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Impact Wrestling Results (9/15/11) - Sting's Immortality Finished: He's Gone?

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Impact Wrestling Results - 9/15/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off and it shows a video package from the No Surrender PPV as it's all about the Bound for Glory Series. It shows the four top stars. While it's an story tellinig video, the ending shows Bobby Roode winning the series as he will go on to fight for the TNA World Title. The video then switches to Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson match. Kurt won as Hogan was at his side!

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Ric Flair's music plays and here comes the Nature Boy! He comes on stage with his famous feathery coat. As he walks down the ramp, the crowd boos him. So Cal Val comes on the apron and sits on the second rope so Flair can get in. That's royalty! He then grabs a mic and stands in the middle of the ring. He calls out Sting. He says he is going to talk to him "one last time". He calls Sting "boy" as he says he can run, but can't hide! He is not hiding! Sting's music hits and here comes The Icon! He gets in the ring as the crowd is on fire. Sting grabs a mic and does his "Woooo". Ric says it will be Sting vs. God.....Franchise Icon vs. God. There will be one winner. Ric says he sworn to Hogan that he will beat Sting. Ric, 16 time World Champion, will make Sting go home. The only way he can get to Hogan is over Ric's dead body. Sting begins to talk and says Ric will die then tonight! Ric will die from the Stinger. He will hit Ric with everything.....he will make his life a living hell! He tells Ric to take his robe off now! Sting wants to go right now! Sting drops the mic and takes off his own robe. Sting grabs the mic that he dropped, but as soon as he begins to talk, security comes in and separates Sting and Flair. Flair has it his way once again. Sting's music hits, but Flair gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp.

The camera changes to backstage as Jeff Hardy comes through double doors as he appears once again on Impact Wrestling!


Jeff Hardy is shown backstage. He goes to say that he is extremely excited to come back. Jeff walks a little bit and then sits down. He recalls when he came back last week and what was going through his mind. He said that was his first step and now this is his second step and he is willing to make everything better for the stars and his family.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the first match-up! Mexican America comes on stage as they get a chorus of boos. They get in the ring and taunt while the Mexican Flag lowers from the rafters. Their opponents come out as it's Devon, Pope, Tara, and Ms. Tessmacher. Tara and Tessmacher kiss as they get in the ring.

Mexican America vs. Devon, Pope, Tara, and Ms. Tessmacher in a 8 Mixed Tag Team Match

Devon and Hernandez start the match off. They lock-up and Devon quickly applies a headlock. He gets thrown into the ropes. Hernandez goes for a shoulder block, and so does Devon and they both stand still. They then stare at each other and then Hernandez tells him to do it again. So, Devon runs into the ropes and he does knock Hernandez down this time. Hernandez gets up and he tags Anarquia. He comes in and Devon works on him. He tags Pope as Pope goes to the corner and drops down right on Anarquia's arm. Pope gets him up and his several strikes with his elbows. He then knocks him down and covers, but Anarquia kicks out. Pope gets distracted by Mexican America. Anarquia hits him from behind and Pope goes sailing into his opponent's corner. They work on him as Hernandez is tagged in. He and Anarquia do a double team as they wear him down even more. Pope comes back and both and Hernandez are down. Each go to their corner and tag in their partners. Devon is in control of Anarquia, but Pope and Hernandez come in. They collide. Devon and Pope clear the ring. Sarita and Rosita come in and try to low blow Devon and Pope, but it didn't work. Tessmacher and Tara come in and they toss Sarita and Rosita out. They then go to Devon's sons and try to flirt with them. They get in the ring from a tag and Pope and Devon pick them up and slam them down. They then tag in Tara and Tessmacher. They come in and spear Sarita and Rosita. As they get them back up, Sarita comes on top as she does a sitdown spinebuster for the win! Winners: Mexican America

Karen is backstage as she is looking at a huge poster of her. She turns around and Traci Brooks is behind her. Karen asks her where she is as she was suppose to be there 5 minutes ago. Traci says she hates Karen. Karen says she should be glad she classed up this place. She then calls Traci a cow and tells her to cover herself up. Traci goes to insult Karen, but Karen tells her to get all of the knockouts and bring them back in 5 minutes. Traci leaves. Karen says she has done so much for them and they are so ungrateful!


