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Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Saturday

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings on Saturday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Scott Brooks of was at the show and filed the following report:

With how far in advance these shows are it is pretty much past the point of trying to figure out proper dates for the shows.


Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne.

Impact Wrestling

Match 1) Brooke defeated Marti Bell.

Match 2) Lashley defeated Tyrus via Spear. Ethan Carter III was on commentary. At one point, Tyrus went to the top rope and Lashley got him on his shoulders and dropped him with the electric chair.

Austin Aries came to the ring. He said he was not in a good mood. He said you can say what you want about him or write whatever you want about him on the Internet. One thing everyone should know about him is that when he is in this ring nobody cares more about wrestling than him. Championships and politics aside nobody on this universe is better than me right now which is why when the new law made a tournament for the #1 contendership, he was upset that he wasn't included. That wasn't a small mistake, that was a great mistake. Rockstar Spud gets a shot but not him. AA's value is up here. Spud's is down here. Ray has not made a great first impression on him. Aries is the greatest man that ever lived. Bully Ray's music hit and he came to the ring. Ray said he may not think he is doing a good job but the fans' opinions are the only ones that matters and this might be cheesy but he asks if the fans think he is doing a good job and they cheer. A few fans chant Aries and Ray calls Aries a great wrestler and admits his defeat. Aries says he fought the law and he won. Ray said he always moves that mouth a little too fast. Ray guarantees him getting another shot. Aries asks for a title shot then. Ray says Aries already lost to Kurt Angle. Aries then asks for a rematch with Roode against The Wolves. Ray calls it a great idea but he did just lose a best of 5 series to the Wolves. Aries then asks what he can do. Ray offers him a shot at the X-Division Title. Aries said he has been there and done that several times. He has held it more times than he cares to remember. He doesn't need the X-Division Title, the X-Division Title needs him. That title is made for guys like Rockstar Spud, guys who will never be great. Rockstar Spud's music hits and he comes to the ring.

Spud says he is not here to get up in his face. Aries says that is good. Spud said he has always looked up to him but to hear him say those things about him really hurts. Austin said he didn't mean to hurt his feelings. Spud calls him an overachiever and the most decorated champion in TNA, he is the greatest man that ever lived, and he made people like himself believe by creating Option C by giving people like him a chance to be the World Heavyweight Champion and he created and won Option C. Aries said he didn't make Option C for guys like him he made it for himself. He says he told Spud he was not going to win if he cashed in. Aries admits he lost to Angle but 9/10 times he would beat Angle. 9/10 times Spud would lose. Aries has an idea and wants to give Spud an opportunity and gives him a chance to step in the ring to see if he can prove that he can hang with Austin Aries and will at least have something to show for all his hard work. Spud said he has shown he can hang his whole life, and that he deserves to be here. He calls Aries a former world tag and X champion and said he doesn't think he can hang with Aries, he thinks he can beat Aries. Aries said he knows it is not going to happen. He said Spud is no Rockstar. He said if he can't beat someone like Spud he doesn't know if he belongs in this ring. Ray commends Spud and says all Aries wants to do is kick sand in his face. He tells Aries to put his money where his mouth is and if he can't beat him, he will never wrestle in this ring again. Aries asks if there is something in it for him. If Spud wins, he will leave. "When" he beats Spud, he wants Rockstar's name and wants to be known as "Rockstar Austin Aries" while he will be nothing but little old Spud. He lays out Spud and walks out.

Bully Ray confirms that match happening later tonight. Borash also said there will be a cage match tonight as well as the HOF induction of Jeff Jarrett.

Match 2) Eli Drake defeated Drew Galloway via a roll up with the tights and holding onto the middle ropes.
- They fought for a while on the floor before eventually getting in the ring for the match. Drew went for the Future Shock and Eli attempted to retreat away up the ramp but Drew stopped him.

Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus came to the ring for a promo. He said in 7 days he will defend the championship against Matt Hardy at No Surrender. He was duped into Bully Ray allowing Matt Hardy to pick the stipulation. You cannot trust an egg sucking loud mouth New Yorker like Bully Ray, who can you trust. He calls the Hardys hillbillies from North Carolina. If this match was against Jeff Hardy, EC3 says he would be sweating it a bit since he is a former world champion but instead he fell off his moped and broke his leg. He has fallen off every structure in history and is fine but falls off his moped and breaks his leg? What an idiot! He said Matt aka the Chloe to Jeff Hardy's Kim. He calls Matt stronger than death and says he may never say die but he is not World Champion material.

Jeff Hardy's music hits and he comes to the ring. He takes a mic and says he has been sitting at home and talked about the pain of his injury. He turned on Impact and saw EC3 and got sick. He calls EC3 overconfident and says it will kill him. Jeff says he is feeling the healing and he conquers his fears. He feels he may never wrestle the same but he is riding a bicycle every day then he will be jogging then he will be wrestling and then he will be "dropping titanium shin drops on his face" and then asks the fans if they think EC3 is a good champion. The fans boo. Hardy agrees and says this has to change and the person next week to change it is his brother Matt Hardy. Queue Matt Hardy's music and he comes to the ring. The crowd chants "Matt for Champ." He says their entire careers people like EC3 they can't and instead they (Jeff and Matt) do. He says the only person who compares their individual success is ignorant jackasses like Ethan. They support each other. They have some great stipulation ideas for next week. Jeff whispers into Matt's ear and gives Jeff a mic to explain. Matt goes out and pulls out a table. Matt then pulls out a chair. Matt then takes out a ladder. Matt says it is full of metal mayhem and the two of them say it together: Full Metal Mayhem. Matt says another stipulation in this match is that nobody is allowed at ringside while he defends the title against Matt Hardy and specifically says to Tyrus "nobody" and next week Matt's dream will become a reality.

Match 3) Ken Anderson defeated Bram via countering a suplex into a small package. Bram came out with Anderson's mic. After the match he got in Brian Hebner's face and laid out Anderson on the stage with the mic.

Jeff Jarrett's Hall of Fame Induction was about to begin. Evidently Jarrett's whole family is here tonight. Borash introduced Mike Tenay. Tenay welcomed the fans to the ceremony and introduces Dixie Carter. She says she is honored to be here tonight and calls him "the" TNA original and says wrestling is in DNA. After college she moved to Dallas and right next to door to him lived this man with white blond hair and he said he was a professional wrestler. Fast forward to 2002 and it was so strange that their paths crossed again. She said nobody would be here tonight without this man. It reminds her of the film "It's A Wonderful Life" and without him how different a path all of their lives would have taken. She knows every fan and every person who has ever been associated with this company feels the exact same way. It is her privilege to introduce to the 2015 HOF: Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett arrive to the ring. Dixie says on behalf of TNA and fans around the world she wants to induct Jeff into the TNA Hall of Fame. Jeff says they may be here a long time if they are going to get through all of his thank yous. If you have ever been a TNA consumer or customer, he says thank you very much. On the flip side if you have ever received a paycheck from TNA, he cannot thank them enough. He says you can't have a match unless someone sets up a ring, if you have a ref, productions finance, legal and he can go on and on. He says thank you to Vib and Janice Carter. He name drops Ring Ka King and many members of the production, the live event production from the cameramen to the Harris Bros. he said it takes countless hours to make all of this happen. He then personally thanks Mike Tenay, referencing the fire incident at Hard Justice 2006 and even thanks Don West. He then moved to the talent from the X-Division to the Knockouts to the tag division (name dropping Beer Money, 3D, and the Machine Guns) to the heavyweights mentioning Kevin Nash, Mick Foley, Scott Steiner, and Booker T. A couple fans shout AJ and he says AJ too. He then says Dixie specifically saying they have had more highs than lows but without her saying yes to Jarrett to the HOF, he would not be here tonight. Then he moves specifically to family. He says 7 years ago he and Jerry had a fallout for this business for the direction of TNA and says about six weeks ago they reconciled. He should be standing before Jeff, he loves his father, and thanks him. To his kids, without his girls all five of them, he could not be who he was unless they supported him. He thanks Karen. He says there is a passage that "love conquers all" and she has had more mixed emotions over the last several months but at the end of the day she has stood by that. She loves him and for that he cannot thank her enough. He said he could not be more proud standing in this ring being inducted into the TNA HOF in 2015. The faces of the roster and some production agents come to the stage to applaud including the Hardys, Magnus, Drew Galloway Bobby Roode, Simon Diamond Shane Helms, Bully Ray Brooke Tigre Al Snow, Mandrews, Rickstar Soud, Chris Melendez, and Crazzy Steve. Kurt Angle then came to the stage and hugged Jeff.

