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Impact Wrestling Results (1/26/12) - Table With A Party Of Four

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Impact Wrestling Results - 1/26/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off it's final January show of 2012! The show starts off with a video package about the whole title situation. It shows James Storm becoming the #1 contender for the TNA World Title. It then shows Jeff Hardy getting screwed. He is not finished fighting for that title. It has James vs. Hardy to determine the contender. No one won as Bully leveled the referee and both contenders. Finally, it has Sting coming out and taking Bully to the limit. Roode if finally shown as he rules the match a "No Contest".

The video ends and the camera is backstage. It has Jeff Hardy beating Bully Ray down to a pulp. He pounds on Ray and then throws him on the table. He is tossing him all over the back. He pushes him against a wall and then grabs a broom. He chokes Bully with it and then swings it to his back. Jeff walks around Bully, but Bully trips him off. Bully tries to come back, but Jeff doesn't allow him as he attacks Bully with another weapon. He then gets him up and tosses him into some ladders or steel objects. They continue to walk as Jeff bashes Bully's face in multiple surfaces. They get to the outside as Jeff punches away. Just then, a truck pulls up and Bobby Roode comes out. He attacks Jeff from behind and then smashes his head into a steel sign. He stomps on Jeff as he falls to the ground. Bully comes back and attacks Jeff too. He then picks up square piece of wood and brings it down on Jeff. He screams in pain. Bully and Roode get him up and put Jeff in the flatbed of the truck. Just then, James Storm comes to the rescue as he attacks Roode and then goes after Bully. Well as he attacks Ray, Roode attacks James. They both are able to pound James now. Finally, Sting comes to the rescue with his baseball bat. He nails Roode in the gut with it. He swings for Roode, but he gets away. They flee the scene as Sting is left calling Roode's name. The show plays it's opening video package.

The camera shows the arena. Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this knockout match. First, Velvet Sky comes on stage as her music plays. She walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. After she is in the ring (after she let the pigeons loose), Tara rides in on her motorcycle. She gets off and gets in the ring as the crowd cheers for her too. Finally, Mickie James walks on the stage. She comes down the ramp as the crowd pops.

Velvet Sky vs. Tara vs. Mickie James in a #1 Contender's Match for the Knockout Title

The match starts and all three look around at each other. The do not know who to go after. Mickie and Tara then shake hands. Micke then shakes Sky's and then Sky to Tara. At last, Tara kicks Sky in the gut. Mickie then grabs Tara, but Tara swings Mickie in the ropes. She comes and Tara does her matrix and Mickie goes to knock down Sky with a closeline. As Mickie and Tara fight, Sky gets up and tosses Mickie through the ropes as she goes to the mat outside. Sky goes to Tara, but she puts Sky in the corner. She does some shoulder blocks and then lifts Sky up on her shoulders....but Mickie comes in and kicks Tara's leg. She drops Sky. Mickie goes to cover Tara, but she kicks out. Both get up and Tara is able to put Mickie in the corner. She then takes her out and works on the head with a chin lock. She gets her up and whips Mickie in the opposing corner. Sky is just about to get up.


Tara has Mickie in a half boston crab, but Sky comes along and does a monkey flip to Tara. Sky gets up and so does Mickie as she does some type of neck breaker to Sky. Sky grabs her neck in pain. Tara gets up now and does a body slam. She then goes for her moonsault, but Mickie slid away. She gets up and attacks Tara. Sky gets up and she goes after Mickie. Mickie picks her up, but Sky spins around and does a great hurricanrona spin move. Tara gets up as does Mickie. After all three fight, Mickie is the last one standing. She climbs the top rope and jumps. Tara moves and she jumps right on Sky. She covers, but she kicks out. Tara gets up and tosses Sky out of the ring. Tara turns around and Mickie does a huge kick to Tara! She covers, but Tara is able to grab the bottom rope in time. Mickie gets Tara up and goes for the spike DDT, but Sky gets it and does a bulldog. Tara gets up and she grabs Sky. She lifts her up on her shoulders, spins her around and does a side walk slam....right on Mickie who is still on the mat! Ouch!! Tara pins Mickie and gets the win! Winner and #1 Contender: Tara

Gail Kim is backstage. She congratulates Tara for winning, but she won't win the title. Gail is the best and she will continue to be the best. She will put her title on the line at Against All Odds.

Sting is walking backstage as he swings his bat back and forth. He is coming to the ring next!


The show returns and a video plays showing the recap of the brawl that happened at the top of the show between Ray, Roode, Jeff, James, and lastly, Sting!