Karen is backstage with all of the knockouts. Madison Rayne quickly turns to Karen and says she loves what she did with the place. Karen thanks her as she fells alittle grateful now. Karen turns to Mickie and says she is done. She says Mickie won't get another title shot. Karen announces a tournament as the winner will compete against Winter at Bound for Glory. Madison keeps praising Karen. Madison yells at the other knockouts to stop talking. Madison is doing the teacher's pet mode!

AJ Styles, Daniels, James Storm, and Kazarian are in the ring. AJ is on the mic as he wants to introduce the winner of the Bound for Glory Series winner and the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title! Bobby Roode's music hits (Beer Money's theme). He comes out and the crowd cheers. Fortune points to him and claps for him as he deserves it. Roode comes into the ring and goes to each person in it with handshakes and hugs. AJ starts again and says it's a privilege of what Roode did on Sunday. He beat almost a dozen stars in the series to become the winner. AJ says Roode earns the right to face Kurt for the title. There is no doubt in AJ's mind or anyone's mind for Bobby to become the next world champ! Daniels gets on the mic now. Daniels says he has done a lot of things in his career. He brings up beating AJ Styles a couple weeks ago. Daniels knows how he feels. He says Roode's last match was inspiring. It was just as inspiring as Daniels beating Styles. Roode has one more jump though and that's his match at Bound for Glory. Everyone believes in him, but Roode has to believe in himself.....just as much belief he had to beat AJ! Kazarian now gets on the mic. He says they all made a pact. They said they are a family. Kaz says no one built this company more than Fortune. Roode accomplished his goal from blood, sweat, and tears. Kaz says Roode is the only one who deserves to be world champion! James finally gets on the mic. James says Roode is one-half of Beer Money and the future TNA World Champion! James says TNA didn't know what to do with both of them, so they put them together and it worked. James remembers all of the bad times for Roode, but it all comes down to the match with Kurt. James says he wishes it was him, but he is sure glad that it's Bobby. He said he had this big speech, but he wants wrestling. He thought Roode was going to cry too. He then states, "Kurt, sorry about your damn luck!".

Just then, Kurt Angle's music hits and here comes the only olympic gold medalist in wrestling history! Kurt comes to the ring with the World Title over his shoulder. He smiles the entire time. Kurt states that they are all right. Roode did everything for himself. He won even with an injury. Kurt wonders why they are all together for. He says that stuff only happens in movies. He asks if they aren't envious of Roode right now. He knows they want to be in the main event for the TNA World Title. He goes to each and calls them out, but they shake their head no. He says they are all there for one reason....the title! He says he is going to tell Roode what they really feel. He says they feel jealous. Since Kurt is part of Bischoff and Hogan, he was able to book Roode in matches leading up to the PPV. He says the matches will be against Fortune. Kurt tells Fortune that they can lay down for Roode, but they know the company will not like that. If they beat Roode, then they will be on top after Bound for Glory. Kurt reveals that Kazarian is the first one to go against Roode! Kazarian is shocked. Kurt's music hits and he walks backwards up the ramp.


Eric Bischoff is in his office as he is on the phone. He says Kurt is right there beside him, so he will tell him. He gets off the phone and tells Kurt thought of a brilliant idea with Roode going against Kazarian and other members of Fortune. Eric loves it. Kurt says thank you as he is very pleased.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the next match. Angelina Love comes down the ramp as Winter is behind her. After her, Velvet Sky comes out as the crowd pops.

Angelina Love (w/ Winter) vs. Velvet Sky in the Knockout Tournament

As Sky was going through the ropes with her "let the pigeon loose campaign", Love kicks her and she falls right down on the floor mat. The bell rings and Love goes out and gets Sky. She brings Sky in and continues to work on her. She throws Sky in the ropes. Love bends over for a back body drop, but Sky kicks her right in the chest. Sky then does a bull dog and Love rolls out of the ring to recover. Winter checks on her.


