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Impact Wrestling Results (10/6/11) - Hogan Retires Or Does The Joker Find Out The Joke?

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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/06/2011
From Knoxville Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package of Hulk Hogan. It has him talking throughout the video. He says he has gone soul searching. It shows clips of his entire run here in TNA. He says he is going to make a formal announcement tonight as that will be the last time we see him in the ring. The video ends and Hulk Hogan comes out of a limo with Eric Bischoff. They talk as they walk away.

The camera switches to the arena as they are on the road!!! The crowd is crazy; the crowd is hot! Beer Money's music plays and here comes the tag team, James Storm and Bobby Roode. The crowd goes crazy for them. They get in the ring.

James gets on the mic and asks the crowd if there are any beer drinkers there. The crowd roars. James says that this is suppose to be Hogan's retirement show tonight. He says it is about time. He says it is time like him and Roode to finally get their spot. James goes on to say that he will be facing Roode tonight in the semi-main event. He says he is wondering if Hogan can follow up as their match is going to blow the rood off. Roode gets on the mic and tells James, "Welcome home"! Roode goes on to talk about Kurt Angle and how he used his power to book these matches of Fortune vs. Fortune. Roode says the matches he had the past couple of weeks have made him exhausted, but he says that is what he needs. From those matches, he knows that he is ready for Kurt Angle. He tells James to do the same for him. He wants James to be the brawler that he is. Roode wants James to help him to get ready for Kurt. He wants James to be at his best. It's Storm vs. Roode and they are going to make an impact! They have been friends, but it seems like brothers. Roode says that this match tonight is very important for the both of them. James agrees. He says when he shook Roode's hand to team up four years ago, he knew he was shaking a hand of a future World Champion. James says he is going to bring it! James then states that he just might be a little bit better than Roode tonight. He is not trying to insult him as Roode proved himself. James says it's his time to do the same thing. James will bring his beer, look Roode n the eye, and say, "Sorry about your damn luck." Beer Money's music plays and they pound fists.

The camera goes backstage as we see Sting dressed up with red and yellow suit. He is beside a wall that is filled with clowns from a carnival. He looks at the one clown and then walks away.


The show returns and Taz states that they are going to relive some of Hulk Hogan's moments in TNA since he joined in 2010. A video plays showing his first time he came on TNA as it was January 4th, 2010 when they went head to head with WWE. The clip is short. They go to Taz and Mike Tenay and they talk about Hogan a little more. They then hype up Roode vs. James.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the first contest.

Gunner comes down the ring. As he comes down, they show the brutal beatdown from last week from Gunner. After he is in there ring, Kazarian comes on stage and into the ring as the crowd cheers.

Gunner vs. Kazarian

The match starts and they move around the ring and then quickly lock up as they go into the corner. They come out of the corner as the referee counts to four. Gunner then grabs Kaz and applies an armlock. He works on the arm of Kaz, but Kaz turns it around as he does an arm drag to Gunner. Gunner gets up and Kaz outsmarts him again, which leads to Gunner sliding out. He walks around the ring. Kaz goes to jump on him, but Gunner move out of the way. Kaz lands on the apron, but Gunner pulls his legs out from under him and Kaz goes face first into the apron. Gunner is now in control. He attacks Kaz and then brings him in the ring where he continues the attack. He works on the arm of Kaz. He gets Kaz up, but Kaz tries to fight back with a couple of punches. Gunner stops the comeback as he picks up Kaz and drops him shoulder first down on his knee. Kaz is in pain. Gunner gets him up, but Kaz comes back once again. He does a springboard back elbow. He then does a dropkick. Both get up and Kaz sweeps the leg out from under Gunner. He jumps on the second rope and does a springboard leg drop. He covers, but Gunner kicks out. Gunner goes into the corner. As Kaz backs away because of the referee, Gunner pokes Kaz's eye and then rams him shoulder first into the post. He then applies an arm bar and Kaz has no choice but to tap. The bell sounds, but Gunner continues to attack Kazarian. The referee pulls Gunner back and officials come out to check on Kaz. Just then, Christy Hemme announced that the referee reversed the decision. Kazarian is NOW the winner. Gunner leaves the ring as he he just broke Kazarian. Kazarian