The video ends and Sting is shown on the stage as he comes out through the curtain. James Storm and Jeff Hardy are behind him. They are still a little banged up. They get in the ring and Sting grabs a mic. He says he needs Roode and Ray out there too. He waits and it looks like they may bring a "no show". Finally, they come through the crowd. Ray grabs a chair. He is about to go in, but he gets rid of the chair. Jeff goes to kick Bully and then all chaos occurs. Everyone fights everyone. Sting gets involved too! Just then, every men are in the ring. Sting tells each to get to their separate corners. He then tells Roode to go by Bully and James go by Jeff. Sting wants order! Just then, Bully gets in Sting's face and tells him otherwise. Just then, they fight more. They are on the mat punching back and forth. Sting waits as the crowd chants, "Let them fight." They then break up and go to their separate corners. Sting gets back on the mic and says it will be Roode and Bully vs. James and Jeff tonight. James gets on the mic and calls Bully a fat boy! Bully didn't like that. He attacks James. They fight back and both as does Roode and Jeff. James gets up and says that it should be in a tables match. Sting agrees to the deal! Roode does not have one ounce of happiness in him as he looks on in worry and disgusted.

Alex Shelley is backstage. He talks about getting back in the ring as he hasn't been in the ring for quite sometime. He is fighting Zema Ion tonight and he states Ion is not really a competitor. After that, he is hoping to fight Austin Aries!


Eric Young is backstage. He is stretching and getting ready for something. Just then, he turns around and there is this guy backstage. (I am not sure if this is anyone special at all, but Eric thinks he is.) The guy leaves with a stage light in hand. As he leaves, Winter and Angelina Love enter the shot. They start to climb all over Eric. Love starts to sweet talk Eric as Winter touches Eric's face. Winter then talks about Eric's beard. Love then swiftly goes for a low blow, but she holds her knee in pain. Eric had a hard cup on and boy did it protect! As Winter leaves with Love (who holds her knee), ODB comes along and takes the cup from Eric and says she has been looking for this. She then tells him to get ready for their match tonight.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Zema Ion comes on stage. He walks down in his arrogant way as the crowd boos. After he is in the ring, Alex Shelley comes through the curtain. He is finally back in action! The crowd does a huge pop!

Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley

They move around the ring and lock-up. They stay even, but Zema backs Alex up into the ropes. He goes for a punch, but Alex blocks and applies a headlock. Zema pushes him into the ropes. Zema dotches Alex the first time and then spins around him for some type of pin, but Alex turns for a cover. Ion kicks out. They both get up and Alex is able to bring Ion down to the mat. he then does a hard kick to the back. Ion gets up and goes into the corner. Alex goes after him, but he has to back up. Just then, Ion kicks Alex in the gut. He then jumps on the corner, second rope, and spins his way down to Alex. Alex comes back though as he brought Zema to the outside. Alex runs and goes for a baseball slide, but Zema moves out of the way. Alex follows and rolls him back in the ring. Alex gets back in, but Zema comes around as he lifts Alex up and brings him down to choke him on the top rope. Zema disrupts the sight of Alex. He can't see. He starts swinging, but Zema backs up. Alex then comes too and is able to grab Ion and ram him face first into the second turnbuckle. He goes to finish, but Ion is able to come back. He knocks Alex down and goes to the top rope for the 450 splash. He crashes and burns. Alex grabs Ion and hits sliced bread for the victory! The ending becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Alex Shelley

AJ Styles is backstage. He is sitting backstage and is enjoying the matches. He asks about the business and if he changed that match. The camera guy says it changed for Daniels and Kazarian. AJ then talks about Kazarian as he will get what is his tonight.

Tara is backstage. She can't belief it. She is going for the title. She says she is going to be champion. She compliments Gail and how good she is and how she has the mind to do so, but Tara can defeat that.

Eric Bischoff is in a gym. He asks someone where Garret is. They point and he follows the direction. He turns around the corner and Garret is in the ring. Eric asks where his special trainer is. Garret smiles.


A video plays promoting Lockdown as tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera as they talk about Garret and Eric Bischoff. The video plays as it was filmed earlier this week. It has Eric Bischoff finding the gym that Garett is training at. He goes through the doors and it's the same thing we just seen before commercial. He turns the corner and sees his boy. Garett looks off to the side and Eric Bischoff is stunned. His mouth drops. He then looks at the camera and tells them to get out of there! He doesn't want anyone to see this! Not to mention, Eric is pretty shocked!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Music plays and Winter and Angelina Love enter the stage. They walk down as the crowd boos. After they are in the ring, ODB and Eric Young come on stage. Fireworks explode as they come out. The crowd roars! They get in the ring as Eric preforms high kicks for practice!


