the company as she dangled money in front of him and ruined his personal life. Hogan says it was a mess when Hogan first came. Hogan says he wants Kurt to do what he does best. He calls him Dr. Angle as he wants him to do surgery on break his ankle and cut him up. Kurt then gets on the mic. He says Hogan's enemies is now Kurt's enemies. He vows to take out all of the young talent....but he would love to take out a veteran. Kurt then says he will play by the rules. Kurt then looks in the camera and says if Sting wins, he is champion....but if Kurt wins, Sting won't be able to walk out of here in his own power. OH, just then Sting's music hits and here comes the joker style Stinger! The crowd goes crazy!!!! He gets in the ring with a mic.

He does his "WOOOOO" and the crowd pops. Hogan says no one wants to see Sting out here. Sting just ignores it and goes to Kurt. Sting says he is honored that Kurt has him on his list. He says it's weird though because it seems like Kurt likes him a bit too much. Sting says he is all in for the match though. First it starts with Kurt and taking the gold from him. Then to Ric and finally.....the grand prize......Hulkamania!!!! He says Hulk's power will be will be here one time.....and POOF....gone the next. He says, "tah, tah" and gets out of the ring. He is on the apron as Hulk demands for the music to stop. He asks who Sting thinks he is. Hogan says he is calling the shots here tonight. He knows Sting will have some tricks. Hogan says he will be the special enforcer in the world title match. He demands for his music to be played and it is! Kurt loves the idea while Sting just smiles.


The show returns and Matt Morgan is sitting at the announcer's table as he will be the special guest commentator for this match. They then show a replay from last week as Samoa Joe attacks Crimson. Crimson is now out of the competition. Matt says he doesn't have any respect for Joe.

A video package plays as it first shows Bully Ray. He talks about the Bound for Glory Series and says he.....will be World Champion. Bobby Roode is shown as he talks about the tournament. James Storm is finally shown and he says he will win it all as he's sorry about everyone's damn luck!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next contest.

Gunner's music plays and he comes on stage. The crowd boos as he gets in the ring. Rob Van Dam's music hits and the crowd cheers as he comes out.

Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds and both move around the ring. They lock-up but Rob slides behind him. Gunner then hits Rob right in the head with an elbow. Rob gets thrown in the ring and does a spinning heel kick. He covers but Gunner kicks out. Just then, Samoa Joe comes walking down the ramp. Matt Morgan gets out from the desk and stops Joe in his tracks. He tells Joe to turn around. Joe....does....but after he does a huge low blow to Matt. Officials then come out and back Joe away. The camera then goes to the ring as Rob Van Dam had the advantage....but Gunner turns it around. He tosses Rob out of the ring. Both are outside and Gunner does a body slam on Rob right outside. He gets Rob in the ring and goes for a cover, but he kicks out. The camera shows that Joe is still walking around the area. Gunner goes for a suplex, but Rob turns it around as he gets to his feet and kicks Gunner. He does multiple offensive moves and then goes for the rolling thunder. It doesn't finish the match though. Both get up and Gunner attacks Rob. He goes to knock Rob's face in the corner....but Rob does a kick right to Gunner's head. Just then, Jerry Lynn walks down the ramp. Rob sees him and goes outside. he tells him to go back. Jerry just wants to help, but he turns around and goes backstage. Rob comes in and he goes to get Gunner up, but Gunner does a roll-up....but Rob kicks out. Rob then goes for a cover, but Gunner kicks out. Both get up and Rob knocks down Gunner. He goes for a cover, but Gunner kicks out. He then does a kick to Gunner's face and covers, but nothing. RVD jumps to the top rope and goes for the frog splash....but out of nowhere.....Jerry Lynn jumps on the apron and pushes Rob off the top. He gets choked on the top rope. Gunner hits Rob with a huge knee in the face. He covers Rob and gets the win. Gunner is now the fourth one to be in the No Surrender match. Winner: Gunner

After Mike Tenay and Taz hype upcoming matches, the screen on the stage reads "Knockouts". The screen then lifts up and the entire knockout roster is behind it. They make their way to the ring as they are going to hear a big announcement from Eric Bischoff.


