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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Orlando, Florida (5/3)

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA taped this week's Impact Wrestling tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks for sending in the following results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* Ric Flair comes to the ring and calls out Hulk Hogan. They discuss various topics from Eric Bischoff to Hogan being GM, to even Flair saying that before either of them go to their grave, he wants to have a match with Hogan one more time, which Hogan is not opposed to.

* Brooke Tessmacher & Velvet Sky beat Gail Kim & Madison Rayne when Brooke pinned Gail.

* Rob Van Dam came out for a promo. He said he didn't need an introduction, said he was still Mr. Monday Night and Mr. PPV and that at Sacrifice he would take back the title that he never lost. Bobby Roode came out and put over his own accolades, including saying that RVD would be added to the list of opponents that Roode has overcome. Roode announced that he picked Jeff Hardy to face Rob Van Dam later tonight and RVD announced that he picked Mr. Anderson to face Roode.

* In a TV Title Match, Devon defeated Robbie T by DQ when Robbie E went in the ring and smashed the clipboard over Devon's head.

* For the TNA Gut Check, Ric Flair, Bruce Pritchard, and Al Snow came down to the ring. Al Snow put over the accolades of all three then brought Alex Silva to the ring. The ring was setup with a spotlight on the ring, giving it a bit of a game-show type look. Flair, Pritchard, and Snow all said their peace on Silva's performance last week and said that 2/3 of them at the end had to say yes in order for Alex to receive a contract with Impact Wrestling. Flair and Bruce initially were leaning towards no, but Snow said that Silva had one more opportunity via taking the microphone for 30 seconds and speaking to sell himself to the three of them. Silva at first spoke, but Flair made him restart due to the fact that Flair felt he was talking to the audience and not the three of them. Alex said how this is what he has dreamed of, how he has the heart and soul for professional wrestling, and how this is something that he always wanted to do for his father. Both Bruce and Flair changed their tune after this Alex Silva ended up with a contract..

* Rob Van Dam defeated Bobby Roode's handpicked opponent Jeff Hardy. Bobby Roode came out to attempt to distract Rob Van Dam but to no avail.

* Bully Ray came out with Jeremy Borash and threw him in the ring. He taunted Borash and got in his face until Austin Aries came out. Austin said that the only thing Ray can criticize him of is his size and points out how Ray has said that he has taken craps bigger than Austin and has eaten chicken wings bigger than him. Austin says he does not doubt that because Ray is a fatass, mentioning how he even used to go by the name of Bubba. Ray got in his face and said that Austin wouldn't do anything despite what Ray does. Ray ends up spitting in Austin's face and continues to taunt him until Aries snaps and lays into Ray with punches. Security comes out to attempt to break them up, but A Double lays out the security as well until Ray runs up and boots Aries in the face before leaving.

* AJ StylesSamoa Joe & Magnus defeated Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian when AJ hit the Styles Clash on Kazarian. Angle had AJ in the Ankle Lock and AJ looked like he was going to tap until Kazarian made a blind tag, which ended up being the downfall and led to AJ pinning him. After the match, Kurt Angle got into both Kazarian and Daniels's faces. Chris grabbed a mic and said that he had something to say, but to AJ, as Kurt left. He reminded that both he and Kazarian know his secret and that at next week's Impact, both he and Kazarian will reveal it unless AJ decides to come out and reveal it himself.

* They did a brief re-tape where Aries and Ray brawled back to the ring, only this time, security held Aries back in the ring and Ray ran up and kicked Aries below the belt.

* In a No DQ Match, TNA Champion Bobby Roode beat Mr. Anderson with a Payoff. Hardy attempted to get involved with a chair to save Anderson during the match, but Roode overcame it. After the match, Roode attacked Hardy and Anderson with the chair until RVD ran down and chased Roode off. RVD attended to the two of them and then Roode came back and laid out RVD with the chair.

NOTE: I don't know why it was made No DQ. I'd assume it was in a backstage segment, unless I missed it being mentioned in the RVD/Roode promo.


* Jeremy Borash and Pat Kenney (Simon Diamond) were the commentary team for Xplosion.

* Crimson beat Douglas Williams with the Red Sky.

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