Winter and Angelina Love vs. ODB and Eric Young

The bell sounds and Eric goes right after the referee as he backs Earl up in the corner. Earl stands on the apron so Eric can finally fight Love. Earl gets back in and Eric goes on the apron now and he and ODB pound on the corner. Eric gets back in and goes after Earl again. Eric lets go and he starts counting. Winter gets in as she frightens him a little. Eric walks around and then goes after Earl again. He then turns to Winter and touches her leg. Eric jet preforms a whole comedy show in the ring. He does a summersault. Now he starts going around the ring to lock up with Winter....but he goes after Earl. Just then, Winter hits him from behind. Eric is not going to stand for this. He unbuckles and rips his pants off. Winter runs away as she tags Love. Love gets in right before being disqualified. As they move around the ring, ODB tags herself in. She gets in and closelines Love. She then puts her in the corner. Love sits down in the corner and ODB does that buster type move. Winter makes a face as she can imagine how that is. Eric gets in and sits down where Love was as he wants some of that. Love and Winter lock up as Eric gets up and locks with Earl. Eric then goes to the apron as Love tags in Winter. Winter comes in and is able to turn this match round. She stays on top of ODB with different offensive moves. She then hangs her upside down in the corner with her leg caught on the top. As she kicks her, Love helps by choking. Winter kicks ODB and she falls down. Winter grabs ODB, but ODB starts to come back and finally hits a chin breaker. ODB takes out her flask and drinks up. She becomes Popeye with spinach! Winter tags Love. She goes after ODB, but ODB comes back with many offensive moves. She hits the fallaway slam and then pops up. As she is scouting Love, Winter runs in. So does Eric. Eric picks up Winter and does the airplane spine. ODB picks Love up on her shoulders and does the airplane move for a little and then lays her flat on the mat as Eric and Winter both fall out of the ring. She covers and win. Winners: Eric Young and ODB

Bully Ray is backstage. He asks about James Storm to Roode as he didn't think he was that demanding and that risky as he demanded a tables match with Ray, of all people. He blames Roode as he didn't raise him good enough. Roode says that he will forget about the past. Ray then makes a comment as he tells Roode he won't have that title for long. Roode doesn't know what he means. Ray says forget about it as they have their table match tonight. They then go out separately from the room, but neither of them trust the other. They then go to walk out at the same time, and they still stall. They finally walk out.


Another commercial that promotes Lockdown airs!

Crimson and Matt Morgan are backstage as a video package plays with them talking. They talk about about their titles and how they will not get rid of them. They will not die. It then shows Magnus and Joe backstage. It has Magnus and Crimson getting in each other's face. The video then shows Magnus vs. Crimson. After their match, Joe and Matt come out. It all happened last week.

The video ends and here comes Samoa Joe with Brutas Magnus at his side. The crowd boos. Joe gets in the ring. Matt Morgan is announced as he comes to the ring with Crimson. They are the TNA Tag Team Champs. Matt gets in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

The bell sounds and they go to lock-up, but Joe kicks Matt in the knee. He then kicks him a couple more times and then backs him up in the corner. He does a couple moves, but Matt grabs Joe by his throat and backs him up all the way to the opposing corner. He then does several chops to Joe's chest. He brings Joe out and puts him on the top rope by his throat. Matt runs and just splashes on Joe. He falls to the outside in his normal fashion. He then works Joe on the apron as he is outside. Matt gets back in and backs Joe up. He goes for his famous elbow hits, but Joe gets up on the corner and chokes Matt. Matt gets him down though and then hits a couple elbows, hard elbows, to the face. Matt comes out and closelines Joe. Joe gets up and gets in the corner. Matt runs to him and hits an elbow (Joe did). Matt backs up and runs again, but Joe kicks him in the face. Joe comes back as he pushes Matt in the corner and does his jumping kick to the head. He covers Morgan, but he kicks out. Morgan gets up and they fight bak and forth with punches. Matt comes back with a couple more, but Joe grabs Matt by the throat for a choke. Joe releases and runs into the ropes, but Matt hits, not one, but a couple of closelines. He then puts Joe in the corner and splashes him twice. He hits a side walk slam and covers. Joe kicks out. Matt gets him up and goes for his finisher. Joe spins around through and hits a big boot and then a back splash as Matt is lying on the mat. Joe covers, but Morgan kicks out.

