Impact Wrestling Results (11/3/11) - Roode: He Needs The Beer To Get The Money


Impact Wrestling Results - 11/3/2011
From Macon Coliseum in Macon, Georgia
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package of James Storm. He is shown in the video while showing clips of his matches and Bobby Roode's matches. James says it is his time. It then changes focus to Roode and how he was defeated at Bound for Glory. It then goes on to show Joe vs. Roode as the winner will face Storm for the TNA World Title! Roode wins the match and will be facing Storm tonight!! It's Beer Money clashing tonight!

The video ends and the camera shows the aMacon Coliseum as it is another huge and great turnout. The fans are on their feet! James Storm's music plays and here comes the World Champion! He walks down the ramp and the crowd pops. He takes a swig of his drink and then gets in the ring. He holds the World Title as he talks. He gets on the mic and gets the fans wild. James talks about growing up in the south. He says how he treats everyone with respect. He also states that you beat anyone up who disrespects the red, white, and blue. Storm continues to talk as he describes what would be etched in his tombstone. He says it would say "brother, father, beer drinker, and world champion". James goes on to talk about the days that pasted. He says it all lead him to where he is tonight. Storm finally introduces his tag team partner, Bobby Roode! Roode's music hits and here comes the #1 contender. He walks down the ramp as the fans cheer, but not as loud as James' reaction. Roode gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

James jokingly asks if Roode has been working out recently. James continues to talk about how Roode lost his match at Bound for Glory. James then states that he told Bobby that he would get the first title shot. Roode gets on the mic and states it has been a crazy couple of weeks. Roode then states that he owes everything in his career to James Storm. Roode goes back a couple of years as they both were struggling in this company. They then formed as a tag team and become the best tag team in TNA history. James thought and did it all. He thanks James for giving Roode a second go around in his career. Roode goes on to talk about James winning the title as he was thrilled to celebrate with him. He calls James his brother, but he says he has an opportunity that he can't pass up. He is going to bring it as he knows Storm is going to bring it. Roode states he wants to steal the show....just like Beer Money did for the past four years! Roode gets the crowd fired up. Roode knows that the winner will be the better man, and that is all they ever wanted. James and Storm pound fists as they are on the same page. They exchange a few words and then climb the corners for to look over at the crowd.

Eric Young is backstage. He holds the Television Title as he kicks into a steel wall. He then looks behind him as Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" has arrived. He and Eric chat as they walk out of the camera shot.


The show returns as there is the Knockout Tag Team Title Match! Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the first contest.

Karen Jarrett arrives on the stage first as she walks Madison Rayne and Gail Kim down the ramp. Traci Brooks is behind them. She then moves in front of them as Traci opens the ropes for Gail, Rayne, and Karen. As they are in the ring, Tara and Ms. Tessmacher come on the stage. They walk down the ramp as the crowd cheers.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. Tara and Ms. Tessmacher (Champs) for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles

The match begins with Tessmacher and Rayne. They lock-up and Tessmacher starts the match by working on the arm of Rayne. She then tags in Tara and Tara continues to work on the arm. Madison then slides out of it and works on Tara's arm, but Tara does a flip and locks Madison's arm again. She tags in Tessmacher and attacks the arm some more. She tags Tara in and they do a double team maneuver as they lift Rayne up and plant her face and chest first on the mat. Rayne crawls to her corner as she tags Gail in. Gail enters and she goes against Tara, but Tara is on the offensive as she knocks Gail down. She then whips Gail in the ropes and does a back body drop. Gail holds her back as she goes to her own corner and tags Rayne. Rayne enters and Tara does a huge dropkick. It sends Madison in the corner as she she sits on the mat. Tessmacher then runs right into the face of Rayne. Karen then interferes and it makes Rayne take advantage. She tags Gail and Gail finally gets on the offensive side. She works on the head and neck of Tessmacher as she bends her head back. She releases the hold and then punches Tessmacher right in the head. Kim stands and just stomps her foot in Tessmacher. She then tags Madison in. Rayne enters and Tessmacher shoves her away. Tessmacher quickly tags Tara. She enters and goes after Rayne with a body slam. Just then, Gail Kim enters and attacks Tara from behind. Tessmacher enters and goes after Gail. They get pushed out of the ring together. Tara grabs Madison and hits the widow's peak. She covers, but Karen comes on the apron. The referee gets distracted. Gail enters the ring and applies her boot right in the far of Tara! It was a hard fall and punishing move! Gail leaves as Madison covers! As Madison gets the victory, Gail and Karen enter as they celebrate this huge win. Winner and New TNA Knockout Tag Team Champs: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Eric Bsichoff's son is backstage. He is talking about his father, Eric. He states Eric wants an apology.....that all he wants. Well, his son will give him an apology his way!