The entire knockout roster is in the ring as Eric Bischoff's music hits. He comes on stage with Traci Brooks. The crowd boos him. They hold hands, while Traci has both of her hands on one of Eric's. They get in the ring together. He grabs a mic. He says he has never had the pleasure in his 25 years in this business to work with these talented people. He says the talent is incredible. The knockouts are the heart and soul of this company. They bring in the ratings. He thanks everyone. You can see Mickie mouth "wow"! He then says their women though. They can't keep their mouth shut. They whine and have cat fights. All of the stuff is driving him crazy. He then turns to Traci. He says a woman knows how to manage another woman. Eric says he worked long....and hard with Traci. She will do....anything....for the company. He announces that the VP of the Knockout Division is.....well he tells Traci to stand in the corner so Karen Jarrett can have a clear area in the ring! Music hits as Karen Jarrett comes on stage. Jeff is by her side. She gts in the ring as Traci can't believe this. She flipped out when Karen walked to the ring. Karen begins to talk. She says she appreciates everyone in the ring but they got a long way to go. The difference between her and them is that she is a woman.....and they aren't. It's going to be a rough road and people aren't going to be happy all the time....but it's going to happen. They will have to respect Mrs. Karen Jarrett. She asks Eric if she can start making decisions now. She then calls out ODB and Jackie and says they are on the roster full time! They get wild and crazy as they are stoked. She tells them to calm down. She then turns to Traci and says she knows she has put herself out there. Eric says she did 3 times!!! Karen is surprised. Karen says Traci will always be where she will always be.....and that is below Karen. She is Karen's assistant as she will do whatever Karen says. Karen then goes to the other knockouts and says if they even look at her the wrong way, they will be gone. She turns to Eric and gives him a hug as she says thanks. Finally, she states that she can't wait until the knockouts all serve Karen!!! Her music hits and she tells Traci to follow her. Eric tells her that she better go.


As the show returns, a video plays that occurred during the commercial break. Mickie James gets in the ring as she knocks down Winter as Angelina Love is by her side.

Jesse Sorensen and Brian Kendrick "Wizard of Odd" vs. Austin Aries and Kid Kash

Austin Aries and Kid Kash are already in the ring. Music plays as Brian and Jesse come out. Brian has the X-Division title as the crowd cheers the team on. They get in the ring.

The bell rings as Austin starts out against Brian. They move around the ring to lock-up. They get close but it never happens as Austin backs up and tags Kash in. Kash gets in and they move around the ring. Just then, Kash drops down to his hands and knees and tries to grab Brian's foot but Brian runs away. They go all around the ring. Kash stops and gets up. They then lock-up and Brian is on attack as he whips Kash in the ropes and does an armdrag. He has it locked it as he tags Jesse in. Jesse gets in and continues to work on the arm. Kash gets up and knees Jesse in the gut. He then tags Austin. Kash body slams Jesse. Austin jumps in and drops down right on the head of Jesse. He gets Jesse up and rams his face into Kash's boot. He tags Kash back in. Kid gets in and does a huge chop to the chest. He then tags Austin back in. Both are in as they work on Jesse, but Jesse comes back. He tries to run past him to tag in Brian, but they stop him. Jesse goes back and then jumps as he does a double dropkick to both men. Jesse then tags Brian. He gets in and goes against Austin and Kash. He covers, but gets a two as Austin broke i up. Brian goes in the corner from Austin. They are on the top as Kash and Jesse go. Just then, everyone comes crashing down to the middle of the ring. Kash goes outside. Jesse goes outside as a result from Austin. Austin then does a huge suicide dive. Austin walks around the ring as Brian flies out of the ring now. Brian then follow Austin up the ramp as he continues to attack him. Kash comes in and drops Jesse down right on his head. He gets Jesse up and goes for a powerbomb, but Jesse slides out and does a cover. He covers Kash to get the win. Winners: Jesse Sorensen and Brian Kendrick


A video package plays showcasing the Winter and Angelina Love storyline. Winter has this obsession over Love. She then takes over Love. Love then helps Winter win the title and help her against many of her opponents. The video ends and Winter and Love are backstage. Winter talks about moments in their life. She says this is one of those important times. She says she will very well feast on the bones of Mickie and then her and Love will drink up the blood. Winter and Love toast from some wine glasses.

Mickie James is shown backstage as she says she had enough with this voodoo stuff. She is tired of Winter and all of her tricks. She is going out there and actually going to wrestle. Winter won't be spitting anything in the face of Mickie this time! The match is next!


When Impact Wrestling returns, a video plays talking about Jeff Hardy. It shows other stars like Roode, Morgan, and Sting talking about Jeff as he had demons and problems in his life. He needs to overcome that and move on from the past. Jeff Hardy will be on the show next week!