Joe stands as he decides what to do next. He then goes for a figure four leg drop, but Matt pushes Joe away with his foot. Joe comes back and Matt takes Joe down and gets a quick win. Winner: Matt Morgan

Magnus takes a cheap shot on Crimson as he slams him in the steel steps. As Matt watches from the ring, Joe comes up and is able to knock Matt down. As he holds him down, Brutas climbs the corner and does his flying elbow. Joe and Brutas leave the ring and walk up backwards up the ramp as they got the last word.

AJ Styles is backstage as he is coming to the ring next!


James Storm and Jeff Hardy are backstage. James talks about how Jeff and him start off as opponents and now they are friends. James then talks about their match later and how they will beat them at their own game. Jeff states that it is going off like a BOOM!

AJ Styles' music plays. He comes on stage and right down the ramp. He is not in the mood. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He goes right into talking about Kazarian and why he would turn on him. Last week, Kazarian took AJ's head off in his match and it made AJ loose. AJ watched the match and he saw Daniels telling Kazarian what to do and why. AJ wants to know why he is telling Kazarian to do so. Just then, music plays. Here comes Daniels. He is all soaked in cockiness while Kazarian has his head down. He is not himself. They stop at the bottom of the ramp. Kazarian goes to talk to AJ with a mic, but Daniels stops him. Kazarian gives him the mic and goes behind Daniels. Daniels gets on the mic and says this is the same old AJ. What he doesn't get what he wants, he complains. It's been going on for 10 years. If he doesn't get what he want, he goes to act like a little kid's tantrum. Daniels states that Kazarian doesn't owe AJ any answers or anything at all. AJ says there is other ways to get answers. He goes through the ropes as Daniels and Kazarian back up. AJ stops and stays in the ring. Daniels goes on to insult AJ and his hometown. AJ then turns his back. If Kazarian wants to attack him, then he can. Daniels tells Kazarian to attack AJ. He hesitates, but then goes to the ring. He stops at the bottom of the ring though. Daniels runs to him and sees that he isn't doing it, so he pushes him out of the way. He slides in the ring. He goes to attack AJ, but AJ attacks Daniels and Daniels exits the ring. AJ tells Kazarian to get in the ring and shake his hand. If he does, he will forget all about this. Kazarian gets on the ring and looks around. He then gets in. He goes to shake, but Daniels gets on the mic. He tells him not to shake AJ's hand. Kazarian turns and leaves the ring Daniels says he is fed up. He states that he wants a match....AJ Styles vs. Kazarian! He then tells Kazarian to go to Dixie and ask for the match. They back up the ramp as Daniels tells him to get a move on. AJ is completely dumbfounded.


Jeff Hardy's music hits! Here he comes! The crowd cheers for him. He gets in the ring. James Storm comes on stage. Fireworks explode in the air. He comes down with his beer bottle as he always can use a quick thirst cruncher. After both are in the ring, Bully Ray's music plays. Here comes the big bully. He gets huge boos as he walks down the ramp. You see the blood on his face which came from the confrontation in the ring with Roode and Jeff earlier tonight. Bully picks up a table and lifts it over his head. Bobby Roode now comes on stage. The crowd also boos him. He has the TNA World Title around his waist. He walks gingerly. Bully meets up with him on the outside. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as she announces this main event!

Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode and Bully Ray in a Tables Match

The referee tells Roode and Bully to get in, but James and Jeff just exit the ring and attack them on the outside. Jeff goes after Bully and James to Roode. The bell sounds. Jeff puts Ray into the steel steps and then smashes his head on the table. Roode is able to take advantage of James as he smashes his head against another table on the different side of the ring. Bully is able to come back as he hits Jeff and then slams him into the steel steps. Bully gets him up and goes for a suplex....through a table...but Jeff is able to fall down and land on his feet. Jeff whips Ray into the post. Roode and James are on the ramp now. Roode is down, but he is able to come back and do a suplex on James. Both get up and Roode is able to pound the back of James. Bully gets rid of Jeff as Bully grabs his steel chain. He then goes to James Storm as he whips the chain on his back. Roode comes now and gets James up. James is able to fight back against Bully and Roode. Jeff joins the mix and knocks down Roode.