The show returns and Love did a pin attempt, but it shows that Sky kicks out at two. Love gets up and drops elbows right on the lower back of Sky. She gets Sky up and puts her head first into the corner. She then stomps right to the chest of Sky. Sky goes down more and more until she is sitting on the mat. Love walks away and then goes back to her. Sky kicks her in the gut and rolls over her. Love gets her down again as she applies a headlock. Sky gets up and drops her down as she turns it into a chin breaker. Sky runs into the ropes, but Winter hooks the leg of Sky and she falls face first to the mat. Love comes back as she chokes Sky on the middle rope. As she turns to the referee, Winter helps out with that loss of breath type move. Love gets Sky down and does a headlock again. Sky gets up and elbows Love in the gut. Just when Sky got out of the hold, my television went out. After it came back on, Love has Sky down and calls for Winter. Winter comes on the apron as Love is holding Sky from behind. Winter swings the Knockout's Title, but Sky ducked and Winter hit Love right in the face. Sky covers Love and gets the win. Winner: Velvet Sky

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage as he meets up with AJ Styles who is in the locker room. AJ says this isn't the right rime. He says he can't understand it. AJ says he been around in this company for 9 years. He worked so hard. Then, in one night, Jeff Hardy ruins it all at a PPV. AJ says Jeff is taking money away from him and his family. AJ says he doesn't drink or do drugs. AJ says there isn't any time that should allow him to be around Jeff. AJ turns around while Jeff lowers his head and walks away.


Ric Flair is backstage and meets up with Hulk Hogan. He asks Hogan where he has been as he will be facing Sting soon. Hogan says this is the biggest night for these two for quite some time. Hogan tells Ric that they have to be on the same page. Hogan says if it doesn't work out, he has plan B. As they walk together, Sting comes behind them. He puts his head between them and says he wants to know plan B. Hogan tells him to get out of here. Sting's joker side comes to full affect. He leaves. Ric tells Hogan there can't be any plan A or B. Hogan says that they will annihilate Sting tonight!

Mike Tenay and Taz are on camera as they are interviewing Crimson from satellite. Crimson says he was in the lead for the series as he was going and suppose to win, but Joe attacked and injured him, so he had to be taken out. Crimson says he will be back in two weeks. He says that Joe just made it personal between them.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Samoa Joe's song plays as he comes out to the ring. After, Matt Morgan comes out as the crowd lights up. He comes down the ramp and into the ring. As Matt gets in the ring, Joe gets out.

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan in a Submission Match

Matt turns his back to Joe, which makes Joe come in and attack Matt from behind. He puts Matt in the corner and attacks him. Matt then grabs Joe, puts him in the same corner and does his own strikes with punches, elbows and then runs into him like a train as Joe was sitting. They get up and Matt continues the assault, but Joe comes back as he does a spinning heel kick to Matt's knees and it takes Matt right down. Joe goes to apply a rear naked choke, but Matt gets to the ropes. Joe continues to punish him as he stomps on Matt's leg. He then slaps Matt around and puts on the rear naked choke! Matt quickly goes to the ropes again to break it. Matt fights back with punches to the gut and head. He then knocks Joe down twice with huge punches. He whips Joe in the corner and does a huge closeline. Matt gets him up and whips him in the corner and then hits a side walk slam. Both get up and Joe tries for a belly to belly suplex, but Matt lifts Joe up and drops him down. He then goes for a submission type move as he wrenches Joe's arm over his head. Joe uses his feet to get to the ropes. Matt goes for the carbon footprint when both are standing. Joe side steps. He goes for a kick in the gut, but Matt blocks it. He goes for a chokeslam, but Joe grabs the referee. He then picks Matt up and drops him down on his gut. He then twists Matt's leg with a figure four leg lock type submission. Matt had to tap! Winner: Samoa Joe


Kazarian is getting ready in his locker room. Kurt Angle knocks on the open door and asks if Kaz is ready. Kurt comes into the room and asks Kaz how many World Title shots he had. Kurt says Kaz knows what he has to do if he wants a shot. Kurt gets up from sitting and leaves.

Devon is talking to Jeff Hardy backstage. Devon says he knows Jeff for years. He says he has been there for Jeff. He relieves the past with their time spent together and all of their matches. Devon knows the Jeff Hardy that can be clean and the best at what he does. Devon says he needs Jeff to be straight in his head. Devon isn't going to turn his back to Jeff. He will grab Jeff by the neck and put his head through the wall to help him. He asks if he understands and Jeff says he does. Devon says if he fails one more time, it will be over and Jeff knows that. Devon says he has Jeff's back. Jeff says thanks and both go their separate ways.


