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Impact Wrestling Results (10/20/11) - A Brand New Beginning

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TNA Impact Results - 10/20/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package. It goes back to 10/10/10 where they Hogan and Eric took TNA away from Dixie. It then moves forward one year where Sting came back with his joke style to get the company away from both of them. Hogan and Sting wrestle at Bound for Glory 2011 where Sting becomes victorious! Hogan then partners up and becomes allies with Sting.

The video ends and Sting's music hits. He comes on stage and a whole different look! He doesn't have the face paint. He has Hogan's shirt on. The crowd is going insane. He gets in the ring with his sunglasses on his face. He does his famous yelp. He said it feels great to be back in the Impact Zone. Sting then goes to say that he has promised two things to people. That was to give TNA back to Dixie and to get the real Hulk Hogan back. That Hogan is the one who transcends and defines wrestling. The crowd chants, "Hogan, Hogan, Hogan!" Sting said he had to get out of his skin at times and do some crazy stuff. He then mentions Bound for Glory as Hogan had two choices. Either help Sting or attack him. Hogan did the right thing though. He says the real Hogan came home. He then points to the entrance stage. Sting says he knows Hogan can hear this people, so he should grace us with his presence. Just then, Hogan's music hits and here comes the red and yellow! He's decked out in the old Hulkamania gear. He gets on stage and fireworks explode in the air. He does his famous signals and then continues down the ramp. The crowd is loving this. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He and Sting shake hands and then hug. Sting then points to Hogan like the way Scott Hall did back in the NWO.

The crowd is yelling, "Welcome back!" Hogan gets on the mic and says when you are right, you are right, and when you are wrong, you are wrong. He says he was wrong in the past year. He says Eric Bischoff helped him through his life when he was going through trouble times, so he decided to go with him in the wrestling decisions. He realized he wasn't doing the right thing in the business. Hogan says it's time for the red and yellow. Hogan then points to Sting and says he is the true leader. He says Sting put up with so much. He put up with everything. Hogan was lying in the corner at Bound for Glory, he realized Sting is a true American icon. Hogan realized who he was hanging out with and what he was about. He couldn't take it anymore. He is back, jack! Hogan and Sting shake hands again. Hogan says he has had an amazing run here in TNA. He then shakes Sting again and says he beat him fair and square. Hogan tells Sting that he is the true American icon. His music hits and he gets out of the ring. He walks up the ramp.

Sting gets back on the mic. He tells Hogan that he still got it. Sting then calls out Dixie Carter to the ring. Just then, here she comes! He hasn't been on Impact Wrestling since the 3-3-11 show. She walks down the ramp excited and eager!


The show returns and Dixie is in the ring with Sting. Sting is on the mic and says it's the day that the rightful owner gets her company back. Sting then brings up 18 months ago. Sting says he tried to tell Dixie about the business and how everyone plays differently. Sting says he extends his hand out to Dixie though. While Sting though his wrestling company was over, Dixie came to Sting and brought him into this company, which he now loves. Sting then tells Dixie that this is her second chance and she can't make any mistakes. Dixie finally gets on the right and tells Sting he is right. She didn't listen. She tells everyone sorry. Dixie promises that she won't make that mistake again. Dixie's role in the company is to make it better. Dixie is going to right and make this the best wrestling company in the world. Dixie says she will have to get back in the groove and spend a lot of her time in the headquarters. She says she needs help with that. She then tells Sting that he can help. Dixie knows Sting always fought for this company and for Dixie. He is willing to help with the day to day operations. Dixie then thanks everyone again. Sting and her shake hands and then hug. They talk privately as her music plays. Just then, the music changes to Kurt Angle's music. The World Champion walks on stage. He comes down the ramp. What could he want?


