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Impact Wrestling Results (9/29/11) - Hogan Gives His Notice!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 9/29/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

TNA's Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package of the feud between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. It shows Roode facing off against different members of Fortune, which was set up by Kurt Angle. It changes directions smoothly as Daniels refuses to face Roode, but he still wants to talk about AJ Styles. Styles comes out and they go after each other. It switches to James Storm. He comes out and represents Roode as he faced Kurt last week. That was the main event last week. It ends with Roode holding up the TNA World Title!

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone! Just then, Sting's music hits and here comes The Icon....the insane one! Sting comes on stage and the crowd goes crazy. He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and begins to speak. He says he stood in the ring not too long ago and put over Kurt Angle. He believed everything he said. Since then, Hogan brainwashed Kurt. Kurt is now the mastermind as he is trying to turn Fortune against each other. Sting says he is going to foil Angle's plan though. He calls out Bobby Roode! After the fans chant, "Bobby, Bobby", the #1 contender for the TNA World Title walks down the ramp. The crowd cheers for him. Sting welcomes him in the ring. Sting tells Roode that he has done everything he has done to get to where he is. He then says that he believes Roode can beat Kurt Angle for the title at Bound for Glory. Sting says he knows he can do it. Roode has been fighting for this spot for 13 years. Sting calls Roode a championship caliber star. Bobby can't get Kurt in his head though. He needs to be focused and ready to go and he needs to show everyone that. Roode gets on the mic and states that the past few weeks have been amazing. He says all of the support from everyone is overwhelming. He is grateful for what Sting said. Roode states he has been in the business for 13 years, but Sting has been in it longer.....but he knows what Kurt is trying to do. Roode promises everyone, including himself, he will walk out the next TNA World Champion! Sting gets excited as he jumps up and down. Roode still wants to talk though. Roode wants Sting to promise him that he will take care of Hogan. If they can both take care of Kurt and Hogan, then the company will finally get back to where it belongs. Sting likes the idea of that! But, AJ Styles' music his and here he comes! He marches his way down the ramp and quickly gets in the ring.

He gets a mic and tells Roode to take every opportunity he gets and make the best out of it. Styles hasn't had a title shot for a long he tells Roode to beat Kurt!! If he doesn't, no one will know how long it would be to get another title shot.

Kurt Angle's music plays and here comes the champion. He gets on stage as he has a mic in his hand. He tells Styles that this is why he made the match-up for tonight, which is Roode vs. Styles. Kurt switches gears to Sting as he says that Sting will not get the company back as he says the past owner treated him miserably. He switches to AJ again and tells AJ that he knows the only thing he wants is a title shot.

Hulk Hogan opens a door as he enters the Impact Zone. He looks around and then puts on his sunglasses as he continues walking.


Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera as Austin Aries, the X-Division Champion, is sitting at

Brian's music hits and he dances his way down to the ring.

Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash vs. Zema Ion vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Alex Shelley in a Ladder Match to determine the #1 Contender for the X-Division Title

The match begins and everyone goes after everyone. Brian goes after Ion, which lead to the outside. Ion throws Brian back, which makes him go right into the steps or guard rail. Alex Shelley knocks his opponent out of the ring and then Alex leaves. Kid Kash and Jesse are in the ring. Jesse brings a ladder in the ring, but Kash grabs Jesse and hits a DDT right on the ladder. Kid sets up the ladder and goes to climb, but Brian comes in and knocks Kid down via. dropkick. Ion comes in and knocks Brian off the ladder and tosses him out of the ring. Ion now climbs, but Alex enters and takes Ion down and then sends him face first into the ladder. Alex then goes for a super kick, but Ion moves and Alex kicks the ladder. Alex gets pushed in the corner. Ion runs to him, but Alex lifts him up. Ion then jumps on the corner and does a great moonsault on Brian on the outside. Jesse and Kash are down on in the ring as Alex climbs the ladder. Just then, Ion jumps on the top rope and does a missile dropkick to Alex, which sends him off the ladder. Ion and Kash go after each other now. Ion sets up the ladder in the corner and gives Kash a hip toss, which makes him land back first on the ladder. Jesse goes after Ion and drives Ion face first into the ladder. Jesse is the only one in the ring now! Jesse grabs the ladder and sets it up. He climbs, but Kash comes in with a chair. He smashes it to the back of Jesse and then slams him down on the mat. Kash climbs and is almost there, but Brian comes on the corner. He jumps and knocks Kash down. As Brian climbs, so does Alex. Kash then tries to come back, but Brian grabs it quickly to pick up the win. Austin comes down the ramp and is furious over Brian winning. Winner: Brian Kendrick