Impact Wrestling returns and Mr. Anderson's music hits. Here comes Ken!! He makes his way down the ramp. He gets in the ring and begins to talk. Mr. Anderson says he is out here to apologize. He states that he only did that a few times in his life. It's not for Hogan or Immortal or Dixie.....but for all of the @ssholes. He asks if there are any in the arena and the crowd cheers. Anderson says he is not the person who panders and sucks up to the boss as he has crawled his way to the top. He then states he joined Immortal. He has no idea what he was thinking. He says he does not have any regrets though. He learned some stuff. He learns that Bully Ray is just one terrible person. Without any hesitation, Bully Ray comes out as his music plays. He gets in the ring and tells the fans to shut it. Bully says he wants to make this fast as he wants to go to the bathroom on the big orange "T". Anderson brings up what Bully has done in the past as he hit him with his huge chain and hit him in the back with a kendo stick. Bully says that he did it. He did it over and over again. Bully says he did it in front of his idiotic fans. Ken says they are @ssholes. Bully says that he is not going to give Ken a match. Ken questions what he just stated. Ken says that Bound for Glory is in Philadelphia. That is where Bully started in the wrestling business. Ken asks if he will turn down a match against him if it will be a No Holds Barred Philadelphia Match. Ken's music hits as Bully is left to think about the challenge.


They show a split screen as James Storm and Bobby Roode working out as they prepare for their match tonight.

Eric Bischoff comes out of his office as the camera guy asks him what he thinks of Hogan retiring. Eric says he has been thinking about it since he heard the announcement. He says it's hard to see Hulkamania come to an end as it's tough to see an end of an era.

Brian Kendrick is on the screen as he talks about Austin Aries. He says he knows where Aries' mind is. He talks about the X-Division and how Austin inspired some of the people like Kid Kash in the division. Just then, Kid Kash is behind him and says he he couldn't help but over hear. He tells Kendrick to tell it to his face if he wants to say it. Brian says alright, but before he can say anything, Kendrick gets a hard slap right to his face. He falls to the ground. Kash assaults him. He beats him down and then leaves Brian. Brian wants to clean up the X-Division, but he may have to clean up his blood first.

Mickie James comes to the ring first. After she is in the ring, Velvet Sky comes down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd cheers for both of them. She comes through the ropes as she lets the pigeons loose.


Winter's music plays. She comes out with the Knockout Title over her shoulder. Angelia Love is at her side while Madison Rayne is on the other. Love and Winter walk by themselves down the ring as they leave Madison behind them.

Velvet Sky and Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne and Winter

Winter and Mickie start the match. They lock-up and Winter quickly goes behind Mickie, but Mickie breaks out of it and applies an armlock. Winter grabs the ropes and she has to break. They go to lock-up again, but Winter backs away and tags Rayne. She enters and she gets Mickie down as she applies a leg scissors around Mickie's head. Mickie gets out of it though and tags Sky. Sky gets in and does a low dropkick to Rayne. She gets Rayne up, but she goes to tag Winter. Winter gets in and Sky does a drop toe hold. Sky tags Mickie in. As soon as Winter stands, Mickie flies off the top rope as she lands right on Winter. Both get up and it's back and forth. Mickie starts to get more control. As she runs into the ropes, Love trips her up. That gives Winter the time to cover Mickie. Mickie kicks out. Winter tags in Rayne and they double team Mickie. Rayne then chokes Mickie in the corner. Winter then gets tagged in. They continue to work on Mickie with a double team throw in the corner. They do it again, but Mickie slides out and closelines Winter. Just then, she tags in Sky. Sky knocks Madison off the apron. She goes right after Winter. She knocks her down and covers, but Winter kicks out. Mickie joins in after Madison joined. They fight on the outside. Love distracts Sky. That gives them the opportunity to cover Sky for the victory. Winners: Madison Rayne and Winter

Rayne is happy with the win, but it doesn't look like Winter and Love are. As Madison tries to cheer them up, the camera switches backstage as it shows Jeff Hardy walking around backstage. He has joined this special episode of Impact Wrestling.


The show returns and they show another video of another big moment in Hogan's time in TNA. It showcases Hogan teaming up with Abyss in a match. It's his first match in TNA as the crowd went absolutely amazing.