Christy Hemms is in the ring once again as she introduces Kazarian. His music plays as he comes down the ramp. After he is all set, Bobby Roode comes on stage. He raises his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He walks again as he gets in the ring.

Kazarian vs. Bobby Roode

The bell sounds and both shake hands in the middle of the ring. They then lock-up and Kazarian does a quick arm lock, but Roode twists around and applies one of his own. Kazarian then does a headlock, but Roode gets out of it. They go back and forth and then stop as they are pretty much even. They lock-up again and Roode takes Kaz down to the mat with a front headlock. Both get up and Kaz goes for a armlock, but Roode twists him over and he goes across the ring. He gets up and Kaz goes after Roode. He knocks Roode down and goes for a springboard leg drop, bur Roode moves. Kaz gets up and to the corner and jumps from it, but Roode catches him and goes for a northern lights suplex. Roode gets to his feet while Kaz sits on the mat as he is getting pretty upset. They lock-up once more, but Kaz puts Roode in the corner this time and does multiple punches to the face. Roode isn't liking that so much as Roode punches Kaz and then closelines him out of the ring. Kaz is down as the referee is counting. Roode gets out of the ring and helps Kaz up. Kaz pushes Roode away, but Roode does a push back. Kaz then hits Roode and then slides him in the ring. Kaz jumps over the ropes with a leg drop. He goes for a cover, but got a two. Kazarian then does a gutwrench suplex and covers, but Roode kicks out. Kaz continues to be on the offensive as he applies a front headlock type move. He gets Roode up and whips him in the corner. Roode comes out and closelines Kaz to the mat. Kaz gets up and Roode back body drops him down. Roode goes to the second rope and jumps to Kaz as he gets back on his feet. Roode does a flying neckbreaker. He covers, but Kaz kicks out. Both get up and Kaz comes back as he tries for a reverse piledriver, but Roode gets out of it. Both get up and Roode goes behind Kazarian and locks in the crossface. Kazarian had no choice but to tap! Winner: Bobby Roode

Kurt Angle is shown as he is watching it from backstage. He is shaking his head as he isn't happy at all. The camera is in the ring again as Kaz gets up. Roode and Kaz shake hands and hug. Kaz tells Roode that he is ready. Kaz leaves the ring and Roode stays in the ring from his victory.


As Impact Wrestling returns, a video package plays hyping up the movie "Warrior" that is in theaters now as Kurt Angle is one of the actors. He is interviewed saying it's the best movie he has seen in years and years! Check it out!

Kaz and Bobby Roode are backstage. Kaz says it got physical out there, but Kaz says he wrestled the future world champion. He knows Roode is ready. They shake hands again. Roode says he has been waiting for 13 years. He respects Kaz like non-other.

A video plays showing Austin Aries in an interview. He says that he will be in action next week for his first X-Division Title defense.

Jerry Lynn and Bully Ray are backstage. Lynn says he DQed RVD for weeks and he didn't get the picture because his mind is too full of smoke. Bully comes on camera and says he isn't much against Rob, but more against Anderson as he will finally end it. Jerry gets back on and says he is going to knock Rob's head off. They then talk back and forth describing how they are going to do that as the camera cuts to the ring.

Ric Flair's music hits and here he comes! The crowd boos again as he makes his way to the ring. After he is in the ring, Sting's music plays! Sting comes out as he gets a huge reaction. He comes down the ramp and into the ring! These two are fighting again.....the last possible match they had together was the last show of WCW Nitro! It's history in the making! It's blast from the past!

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he is announcing the main event match for this show!

Nature Boy: Ric Flair vs. The Icon: Sting - If Ric Wins, Sting Has To Retire, If Sting Wins, He Will Face Hogan

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. They bounce off the ropes and then lock-up. Sting pushes Ric black and he flips and flops on the mat. Ric gets up and they lock-up again. Sting applies a headlock, but Ric pushes him in the ropes. Sting hits him with a shoulder block and Ric falls to the mat. Ric gets back up and both stare at each other. The crowd chants "Let's Go Sting". They lock-up again and Ric goes after the arm of Sting. He then drops Sting down on his knee, but Sting just pops right up and pushes Ric in the corner. Sting backs away. Ric does his famous "Wooooo". They go toward each other again and Sting works on the arm of Ric, but Ric drops and trips Sting. Ric goes to work on Sting's head, but Sting reverses and works on the arm of Ric. Ric uses the ropes to get out of the hold. They both get up from squirming around on the mat. They start to slap each other in the face.....but Sting hits Ric hard enough to make him fall on his back!


