Impact Wrestling Results (12/8/11) - Getting The Last Attack In


Impact Wrestling Results - 12/8/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package that is all about Bobby Roode. It has Sting talking as he states the consequences that Roode is going to deal with. It shows his match last week. It then changes focus to James Storm and Kurt Angle as Kurt attacked James which gave Storm a concussion.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. The crowd is going crazy as Sting's music hits. Here comes "The Icon". He makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He does his yelp before he gets on the mic. He begins to speak as he calls Bobby Roode to the ring. The crowd starts to boo. Roode's music hits and here comes the World Champion! Roode comes on stage and struts slowly down the ramp. He finally gets in the ring. Sting talks again as he states Roode paid for it last week in his match last week, but there is still unfinished business. Sting calls out Dixie Carter. Here comes TNA's President. Dixie's music plays as she walks down the ramp. The crowd claps and cheers for her. She gets in the ring. Sting tells Dixie not to worry because Roode won't do anything to Dixie as long as Sting is here. Sting says he hasn't forgot what Roode did a couple weeks ago to Dixie. Roode starts to chuckle from that incident. Sting states that Roode needs to apologize to Dixie right here in front of everyone. Roode gets on the mic and questions Sting about this whole apology. Roode looks around as the crowd chants "You Suck, You Suck". Roode states he will apologize as that is the kind of man he is. Roode tells Sting to give him and Dixie some space as he wants to do this right. Dixie moves forward as Sting moves back. Roode says that he is sorry that he hasn't been completely honest.....but it doesn't matter now as Roode is the champ. Roode says Dixie needs him because business is better than ever from advertisements and merchandise as they want to jump on the Roode express. Bobby then tells Dixie that he wouldn't give her a ticket on the train as....she isn't woman enough. Sting is about to attack, but Roode tells him off. Roode then goes to Dixie and bashes her. He insults her style and intelligence. He says she can't run a business....let alone a lemonade stand. She has earned and got nothing. Roode turns it around and says all the positives of him as he is the face of this company and champion. Roode walks past Dixie and states that he just spit in the face of authority....and he means that as he turns and spits in Dixie's face. Sting goes after him, but Roode leaves the ring and runs up the ramp. Dixie and Sting are appalled.


The show returns and they show a replay of what just went on between Roode, Dixie, and Sting.

Roode is walking backstage and AJ Styles is right behind him. AJ grabs Roode from behind and slams him in a steel wall. Roode tells him to watch the suit. AJ takes his hands off Roode and tells him what Dixie did for him throughout his career. Just then, Sting comes in the picture as he wants Roode, but people are holding him back. Jeff Hardy and AJ go up to him and talk about Roode as they will team up to face him and Jarrett tonight.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first contest. Samoa Joe's music hits and he comes down the ramp and into the ring. After he is in the ring, bells sound and it's Abyss. Abyss walks down the ramp and gets into the ring as he got a bigger reaction than Joe.

Samoa Joe vs. Abyss

The bell sounds and both walk around the ring. They go to lock-up, but Joe ducks and goes for some chops to Abyss, but Abyss knocks Joe right down. Joe gets up and Abyss punches him which leads to Joe going in the corner. Abyss walks away and then runs to him, but Joe moves and Abyss lands in the corner. Joe does his jumping kick to the head. Abyss stumbles. Joe runs in the ropes, but Abyss knocks Joe down with a high big boot. Abyss gets Joe up and puts him in the corner and starts punching him in the face.


The match returns as Abyss throws Joe in the corner. Joe comes out of it and starts to attack Abyss. He knocks Abyss down and jumps back first on him. He head buts Abyss multiple times. Joe goes up the turnbuckle and jumps, but Abyss gets up and goes for a chokeslam, but Joe breaks out of it. Abyss continues to attack Joe and then goes for a chokeslam again, but Joe breaks out of it and does a kick to the head. Joe comes back and gets Abyss in the corner. He goes for the muscle buster, but Scott Steiner runs down the ramp and distracts Joe and the referee. Bully Ray then comes in the ring from the crowd. Joe turns around and Bully hits Joe right in the head with a foreign weapon. Bully leaves. Abyss comes out of the corner and hits Joe with a chokeslam for the win. Scott and Bully get in the ring and raise the arms of Abyss. It looks like Abyss joins Immortal! Scott goes to leave the ring, but Abyss stops him. He grabs Scott and attacks him. Abyss turns to Bully as he is shaking in his boot. Bully gets out of the ring as Abyss looks on.