Garrett Bischoff is in the ring with a mic. He states that the past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. He says he never thought this would go down between him and his dad. Garrett states that Eric wants an apology. Well, that is what he is going to give him. Eric's music hits and here comes the guy who was controlling TNA last year. Eric gets in the ring as he smiles and claps his hands. His smile is from ear to ear. Garrett says hi to his dad, first. He then states that he wants to apologize as he didn't live up to Eric's expectations. The crowd starts to chant, "You Suck, You Suck." Garrett thens states that he is sorry he did not grow up to be the man he wanted him to be. Finally, he says sorry.....sorry that he didn't do this year ago.....and he just takes a shot right at Eric's face. Eric falls instantly. Garrett then jumps on Eric and starts attacking him. Immortal members, Ric Flair and Gunner, run down the ring in aid. Garrett then leaves the ring and runs up the ramp. He turns around as Eric Bischoff gets to his feet. He is furious!!!! Eric holds his head as he yells nonstop to his son.....maybe former son now!


Samoa Joe is walking backstage and meets up with Sting. He asks Sting if he needs help with anything. Sting says everything is fine since Eric and Hogan are out of leadership. Joe states how loyal he is, but then goes on to say what he is capable of. Sting knows exactly what he is talking about. Joe walks away, but Eric and Ric Flair walk in. Eric calls Sting. Eric says that he can't be fired since of his contract, even though Sting wants him fired. Eric says he will pick an opponent for Garrett to fight, and if Garrett accepts the match, Sting will be allowed to change Eric's contract. Sting then states that he will ask Garrett about this. Sting leaves. Ric tells Eric that Garrett will take this opportunity in a second!

Daniels is walking backstage. He has his master ego with him as he talks about being undefeated. The camera guy tells Daniels that he said, "I Quit". Daniels tells him that AJ played that over the loud speaker. Daniels goes on to say that he wants a title shot. Hell, he beat RVD! Just then, RVD walks behind him. The camera guy asks him about the screwdriver Daniels used. Daniels says he doesn't need it to beat AJ or RVD! Just then, Daniels turns around and Rob nails Daniels right in the face with a fist. RVD continues to attack him as he slams him in the wall. Daniels tries to fight back, but RVD has the upper hand. Daniels can't take much more as he runs away. RVD says he will see him at Turning Point.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the next match. Jesse Sorensen is already in the ring. Austin Aries' music plays as he walks down the ramp. The X-Division Title is around his waist. He gets in the ring as the crowd boos. Austin takes his time taking off his entrance gear. The bell finally rings.

Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries

They walk around the ring. Aries tries to get the crowd into it, but they boo. Jesse then tries and they cheer. They lock-up. They twist and turn around, but neither get the upper hand. Both stand and Austin extends his hand. Jesse, little skeptical, shakes his hand. Kid Kash comes on stage and becomes the guest commentator. Jesse and Austin lock-up. Austin gets tossed out of the ring. Jesse jumps the ropes, but crashes and burns. Austin smirks. He then gets in the ring and does a great suicide dive on Jesse when he got to his feet. Austin brings Jesse in and he continues to assault Jesse as he attacks him down to the mat. Austin puts Jesse in the corner. He walks away and then runs to him, but Jesse kicks Austin right in the chest. Jesse comes back as he hits a series of jumping knees to Austin's chest and face. He then plants a great dropkick. He covers, but Austin kicks out. Jesse climbs the top rope, jumps, but Austin moves and Jesse lands on the mat. Austin comes back as he puts Jesse in the corner. He runs to him and does his running dropkick. He puts him in another corner and goes for the running dropkick again.....he successfully his it!!! While the action is hot in the ring, Kash is hot on the mic. Austin goes for the finish, but Jesse does an inside cradle and gets the 1-2-3!!! Winner: Jesse Sorensen