Kurt Angle is backstage as he is sitting on a couch. He talks about Sting as he will take out Sting tonight. Just then, Hogan comes in the room and says he is finished with these games. He wants Kurt to come with him to New York to beat down and attack the network. He mentions Jeff Hardy coming back and Kurt can't believe it. Hogan got rid of him but now he's coming back because of the network. They leave the room together as they can't believe it.

The camera goes to the arena as Mickie James' music plays. She comes on stage and the crowd chants. She quickly comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Just then, Winter's music plays. She comes on stage with Love. They walk down the ramp together. They then get in the ring together as the Knockout Title is around the waist of Winter's.

Winter (Champion) (w/ Angelina Love) vs. Mickie James for the Knockout Title

The referee raises the title and then gives it to Love as she leaves the ring. As soon as the bell sounds, Mickie goes right after Winter. Winter goes to the ropes as Mickie will have to break the lock-up. Mickie backs away. Winter then comes to and runs right at Mickie. They lock-up, but Mickie turns it to offense as she works on the arm of Winter. She twists the arm of Winter. Just then, Winter breaks the hold as she bits the arm of Mickie. She goes to work on the arm of Mickie, but Mickie gets out of it. Winter goes for a kick, but Mickie grabs her leg and twists it around. Winter gets up in the corner. Mickie goes to her shoulders as she does a hurricanrona type move. Mickie then goes over to the other corner and climbs. Love gets on the apron, but Mickie kicks her away. Mickie falls right on Winter. Love then throws the title in the ring, but Earl Hebner catches it. He then takes the title out and sends Love to the back. Winter sees the opportunity and attacks Mickie to the ground. She attacks Mickie on the mat as she hits her head into the mat. Earl turns and counts to four. Winter gets up. Mickie does and then goes after Winter. She knocks her down and applies a half boston crab. Winter is about to tap but she gets to the ropes. Both get up. Mickie goes for her spike DDT, but Winter twists out of it. They then grab each other's hair and plant each other faces into the mat. They get up at the same time and Mickie goes for a cover, but Winter changes it for a cover but Mickie kicks out. Both get up and Mickie attacks Winter as she knocks her down. She covers but Winter puts her foot on the ropes. Both get up and Winter does a sensational kick. Mickie falls instantly. Winter covers, but Mickie kicks out. Winter gets up and she is pretty furious. She turns to Mickie. Mickie, out of nowhere, does a back kick to the head of Winter. She pins and gets the win! Winner and New Knockout Champion: Mickie James


A Christopher Daniels video plays. He talks about getting interested in this business when he was a little kid. It then switches gears to when he came back to TNA. He says he wants to see if he lost his step. He will know that when he fights AJ Styles. He has done so much for AJ since he returned. All he wants is a match.

The video ends and Matt Morgan's music plays. He walks down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd cheers. He talks about Joe taking a cheap shot at him earlier. Joe has been taking out wrestlers for quite some time....but messing with Matt is suicidal. He then calls out Joe to come and actually fight. Joe's music plays and he walks down the ramp as the crowd boos. Joe stops at the end. He turns and attacks the referee that was standing there. He then slides in the ring and goes after Matt. He pushes him in the ropes and rakes his eyes. He lifts Matt up and goes to drop him, but Matt jumps down and punches Joe a couple of time and then does a huge closeline that knocks down Joe. Joe gets up in the corner. Matt turns his back to him as he does those elbow shots. One after another. Matt then backs up. He runs to Joe as he is now sitting in the corner. He rams his whole body into him so Joe's head bounces back. Joe then slides out. Joe reaches in and brings Matt out with him. Matt comes back as he slams Joe into the ring barricade and then into the steel ring post. Matt does multiple shots to Joe's head as the referee comes back. Joe gets up and pushes the referee to Matt. Matt throws the referee to the side. Joe does a low blow to Matt. He then grabs a chair and SMASHSES it over the back of Morgan. Morgan is in agony. He then goes to the ring post and rests on it. Matt then swings the chair right to the arm, shoulder, and chest of Matt. Matt falls down as he is in huge pain. He holds his arm as referees come out and check on Matt. Joe walks away as he is all pumped up.


Rob Terry is in a gym lifting weights. Just then, Robbie E. comes up beside him lifting weights too. He then puts the weights down and asks if Terry wants to be his body guard or something. Just then, Eric Young is behind them lifting a whole bench. He talks about the Television Title. Eric thinks Robbie E. is some TV star. Eric says he wants a match next week against him. Eric leaves and Robbie turns to him and says what happens when you are with Robbie. He leaves and Terry lifts weights again.

