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Impact Wrestling Taping Results For July 2015

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings on Friday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

The following results are reported as best predicted for how things may air. With so much being taped and many things being out of order, it is difficult to say.


Match 1) Grado defeated DJ Z via School Boy.

Impact Wrestling: 7/15/15

Match 1) For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Kurt Angle defeated Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus via DQ when EC3 punched Brian Hebner. Stiffler and Earl ran down and Stiffler called for a DQ. EC3 hid from Angle in the crowd as the refs held Angle back.

After, EC3 took a mic and sat in the ring. He said he got out of that one. Now for the cherry on top of the sundae, after the longest absence his heart could handle, he is proud to announce the return of Dixie Carter. She came to the ring. EC3 said she wants to celebrate this and comments on how he held down the fort in her absence and won the championship. He said they should celebrate that she gave the wrestling world the greatest gift she could: EC3. He beat Sting, Bully Ray, and Kurt Angle and commented on how now he has control now. Dixie cut him off and said she has not been on TV in a year and how she broke her neck last time. She says she was a monster and she does not recognize that person. She lied and manipulated and hurt these people. Now EC3 is out of control. She says he has been lying for weeks. EC3 says that they are Carters: the world needs them. Dixie says this company does not belong to either of them: it belongs to the fans who have supported him. She can't change the past, but the only thing she can do is make sure her mistakes are not repeated. He earned this title but now he must defend it based on his skill and not his last name. She calls what he has done tonight an embarrassment, but he is right about one thing: someone does need to be in charge. Someone needs to deal with all of the hard choices and make sure this is the best company on the planet and she has the exact person for the job: it is not her or Ethan. She leaves the ring.

Impact Wrestling: 7/22/15

They had the entire roster surrounding the ring including production. Dixie reminded how she went through a table and remembers how the fans cheered. In that moment, how did things get to that point. She realized it was all her fault and it was because of her ego. She let down the fans and she apologizes for what she did to the roster and to the fans of the company. She regrets a lot of stuff but breaking her back was not one of them. It gave her perspective and respect for the industry. She sees the scars that the roster has earned and everything they have given the company. She wants this to be a new chapter in TNA including the future which she says is really bright. When she talks about the future it is easy to doubt and it is easy to be fearful of promises that she makes. She calls them the best roster on the planet and she will do everything in her power to not let them down. She decided to bring in someone who truly does understand them all, but EC3's music hits and he comes to the ramp. He says they are blood and demands to know who it is. Dixie says she loves him but she had to make this decision but she has to meet the man who is the law: Bully Ray's music hits and he walks out in jeans and leather jacket.

He gets in the ring and thanks the reception the fans gave him. He said they are probably shocked to see them in the same ring together. He said a couple weeks ago Jarrett came out here and talked about declining TNA's phone calls. A couple days ago his phone rang: it said Dixie. He broke her back and she still wanted to fall him. He picked it up because he wanted to hear what she said. The first thing he heard was "I'm sorry." He was stunned and she said it again and he had asked what she's sorry for. Her answer was she was sorry she let everybody down between the locker room and to the fans. He started to believe her. He realized what she has done to affect everyone's life in this arena and for the first time, Dixie sounded legitimate to him. He is extremely happy to be back in front of wrestling fans. He is happy to be around the best locker room in the world but he is also angry with her and he has been for a long time. If he were to come back, it would not because of her or himself but for the fans and for all of the roster on the floor. He doesn't like them being all in the floor right now and invites them all into the apron. He said he was in ECW for five years, WWE for six, and TNA for almost nine and by some standards that would make him a TNA guy. That means he gets to share this ring with all of them and he is proud to be a TNA guy. He addresses Kurt Angle and calls him the best wrestler on the planet bar none. He points at Matt a Hardy and calls the Hardy's one of the best teams they will ever see in their lives. He points at Eric Young and says there is likely no better entertainer in the business. He addresses Velvet Sky and said she is just hot. He address Earl she net and said he is like 107 but he still referees. The point he is trying to make is every person here cares about the company even the production despite everything Dixie has put them through. She came clean and it is good enough for him but it needs to be good enough for the fans and asks if they want him brought in to bring TNA back to the promised land. They cheer and he says he will shake her hand and take the position. Ray says let's have a great wrestling show. He says every single title will be defended tonight, even the world Championship. He has not forgotten EC3: he will defend tonight. He will do it against the winner of a 20-man battle royal that starts right now. He ignites a loud TNA Chant.

Match 1) Drew Galloway won a 20 Man Battle Royal. The match at least included Bram, Eric Young, Austin Aries, Jessie Godderz, Micah, Hernandez, Magnus, MVP, Mandrews, Shark Boy, Norv Fernum, Chris Melendez, Crazzy Steve, Abyss, Manik, Khoya, Robbie E, and James Storm.

The final 3 were MVP, Eric Young, and Drew Galloway with Drew last eliminating EY after EY eliminated MVP.

Match 2) For the TNA Knockout's Championship, Brooke defeated Marti Belle w/Taryn Terrell & Jade.
The lights went out and Gail Kim's new music and screen hit. She wasn't out though. Brooke hit Marti with the X Factor to win.