Kurt Angle joins Sing and Dixie in the ring. Kurt is on the mic and calls Sting and Dixie superheroes. Sting won the company from Hogan and you have Dixie who lied to Kurt and was the reason why he joined Immortal. Kurt then wonders if the spot where he is standing was suppose to be for Bobby Roode. Kurt says he is going to represent this company because he is the World Champion. Kurt says Dixie made Roode look unstoppable with those promos and videos, but Kurt is the best around. Roode doesn't like that too much. His music hits and here comes a angered Bobby Roode. He gets in the ring. He has a mic and asks if Kurt is joking. Roode asks if Kurt is going to take that victory at Bound for Glory. He then calls Kurt pathetic. Roode says Kurt screwed him to keep the title. Roode says he worked 13 years for the opportunity. All of those years were wrapped into that match, but Kurt ruined it all. Roode says he can't do anything about it now.....but before he can finish, Sting interrupts. Sting points to a sign in the crowd that says "Roode got screwed". Sting asks for Dixie's permission and she allows him. Sting makes the rematch between Roode and Angle for tonight. The crowd pops. Kurt smiles in his sinister look. Kurt then questions the whole rematch idea. He says the contract they signed had a little stipulation in it that Eric and Hogan put in. He can only wrestle Kurt once. Why? They know that Roode is the real deal. Kurt then goes to quote Roode's partner by saying, "Sorry about your damn luck", but he doesn't say it......James Storm does! His music comes on and here comes Storm. He walks down the ramp drinking his beer as he has a few words to say.


James Storm is in the ring now with all of the others. James is on the mic and starts to talk to Kurt. He says he wants to shake Kurt's hand, but Kurt won't allow it. James then goes into the whole contract that he and Roode signed. He then said that the stipulation did not go in affect for him. James says Kurt screwed TNA, the fans, Roode, and Storm himself. James turns to Sting and says they have something in common. While they both wear sunglasses indoors, they both want to see James vs. Kurt. Kurt then starts to insult James about his drinking on the job problem. James takes a big swig of the beverage. Sting then says he is starting to like his position. He announces that it will be James vs. Kurt tonight! Kurt is outraged. The crowd loves it. Roode then says the phrase is, "Sorry about your damn luck!" James, Roode, Dixie, and Sting leave the ring as Kurt is all alone.

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. Just then, Immortal meet up with him as Eric Bischoff as the leader. Eric says he wants to end this right. He wants to meet Hogan in the ring and just exchange a few words. He will see how tough Hogan really is. Eric hopes to see him later. Immortal walks away as Hogan is left pondering on the though.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the first contest. Winter's music hits. She comes on stage with Angelina Love on her side. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring as the fans boo. Ms. Tessmacher and Tara come from the crowd as Tara drives on her motorcycle. Tessmacher was behind her. They get in the ring in their great entrance, but it's cut short by Winter and Love as they attack the champions.

Angelina Love and Winter vs. Ms. Tessmacher and Tara (Champs) for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles

While all four knockouts are in the ring attacking each other, with Love and Winter in control, Love and Tessmacher remain in the ring to be the main players of the match. Love tags Winter. They do a double team close line to Tessmacher in the corner. Winter continues to assault Tessmacher as she rams her head into the mat. She then puts Tessmacher in her corner and tags Love. Love gets in and does a side walk slam to Tessmacher. She covers, but Tessmacher kicks out. She goes after her again, but Tessmacher does a chin breaker. Tessmacher tries to crawl to her corner, but Love gets her just in time. Tessmacher continues to fight as she pushes Love back, climbs the corner and jumps on Love to take her down. Tessmacher crawls and tags Tara. Just then, Love tags in Winter. Tara takes control of the match as she knocks down Winter and then chokes her with a shirt. She then gets Winter up and does a spinning side walk slam. She goes to cover, but Love breaks the count. Tessmacher comes in and attacks Tara. They get Tara up and whip her in the ropes. Tessmacher does a secret tag. Tessmacher gets in and knocks Winter down. She covers and gets the win. Tara and Tessmacher celebrate their successful title defense. Winners and Still Champs: Tara and Ms. Tessmacher

Jeff and Karen Jarrett are walking backstage. Karen does not look happy at all. Jeff looks to reason with her, but she just isn't listening.