Daniels is backstage getting ready for his match. AJ Styles comes beside him and says it's coming up. He asks if Daniels is ready. AJ then states that he hopes this is the last match. Daniels is ready. He then stands up. AJ then goes on to tell Daniels that someone is coming back as they have been talking about that person recently. Daniels is surprised. AJ says life must be full of 2-3-4 chances. AJ states that he will see how all of this turns out. AJ then leaves as Daniels sits back down.


Hulk Hogan is backstage with Eric Bischoff. Hogan says Jeff Hardy is coming back and he is over him. He throws papers down he has in his hand. Just then, the camera zooms out and shows the entire Immortal faction. Hogan talks about Sting as he will finally get what he deserves tonight. They clap for him. They can't wait to see Sting get torn apart.

The camera changes to the arena as Daniel's music plays. He comes to the ring. As he does, they show footage from his match with AJ at Destination X. As he is in the ring, AJ Styles' music plays and he makes his way down the ramp.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Both are in the ring as the bell rings. They knuckle punch and then walk around the ring. They lock-up and slide away. They lock-up again, but AJ slides behind Daniels for a roll-up. Daniels kicks out. He gets up and hits the ropes as he gets a bit angry. They lock-up and Daniels switches to a headlock. AJ pushes him away as Daniels goes into the ropes. As he comes, AJ sits down on the mat. Daniels stops in his tracks and attacks AJ on the mat. He then gets AJ up and AJ comes back with a huge dropkick! They get up and Daniels does a headlock again. AJ throws him into the ropes though and then does a shoulder block. AJ jumps up and hits his knee right into the face of Daniels. He covers, but Daniels kicks out. They get up and AJ continues to attack with a couple punches and then an amazing suplex. He covers but Daniels kicks out at 2! Both get up and Daniels whips AJ into the ropes. He then hits AJ and AJ flies through the ropes. Daniels goes to jump on him, but AJ slides in. Daniels is now out. AJ goes on the apron, jumps on Daniels and does a great hurricanrona! Both get up and get in the ring. AJ gets Daniels down and does a submission type move as AJ bends his body back. He breaks the hold and gets Daniels up. Daniels attacks AJ with multiple punches. He then runs into the ropes, but AJ grabs him for a back breaker and then lifts him up and drops Daniels down gut first onto his knee. AJ gets Daniels up and whips him in the corner. AJ runs to him. He then whips him into the opposing corner. AJ runs to him, but Daniels kicks him right in the face. He then swipes AJ down onto the mat. AJ slowly gets up in the corner. Daniels runs to him, but Daniels gets kicked in the face. AJ goes to the apron and does a springboard crossbody. He covers, but Daniels kicks out. Each get up and do their fair share of knife edge chops. AJ then turns and does a pay lay. It sends Daniels in the corner. AJ goes to him. Daniels lifts him up over the ropes. AJ lands on the apron. He then jumps over on the ropes, and goes for a reverse DDT, but Daniels blocks. Daniels hits a moonsault. AJ kicks out. Both get up and AJ goes to the apron. He jumps on the top for a springboard move again, but he slips and falls directly on the mat. Daniels quickly covers and gets the win. Winner: Daniels

Both get up in the ring. AJ extends his hand. Daniels smirks and leaves the ring. AJ can't believe it. Daniels is ecstatic that he won!

The camera switches to Kurt Angle backstage as he is finishing getting ready for his match. The camera then shows Sting as he is walking to the stage. Finally, it shows Hulk Hogan as he is geared to be the special enforcer!


The challenger, Sting's music plays as he walks on stage. The crowd does a huge pop. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring as he is more than ready. Just then, Kurt Angle's music hits and here he comes. Kurt has the TNA World Title around his waist. As he walks down the ramp, the crowd boos him. He gets in the ring and raises his arms like he already won the match. Finally, Hulk Hogan's music comes on and he gets on stage as he crosses his arms. He then uncrosses and walks down the ramp. The crowd boos while some bow down to him. He is at ringside to watch this match very closely.

The bell rings three times as Jeremy Borash announces this World Title main event!