Kazarian is backstage as he states he has mixed emotions right now. He has two of his best friends facing each other. Just then, Karen's voice is heard. She comes into the room with Jeff Jarrett. Jeff tells Kazarian to get in the ring now as he has something to tell him. Jeff leaves and Karen goes up to Kaz. She tells him that he should have never messed with her.

Hogan is walking backstage as they hype up his announcement tonight.


Ric Flair is backstage as he is on his cell phone. He is starting to panic as the person tells him something he doesn't want to hear. He states that the person "can't be doing this". Ric is going over there right now, as he says. He goes through a door as he leaves the shot.

Jeff Jarrett's music plays as Karen comes to the ring with him. The crowd boos. They get in the ring and Jeff calls out Kazarian and his "girl". Kaz's music hits and both march down the ring. They both get in and they are right in the face of Jeff and Karen. Jeff introduces himself and then introduces the queen to the throne: Karen. Jeff says that he was the one who brought Kaz in this company. He then brings up when Kaz left and tried the competition company, but he didn't like it, so he came back and Jeff gave him his job back. Kaz left another time, but then wanted back in and Jeff gave him his job back AGAIN. Jeff turns to Traci Brooks and completely insults her. He then says he was the one who gave Brooks her job in the company. What does she do?....she insults his wife. He is not going to stand for that. He calls both of them B%tches and Kaz had enough. They about to attack, but officials come out and separate them. Jeff says he should just fire them. He then has another idea as he would make both of their lives a living hell. Well Kazarian doesn't like it one bit and Kaz reaches to attack Jeff. The officials hold them back, but Jeff goes after Kaz now. Out of nowhere, Gunner enters and grabs Kazarian. He puts him on his shoulders and then drops him down right on his face. Kaz bounces up and then lies on the mat. It looks like Jeff already started his plan.


The show returns and it shows a recap of last week's confrontation between Ink Inc. and Mexican America in the tattoo parlor.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the next contest. Shannon comes down with Jesse. As they walk down the ramp, Mexican America comes behind them and knocks them down. Hernandez goes after Jesse as he whips him right into the steel steps. He then hits Jesse face first in the steps. Anarquia goes after Shannon More. Sarita and Rosita are helping Anarquia out as they slap the face of Shannon. Hernandez throws Jesse in the steps again. Sarita now helps Hernandez as she stomps and kicks Jesse. Anarquia brings Shannon in the ring and puts him flat on his back. Hernandez climbs the corner and flies in the air. He lands directly on Shannon for a huge splash. Hernandez goes up another corner as Anarquia plants Jesse flat on his back in the ring. Hernandez flies in the air and does another huge splash on Jesse this time. Sarita and Rosita enter and spray paint Jesse and Shannon's back. Mexican America then stand straight up as the Mexican flag comes down from the rafters. They got their revenge!

Bully Ray is backstage. The cameraman asks Bully if he knows what Hogan's announcement will be tonight. Bully says that is a stupid question as Hogan called Bully first when he thought of the announcement. Bully tells the camera guy to get out of the way before he slaps his face in.


James Storm is backstage as he answers the question, "Are you mad?" He states that he isn't mad. He is happy....he is happy for Roode. They are the best tag team around and he is happy that he is going to be the world champion. He wants everyone to see how great Roode is as he will beat Kurt Angle.

Ric Flair is right in front of Hogan as Hogan is sitting on his desk. Ric says this announcement is going to change the wrestling business forever. He tells Hogan to not to do it. Hogan says it's a done deal as he already decided. Ric says he can change his mind. He can't do it! Ric leaves the room as he can't believe this.

A video package plays as it all starts off with the firing of Tara which was around a year ago. It then shows her coming back to TNA as a mystery motorcycle girl as she was brought in by Madison Rayne. It then shows the confrontation between Tara and Madison growing. Tara is free from Madison, and now she gets her revenge.