Jeff Jarrett's music hits and here comes the couple on stage. They walk down the ramp as the fans boo. Jeff then goes to the fans at ringside. They insult him. He grabs someone's sign and takes it off of them and puts it on the ground. Jeff then gets in the ring to meet with Karen. Jeff grabs a mic and calls out Jeffrey Nero Hardy. Jeff says he is going to finish what he started at Bound for Glory. He didn't have to ask him twice. Hardy comes on stage with his new entrance video and music from earlier in the year. He walks around a portion of the ring to interact with the fans. He then gets in the ring as they cheer. Hardy gets a mic. Jarrett thinks Hardy is going to walk back in this company and get his major spot since Dixie Carter is back in control. Jarrett asks Hardy if he knows if Jarrett was the one who brought him in this company. He was the one who gave Jarrett a hard time as he pulled a "no show" when he was in charge. Jarrett then states that no one cares what Hardy wants or says. He wants Hardy out of this company. He says Jeff can leave by dropping the mic and walk away and never come back, or he can suffer the consequences from the hands of Jeff Jarrett. Hardy gets on the mic and says Jarrett doesn't want him here, but the fans want him here. Jarrett is the only one who is still furious. Hardy says Jarrett will never be able to light up the crowd like Hardy can. It will eat Jarrett up inside. Double J can't take it anymore and hits Hardy. Hardy comes back and they are going back and forth. They then fall on the mat as they roll back and forth punching each other. Karen is screaming!! Officials and guards come out and break up the fight. It won't help as Hardy jumps on Jarrett. They start to fight, but they break the two up. Jeff runs to him and attack Jarrett. They break them up. This time D-Lo Brown and Al Snow is in the ring. They start to argue at each other. While they do, Hardy finds his opening to attack Jarrett again. They pull each other back. While D-Lo holds Hardy's arms behind his back so he wouldn't be able to attack, Jarrett finds his way out and low blows Hardy with a clear kick. Hardy falls to the mat in pain. Jarrett leaves the ring as Hardy looks on on the mat.

Kurt Angle is backstage. He says he does have something to say as he is furious. He says he will take anyone out over and over again. No one gets the upper hand on one! Kurt then throws a chair and leaves the camera shot.


The show returns and a video plays that shows camera pictures of the Sting vs. Hogan match. It shows Hogan tapping. It then shows the aftermath as Sting gets attacked by Immortal.

Eric Young is backstage with his shirt off and full on beard. He is talking to a camera guy as Eric wants to take some shots for some people across seas. Just then, Robbie E. enters the camera shot with Rob Terry. Robbie says he wants a shot at the Television Title as he and Eric know that Robbie deserves it. Eric says he knows as he is a star on Jersey Shore. He then turns to Terry and insults him. Eric says it better turn out clean as he has some back-up like someone from Jersey Shore to take Robbie out. Robbie has no idea what to say. Terry and Robbie leave as he is anxious for a title shot.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Gunner's music plays. He comes on stage and down the ramp as the fans boo. They show clips of him helping the attack on Sting at Bound for Glory. Gunner gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He starts with, "Abyss, Abyss, Abyss." He tells everyone that you have to prove that you are at the top when you are in Immortal. Gunner says he went to Eric and told him that he can finish the job from last week. He then promised all of Immortal. He tells Abyss to come down. His music hits and here he comes. He marches down the ramp and gets right in the ring.

Gunner vs. Abyss

Abyss gets in and puts Gunner right in the corner. He does multiple shots. The referee pushes Abyss back. Abyss steps back. Gunner comes out and Abyss grabs him by his throat and chokes him. He drops him and Gunner is crawling on the mat. He is trying to get away, but Abyss grabs him, hits him and it makes Gunner go through the ropes. Gunner is trying to go up the ramp now, but Abyss gets out of the ring and brings him back. He slams him in the steel steps. He then brings him back in the ring. Gunner goes to the other side of the ring and slides out. He then goes through the fans and runs away. The referee counts to 10. Winner:Abyss

Velvet Sky is backstage. She says that the whole moment was well worth it. She says the fans were behind her all the way for her to get the Knockout Title. She says she has the fans to thank and that is what she is going to do!


Ric Flair is backstage. He is talking to Immortal. Just then, Gunner runs in the picture and it looks like he is going crazy. He tells them that Abyss was not the Abyss out there. That was the monster. Eric asks him what he is talking about. Gunner tells him again. Ric Flair tells Gunner that they are Immortal! Eric then changes subjects as they are about to meet up with Hogan. They walk away.

A video package plays showcasing the career of Velvet Sky and how she worked to get to the top. She is finally at the top after 4 years!