Sting has Flair backed in the corner as he does punches right to Ric. Ric then turns it around and whips Sting in the opposing corner. Ric goes to him and pushes him away as Ric climbs to the top rope. Sting gets up and throws Ric across the ring! Ric bounces off the mat and then goes to the outside. Sting goes outside and Ric gets up and kicks Sting in the gut. He whips Sting into the guard rail.....but Sting comes back and closelines Ric down. He gets Ric up and brings him in the ring and then puts him in the corner. He does 9-10 punches or chops. Sting turns to Earl Hebner and talks to him. Well Ric directly low blows Sting. Ric comes back and does several knife edge chops to Sting. Sting isn't feeling much as he backs Ric in the corner and hits several more punches. He then whips Ric in the opposing side and goes for the big splash, but Ric moves. Sting bounces out of the corner. Ric does the chop block and then capitalizes with the figure four leg lock! Sting is right in the middle of the ring. Ric holds the ropes as Earl is watching Sting. Sting puts his shoulders on the mat and Earl counts, but Sting has to quickly take them off. It's still locked in! Just then, Sting is getting the energy from the crowd. He shows his joker face and turns the submission move over and the pain goes directly to Ric. Ric releases the hold finally. Both get up to their feet. Ric kicks Sting's knee from behind and Sting falls to the mat. Ric gets him up and Sting is limping. He puts him in the corner and Ric works on the leg and does several knife edge chops as the corwd "Woooos". Sting comes out of the corner and tells him to chop harder. Ric whips him in the ropes and goes for another chop, but Sting is getting the power again. Ric then pokes the eyes of Sting. Ric turns and climbs up the corner, but Sting follows and......OH MY.....a superplex!! As Sting is about to cover, Immortal enters the ring. They go after Sting, but Sting attacks them. Bully Ray then comes from behind with a steel chair, but Mr. Anderson runs down and chases Bully away. As this happens, Hogan goes to Ric and hands him brass knuckles. Ric hits Sting with them right in the face. He covers, but Sting kicks out!!!!! They get up and Ric tries to chop Sting, but there isn't any affect. Sting whips Ric in the corner and does the big splash!!!! Ric falls to the mat after several footsteps. Sting locks in the scorpion death lock as he stares right in the eyes of Hogan. Ric taps!!!!! Sting gets what he wants....he gets Hogan!!! Winner: Sting

The two stare at each other as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Sting- Up from last week
2. Bobby Roode- New from last week
3. Mexican America- New from last week
4. Ric Flair- New from last week
5. Samoa Joe- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

While last week's rating dropped for Impact Wrestling, I certainly hope this week's is a bit better. It's coming off an interesting PPV, No Surrender, and now leading up to Bound for Glory. This is the time in TNA where the top rivalries will be taking place for the top matches for the top show. This week's Impact really seemed to be about wrestling tonight. We had quite a few matches, they all had a variety, and they all were passable. The show also mixed with backstage segments and interviews. There is a lot of emphasis on the current stories, so it's a must to have segments. The whole thing with Roode was interesting and enjoyable. With what they came up with him (going against Fortune), I have to say it's pretty clever. I like the idea as we can see some pretty good matches. Another big thing that happened was Samoa Joe winning! He finally won a match after months of loosing! It's great to see him in the ring and actually doing something. I hope this is a start to a great push. Roode vs. Joe in the future would be great! Lastly, Ric Flair vs. Sting! I was actually honored to write that match. While some say they are old and everything else people would say.....the match was actually good! It was a back and forth battle. It was not a short match or anything. I really liked the match.....except for the ending. I didn't like Immortal interfering, but it set up for Anderson and Bully for next week. Sting came out on top and now we will see Hogan vs. Sting. While most people will not like that, I actually am pretty interested in it. It brings me back to WCW (While never watched WCW when it was on, I seen footage and know of the past). Was Ric vs. Sting better now or on the last show of WCW Nitro? Pretty interesting question. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter here!

Weekly Question: What are your thoughts and your reaction to Bobby Roode becoming #1 Contender for the TNA World Title?

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