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Impact Wrestling Results (10/13/11) - Roode To Glory

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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/13/2011
From Knoxville, Tennessee
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package about the Sting and Hogan rivalry. It has voice over from Sting and Hogan from last week. It shows Hogan announcing the match to Sting, but soon regrets it. The video switches to Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode as they will face at Bound for Glory. It shows Roode's great matches in recent weeks as he is getting closer and closer to the World Title.

The video ends and Hogan is shown coming into the building. He came in earlier today. It then shows Sting coming into the arena earlier today.

The camera switches to the arena as it's another amazing crowd. Kurt Angle's music hits and here comes the current World Champion! Kurt comes out with the title on his shoulder. The crowd boos as he walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Kurt begins by calling out Roode as he thinks they should have one more showdown before their match at Bound for Glory. Bobby's music hits right after that. Bobby comes on stage and walks to the ring as the crowd cheers for him. The crowd chants, "Next World Champ, Next World Champ." Kurt begins to talk again as he tells Bobby that he did it. He states that he put Bobby in three different matches in the past weeks to try to beat Bobby down and weaken him, but Bobby pasted. Kurt says he is not any of those opponents that he fought in recent weeks. He is Kurt Angle.....the greatest wrestler ever. Kurt goes back to his past as he announces his accomplishments. He says he has dominated this company without anyone's help. He says he has to prove that he is the best every time he steps food in the ring. He will prove, at Bound for Glory, that he is the best wrestler of all-time. It's Real, it's damn real! Kurt puts his hand out. Bobby is about to shake it, but then backs away. Roode grabs a mic and states that they both know what it takes to be a champion. It takes heart. Roode says they can tear the house down at the PPV, but when the smoke clears, it will be the man with the biggest heart who survives. In 1996, Kurt had the heart to win the gold medal with a broken neck. Roode calls Kurt a machine. Roode then states that he only wants to see who has the bigger heart. Who has the bigger heart to take this company to the next level. Will it be Kurt or Roode? Roode puts out a deal. He says it will just be the two of one. Who can be the better wrestler that night? Kurt says what Roode wants, he will get. Kurt and Roode now shake hands. Kurt's music plays as he stares at Roode and then exits the ring to walk up the ramp. He then stops and turns around as he says he forgot something. He forgot to tell Roode that he is in a match that Hogan and Eric Bischoff made. Roode will be facing Gunner. He will also face Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match. He ends it by saying he will see Roode at Bound for Glory.

The camera goes backstage and shows a fight going on backstage between Jerry Lynn, Rob Van Damn, Daniels, and AJ Styles. Lynn attacks Rob and throws him in a steel door. He then goes after AJ to help Daniels out.


The show returns and the chaos from the back now appears on stage as Lynn and Daniels are attacking AJ. All three come down the ramp and get in the ring. As they do, the bell sounds~

AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn and Daniels

AJ is getting attacked by Daniels and Lynn. As they work on him, RVD runs out and slides in the ring. He bets up Daniels and Lynn to help his partner out. Rob goes to the corner as AJ is now in control of his current opponent Daniels. He stays on the offensive the entire time. AJ tags in RVD. He jumps in and attacks Daniels. He sends him in the corner and then does several pinfall attempts. Daniels kicks out though. Daniels then knees Rob in the gut and begins his assault. Rob comes back but gets distracted by Lynn. Daniels hits Rob from behind and he goes flying through the ropes. Lynn attacks Rob on the outside. He sends him back in and Daniels tags Lynn in. Lynn enters and he attacks Rob. Rob comes back and knocks Lynn down and then tries for the split legged moonsault, but Lynn puts his knees up to block it. Lynn tags in Daniels and he attacks Rob in the corner. Lynn then gets tagged in and he attacks Rob in the corner. Daniels is tagged in again and he goes after Rob, but Rob slides away and tags in AJ. AJ enters and goes after Daniels. He goes for a springboard moonsault reverse DDT, but Daniels blocks it. He tags in Lynn. Lynn enters, but AJ does a dropkick. He goes to pin Lynn, but Daniels enters. Rob enters and knocks Daniels outside. Rob then jumps over the ropes and lands right on Daniels. As Rob stands up, Lynn does a baseball slide right into the back of Rob. As all three are out, AJ jumps over the ropes and lands on all three!!!! AJ brings Daniels in the ring. AJ does a springboard cross body. Daniels must have tagged in Lynn at the last minute. Lynn comes in, but AJ hits his pay lay. Daniels enters to attack AJ, but AJ sets up the styles clash. Daniels stops in his tracks and leaves the ring. AJ hits his finisher and gets the pin. The final move became the "Impact Move of the Night". Winners: AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam


Samoa Joe's music hits and here comes the samoan submission machine. He walks down the ramp as the crowd isn't pleased to see him. As he is in the ring, Matt Morgan's music hits and here comes the blueprint. He walks down the ramp as the crowd pops.