Velvet Sky's music plays and she comes on stage. He holds the TNA Knockout Title. She gets in the ring as she let the pigeons loose. The crowd cheers. She grabs a mic. She states that she is so good and so proud to stand in front of the crowd as their TNA Knockout Champion. Sky says it has been an emotional journey. She says all of the obstacles, bullies, bumps and was all worth it. She may just shed a tear. Sky says people where skeptical, but she did it. She did it with the support of the fans. The calls the fans great. Just then, Karen Jarrett's music plays and she comes down the ramp. Traci Brooks is at her side. Karen gets in the ring as she is directing Brooks around.

Karen gets on the mic and tells Sky that she is the VP of the Knockouts. She says she could fire the both of them right now. She then yells at Sky as she was muttering someone. She then tells both of the to shut up. While Sky is out there crying over the title, you don't see Karen crying over stuff about her kids. Karen asks if they seen the mean side of Karen Jarrett?! They didn't. She then calls out security and tells them to get the trash out of the ring. They take Traci away after Sky tries to cover her. Karen tells Brooks that it won't be the end of the embarrassment. Karen turns to Sky and tells her a little story. She tells her how she is going to strip the title away from Sky. Karen asks where that would hurt her. Karen then tells her to have eyes in the back of her head. Madison Rayne's music hits and she comes down the ramp. As Rayne slowly walks up the steps, someone from behind attacks Sky. Who is it?.....Gail Kim! Kim attacks Sky, which makes her fall on the mat. Gail continues to punch her. She then gets up and shakes the hands of Madison and Karen. Karen's music hits as they look at the fallen Sky.

Hogan is walking backstage as he is on his way to the ring to face Eric face to face.


Another video plays showing camera shots of the Hogan vs. Sting aftermath as Hogan turns on Immortal and helps Sting. He punches Eric in the ring and makes him down and out.

The camera is on the stage as Eric Bischoff's music plays. He comes on stage. Behind him is Scott Steiner, Gunner, Bully Ray, and Ric Flair. Eric is in the ring. Immortal follow him. He gets a mic. First, he states he is going to take care of his child on his own time, but now he is going to take care of Hogan. He tells Hogan to show what he has. Hogan's music hits and here comes the red and yellow again. He comes down the ramp as he stares right in the eyes of Eric. As he is coming in the ring, Eric talks to Immortal at ringside. Hogan gets a mic and tells Eric that he has one chance to say something. Eric says he has a lot to say. First off, how can Hogan explain the way he turned on Immortal after 18 months.....not only Immortal, but Eric Bischoff! Eric tells Hogan to forget the 80's as Eric made Hogan what he is today. The worst offense Hogan did was to get in the middle between Eric and his son. Eric had his son becoming his father. At the last minute, he turned on his dad. Hogan says he learned a lot about Eric and his son over the past couple of days. His son is a man who Eric could never be. Eric does not like that statement one bit. He then slaps Hogan right in the face. Hogan then sticks out his finger and says, "YOU!!!" Just then, Immortal enter the ring and circle Hogan.....but Sting quickly enters the ring with his baseball bat. Immortal is scared off. Eric is on the ramp as he is stating it is not over. Hogan and Sting are in the ring united again. Eric is walking backwards as he continues to talk to Hogan. Just then, his son comes on stage. Eric runs into his son. He turns and wonders why he is out here. His son tells him that he is a disgrace. He then pokes at his son as he tells his son that he never wants to see him again. He then rips his shirt and points to his tattoo that is labeled "Bischoff." Eric says he does not deserve to wear that name. He tells his son to leave, but his son has enough and pounds Eric right in the face with a fist. Eric falls back and tumbles on the ramp. He is motionless. His son then gives the thumbs up sign to Hogan and Sting.

James Storm is walking backstage. Roode is behind him. James is walking and says he wishes he had more time to prepare for this match. Roode questions what he said. He tells Storm that he has been preparing his entire life. He tells James that it is his time. He tells Storm to beat Kurt and become the World Champion. James was with Roode on Sunday and felt his pain. Roode will be with James and feel him win the World Champion. He tells James to do it. James turns and walks to the entrance stage as he takes a swig of beer.


James Storm's music hits and here comes the challenger. He comes on stage as the crowd cheers. Fireworks explode up from the stage. He makes his way to the ring. This is his biggest match in his career. After he is in the ring, Kurt Angle's music plays. Here comes the olympic gold medalist. The current TNA World Champion, the title around his waist, walks down the ramp after fireworks exploding in the air. He gets in the ring as the fans do not like him one bit. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces each star for the main event match.