Karen is backstage talking to Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. Karen talks about Mickie James as she is still able to walk after last week's brutal match. Karen then starts to yell at Madison as she wants her to stop sucking up to her. Karen announces that Madison will face Mickie James tonight. Karen then tells Gail that she will face Traci Brooks even though she told Gail she isn' fighting. Gail starts to get upset. Karen goes to explain herself as she closes the door in the camera.


Sting is backstage as he is confronting Gunner. Sting tells Gunner that it's over. Gunner says it's over when he says it's over. Sting yells at him that it's over. Sting goes to walk away, but Gunner grabs Sting and turns him around. He tells Sting that he wants one more rematch against Garett with no Flair or Bischoff. Gunner puts his hand out and Sting shakes it as he likes the stipulation. Both walk their separate ways.

Music plays as the camera focuses on the stage. Devon walks on stage. The Pope follows him as they walk down the ramp together. They get in the ring as the crowd cheers for them. Devon gets on the mic and says that he wants Matt Morgan and Crimson to come on down. Well, their music plays and here they come! They both have the TNA Tag Team Titles over their shoulder. They walk down the ramp together and get in the ring.

Devon gets on the mic and says he wants to congratulate the new TNA Tag Team Champions! Devon then goes on to state that they were beating each other up as they were not acting like the team they were suppose to be. A couple days later, they changed and joined hands. Devon goes on to say that he was part of the best tag team in history. He won 21 tag team titles with his brother and he got them by beating some of the best tag teams in history. Devon tells them that they have what it takes to be legends in this business. They have it all. But, they have to understand that Devon and Pope are now a tag team and they will be facing Matt and Crimson at Final Resolution, this Sunday. He tells his future opponents to bring their "A" game as he and Pope will too. Devon says once it is all said and done, Christy Hemme will be saying "The winner and new TNA Tag Team Champions, Devon and Pope." He does his famous catchphrase "Oh my brother, testify!" and then says "May the best team win." Music plays to wrap it up, but Pope says to turn it off. Pope states that Devon and Pope may not agree on everything. He then insults Matt and Crimson right to their faces. Devon turns to Pope and questions what he just said, but Pope says he has this. It's about the titles and the gold. Pope says that Pope will do whatever it takes to get those titles. "The Pope has spoken" as that is the way he ends it. His music plays. He goes to walk out of the ring, but Morgan grabs him, turns him around, and nails him right in the head with a punch. Pope falls and Matt continues to attack him. Crimson and Devon fight as it's a back and forth battle between them. They roll outside and continue to fight. Matt gets up as he was attacking Pope on the mat. Just then, Pope low blows Morgan. Pope attacks Morgan now and then calls for Devon's sons. They jump over the railing and help attack Morgan. Just then, Morgan gets up and they all run away.

Karen is walking backstage with Madison Rayne and Gail Kim as they are all talking. It then shows Mickie James walking backstage as her match is next.


James Storm walks through a door as he enters the arena. He meets with some people backstage and then continues on his way as he drinks a beer.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the next match. Music plays and here comes one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions, Madison Rayne. She makes her way down the ramp as the crowd boos. Mickie James now comes on stage and the crowd cheers. She makes her way in the ring for this match.

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James

Mickie goes up on the corner to give some appreciation to the fans, but Madison jumps her from behind before the bell rang. The bell rings now and madison is in total control as she attacks Mickie. She whips her in a corner and then runs and squashes her. She then throws Mickie in the ropes and Madison grabs her by the hair and head and smashes her face in the mat. Madison continues to pound Mickie's face in the mat and then applies a choke hold. The crowd starts to clap and it gets Mickie on her feet. She elbows Madison in the gut to break it, but Madison jumps on Mickie's back to keep it locked. Mickie runs back into the turnbuckle. Madison releases it but then applies it again, but Mickie whips Madison over her head and on the mat. Mickie gets in control as she attacks Madison. Mickie goes up to the corner and jumps, but Madison moves out of the way. Mickie gets to her feet, but Madison slams Mickie's face into the mat. She is now back in control. She grabs Mickie and chokes her on the ring ropes and then hits a great suplex. She then hits a swinging neck breaker. She covers, but Mickie kicks out. Madison gets her up and goes for a neck breaker again, but Mickie does an arm drag. Both get up and Mickie grabs Madison by the head and hits the huge DDT. Mickie gets the win. Just then, Gail Kim comes on stage. She holds the Knockout Title in the air as she puts that on the line against Mickie this Sunday. Mickie looks on as the show shows the "Direct Impact of the Night". Winner: Mickie James