Crimson is backstage as he is finally back from his injury that was caused by Samoa Joe. He walks around backstage as the camera changes to the stage.

Madison Rayne's music hits and she comes down the ramp as the crowd boos. After she is in the ring, Tara's music plays. She rides out on her motorcycle through the fans. She enters the ring and holds one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles.

Tara vs. Madison Rayne in the Queen's Qualifier

They lock-up and Tara backs Madison up in the corner. Earl comes between them to break the lock-up....but when Tara does, Madison goes to Earl and puts her hands all over his shoulders. She tries to flirt her way through this match. She locks up with Tara again and Tara works on the arm of Madison. Madison gets to the ropes and Tara has to break. Madison then calls for Earl. Madison gets up and Tara applies a headlock. She keeps it locked in for quite sometime. She takes her down multiple times and then both get to their feet, but the headlock is still applied. Earl the pushes Tara to break the hold. He yells at her. Madison thanks him and then holds on to him. Tara goes to punch Madison, but Earl thought she was going after him. He ducks and Madison hits Tara instead. Madison is now in control as she whips Tara in the corner. She then plants Tara's face in the mat multiple times. Throughout this time, she flirts with him. She moves her hand smoothly over his chest and shoulders. Madison and Tara both get up and Tara goes after Madison. Earl pushes Tara away. As he yells at her, Madison kicks Earl in the backside. Earl turns and had enough. He tells Tara to get her. Earl then leans on the ropes as Tara attacks Madison. Earl turns back around as there is a pinfall, but Madison pins Tara as she puts her feet on the ropes. Earl counts and Madison gets the win. Madison leaves the ring as she crawls up the ramp while Tara is upset as she whips her title belt in the ring ropes and then stands there to ponder what just went down. Winner: Madison Rayne

Crimson is walking backstage as he is coming to the ring next!


Daniels is backstage as he is walking through the halls. The camera man asks where he is going. He states that he doesn't have a match, so what's the point of being there. The camera man then asks about another match between him and AJ at Bound for Glory. Daniels states it's like kicking him in the groin.....but AJ knows exactly how that feels!

Crimson's music plays and he comes down the ring. He gets in the ring as a video shows how he was injured. He gets in the ring and calls out Samoa Joe as he wants to finish this. Samoa Joe does come out, but he stays on the stage. He tells Crimson that he is lucky because Joe allowed him to walk. He is lucky to come out to the fans to rave about his undefeated streak. The only reason why Joe allowed him is because he is Joe's b#tch. Crimson quickly leaves the ring as Joe runs down the ramp. They collide as Crimson takes down Joe on the ramp. Crimson goes after Joe more and more, but Joe gets to his feet. Crimson goes to kick Joe, but Joe grabs Crimson's leg and smashes it into the steel guard rail. His ankle was the reason why he was out, but now it looks like he could be out again. Joe brings Crimson in the ring and then applies the figure four leg lock as the pain continues through Crimson's body. Joe is not letting go. Just then, Matt Morgan's music plays and he runs and slides in the ring. Joe breaks the hold. They fight but Matt knocks Joe down. Joe is about to get up as Matt goes for his big boot, but Joe leaves just in time. Matt chases Joe up the ramp. Matt turns as Joe goes backstage. Matt goes to Crimson and extends his hand. Crimson hesitates, but then takes it as Matt helps him up. It looks like an alliance has formed to counteract the raging Samoa Joe. Matt leaves the ring as Crimson hobbles around.


AJ Styles is backstage and says this is important for Roode. This is to see if he can face and beat Kurt Angle. If he can beat AJ, then he can beat Kurt. AJ then states that he is not going to cut any flack for Roode.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the next contest. The Pope's music plays and he walks down the ramp. Money falls from the rafters with Pope's face on it. Pope goes to Devon's kids and they do a meet and greet with each other. The crowd cheers Pope on. After Pope is in the ring, Mr. Anderson's music his. He comes on stage and wants the mic to drop. It does. He introduces himself as "Mrrrrrrrrrr. Andersonnnn.........Anda-" and then goes to the ring.