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle (Champ) for the TNA World Title

The bell sounds and the match begins. Both stare at each other on opposite sides of the ring. They move closer to each other. Kurt quickly kicks Storm in the gut. Storm falls and then stumbles back in the corner. Kurt does several punches to Storm. Storm falls to the mat and Kurt backs up. Storm gets up in the corner and Kurt beats him down with multiple punches. He backs up. Storm gets up in the corner once again. Kurt does more punches and it knocks Storm down. Kurt stomps on Storm like he was a rug. Kurt backs up. He then moves to Storm as he is up in the corner. Just then, out of nowhere.....BAM....Storm does his super kick! You can hear it, see it, and feel it!!! He covers Kurt and gets the win!! Winner and New TNA World Champion: James Storm

Bobby Roode comes in the ring and celebrates with Storm. Storm grabs the title and heads in the stands to celebrate with the crowd. He is right in the middle of everyone as they are going crazy. As he comes back in the ring, Fortune is in the ring. They bring beer in the ring and it's spraying everywhere. While Storm brought it pin the crowd with him, Fortune brought it in the ring. They spray it everywhere. The fans are on their feet. James looks around as he is soaking in the moment. He grabs a mic. He says he has been with this company since day one. He watched people come and go. He knows one thing.....the cowboy is the top of everyone. He says that victory was bitter sweet.....he says the title belongs to Roode as they are the best tag team in the world and best friends. Roode grabs the title as Storm gives it to him. Roode grabs the mic and says it's nice and all, but he tells Storm that he deserves it. He then puts it around Storm's waist . They continue to celebrate as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. James Storm- New from last week
2. Sting- Up from last week
3. Ms. Tessmacher and Tara- New from last week
4. Hulk Hogan- Down from last week
5. Gail Kim- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

While this show will certainly get mixed reviews, I want to shed some light on the positive things first. First off all, this is the return show of Dixie Carter. She is finally back on television after being away for months. As soon as she gets control of the company, she makes Sting a power source as she gives him major influence backstage and at the headquarters. It is certainly different after seeing his joker personal. This show featured the return of Gail Kim. I read that she was at the taping, but didn't expect to see her on television already. It's nice to actually see her involved on television and in a storyline for her first day back. I mean she was at WWE for (years?) and barely any storyline involvement there?! Finally, we saw Hogan show his bright colors once again. While I liked him as heel and liked the whole Immortal storyline, I like the change as it makes things fresh and new. While there were some good things, there were some bad things. Many people can agree with me that this show had A LOT of talking. I think there was just too much talking? Am I surprised? Well I was, but after thinking about makes sense. After coming off their biggest PPV of the year, they always need to start fresh and new as a new year follows. They had to close some stories while leading to other ones. It's like WWE. After Wrestlemania, they always have a lot of talking on their show. They want to wrap up any story lines that ended but also want to add stuff to some. They see a lot of talking. I remember the Raw this year after Wrestlemania. It had Edge making his speech and it had the whole Rock/Cena thing. (I am pretty sure that was the same night.) It may seem weird that they call themselves Impact Wrestling and barely have any wrestling on....but that's the fact of life....the point of come off their biggest PPV of the year. Another bad thing (while I think it's somewhat good) is James Storm winning the title. While I am a huge fan of Kurt Angle, I did want to see Roode win as I think he deserves it. In fact, I been saying that for years. I saw him World Champion material years ago. While he lost it, James Storm won and became champion. I am not upset that he's champion. I am glad he is. I am glad that they push a star who has been in TNA since the beginning. It will make things very interesting. The problem is the match was 2 minutes long. One kick to Kurt and he's down? That's an olympic gold medalist. I am very curious what Kurt is going to say and how Immortal is going to react. While that can be a story/feud in itself (and if it is, then I see the point of the fast match). It has it's ups and downs. Not only am I interested to see what the rating will be for this show, but I am interested on how they are going to carry out this whole 2 minute match scenario. I hope they do it right and correctly so some of the "marks" can actually be pleased. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter right here.

Weekly Question: How do you feel about the way the story lines turned out and the new story lines formed?

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