The Direct Impact of the Night was from this match as it was a back and forth battle. Austin is on the stage as Kash meets him. Austin is furious. Kash and Austin try to trash talk Jesse, but Jesse is the one who won.

Robbie E. and Rob Terry are walking backstage. Robbie doesn't look happy while Terry is never looking happy! They continue to walk as Robbie knows Ronnie is in the building.


James Storm is backstage. He is talking about the World Title and his career as that is what puts food on the table for his family. He says he and Roode are brothers, but this is his career. Roode is backstage and talks about his match that will occur later tonight. He states that they have been friends for years, but he is ready for this battle!!!

Robbie E.'s music hits!!! He comes out as Rob Terry is on his side. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Robbie shows his cockiness while Rob shows his muscles. Robbie grabs a mic. He states that he is cutting right to the chase. He calls Eric a hamster. He then tells him to come face Robbie and big Rob. Eric Young walks on stage. Ronnie from the "Jersey Shore" comes with him. Both have titles. They walk down the ramp and get right in the ring. Robbie gets back on the mic. He doesn't know why Ronnie is hanging out with Eric, but he doesn't care. He states that he has been waiting to meet Ronnie face to face for quite some time. Robbie tells Ronnie that his show sucks.....and so does he!!! Robbie isn't threatened by him as he taken people out bigger, badder, and taller! Robbie says he can take Ronnie out whenever he wants. Ronnie gets on the mic and says, "How about right now?" Robbie replies by saying that they don't role like that. Robbie tells him to pack his bags and leave before he gets great like he did from The Situation!!! Ronnie had enough as he attacks Robbie. Well with Rob on Robbie's side, nothing can overcome them. Rob attacks Eric and then helps Robbie out. He grabs Ronnie. Robbie E. grabs a belt and whips Ronnie on the back. Robbie then stomps Eric a couple of times. He and Rob then leave. Eric and Ronnie get on their feet. Eric states who Ronnie really is, the man from "Jersey Shore".....and then states that it will be Rob Terry and Robbie E. vs. Eric Young and Ronnie....only if Sting approves. Eric states he has to ask his buddy to see if the match can happen. Robbie and Rob are quite mad while Ronnie and Eric go around the ring to look at the fans.


Impact Wrestling returns and it shows a recap of what just went down between Robbie, Ronnie, Rob, and Eric.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring after that short clip ended. She announces the next match.

Jeff Jarrett and Bully Ray come on stage. Karen walks down the ramp with Jeff. The crowd boos the Immortal members the entire time. They get in the ring and are ready for combat. Mr. Anderson's music hits and the arena goes pitch black. Just then, the spotlight turns on and Mr. Anderson is on stage. He reaches up as the mic falls in his hand. He introduces himself and then continues his way to the ring. He waits outside of the ring. Jeff Hardy's music plays and here he comes! The crowd does a huge pop. He walks down the ramp as he interacts with the crowd. They then enter the ring together.