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

As soon as the bell sounds, each other go after their opponent. Matt gets the upper hand and gets Joe, but Joe comes back, but Matt doesn't let him do much as he sends Joe in the corner. He then hits running knee into Joe. Joe falls to the mat. Joe gets up in the corner and Matt hits elbow after elbow to the head of Joe. Matt backs away. He goes to Joe again, but Joe kicks Matt's knee and he goes face first into the turnbuckle. Joe is now in control as he attacks Matt in the corner with his amazing jumping kick to the back of the head. Joe continues the assault out of the corner. He sends Morgan back in the corner and does a running knee to the chest. He puts Matt on the top and goes for some type of chokeslam, but Matt breaks the chokehold. Matt gets down and does a quick roll-up and gets the pin. As Matt stands in victory, Joe attacks Matt's knee. Matt falls. Joe puts a figure four type lock on Matt's leg. Morgan is screaming in pain. Just then, Crimson hobbles down the ramp with a chair in hand. He gets in and Joe surprisingly unlocks the hold and then walks up the ramp. Samoa gets on the mic and says that they are always teaming up recently to take Joe out. He says they are scared to face each other, so they team up. Joe says this is the classic game. He says he announces a match where there is no teaming. He opposes Joe vs. Crimson vs. Morgan in a Triple Threat at Bound for Glory. Joe's music hits as he walks backwards up the ramp while Matt and Crimson stare at each other in the ring. Winner: Matt Morgan


Impact Wrestling returns and Mexican America is in the ring. Hernandez begins to talk trash on Ink Inc. He says they are wannabe tough buys. He then calls them out. At the end, Hernandez will beat them down and make them into whatever he wants. Ink Inc.'s music plays and here comes Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal. They get in the ring.

Jesse grabs a mic and says he has a question for them. He says they are insulting America week after week, but don't they live in America? Jesse then turns to Anarquia and says he wants to see the tattoo Shannon gave him a couple weeks ago. Anarquia gets upset. Shannon gets on the mic and says he has something that will make the fans happy and themselves happy. Anarquia asks what that could possibly be. Shannon says, "To get the hell out!" Just then, Hernandez and Anarquia attack Shannon and Jesse. While they beat the both of them, Sarita and Rosita stand in the middle of the ring. Just then, some mystery lady gets in the ring and close lines both knockouts. Hernandez then is right in the face of this mystery lady, but Shannon and Neal come back and drop Hernandez right on his head. He leaves. They then grab Anarquia to try to show everyone the tattoo, but he gets away at the last second. As Mexican America is on the ramp, Shannon gets back on the mic and tells them they can bring any amount of girls they want, but Ink Inc. has theirs! Mexican America isn't happy one bit.


Jesse and Brian are in the ring as they show returns. Kid and Austin come on stage and walk down the ramp as the crowd boos. They discuss something outside of the ring. They take too long as Jesse and Brian do double suicide dives on both of their opponents. The bell rings and the match begins.

Jesse Sorensen and Brian Kendrick vs. Kid Kash and Austin Aries

Jesse starts the match with Kash as they enter the ring. Jesse starts off on the offensive side. He gets whipped into the ropes and Austin hits him in the back. Brian tries to come in, but the referee tells him to stay out. Jesse looses it as Kash tags in Austin. Austin attacks Jesse. He then rams Jesse's foot into Kash's foot. Kash gets tagged in and continues the offensive assault. He beats down on Jesse some more. He then tags in Austin. They do a double team slingshot move. Austin doesn't stay in for long as he tags Kash back in. Kash puts Jesse on the mat and stomps on his face. he then gets him up and drops him down right on his knee in a backbreaker type move. Kash climbs to the corner. He goes for the moonsault, but Jesse puts his knees up. Kash rolls to his corner and tags Austin. He comes in but Jesse kicks him back. Jesse tags in Brian and he goes after both opponents as he knocks down Austin and then Kash. He does kicks which knocks both of them down. Brian then goes for a double sliced bread, but they push him chest first into the corner. Austin and Kash then look at each other. It looks like they didn't like something. Just then, Jesse enters and runs after Austin, but Austin moves and he attacks Kash, which makes both of them leave the ring. Austin grabs his championship belt and goes to hit Kendrick in the head, but Kendrick ducks. He grabs Austin and hits sliced bread right on the X-Division Title. Brian covers and gets the win! Winners: Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen

Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks are walking backstage. Karen is talking to Traci while staying one step ahead of her.