Bully is shown hitting Jeff Hardy with a chair right to his back. Bully now goes after and hits James as he is looking under the ring. James gets up and sprays Ray in the face with beer. James is going after him now as Jeff catapults Roode into the steel post. Roode and Ray are down. Jeff grabs a table and brings it in the ring. James enters and they set it up in the middle of the ring. Roode rolls in. Jeff and James set-up a double supplex through the table, but Ray is in the ring and moves the table. Jeff and Storm get up and Ray closelines both of them. He attacks each with punches to the head. Bully sets the table up. He whips Jeff in the ring and goes for a back body drop through the table, but Roode is able to move it. Bully and James go to the outside. Roode is able to attack Storm from the inside. Roode goes over and plops the table in the corner. He gets Jeff and whips him to it, but Jeff slides and then comes back with a closeline. Ray comes in now and closelines Jeff. He then sets up and goes for a running big boot, but Jeff moves and Bully's foot goes through the table!!! What a hole! James gets in and attacks Bully. Both go to the outside. Roode gets up and hits Jeff. He then goes outside and brings a new table in the ring. Roode continues to attack Jeff and Bully helps from the outside as he sets up the table.

Roode slides out of the ring and smashes Storm's head into the steps. Bully is working on the head and then the leg of Jeff as he uses the ring post as a weapon. Roode gets back in and Bully joins him. Roode puts Jeff on the table as Bully climbs the corner. Just then, James kicks Ray and he falls down off the corner and to the outside apron. James is up on the corner. Roode joins and goes for a superplex. Jeff gets off the table. Roode gets off the corner as James fought him off. Jeff hits a twist of fate on Roode. He puts him on the table. James jumps off the corner and puts Roode through it! Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy

Bully gets in the ring with a chair and attacks James and Jeff with it. Multiple chairshots to each! He then cleans up the table his foot went through. He goes and grabs a table from under the ring. He sets that up now. He grabs Jeff as Jeff is dead weight. Roode gets up and kicks James' head as he is about to come in. Ray grabs Jeff and goes up to the corner, but Jeff fights back. Roode comes over and helps Bully. He then lifts Jeff up and places him on top of Ray's shoulders, who is already on the corner. Ray flies and puts Jeff right through the table!!! He is motionless. Roode grabs his title as he can't be even happier that he has that title. Bully Ray stays in the ring as he looks down at Jeff Hardy. Medics come out and go to check up on Jeff as the show fades.

Alex's Assumptions:

I saw the line-up for this week's Impact Wrestling earlier this week (I do not encourage nor read spoilers, but saw the line-up directly from TNA) and I liked it! You had something of everything. You had the knockouts. you had the x-divsion. You had a weapon type match. You had tag team feuds developing. With the show being over, I have to say that the matches were good, but nothing spectacular. While this wouldn't be the best Impact Wrestling, it did have some good parts. One part I am really liking is this whole Eric Young and ODB thing. I wrote on here about a month ago that I wanted to see Eric Young do something new. I like his silly attitude (I think he does better than Santino), but I had no idea why TNA had him travel to find some "famous" person as he would always be traveling in a car. Now that he is on his feet with a tomboy girl, it makes my interest peak. You have two odd characters and they make one.....odder situation. Speaking about ODB, the knockouts seem like they have lost their steam a bit. I do have to say, I am missing Karen Jarrett. She really rose the knockout division and gave them time on the air. They are still on the air though and it looks like TNA will give us a treat with Gail vs. Tara. Should be interesting. Veteran vs. veteran. Speaking about interesting, Sky's shirt in the match tonight gave me a chuckle. Should check it out! It's nice to see Alex Shelley back. I didn't know that I missed him in the ring. Love seeing that sliced bread move. About that, where is Brian Kendrick?? One sad thing is Samoa Joe suffered another loss. While he got the last word, I am really hoping that 2012 is his year as he will rise up and become a main event star once again. Finally, the main event was good. It looks like it might be Roode vs. Jeff vs. James. I am not sure about Bully though. Looks like he wants that title, but not sure when he will be given a shot. Another interesting scenario. Next week should be one show that you can't miss as TNA's Impact Wrestling will be from England! Going to be a huge crowd and a pumped show! If you want to hear more from me and see other writing and wrestling projects I am working on, check out my personal blog as the link is in my bio below and follow me on Twitter: @McMahon101 (link in bio below).

Top 5 Rankings

1. Jeff Hardy and James Storm (Tie)- Up from last week
2. Bully Ray- Same as last week
3. Bobby Roode- Down from last week
4. ODB and Eric Young- New from last week
5. Alex Shelley- New from last week

Weekly Question: Who do you think will get the next TNA World Title Shot?

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