Bully Ray and Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy

Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy start the match. They lock-up and Bully plows Jeff in the corner. He then does multiple shots to Jeff's gut and then head. Jeff falls to his knees. He stands back up and Bully goes back as he kicks him in the gut and then does a couple more punches. Jeff comes out of the corner as he goes into the opposing corner. Ray runs to him, but Jeff does a reverse hurricanrona. Bully gets up and Jeff lifts the legs out from underneath Bully. Jeff is now in control. Bully find a way to get away as he tags Jarrett. Jarrett enters, but Hardy stays in control. He whips Jarrett in the corner and everything. Hardy runs into the ropes, but Karen trips him up. Jarrett grabs Hardy and plows him in Immortal's corner. He tags Bully and Bully is now on the offense. He knocks Jeff down and then does a big splash. He covers, but Jeff kicks out. Bully tags Jarrett in. Jarrett sets Hardy on the middle rope. He runs and chokes him as he sits right on his body. As Jarrett walks back, Bully lays on Hardy to continue the choke. Anderson tries to come in which makes the referee distracted. Jarrett grabs Hardy, but Hardy comes back. Hardy tags Anderson and here he comes!!! As he comes in, everyone enters. Jeff and Bully are in. They double team Immortal in the corner. Hardy and Ken climb the corner to jump right on Immortal, but Scott Steiner comes down and knocks Ken off the corner. The referee calls for the bell. Jeff and Ken try to fight back, but they can't do anything as Immortal has the number gain. Bully closelines Ken. He then does the Bubba Bomb while Jarrett does the stroke on Hardy. Scott stands there and watches the carnage that he started. Immortal rise to their feet as they stand in unity. Winners: Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson


Garrett is walking backstage as Sting is behind him. Sting tells Garrett about Eric's plan. Sting says it is not the right thing to do. He wants to know what Garrett thinks. Garrett says he is good with that. Sting says it is the wrong move and it can't happen. Garrett then begs Sting as he wants to do this. Garrett is 100% sure that he wants to do this. Sting and him shake hands as it's a done deal!

The camera changes to the arena as Matt Morgan's music hits. He comes on stage and walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers for him. He grabs a mic. They chant, "Morgan, Morgan, Morgan". He tells the fans that he loves them too. He quickly jumps to call Crimson out. Crimson's music plays and he comes to the ring. He gets in and grabs a mic. He is still undefeated in single competition. Matt begins to talk about how he and Crimson teamed up to go after Samoa Joe. Matt then changes focus as he says everyone is asking him. People are asking if we are going to see Crimson vs. Matt Morgan....and if Morgan will win. Matt goes to state how he main evented PPVs in this company and how he is the only 7 foot person who can do what he can do in the ring. He states that they should put on this match....Morgan vs. Crimson. Crimson begins to talk as he says he has been hearing the same thing. Crimson says this match was in the back of his mind as the undefeated streak would be nothing if he can't defeat the 7 foot giant Morgan. Crimson tells Morgan to come and bring his A-game as no one will be able to stop his streak.....not even Morgan!!! They are face to face. Crimson backs up as his music plays. He leaves the ring as Morgan applies a little smile on his face.


Another video of James Storm and Bobby Roode plays. It is the same one from the beginning of the show, but it strictly adds hype to the main event match!!!

Bobby Roode's music plays first. The challenger walks on stage. He does his stride down the ramp to his recently new music. He gets in the ring as the crowd cheers. After he is in the ring, the champion, James Storm, walks on stage. He does his stride down the ramp with the title around his waist and beer bottle in hand. He enters the ring as the crowd also cheers for him. Jeremy Borash stands in the middle of the ring as he introduces this huge and epic main event!!!

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm (Champ) for the TNA World Title

The bell sounds and this match is underway. They do a quick hand touch to show that they are still brothers and friends. They then lock-up and Bobby gets the upper hand as he puts James down on the mat and applies a headlock, but James gets out of it and does a headlock takeover. Bobby breaks out of it though and they are both standing. They lock-up again and James applies a headlock. Bobby whips James in the ropes, but Roode gets knocked down. He gets up and James gets knocked down after Roode goes in the ropes. They both go for covers, but each quickly kick out. They stand again and stare at each other. They are equal. They then lock hands to test each strength. Roode goes for an armlock, but James reverses and does his own armlock. Roode goes forward and rolls James over. James gets up and both are on their feet at the same time again. It's a back and forth battle for the ages!