Kurt Angle is backstage. He is talking to Eric Bischoff. Kurt is ranting over Jeff Hardy and how he is showed up to tonight's show. Eric says that Kurt has been a huge factor to Immortal and to Hogan and Eric thanks Kurt for that. Eric then states that it is time to take out the cockroach. Eric leaves and Kurt smiles ear to ear.

The camera cuts to the arena as Eric Bischoff's music plays. He comes on the stage, walks down the ramp, and into the ring. Eric tells the fans to sit down, shut up, and take notes. Eric says that he promised Kurt Angle that he would take care of something. He then calls out Jeff Hardy as he wants him down to his ring now!!! Just then, Jeff Hardy's music hits. There is a new titan torn for him. He comes on stage and the crowd does a little cheer. Some are clapping. It all depends on what they think of him. Jeff gets in the ring. Eric says in his 25 year career, he has worked with the greats. He names a few. He says those men gave Jeff and Eric an opportunity. They did it so people like Eric and Jeff can feed their family. Eric did not take advantage of it.....while Jeff did. He dropped the ball on the art form of wrestling. Eric says Jeff was one of the most charismatic star he knows, but he is also one of the biggest screw ups he has ever seen. Eric says he is is not going to give Jeff another chance. He says Jeff is done. He let everyone down the last time he showed up at that one PPV. He tells Jeff to leave. Jeff then gets on the mic and says that some people might agree with Eric. Some boo and some cheer. Jeff says he has one thing to say and then he will leave. Eric says feel free to say good-bye. Jeff doesn't say another word. He just kicks Eric in the gut and hits the Twist of Fate. He then gets down on the mic and tells Eric, "Screw you!" Just then, Immortal runs down the ramp and try to grab Jeff, but Jeff runs into the crowd to get away. Immortal gets in the ring as they stare at Jeff. They then help Eric get up as he holds the back of his head.


Jeff Hardy is walking backstage. He says he has apologized to almost everyone. He says the stuff people said are true, but if he is going to deal with the stuff he just dealt with in the ring, then he will be leaving when he wants to.

Another video plays showcasing another huge moment for Hogan in TNA. It is Hogan telling Dixie that he owns 100% of the company. Dixie does not have one ounce of control anymore. What a moment it was.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next contest. She announces Samoa Joe. He comes down the ramp slowly. As he does, a video clip shows him attacking Crimson about a month ago. After he is in the ring, Crimson comes on stage. The undefeated star walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

The bell sounds and Crimson goes right after Joe in the corner. He pounds him with knees in the guts, punches to the head and elbows to the head. He backs away and Joe does a jab at Crimson and then puts him in the corner. Joe does rapid fire right hands to Crimson. He walks away and then brings Crimson out of the corner. He goes to whip Crimson, but Crimson reverses it with a close line. He then punches Joe a couple time in the head as he is on the mat. Both get up. Joe tries to fight back, but Crimson does a swinging neck breaker. Both get up and Joe puts Crimson in the corner. Joe runs to him for a splash and then does that kick to the side of the head in the corner. What a move! Crimson does not fall though. Joe goes after him, but Crimson grabs him and hits a t-bone suplex. Joe slides out of the ring. Crimson follows him and goes after Joe. He hits Joe's face in the steel guard rail and then rams him back first into the ring apron. He puts Joe in the corner between the railing and goes to kick Joe in the gut, but Joe grabs Crimson's leg and smashes it into the steel. Crimson now falls and Joe works on the leg, which was injured. He finally rolls Crimson in the ring. He goes to him, but Crimson is tries to fight back. He hits Joe with a few punches, but Joe backs away and then does a spinning heel kick to the knee of Crimson. Crimson falls instantly. They get up. As Crimson tries to come back again, Joe does a chop block and then drops his whole body on the leg of Crimson. Joe then grabs his leg and locks it up. Crimson is in severe pain. He is about to tap, but then he rolls Joe forward for an inside cradle. He gets the win out of nowhere. Crimson leaves the ring quickly as he hobbles. Joe is furious. They show the "Impact of the Night" which is the way Crimson won. Winner: Crimson

Bully Ray is backstage and the camera man asks him what he thinks about Ken's challenge. Bully can't believe Ken would do that. He says he is going to kill Ken. He says he may have started in wrestling career in Philadelphia, but he is from New York City as he puts on a Yankees hat.