Match 4) In a handicap match, Gail Kim defeated The Dollhouse (Taryn Terrell, Jade, and Marti Bell) via Eat Defeat on Bell.
- Taryn fled into the crowd and out of the building leaving it 1 versus 2.

Kurt Angle came to the ring. He said a lot has been going on with a lot of changes. He is not ashamed to admit that he lost to EC3: he is good, has talent, and is championship caliber. His problem is his rematch where he got DQed. He thought that was his rematch, where does he go from here. He went to Bully Ray. He and Angle don't see eye to eye but he respects him enough to listen to his opinions. Ray said the rematch never took place so now Angle gets another shot at EC3 for the World Title whenever he wants. Angle says that is good news because he went to the doctor this past weekend and he has a tumor in his neck and needs surgery and he is going to be out a little while. He has something to look forward to when he gets back and faces EC3. He thanks the fans for their continued support in his quest to become TNA Champion again. Eric Young comes to the ring. Eric says Ethan has not beaten Angle: Eric has. He questions how many times he has piledriven Kurt and asks how many his neck could even have left. The fans chant "boring." Eric wants to take credit for that. Eric then questions whether he wanted Kurt gone for good then blindsided Kurt. He sets him up for a piledriver but Kurt counters. They go to the floor and Eric sets Kurt up for one on the floor until Chris Melendez comes out. Eric backs off but blindsided Chris when he checks on Kurt. He then piledrives Chris on the floor. Medics and Kurt attended to Chris after Eric leaves.

Match 5) In a match for the rights to the "Rockstar" name vs his TNA Career, Rockstar Spud defeated Austin Aries with a top rope sliced bread #2. The match went over ten minutes and Aries hit a lot of his trademark offense. Spud kicked out of the brainbuster. When Spud hulked up at one point, he tore off his bow tie. Aries set him up for a top rope back superplex when Spud countered into the sliced bread.

Match 6) In a Full Metal Mayhem Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Ethan Carter III defeated Matt Hardy.
- Matt Hardy gave EC3 a side effect through a chair. Matt also had hip tossed Ethan into a ladder at one point.
- Ethan at one point got Matt locked into the underside of the steep steps but Matt got free.
- Matt set Ethan up on a table and went to the top rope but Ethan countered and got underneath Matt and powerbombed him through the table.
- Matt set up a bridged ladder from the apron to the rail. Ethan shoved him back first onto it.
- Matt at one point landed directly on the back of his head/neck out of the tree of woe. Looked very rough.
- Matt Hardy hit a side effect on the apron.
- Matt Hardy then put EC3 through a table on the floor by doing a top rope leg drop through the table.
- Matt climbed but EC3 attacked his leg with a chair, the leg he had attacked all night.
- Matt grabbed the belt but Ethan kicked his leg out and Matt fell off the ladder. Ethan pulled down the belt for the win.