The show returns and Roode is on the offense as he is pounding his shoulder right into the gut of James. As the referee tells him to get out of the corner, James puts Roode in and tries to go for punches, but Roode places James back in the corner and goes for some knife edge chops. James then places Roode in the corner....and it goes back and forth. James then knocks Roode down and goes for a cover. James gets Roode up and whips him in the corner. He runs into him with a closeline. He then punches Roode right in the face. He whips him in the opposing corner, but Roode pops out and closelines James down. Roode goes on the apron and climbs the corner, but James stops Roode in his tracks. James climbs the corner and he.....OH....hits the superplex!!!! Both are lying on the mat. The referee is up to the count of 9 before Roode and James get up. They exchange punches, but James gets on top as he whips Roode in the ropes and hits a back body drop. Roode goes to the corner. James runs to him, but Roode kicks James in the chest. Roode jumps to the second rope and hits a neck breaker. Both get up and James attacks Roode. James climbs the corner and hits a great back body drop. He covers, but Roode reverses the pin. James kicks out just in time. Both are up as James takes control again. James is standing as he lifts Roode up on his shoulders. He goes for the eye of the storm, but Roode lands on his feet. He does a spine buster to James. He pins, but Storm kicks out. Both are on their feet. James does a knee to the face. Roode bounces back. James closelines Roode over the top rope, but James follows. Both are on the outside ring mats. The referee counts as both are trying to get back in. Storm gets in the ring first. As Roode gets in, James goes for a DDT, but Roode reverses it and apples the cross face. James is about to tap....he is about to tap!!! Storm tries to reach for the ropes....but Roode grabs the free arm to put in another submission. James' foot was under the ropes and Roode had to break it. Roode puts James on the top rope now. Roode follows. He goes for a superplex, but James fights him off. Roode falls down chest first. Storm jumps from the top with a huge elbow drop. He covers, but Roode kicks out!!!! James gets up and is calling for the last call. Roode gets up and turns around, but Roode blocks it and goes for the fisherman suplex. James gets out of it and pushes Roode in the corner, which is where the referee is. James runs, but Roode moves and the referee jumps out. He then holds his knee outside as it seems like he hit it off the steel railing. Roode then gets hit with the double knee drop. Roode stumbles back and falls through the ropes. As he is on the outside, he sees James' beer bottle on the steps. He reaches and grabs for it. As James reaches out to grab Roode, Bobby hits James with the bottle right over the head!!!! Storm falls back instantly. Roode gets in and covers him. The referee slowly gets in and counts to 3!!!! Winner and New TNA World Champ: Bobby Roode

Roode gets the title and holds it in his hands as the crowd boos insanely. Roode finally got what he has been longing for 13 years! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode
2. James Storm
3. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne
4. Jesse Sorensen
5. Garrett Bischoff

Alex's Assumptions:

I am back writing TNA's Impact Wrestling coverage right here as I was unable to write it last week. While I did end up watching I.W. last week, I thought it was a good show. There wasn't anything major to point out. As far as this is a different story! This week had a show that was developed inside and out by creative. I was on my Twitter throughout the show to see people's reactions about what was going down as it happened. (If you want to give your thoughts, simply tweet me. My Twiter will be found at the end of this.) Anyway, each story got mixed reviews. The Bischoff family story was mixed. While some said it was poor, I really don't have a problem with it. I am glad to still see Eric on television as I am a huge fan, and it's nice to see him against someone new. The other story was the whole Robbie and Ronnie thing. While I am a fan of Robbie E. (Not Ronnie or any Jersey Shore member), I am fine with this story. It gives air time to Robbie, R. Terry, and even Mr. Young. It works out for most people. The show lacked some huge star talent like Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle, but honestly, they weren't needed. It's nice to give them a rest while showcasing other Bobby and James. They had a great back and forth match. While they have great chemistry with each other, they also have it against each other. I know we will see more matches with them two fighting on different sides, and I will be anticipating them. Lastly, TNA had another great crowd reaction as they were on the road. You can clearly tell the difference. To hear more and interact with me, follow me on Twiter: right here

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