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Impact Wrestling Taping Results (10/27) *Spoilers*

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TNA taped next week's edition of Impact Wrestling tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Below are full taping results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing 10/27 on Spike TV):

* The show opens with new World Heavyweight Champion James Storm coming out. He has a new entrance video and entrance music. He says that growing up he did all kinds of things that would make his dad proud. He wishes he was here to see the success. Growing up the 3 big past times were drinking beer, watching wrestling and drinking beer. Well Dad, this one is for you. Storm then says he has some guys he'd like to thank and bring out here.

Fortune makes their way to the ring and congratulate Storm on the win. He says he couldn't have made it to where he is without these guys. He thinks Roode was screwed and because of that he wants to give his first title defense out to Bobby Roode. Samoa Joe's music hits and he comes out to the ring. He says why should Roode get the first title shot when he just blew it. Joe is a former world champion. He should get that next shot. Is Storm going to just start giving his title shots out to his friends? Is AJ next after Roode, then Kazarian?

Storm says Roode will get it because he's earned that shot. Joe argues that he has as well. Sting comes out and says he'll help them make their minds up. Tonight in the main event, to decide who the #1 contender is, it will be Bobby Roode vs Samoa Joe.

* Christopher Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam. Winner via DQ, RVD

* Eric Bischoff comes to the ring. He says Garrett is making this harder than he needs it to be. He wants him to come to the ring now. Garrett Bischoff comes out and joins his father in the ring. Eric says that since Garrett was 4, he's been bringing him to work with him at places like the AWA studios so he can learn the business. He knew that one day he'd have to depend on him and needed him to learn. Garrett has probably learned more by accident about the business than most people do in their lives.

After all that, this is how he repays him? He demands that Garrett apologize to him for the way he treated him. Garrett tries to talk and say he didn't mean for this to be this way but Eric cuts him off. He says all he wants is an apology so he's going to give him some time to think about this. Later on tonight he wants an apology from Garrett.

* Backstage, Ric Flair approaches Garrett. He says he's a punk and that he needs to be a man. This is the wrestling business and you need to man up and not be a snot nosed punk like he is. He wants to hear him apologize to his father later or Flair is going to make him sorry. He tells him to shutup and listen to him. He's going to go out there later, apologize and make this right or he'll have Flair to deal with.

* Gail Kim, Karen Jarrett, Madison Rayne and Traci Brooks come to the ring. Gail says she's been getting emails, Facebook messages and Tweets asking "Why?" Why would you come back and give a concussion to Velvet and align with Karen Jarrett? Why would she do the things she's done. The answer is, it's none of your business. She'll do what she wants to do and doesn't care about the fans. The fans don't put money in her pocket, she's the one who gets the money. She'll do what she wants, when she wants to.

* Gail Kim vs. Tara Winner via Eat Defeat, Gail Kim

* TNA TV Championship Match, Robbie E w/Rob Terry vs. Eric Young. Winner via Crucifix, Eric Young. Robbie and Terry beat EY down afterwards so EY said next week he's bringing in Jersey Shore's Ronnie for protection.

* Jeff Jarrett comes out and demand Jeff Hardy come out. He throws his shirt off and is ready for a fight. Jeff Hardy comes to the ring and immediately they begin brawling. Security and referees come in separate the two but they keep breaking free. Bully Ray sneaks down and attacks Hardy from behind. Jarrett and Ray beat up on Hardy and then demands that one of the refs call for the bell and this be a match.

* Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray. Winner via Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy

* Main event for #1 Contendership to the TNA Championship, Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode. Winner via Fisherman Suplex, Bobby Roode

* Eric Bischoff comes out and says he wants Garrett out here right now to apologize. Garrett Bischoff comes back out and says he's not going to apologize. Ric Flair comes out to the ring and is furious. He shoves Garrett around and tells him to apologize. He says apologize right now or I'm going to kick your a--. He throws his jacket down and shoves Garrett some more. APOLOGIZE! RIGHT NOW!

Flair shoves Garrett again who hits the ropes and comes with a forearm and knocks Flair down! Garrett is fired up but Flair hits him with a low blow from the front while Eric hits him with one from the back. Flair begins a massive beat down on Garrett and gives him several chops in the corner, punches, kicks, stomps and at one point just grabs Garrett and slaps his chest over and over and over again.


* Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Tessmacher. Winner via schoolgirl, Madison Rayne

* Rob Terry w/Robbie E vs. Eric Young. Winner via crucifix, Eric Young

* Gunner vs. Kazarian. Winner via blocked sunset flip while holding the ropes, Gunner

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