James Storm is walking backstage. The camera man asks him if he is happy for Roode. James says he is as he is going after the world title at Bound for Glory, but he says that he has to step up now.

A video plays showcasing the whole career of Bobby Roode in TNA. It shows him in Team Canada. He talks in the video discussing how unpredictable it was back then as he didn't know how long he would have a job. He has worked over a decade to get this opportunity. Roode goes to some building discussing how he imagined himself lifting up the world title. The video shows Roode's parents as they talk about their soon. Roode is then shown discussing Kurt Angle as he has respect for him, but he wants to beat him. Roode says no one will hold him down. Roode can't be stopped.

Beer Money's music plays and James Storm appear on stage. He makes his way down the ramp as he takes a swig of beer. The crowd cheers. He gets in the ring and waits for his opponent and friend. The song continues to play as Bobby Roode comes on stage. The crowd also cheers for him. He makes his way down the ramp and gets into the ring.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he announces the final match of the night!

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

The match begins and they are on opposite sides looking at each other. They then join in the middle as they join hands. They back up, look around, and then lock-up. James quickly is on the offensive as he does an armlock to Roode. He works on his arm only for Roode to change it into his own armlock. Storm gets out of it and puts a headlock on, but Roode pushes Storm away. They move, but Storm knocks Roode down and goes for an elbow drop, but Roode moves. Both get up and Storm goes for the super kick, but Roode quickly draws back. They stare at each other as they like what they see from each other. They lock-up again and Roode switches to the back of Storm. Storm makes him break. Storm goes after him only to be armdragged a couple of times. He gets up and they meet face to face. They exchange words in the middle of the ring.


The show returns and both Roode and Storm are locked up in the corner. The referee tells them to break it. Roode backs up and does several knife edge chops to James' chest. He then whips James forward as he sits on the mat. Rood then jumps over him and snaps his head. Roode is in control. He gets Storm up and Storm pushes him back. Roode then pushes him back. They then exchange fists, but James does one bigger as Roode flies back and falls on the mat. James gets up and throws Roode in the corner. He runs to him, but Roode gets out of the way. Roode comes back and gets James down. He covers, but Storm kicks out. He whips James in the ropes. Storm holds on the ropes. Roode runs to him and Storm holds the ropes so Roode goes to the outside. He gets on the apron. James grabs his head through the ropes and drops him down by a thunderous DDT. He covers, but Roode kicks out. Both get up and go in the corner, but they come out as Roode picks up James and hits a great spine buster. He covers, but Storm kicks out. Roode then climbs the corner. As he is on top, James grabs the ropes and Roode falls on the corner. James goes to the top now and does a huge superplex!! The crowd is going nuts. James turns over and covers Roode. It's almost three as Roode kicks out at the last second. James gets up and waits for Roode. Roode gets up and goes for the super kick, but Roode ducks. Roode then applies and locks in the cross face. James rolls himself closer to the ropes. He puts his foot on the ropes and Roode has to break it. They both get up. James does a double knee to Roode's face and then a double knee to his back. He covers Roode, but Roode is not giving up. James gets him up and whips him in to the ropes, but it's reversed. Roode bounces out of the corner sternum first. He hits James which causes him to hit the referee. James rolls to the outside. Just then, Kurt Angle runs down to the ring. He hits Storm face and chest first into the steel steps. He rolls Storm in and he is motionless. Kurt leaves the area. Roode slowly crawls over and covers him. The referee slowly counts: 1------2-----NO! It was very close! Roode gets up as he uses the ring ropes. He gets Storm up. Storm pushes Roode back to hit the super kick, but Roode held on to the ropes. James stumbled and Roode grabbed him for the fisherman suplex. James' shoulders are down and Roode gets the win. Roode checks on Storm as the match ended. Winner: Bobby Roode

Hulk Hogan is walking around backstage as he is about to be in the TNA ring for the last time!