James Storm came to the ring. He said he based the principle of the Revolution of one thing: to guide the misguided. The people here are what is wrong with society. They would rather be on their phones instead of spending time with their family or texting instead of calling. He wants to show the people the light. He took one man that came from nothing and gave him everything. He failed over and over again. Now those who fail him will pay the ultimate price and will pay for their mistakes. He calls out Khoya. Khoya comes to the ring. Storm slaps him and says he is just like these people here. He took him from that crap country and made him something. He slaps him again and eggs him on asking if he wants to go back. He smacks him several times. He says genus like each one of the stupid people in this crowd. Khoya ripped his Revolution shirt and gave Storm the Sky High. He said his name is not Khoya and says his own name. He says Storm will never touch him again or slap him again. Storm freaked out and smashed the Revolution stick into the mat until a piece of it actually flew into the crowd.

Match 3) For the TNA Tag Team Championship, The Wolves defeated Kenny King and Hernandez when they hit a Powerbomb Lungblower on King.
MVP got thrown out in the initial stages of the match.

It's possible that the Tigre Uno match taped yesterday may air during this show if the X Division Title is supposed to be defended, especially if Tigre is hurt.

Match 4) For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus defeated Drew Galloway.
- Eli Drake came out on crutches to ringside.
- The ref got taken out and EC3 low blowed Drew. Tyrus got in the ring as did Eli. Eli got between Tyrus and Drew. He moved behind Drew and hit him with a crutch turning heel. EC3 picked up the limp Drew and hit the One Percenter to win and retain the championship as Drake stood on the ramp. He gave EC3 a pat on the shoulder as he left and threw his Rising shirt at the ring.

Impact Wrestling: 7/29/15

Bully Ray came to the ring, this time in blazer and jeans. He says first he wants to thank the fans for a hell of a first weeks he thought they had a great first week of Bully Ray being in charge of TNA Wrestling. Ray said there were a couple problems, the biggest being the world championship match. He said as of right now, Eli Drake is suspended indefinitely for a week. He then asks EC3 to come to the ring who enters with Tyrus. Ray says he is not dealing with EC3's games. He is making this simple: he is about to strip him of the championship. He says he has all of the power in the company and tells Tyrus to back up He asks the fans what they want and if he should strip Carter of the title. Ethan says no. EC3 said he did what Ray said: he did what he took to win. Ray said he sees the loophole here because he did say that and sees Ethan's point. Ray says this ischia one warning. From now on he is meant to defend the championship the way it is meant to be defended. Ray asks if they are going to work together. Ethan says that would be a great idea. The crowd boos. Ray reminds him that this would be in the best interest of TNA and the two of them as a team. Ray said every wrestler in the company wants to be champion. What he has done is he has taken eight of them and he is going to put them in matches tonight. He is going to make the matches, but Ethan gets to decide what kind of matches they are. Ethan loves the idea. Ray said the first match will be: Bram vs Magnus. Bram enters as they are still in the ring. EC3 says they have a history together as do he and Magnus. He knows he hates everyone, Ethan the least. He makes the match a street fight.

Match 1) In a Street Fight, Bram defeated Magnus via low blow and pin with the tights.

After, James Storm attacked Magnus. He said if he thought it was bad before it is about to get a lot worse when he sees who he has for their match later tonight.

It's highly possible that the tables match between Matt and Roode taped earlier and the Eric/Spud chain match yesterday could be a part of the tournament.

Eli Drake came to the ring for a promo. Drake said in case you have not gotten on board since his week suspension, his name is Eli Drake and he has waited a long time to talk. Day after day he has heard how could he do what he did. He made it abundantly clear that Eli Drake was furious. He is not a creature of circumstance but a creator of circumstance and he created circumstances that are advantageous to him. Drew got him through the door and he wanted to show his appreciation but Drew kept blabbing about standing up and the fans can sit down as far as he is concerned. He said Micah just sat there and nodded his head while Drew talked for both of them. He says none of the fans are different from him because each one of them go into work sick when they want to go in, they all have friends they use for advantages, and some women are here because their boyfriends pay their bills. He was able to take that last breath out of Drew's title hopes and as long as he is standing here, Drew will never be champion not because Drew does not deserve it but he just won't let him and that's just a fact of life. Drew Galloway comes to the ring. Drew says he brought him into The Rising because he has the killer instinct. Little did he know he would be so right because he killed the Rising because he wanted to be a shining star. He turned 30 last month and has been wrestling for fifteen years. He has been around the world and dealt with lots of injuries but nothing hurt like when Eli turned on him. He has been through all the stages the past few weeks. He got depressed, drank a bit, and wanted to beat him up but if Eli hates these people so much he has decided to ask the fans what they want Drew to do him. They chant "kick his ass." Drew said it is unanimous. If he wants to be a shining star so bad, Drew will make him famous. He steps in the ring and the two get in a brawl until Eli cuts him off and attacks his leg. Drew almost locks in the Future Shock DDT but Eli backs off and up the ramp.
- That promo may have been for this episode. May have even been for August since Drake was suspended.

They taped a four way ladder match which is meant to be the finals of Bully Ray's tournament. This also might be August.

Match 1) In a #1 Contender's Ladder Match, Matt Hardy defeated Hernandez, Bram, and Eric Young by pulling down the contract. Bully Ray came out to celebrate with Hardy.
- Mr. Anderson ran out and attacked Bram. He gave Bram the Green Bay Plunge off the apron through a table.
- Hernandez gave EY a border toss into a ladder in the corner. Matt gave Hernandez a Twist of Fate off a ladder.
- It is possible that Anderson/Hernandez may be taped tomorrow to set up him being in the match.

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