The Pope vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell sounds and the match begins. They walk around the ring as the crowd is cheering for mostly Anderson. They lock-up and are almost even, but Anderson turns to apply an armlock. Pope then turns it for his own armlock Ken gets out of it and drops Pope down and then applies a head scissors. Pope escapees and both get up. Ken applies the headlock again. Pope sends Ken in the ropes and both go back and forth. Pope knocks Ken down with a shoulder block. They get up and Ken does an enzigiri to the back of the head. He covers Pope, but gets a two. Both get up and Pope takes control. He sends Ken outside. He goes outside and keeps the momentum. Ken tries to fight back, but Pope slams his face in the ring apron. Ken tries again as he whips Pope in the railing, but Pope stops. Pope turns around and gets closelined by Ken. Ken goes after Pope as he gets up by Devon's sons. Just then, they get in the face of Ken and then push him. Ken backs away as the referee tells him. Devon runs down and tries to set his sons straight. Ken is in the ring watching this whole thing. Just then, Bully Ray comes out from the crowd. He has a kendo stick as he hits Ken right in the back with it. Ken falls in pain as Bully slides out and runs away. Pope gets in after Devon settles his sons down. Pope covers Ken and gets the win. Winner: The Pope

Bobby Roode is backstage. He is sitting down. He says he is thinking about the world title, but he is also thinking of AJ as he needs to be focused on AJ. He needs to beat AJ and if he does, he knows he is his very best and he will be able to fight and beat Angle for the title. Nothing and no one is going to stop Roode to catching his dream.


Devon is backstage with Pope and his own kids. Devon is yelling at Pope. He asks him what he is doing. He says they need to be on the same page for once. Devon's sons try to talk, but he slams them down as he tells them to shut up. Devon tells Pope that everything is fine, but he wants some control. He tells Pope to not let this happen again! Devon pushes his kids to get out of the area.

A video package plays showing the life of Bobby Roode. It has his wife and children on it. Roode has been waiting his entire life for this moment. He talks about being a dad and then goes on to talk about Bound for Glory. Roode is working hard, training every day, and waiting for October 16th. Kurt has been in his shoes once as Kurt also fought for his first world title once. Roode says he will be in the best shape in his life at the PPV. October 16th: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode at Bound for Glory! Roode calls it one for the ages!

The video ends and the camera cuts to the stage as AJ Styles' music plays. He comes on stage as sparks fly down. He gets in the ring and waits for his opponent. Bobby Roode comes out and the crowd cheers for him. They also cheered for Styles when he walked to the ring. Roode gets in the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces the main event match.

AJ Stlyes vs. Bobby Roode

The referee calls for the bell! Here we go. Both walk around the ring and then lock-up. AJ works on the arm of Roode and then applies a headlock. Roode brings Styles down to his knee and then gets out of the hold as Roode applies the armlock. AJ gets out of it and applies a headlock on Roode again. He takes him over this time on the mat. Roode gets out of it. They stand, but AJ locks it in again and takes him down. Both get up and Roode pushes AJ chest first in the corner. Roode pushes AJ back as he is sitting on the mat. Roode goes to snap his neck, but AJ gets out of the situation. Both are up and Roode grabs AJ for a back suplex, but AJ lands on his feet as he is behind Roode. AJ pushes Roode in the ropes. He goes for a dropkick, but Roode holds on the ropes and AJ lands on his chest. It's a back and forth battle. AJ gets up and he applies another headlock. Roode gets out of it as both try for hiptoss. Roode lifts AJ up and over the ropes for the hiptoss. AJ lands on the apron and comes back in. Roode grabs AJ and drops him down right on his knee. It hurt Roode's leg as well as AJ's gut. Both get up and AJ knocks Roode back as he goes through the ropes. Both try to regroup. Roode gets on the apron. AJ goes to him. He brings him in the ring as he attacks the knee of Roode. AJ applies a great submission move of a death lock with a chin lock. AJ releases it and Roode gets up in the corner. AJ goes to him, but Roode is trying to fight back with kicks. AJ fights back with punches, but Roode now does strikes of his own. They go back and forth, but one kick knocks both of them down. Both slowly get up and Roode slams AJ down on the mat. Roode gets AJ up in the corner. He puts him on the top corner. Roode goes to climb, but AJ fights back. Roode his AJ with a hard strike and he falls off the corner. AJ lands on the apron. He goes for a springboard one and hits it successfully. He covers, but only gets a two. AJ gets him up and his a backbreaker. AJ goes to the apron again and goes for the 450 springboard splash, but Roode misses. Roode gets up and grabs AJ, but AJ gets out of it and goes for the Styles' Clash. Roode tries to lift AJ for a back body drop, but AJ turns it into a pinball, but Roode kicks out. AJ goes for a payday after both are up, but Roode side steps and AJ lands n his chest. Roode locks in the crossface and AJ taps. Both get up and they hug. AJ then tells Roode that he is ready and will be the next world champion. The match has the "Direct Impact Of the Night" as well as the match of the night. Winner: Bobby Roode