Garett Bischoff is walking backstage as he looks bigger than ever. His match is next!


Scott and Bully are backstage. They are furious about earlier as Abyss attacked them. Scott mentions Eric Bischoff and that they need to talk to him. Bully says he talked to him last week. Well, Scott will go this time. Bully is getting panicky as he doesn't know how to stop the monster.

A video package plays about the whole Eric Bischoff and his son story. It shows Garett's matches as he is 2-0. Eric Bischoff can't stand him and wants him up, but who can get him out?

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Music plays and here comes Gunner. Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair are behind him. They make their way down the ramp as the crowd boos. Gunner gets in the ring. Just then, Garett's music plays and here comes Mr. Bischoff (the young one). He walks down the ramp and goes right past Ric and Eric. Gunner then goes to Ric and Eric and tells them to go away. Eric can't believe this. Gunner says this is the deal.

Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff

The bell sounds and Garett starts to run around as Gunner tries to grab him. Gunner backs him in a corner and starts the assault. He pounds Garett in the head and then rakes his eyes. Gunner walks away. He comes back, but Gunner kicks him in the gut and then knocks Gunner down. Gunner gets up and Garett is in control. He does a shoulder tackle, but Gunner quickly gets up and throws Gunner out of the ring. Gunner follows. He gets Garett and throws him right into the steel ring post shoulder first. He then throws him shoulder first into another ring post. He gets Garett in and puts him in the corner. He chokes hi with his bare hands. Gunner moves back. Gunner brings Garett in another corner, but Garett fights back with punches, but Gunner knocks him down and chokes him again. Gunner gets him up and rams him right into the corner. Gunner talks trash to him as Garett looks helpless. Gunner does a mockery kick to Gunner. Out of nowhere, Garett jumps up and knocks down Gunner. He holds him down for a cover. The referee counts and Garett gets the victory! Winner: Garett Bischoff

Garett tries to get out of the ring, but Gunner grabs him and attacks him. He throws Garett out of the ring. Gunner follows again and throws Garett in the steel steps. Garett is screaming in pain. Gunner gets up and goes for a piledriver on the ring mats, but Eric runs out and demands him to stop. Eric gets to Gunner and......pulls the ring mat over to expose the concrete floor. Gunner grabs Garett and hits.....OH....a deadly piledriver. Garett is lying there motionless. Gunner shows off while Eric couldn't be happier.


The show returns and EMTs are pulling and pushing a stretcher backstage. It has Garett Bischoff on it. They put him in an ambulance as Eric and Ric are beside it. Eric asks a motionless Garett what it is like to be a wrestler now. Eric and Ric make some more jokes about this whole situation. Eric says he will tell mom about this. The car drives away while Eric and Ric still have smiles on their faces.

Music plays and it's non other than James Storm! James comes on stage and the crowd is going crazy. He comes down the ramp and into the ring. James gets on the mic and talks about him being called out last week. James says he never backs down. He then asks Kurt Angle where he is at. Just then, Kurt Angle's music plays and here comes the only olympic gold medalist in wrestling history. The crowd is booing more than ever. He gets in the ring with a smirk on his face. Kurt begins to speak and says that he gives James a lot of credit because he is either stupid or one of the toughest guys. Kurt says he hit James so hard weeks ago that he thought he gave himself a concussion. He thought James would be out for half a year, but really it's 1/12 of the year. Kurt says it won't happen again as he will finish it on Sunday. Kurt states he has been thinking out James the entire time.....James then speaks and says that he doesn't like Kurt thinking about him in bed as that is pretty creepy. James goes on to talk about his childhood life as he been through death after death. To come off that, he says nothing intimates him. James then goes on to talk about Kurt's last last call hit as he was knocked out then. James then turns around and tells Kurt to attack him if he wants to. James turns and Kurt just stands there. James turns back and says he will see Kurt this Sunday....and that's real....damn real! Kurt has a blank expression on his face as he stares at James right in the eye. James walks backwards up the ramp as both stare at each other.