Velvet Sky's music hits and here comes The Beautiful Person. She enters the ring. After her, Mickie James' music plays. She comes down the ramp as the crowd cheers. She is in the ring. Winter's music plays and Angelina Love walks out with her. Winter has the knockout Title over her shoulder. Love walks with her down the ramp and into the ring. After they are all in, Karen's music hits. Karen walks out with Madison Rayne holding onto her arm. Traci is behind them. Karen turns around and glares at Traci. She then enters the ring along with Madison and Traci.

Karen grabs a mic and calls all of them ladies, but she uses that word loosely. She says she wants them to go out there at Bound for Glory and show what they can do. She says that no one wanted the knockouts on the card, but Karen pushed for it since she runs the division now. She then takes an insulting jab to Sky. Sky walks up to Karen and tells her she had enough. Karen says she will have enough when she actually has enough. Karen is class while Sky is trash. Karen is the eye candy for everyone, while Sky draws the scums and losers. Karen says that everyone looks up to her. That is why she is where she is and why Sky is where she is. Sky grabs Karen's mic and says she may be right but she may not be. Sky says there will be a time when Karen respects Sky and that will be when she is the Knockout Champion. Karen says she will be the champion over her dead body. Just then, Sky pushes Karen and she falls over as Traci was on her hands and knees. Everything is ruined at this point for any further talking as all of the knockouts attack each other. Karen is on stage yelling at Traci Brooks as Karen is furious about the situation.

Bully Ray is backstage. He says there is going to be a special enforcer for a match and what better person than Bully Ray. Bully says to not get him mad as there would be no way to get to Bound for Glory. Bully holds his chain tight as he walks away.


AJ Styles is backstage and he is also upset. AJ talks about Daniels and how he wanted one more match. He says that he never gives up. AJ talks about his I Quit Match and how AJ never quits. As AJ opens the door to his truck, Daniels attacks AJ. He knocks him down and then slams him in his own car. He then chokes AJ with a cord. He says he will see AJ at the PPV. He slaps AJ's face and leaves.

Immortal's music plays as Bully Ray and Scott Steiner walk down the ramp. Scott gets in the ramp and taunts. The lights dim as the arena is in complete darkness. Mr. Anderson's music hits and he comes on stage. He motions for the mic to fall from the rafters. Mr. Anderson introduces himself. He continues his way down the ramp. He meets Bully on the outside. Bully trash talks. Ken stares and then enters the ring.

Scott Steiner vs. Mr. Anderson With Bully Ray as Special Enforcer

The match begins and Bully tries to enter the ring. Ken goes after him, but Scott attacks Ken from behind. He starts on the offensive as he throws Ken in the ropes and knocks him down. He gets Ken up and puts him in the corner. He does a belly to belly suplex and goes for a cover, but Ken kicks out. Scott then stomps on Ken. He gets him up and does a knife edge chop. He whips Ken back in the ropes and does a close line. Scott drops his big elbow and goes for a cover, but he quickly gets off Ken and does his famous pushups. Scott gets up. Ken quickly grabs Scott and goes for a rollup, but you can't get Scott down like that. Scott grabs Ken and gets him up. He gets whipped into the ropes again. Steiner grabs him after Ken running back and forth as he does a great belly to belly suplex. As Ken is on the mat, Bully tries to get in the head of Ken as he states, "three more days". Anderson gets up and Scott puts him in the corner. Ken comes out and twists around Scott to do a neck breaker. He gets Steiner up and drops Scott right on his face. He goes for a cover, but Scott has his finger on the ropes. Ken slides out of the ring and close lines Bully Ray down. Ken gets back in and goes to Scott, but he low blows him. Scott attacks Ken. Just then, Abyss walks down the ramp and gets in the ring with the steel chain around his hand. Scott holds Ken so Abyss can easily him him, but Ken moves and Abyss hits Scott right in the face with the chain. Abyss can't believe it. Ken gets the cover and the win. Winner: Mr. Anderson