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage as he is coming to the ring next for his industry shaking announcement!


AJ Styles is backstage as he is holding his ribs. Roode comes next to him. He asks if AJ is alright. AJ says it is all about Roode. He continues to praise Roode. Roode says he is ready. He told everyone is ready. AJ says Roode is the next world champion. AJ says when Roode beats Kurt, he wants a shot. They hug.

The camera shows the stage as Hulk Hogan's music starts. Hogan comes on stage and the entire crowd boos. He stands there and looks around. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He begins to talk.

He says it feels like a million pounds has lifted off his shoulders. While he was soul searching for the past couple of months, he realized that the Hulk Hogan run has been one of the best runs of all-time. Hogan says he, the guys, and the fans go back for three decades. The first time he was in the ring, he was taught respect. He was fortunate that he wrestled Andre The Giant. He talks about the past and all of the Madison Square Garden sell-outs. As he is talking, Sting is shown on camera as he is watching and listening to Hogan on a television monitor. Hogan then states that he had the opportunity to come to TNA. He brings three decades to this company. He names a few young stars that were younger. Younger stars like Roode, Styles, Daniels, and more. Hogan gave information to everyone to help them out. Sting is shown again as he says Hogan is is all acting and he should get a reward. Hogan goes on to state that he knows when enough is enough. He says it is the end of the road for him. Hogan says he didn't even tell his wife yet. He tells the fans before her. While his family separated and he had financial issues....he had the fans behind him. He had the fans and then he came to work and the guys were there for him. Hogan says he is finally finished as there are stars of the future like Storm, Kazarian and more. Hogan says next week will be his last week in the ring as he wants to invite everyone for his final, formal announcement.

Sting is shown as he states Hogan wants to invite people, then Sting will be there. Sting says he will be right there, in the middle of the ring, with Hogan. It's going to be showtime! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. Hulk Hogan- New from last week
3. Brian Kendrick- New from last week
4. Madison Rayne- New from last week
5. The Pope- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This Impact Wrestling was certainly one that I will not forget anytime soon. Why? First of all, the match between Roode and Styles was one great match. You see good matches, but you don't see too many great matches on television. This was one of those times. I really enjoyed the match. While I guessed Roode would win, it was a great back and forth battle. This show also had a variation of segments, promos, and matches. Now I know people are will say that there was a lot of talking this week, but you got to know that they are building up for Bound for Glory. They are going to need segments and promos in order to further feuds and stories. Honestly, TNA is doing a really good job building and hyping the PPV. They got some pretty interesting matches already and some matches that haven't been announced yet, but things are setting up for it. I am loving how TNA is building Roode up. They give him the time and they are putting money into him. They had several videos about him and multiple segments with him. It's about time that Roode is a focal point as I have been waiting for him to be in the main event for years! It's finally happening and I can't be anymore excited. I love his ring work and I can see him and Kurt putting on an amazing match. While that is weeks away, I want to talk about Hogan's announcement. I had a feeling he would be announcing his departure. I know some of the inside scoop of his status, but thing could change everyday. While listening to him, it brought tears to someone's eyes in the audience. While I was not sobbing, it was pretty interesting hearing him talk as that is another side of him. While Hogan has been through so much in his life, bad and good (more people look at the bad), I always looked at the good. I never turned on Hogan. You can't deny what he has done in the past and I am grateful for that. Hogan is truly an icon and no one can ever replace him. While there were Stone Colds, The Rocks, John Cenas.......they do not compare to Hulk Hogan! Will next week be his last week? It may. I know it will be very interesting to see. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter right here.

Weekly Question: No matter what you think of him, did Hogan's announcement make you more or less interested in watching next week's show?

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