Kurt Angle (Champion) vs. Sting for the TNA World Title with Hulk Hogan as Special Enforcer

The title is raised for everyone to see. He then brings it down and rings the bell. The match begins as both walk around the ring. They go to lock-up and Sting quickly applies a headlock. Kurt pushes him back into the corner though. Sting has to break the lock. They come to the middle of the ring again and Sting locks it on again. Kurt pushes Sting away into the ropes. Sting comes back and shoulder tackles Kurt down. Kurt gets up and Sting does a couple armdrags. He goes for one, but Kurt puts on the breaks and leaves the ring. He walks around the ring and then gets in. He goes to Sting as he backs him up in the corner and does several punches. Kurt walks away. Sting comes out and closelines Kurt. Kurt leaves the ring again. Sting follows this time. He rams Kurt into the ring barricade and then into the ring steps. He brings Kurt in as Kurt goes in the corner. Sting runs and hits the big splash. Out of nowhere, Kurt does a huge suplex. Both get up and Kurt applies a headlock. Sting side steps and turns it into a back suplex. Both are down as the referee counts. He gets to the count of 7 when both stand. Sting goes after Kurt and knocks him down. Kurt gets up and runs to Sting, but Sting hits Kurt with a boot and then a DDT. He gets Kurt up, but Kurt does 1-2-3 german suplexes. He covers, but kicks out. Kurt gets Sting up. He lifts him up, but Sting slides behind and does the scorpion death drop. He covers. It got so close, but it was a two!! Sting goes for the scorpion death lock, but Kurt counters into the ankle lock. Sting then turns over and kicks out of it. Sting goes to Kurt, but Kurt lifts him up for a back body drop. Kurt waits for Sting to get up. He takes down his singlet. Sting gets up and closelines Kurt out of nowhere. Just then, he locks on the scorpion death lock. Hulk calls for people to come out. Gunner runs out with a chair. He gets in. The referee takes the chair. Sting does a back body drop to Gunner and then locks the submission hold on Kurt again. Kurt taps!!!!! Hulk gets in and grabs the chair. He hits Sting in the chest with it, but it did not affect him. Just then, Kurt gets up and angle slams Sting right on the chair. The referee comes in for the 1-2-3! Winner and Still TNA World Champ: Kurt Angle

Kurt celebrates with Hogan as he kept the title. Just then, Sting gets up and attacks Kurt. Kurt falls out of the ring. Just then, it's Sting and Hogan!! Hogan goes for the chair, but Sting steps on it. He stalks Hogan around the ring and then in the corner as Hogan is going down to his knees. Just then, Immortal comes out. All of the members! They come in and attack Sting. Bully Ray attacks Sting with the chair in the gut. As they assault him, Mr. Anderson's music plays. He runs down the ring!!! He clears the ring out as Immortal exits. He saves Sting! Immortal walks up the ramp as Kurt stares and yells at Anderson. Sting and Anderson are in the ring as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Kurt Angle- Same as last week
2. Daniels- New from last week
3. Samoa Joe- Down from last week
4. Mickie James- New from last week
5. Hulk Hogan- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

While this use to just be "My Thoughts", I thought I should have some sort of catchy phrase to give you my opinion and thoughts. Anyway, this week's Impact Wrestling was very interesting, entertaining, and overall a great show. We have seen TNA in the same arena for years and years. While we can tell the difference on pay-per-views.....we can clearly see the difference on television. I just love when TNA has Impact Wrestling on the road. The show seems more developed. The show seems more engaging and entertaining. The crowd is hotter and the camera angles and clarity is better. The show looks great. It's even better seeing a couple hundred fans to a couple thousand. The show had some interesting stuff on my part. I liked the beginning of the show with the whole Kurt/Hogan/Sting segment. The Knockout segment with Eric Bischoff was surprising and entertaining. Love seeing Eric get and do whatever he wants! The matches were great. RVD vs. Gunner was good. Daniels vs. AJ was amazing, probably the best wrestling match of the night while Sting vs. Kurt was the best storyline type match of the night. Sting almost had the match won, but it didn't happen. Anderson came in at the end as he now is helping Sting out. I understand how this happened as he was once against Sting. It's one of those switches that you can clearly tell why it has happened, but it's just ironic that he dressed as Sting, fought like him, mocked him, and now helps him. Next week's show is also on the road, so I expect another interesting show. Really, Jeff Hardy returning is interesting enough. I am very interested on what he has to say. Looks like he will be returning as face. I don't think you want to miss this. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at:

Weekly Question: How do you like Impact Wrestling on the road?

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