As Anderson leaves, all of Immortal come to the ring. They start pushing Abyss around. Bully then says to stop messing around. Jeff begins to yell at Abyss too. The crowd starts to chant, "black hole slam." Abyss can't take it anymore. He then grabs Bully by the throat. Immortal is not going to deal with this as they attack Abyss. Gunner, Scott and Jeff are pounding away. Bully gets a table and sets it up in the ring. All of them try to get Abyss up, but Ken Anderson runs in the ring and goes after Immortal. Bully beats him down. He then lifts Ken up and puts him through the table. Ken is motionless as Bully tells him, "three days, three days!"

Hulk Hogan is shown backstage as he is getting ready for his contract signing. The camera then shows Sting backstage as he seems ready.


James Storm is backstage. He is looking down in his room. Kurt Angle enters. James asks what he wants. Kurt says Storm wanted to beat Roode, but he couldn't. James says he couldn't because Kurt interfered. He said Roode didn't even know about Kurt interfering. James says he wouldn't attack Kurt because he respect Roode. Kurt starts to act a little strange as James Storm talked to Roode. Kurt leaves with a grin on his face.

Jeff is backstage as Gunner is by his side. Jeff talks Roode and how he won't get out of the match alive.

Mike Tenay and Taz are on camera as they announce all of the matches for Bound for Glory. You can see all of the matches for Bound for Glory right here on!

A video plays showcasing Bobby Roode's career. It has him talking about TNA as a whole and the big names that has joined TNA. Roode says it's time for a change. Kurt is then shown as he is stretching backstage. He then talks on the video about becoming champion and what it means. Kurt says he has the experience while Roode doesn't. Kurt has proved it all. Roode is then shown on the video as he is working and training hard. Kurt is then shown as he is talking about Roode and their match....their one match!! Roode is then shown as he predicts Bound for Glory as he says he will be the World Champion.

Immortal's music plays as Jeff Jarrett and Gunner walk out. Karen is at Jeff's side. They walk to the ring together. Their match his next!


Bobby Roode's music hits and here comes the number one contender. As he is on the ramp, Jeff and Gunner are acting like hungry sharks. They want to feed on him. Roode grabs a chair and whacks it on the steps. The referee tells Roode that he can't use it. Just then, Gunner and Jeff slide out of the ring. Roode slides in and the bell rings.

Gunner and Jeff Jarrett vs. Bobby Roode

Roode attacks Gunner and Jeff. Roode knocks Jeff outside and then works on Gunner. Roode goes into the ropes, but Jeff grabs Roode's leg. Jeff then comes in and he beats down Roode along with Gunner. Roode comes back as he elbows Jeff Jeff gets out of the ring. Roode goes after Gunner. Jeff enters the ring again and works on Roode as he puts him throat first on the ropes. He jumps on him for a choke and then smashes a fist to his head. Gunner gets Roode up in the ring and does a running knee to Roode. Gunner covers, but Roode kicks out. Jeff and Gunner then do a double beat down on Roode. Jeff and Gunner go on to mock the Beer Money taunt. Roode gets up and close lines both of them down. He then goes after Jeff as he is gaining momentum. He covers, but Gunner breaks the cover. Gunner tries to attack Roode, but Roode pushes him and it makes Gunner leave the ring. Jeff goes to hit Roode with the stroke, but Roode gets out of it. He then applies the cross face on Jeff. Just then, Gunner comes in and Roode applies the cross face to him. Gunner taps. Winner: Bobby Roode

The match ends, but Roode continues to attack Jeff. Immortal, Bully Ray and Scott Steiner, come down to the ring and attack Roode. James Storm runs down and helps his partner, but Immortal is too big as they assault James and Roode. Kurt Angle now comes to the ring. Jeff and Bully hold Roode up as Kurt is about to punch his lights out.....BUT, BUT, BUT.....Jeff Hardy's music hits and here he comes! He runs down the ramp and gets in the ring. He attacks Immortal as he stomps Bully Ray in the corner and then hits the Twist of Fate on Jeff Jarrett. Kurt leaves before getting attacked. Immortal backs away as Beer Money and Jeff Hardy are in the ring. James looks pretty angry to be associated with Jeff. Roode is quite dumbfounded. Jeff extends his hand to Roode. Roode looks around. James won't shake it, but Roode does. Jeff is about to leave, but James cuts of his path. Jeff can't leave. James stops him. Just then, Roode grabs one of Jeff's arm and James grabs the other and all three have their arms raised. Beer Money's music plays as the crowd does a huge pop.