Hulk Hogan's music hits and here comes the legend! Hulk Hogan walks on stage and the crowd is on their feet. There are signs of him all around the arena. He walks down the ramp and does his famous head nod. He continues his way as he gets in the ring. He starts hyping up the fans as he listens to which side is the loudest. He gets on the mic and says he knew this would happen here. The fans start to chant, "Hogan, Hogan, Hogan!" Hogan starts to talk again. He says he knew today was the final day in the wrestling when he woke up this morning. After his 30+ year career in wrestling, it was a hard cup of coffee to swallow. He said that he got love as soon as he came to Tennessee. The crowd chants his name again. Hogan says he felt so loved, it felt like his first day. He thanks the city. Hogan says he will be hanging out with his family once again. He has been on the road so long. He says it became crazy today on Twitter and Facebook as people are asking if he is really retiring. He states "yes". He thanks everyone for giving him one amazing career. Hogan lifts up a "Hulkamania" red belt and the crowd cheers. They then chant, "Thank You Hogan!" Hogan smiles. He looks around at everyone for a long pause. Hogan says that this could go on for 30 more years. He says Hulkamania has been going on for the longest, but it's time that it rests. Hogan tells the fans to let the celebration to begin. Just then, Sting's music hits and he comes out in his red and yellow suit.

Hogan states that he is not welcomed here as he is not going to turn it into a clown show. Sting is in the ring now and begins to talk. Sting asks if anyone is buying this retirement gig. The fans boo. Hogan tells Sting that nothing lasts forever. He tells Sting to leave him alone. Sting says he knows better than anyone on the face of the Earth. Sting says it's amazing how there is cameras everywhere around the place. Sting says he has compelling footage of Hogan. Hogan says he wants Sting to leave as he has one more thing to say. Sting says he will allow him to talk after the video is shown. The video plays and Hogan is talking to Eric as they joke around about him being retired. Hogan says everyone bought into it. Eric and Hogan laugh about the whole scam. Hogan, in the ring, starts to yell to shut the video off. Hogan says Sting has pushed him so much. He has had enough with Sting. He says he doesn't want to face Sting, but he is going Bound for Glory....and if Hogan looses, he will give the company back to Sting and Dixie Carter. After he said it, he covers his mouth as he can't believe he just said that. Sting's final words are, "Tah, tah for now." Sting leaves the ring as his music plays. Hogan is in the ring as he can't believe what he just said. He can't believe what just happened. He looks around at the fans as he is stunned, dumbfounded, and shocked. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. Hulk Hogan- Same as last week
3. Sting- New from last week
4. Crimson- New from last week
5. Kazarian- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

With Impact Wrestling being on the road again, you can certainly feel the difference right through your television screen. From last week to this week, you notice the difference in the crowd and in the production. It seems like the show runs smoother while the crowd draws you in. It makes it a wonderful feeling. As far as the show quantity goes, I have to say that TNA delivered. This show brought some great interviews, segments, promos, videos, and matches. The match between Roode and Storm stole the night. I also enjoyed Gunner vs. Kazarian (even though it was a little short). Crimson vs. Joe was also good. As far as the interviews go, they had key interviews with the people who matter like Ken Anderson, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Eric Bischoff, and more. It all builds up for Bound for Glory. The segments with Bully Ray and Anderson at the beginning of the show was well done. The segment with Eric and Hardy was good (we finally see Eric return to the screen....I have been waiting too long). The ending segment with Sting and Hogan brought everything. The beginning was emotion filled. It brought people back in time. Then Sting came out and the excitement picked up. The heated picked up. Sting reveals the scam and the place erupts. There's the feeling of anticipation and the thought of what will happen next. Hogan then sets the match at Bound for Glory. While there will be many people who will not like this match, I have to say I very well may enjoy it. Why? I look at it the storyline way. This match is a year in the making. Last year, Immortal was formed. Sting warned everyone about it, but no one listened. After Immortal took over TNA, Sting wants to take away their power. Sting wants TNA back with Dixie Carter. It has been a year in the making. While Sting and Hogan had confrontations for months, this was building a year ago. A true storyline that is filled with rising action, climax, falling action, and a resolution. That is what a storyline should be. Speaking about Bound for Glory, it was announced that AJ Styles will face Daniels in an "I Quit Match". There are huge matches going down at the PPV. It is shaping up to be a very interesting and great one no matter what you like. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter right here.

Weekly Question: What are your thoughts about the build-up for Bound for Glory?

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