Kenny King came to the ring for s promo. He said there is a rumor about him that he is some kind of hothead that punches people in the face. That is offensive to him. At the request of MVP and his anger management councilor, he is going to come out and talk about his feelings. He talks about good teams having chemistry, mentioning Demolition the 1973 Dolphins, and the BDC. He recaps everyone that has been in the group, including Low Ki and Samoa Joe but he left out Hernandez's name. That's not because he isn't a tough guy, it's because he is not a team player. He is not what Kenny considers BDC material. Hernandez comes out and said everyone knows and respects the letters LAX but that was then and this is now. MVP said Hernandez was looking like a Peyton Manning but he looks more like a Tim Tebow. They have lost twice to the wolves now and Kenny is a team player but since Hernandez won't do the same for him they may have a problem. He asks Hernandez why he won't be a team player. Hernandez remained silent. Kenny said maybe it's because he is not speaking "cholo" then threatens to take off his jacket and unleash the two dogs. They get face to face until MVP comes out and tells them to back up. This is not how they roll and Kenny should know this. MVP asks what is wrong with Kenny and said he would talk to Hernandez and just chill. MVP speaks Spanish to Hernandez and Kenny got mad and addressed the hothead comments again. MVP says there is a lot of people that would be happy to behave this way. "The black man will not fight the Mexican man today, it is not going to happen." He says the BDC only exists in unity and the only one with a problem with it is Kenny. He asks Kenny if the BDC still exists and if they have a problem getting back in championship form, Kenny says yes and "we good" respectively. Kenny leaves.

Chris Melendez w/Kurt Angle
Chris said every match he and Eric Young have had together has seen Eric get the better of him. That's fine, Eric has more experience than him. He said he will not accept defeat as he continued to fight overseas. He wants a rematch with Eric Young, he is sick of being attacked from behind and calls him out right now. Eric comes out and says maybe he is confused from being dropped on his head. He tells Chris that he does not want Eric to come in there and should quit while he is still breathing. Chris said he is wrong, he wants him to come to the ring and like every fan sitting here right now, he wants to beat his ass. Eric gets in the ring and we have a match.

Match 7) Eric Young defeated Chris Melendez w/Kurt Angle with a piledriver cleanly.

They set up the Six Sides of Steel.

They shot a brief ad for Pitmaster Season 2 with Christy Hemme until The Dollhouse interrupted. Taryn said this show won't continue until she has what is here. She blames Christy and all the fans. They stomp into the cage. She will lock herself in this cage until she has what is hers. She wants her title and screams for Bully Ray or a TNA official until she gets her title. The lights went out and Gail's music hit. They dimmed back on and she was not there. They came back on and Taryn said she has wrecked her whole life and she can't even wear a wedding ring anymore. She continues to scream until Brooke's music hits and she comes to the stage. She pushed the dollhouse on the stage over. She said her temper tantrums are boring. Taryn is not important, the fans are. She can point the blame but at the end of the day she did this to herself: her and her little "doll-hos." She is proud of herself as are the fans and Taryn cannot stand it when the fans chant her name. Brooke says this isn't a dollhouse this is her house. Taryn screams that that is her title and says not one man is worthy of touching her and no Knockout in here can touch her in this ring. Brooke said the only person she is mad at is herself. Brooke outsmarted her and beat her so if she wants Brooke's title, come and get it. Taryn steps out of the ring and up the ramp. The lights went out again. They came back on and Gail was in the ring with the cage door locked. Gail singlehandedly destroyed Jade and Marti Bell. Taryn screamed and ran around the ring as Brooke followed her around. Gail drop kicked both Jade and Marti face first into the cage door as Taryn continued to scream. Gail and Brooke posed.

This next match is assuredly on the Bully Ray tournament episode.
Match 8) In a Steel Cage Match, Hernandez defeated Lashley.
Kenny King and MVP came to ringside and climbed the cage when Lashley tried to climb out. Lashley fought them both off. Hernandez climbed to the top rope with Lashley and hit a top rope swinging neckbreaker on Lashley. Kenny then climbed to the top of the cage and came off with a top rope crossbody on Lashley. Hernandez climbed out of the cage to win the match.

Lashley laid out Kenny King after the match to close the taping.

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