There is a split screen as Sting is on one side and Hulk Hogan is on the other. They are walking to the entrance stage as their contract signing is next!


Jeff Hardy is backstage. He is talking about what he has done in the past couple of weeks. He then states how he attacked Eric Bischoff and then Immortal. Jeff Jarrett enters the camera shot and says Jeff Hardy is not welcome back into this company. Jeff J. has been here since Jeff H. has came in TNA. Double J says Jeff H better not be at Bound for Glory at all. Jeff H. leaves and Double J asks where he is going. Hardy says he is going to buy his ticket for Bound for Glory. Jarrett looks down as Hardy walks away.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He announces the upcoming contract situation. He introduces Hulk Hogan. Hogan's music hits and here comes the Immortal one. Hogan walks down the ramp as the fans boo. There are some who are cheering though. He gets in the ring and waits for his future opponent. Borash introduces Sting. His music plays and here comes the icon. Sting comes on stage still sporting his joke face paint while the crowd is going crazy. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Hogan and Sting sit down at the table in the ring. Borash is between them. He hands the contract to Hogan firs. Hogan slides it right over to Sting. Sting turns the pages and signs on the line. Borash then gives it to Hogan again. Hogan looks around. He grabs the pen and looks through the pages. He then signs on the line as the crowd chants, "Hogan Sucks!" Jeremy says it is official. It will be Hulk Hogan vs. Sting. Borash asks each if they have any final words. They just sit there. Just then, Hogan stands up and turns the table over. Hogan says he has something to say. He says he has watched Sting dance around Hogan, himself, for over 30 years. Hogan says Sting could have found Hogan anytime as he is not hard to find, but Sting chose to pick Hogan while he was at TNA to help the company. He says Sting dug down so low. Hogan was at peace with career, but Sting came along and ruined that moment. Hogan says Sting has the real Hulk Hogan now. Hogan tells Sting to be careful what he wishes for. Hogan's wrestling career is over, but for Sting to insult and embarrass him, Hogan is going all out for a real fight. One will walk out of the ring and one won't. Hogan says it will only be them two in the one else! Hogan and Sting then shake hands. Just then, Eric Bischoff comes on stage. Eric says he will finish Sting off after Bound for Glory if there is anything left. Just then, Hogan hits Sting in the back with a steel chair. He then attacks Sting in the corner as he chokes him with his bare hands and foot. Eric is on the stage laughing, smiling, and clapping. Hogan is beating Sting down as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. Hulk Hogan- Same as last week
3. Sting- Same as last week
4. Kurt Angle- New from last week
5. Daniels- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I have a lot of comments about this week's Impact Wrestling, and I am probably not the only one. This week's Impact Wrestling, in my mind, brought everything together. That is so appropriate given the upcoming PPV. While TNA, and even WWE, aren't always doing the best things right before one of their PPVs, I can say that TNA, and WWE, do a great job hyping and building their biggest PPV of the year. TNA had great booking this week. They had all of the stories on the show. They built each story up to the peak as the opponents will collide at Bound for Glory. TNA booked some amazing matches for the PPV. There is clearly something for everyone. If you like fast pace, you have the X-Division. If you like the knockouts, you have the Knockout Title match. If you like tag team, the TNA Tag Team Titles are on the line. There are also stipulation matches that will have weapons. There will be real wrestling as Kurt takes on Roode and there is classic style as Sting will face Hogan. While many aren't too happy or excited about that match, I am. The storyline is at it's peak. It is at the climax. This has been building for over a year. This time last year, we saw Immortal form. It's quite astonishing it's been a year already. Anyway, this show flowed from one story to the other. They also had videos that really hyped up the Kurt vs. Roode match. Overall, I felt like this was one show that really flowed more than any show recently. I can clearly state that this show beat Raw ten fold! Do not miss Bound for Glory as it looks to be historically amazing! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter right here.

Weekly Question: What do you think of this year's Bound for Glory match card?

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