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Impact Wrestling Taping Results (1/12) & (1/19) *Spoilers*

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.

TNA taped this week's Impact Wrestling and part of next week's show tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Below are full results written by Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks:

Impact Wrestling (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* In a Steel Cage Match, Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne with the Mickie-DT. Gail Kim entered with Madison but went to the back.

* TNA Champion Champion Bobby Roode came to the ring in a suit. He says after his dominant and one sided affair, he has become the most dominant world champion in the history of the company and says he is simply the greatest. He says people keep getting lined up and he keeps knocking them down, like James Storm, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy. He gives credit to Hardy to the way he has turned his life around and says it almost brings a tear to his eye...almost. Crowd chants "we want Jeff" and Roode says he wants Jeff too and calls Hardy out to accept his defeat and shake the hand of the world champion. Sting's music hits and he comes to the ring. Sting comes out and says that he is the boss. Sting calls out Roode for his method of retaining the title and says tonight he will defend the title against Jeff Hardy.

* In a non-title match, Matt Morgan & Crimson defeated TV Champion Robbie E & Robbie T when Morgan and Crimson hit a double chokeslam on Robbie E. After the match, Samoa Joe & Magnus attacked and beat up Morgan and Crimson, including hitting their enzugiri/elbow drop combo on Morgan.

* Eric Bischoff came to the ring to talk about Garett Bischoff. He says Garett thinks he is now a wrestler, which Eric says is not so. Eric compares his dreams to Van Halen and Slash, saying how they had dreams and they make you think you can do that too, much like how Eric has done successfully. Eric says in his path of success, he has scorched the Earth behind him. Eric tells him to give up his dreams. Garett comes out, Garett tells him that just because Eric burned all of his bridges, it doesn't mean Garett will. Garett is proud to be here and learn from the best like Sting/Storm/AJ/Hardy. Garett mentioned as well that he has a new trainer. He then grabbed Eric by his shirt and pushed him to the corner before letting go and leaving.

* ODB w/Eric Young defeated Winter w/Angelina Love via TKO. There was some involvement from EY and Angelina, including an airplane spin by EY on Angelina.

* AJ Styles comes to the ring and calls out Kazarian to the ring. Kazarian comes out and takes a mic. AJ says out of everyone, he did not expect Kazarian to turn on him. He asks Kazarian why. Kazarian says he can't tell him why. Christopher Daniels comes out saying he can. He says as the new face of Impact Wrestling, allow him to solve the mystery. He says Frankie sees AJ for what he is: a lost cause. Ever since Daniels beat AJ, he has seen AJ lose match after match. Kazarian stops Daniels from speaking and goes to the back. Daniels turns to him and AJ throws his mic at Daniels neck. AJ attacks him, but Kazarian comes back and pulls Daniels from the ring and they go to the back.

* James Storm comes out in his ring gear. He said that things are getting sketchy around here and he said that if he has a problem he will say it to their face and he calls out Kurt Angle. Angle comes out and takes a mic. He goes to speak but Storm knocks the mic out of his hands. Storm calls out Angle for taking the low road, but he would not expect any less. He is what Storm's daughter would call a cheater. He says Angle can claim that Storm did not beat him twice in a row, but the record books say Storm beat him for the world title in record time. Storm says to Angle how about setting another record by taking the fastest superkick ever that Angle will swallow his teeth and poop them out. Angle says he is not in his ring gear and that he would not give a rematch anyway. Angle says he is onto bigger and better things and that is the World Championship. Sting comes out and addresses the Bobby Roode/Jeff Hardy match and says if Roode cheats, the title will change hands. Sting says that Angle and Storm will wrestle and the winner faces the winner of Roode and Hardy. Angle says he is not prepared to wrestle. Sting says too bad, because the match is happening right after this commercial break. Angle runs to the back.

* In a number one contender's match, James Storm defeated Kurt Angle via a chestblower/Superkick combination. The bell rang before Angle got in the ring and the ref went to count out Angle. Angle ran to the ring still putting on his gear leading to the match being underway. Match went about as long as the pay-per-view match. Angle at one point grabbed Storm's beer bottle and spat beer in Angle's face when he was not looking.

* In the TNA Championship match, Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy went to a no contest when Bully Ray ran out and pulled the referee out of the ring after Hardy hit a Swanton on Roode. No winner was addressed.

Impact Wrestling (Airing January 19th on Spike TV):

* Gunner w/Ric Flair defeated AJ Styles following some Kazarian/Christopher Daniels interference and Gunner DDted AJ for the victory. After, Gunner went to DDT AJ on the concrete, but AJ got out of it and grabbed a chair.

* Crimson defeated Magnus via Red Sky. After, Samoa Joe attacked Crimson. Morgan came out for the save, but to no avail. Joe and Magnus hit their Enzugiri/Elbow combo on Morgan.

* James Storm comes out and says he is finally getting what he has deserved and that is a title shot. He says he and Bobby Roode have been here since day one and that he showed Kurt Angle how it's done. He tells Roode sorry about your damn luck and goes to leave, but Jeff Hardy comes to the ring. Hardy says that if anyone deserves one more final encounter, it is Hardy after got screwed by Bully Ray. Storm then says that he got screwed over first and that if there is anyone who deserved a shot at Roode at Against All Odds, it is him. Security comes out to get in-between the two and Roode comes out as well. Roode says Storm knows the stipulation was for the #1 contendership was for the winner of Hardy and Roode, and because there was no winner, there is no #1 contender. He then turns to Hardy and says that he has beaten him twice, so Hardy isn't getting a shot either. Sting comes out and tells security to leave since everything under control. He says Roode will defend his title at Against All Odds and that tonight, we will have a match between Jeff Hardy and James Storm for the #1 contendership.


* Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love w/Winter via DDT.

* Jesse Sorensen defeated Zema Ion via Shooting Star Press.

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