Gail Kim is backstage with Karen. Karen says Mickie had a match tonight, so Gail needs a match tonight. She doesn't like people saying that she is not fair. Karen then turns to Traci and says....she is not fair and her and Gail laugh. She tells Traci to go in the ring and lie on the mat as soon as the match starts so Gail can pin her. Traci looks down as she leaves. Karen yells at her one last time as Karen is not playing games. It ends with a hug between Karen and Gail.


Devon is backstage with his sons. He pushes them back and they are slammed against the wall. He yells at them as to what they did earlier with Pope. He asks them what they are doing. He tells him not to step in the ring again. Pope comes in the area and Devon slams him against the wall and starts yelling at Pope for what he did. He then goes to punch Pope, but one of Devon's sons stop him from punching. Devon tells him to get lost before he does anything he will regret. Devon leaves and Pope comes back. He talks to him like their all buddy-buddy friends. They then leave together.

Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles are backstage. Jeff talks about Jarrett still not wanting him around. AJ then goes on to say that they are going to change their minds and show them what they are about.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring for this next match. Traci Brooks' music plays and she walks down the ramp and into the ring. Gail Kim's music hits and here comes the other half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion and the Knockout Champion. The crowd boos her.

Traci Brooks vs. Gail Kim

Both are in the ring as the bell sounds. Gail tells Traci go sit down now. Traci slowly gets down. She lays on her back. Gail goes and pins her....but Traci kicks out at two! Gail can't believe it. Traci gets up and attacks Gail. Gail gets up in the corner and Traci rams her shoulder right into Gail's gut multiple times. She then rams Gail's head in the turnbuckle and then back on the mat. She covers, but Gail kicks out. Traci continues to ram Gail's head in the mat and then puts her on the second rope and jumps for a choke. She then closelines Gail and then a spear. Just then, Karen Jarrett runs down the ramp and tells Traci to get out of the ring. Karen gets on the apron and tells Traci to come. She walks over and starts to choke Karen. Just then, Madison Rayne enters and hits Traci in the back with her tag title. Traci falls on the referee. Gail gets up and puts Traci on the mat for the cover and the win. Gail, Karen, and Madison meet in the ring. They exit as they check up on a bruised Gail. Winner: Gail Kim

Jeff Jarrett and Bobby Roode are backstage. Jarrett talks about taking out Hardy backstage but he didn't get it done, but he will get it done tonight so he won't have to face Hardy at the PPV. Roode talks about AJ as he will face AJ in an Ironman Match this Sunday. He beat AJ before and he can beat him again. He is not afraid at all.


A video plays from being filmed earlier today. It's Daniels talking about RVD. He states how he beat Rob quite a few times. He then says why not face one last time like they were meant to do....grapple wrestling! They face this Sunday to determine the better one!

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera as they announce the matches for Final Resolution. Check the final line-up for Final Resolution right here on this weekend as Final Resolution will air this Sunday!

Jeff Hardy's music hits and here comes the charismatic enigma! He comes down the ramp and goes around the arena to interact with the fans. He gets in the ring as the fans are really cheering him on. AJ Styles' music plays. Fireworks fall from above as he comes on stage. He makes his way down the ramp as the crowd gives him a huge ovation too. He gets in the ring to wait for his opponents. Jeff Jarrett's music plays and here comes Double J! He makes his way on stage and down the ramp with his wife, Karen, with the Mexican Title around his waist. Finally, Bobby Roode's music plays and here comes the TNA World Champion. He and Jarrett get the same reaction.....a crowd full of boos. Bobby raises his arms on stage as fireworks explode in the air. Jarrett claps as Roode comes to the ring. Everyone is in the ring as Jeremy Borash announces this main event!

Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett and Bobby Roode

Before Jeremy can even introduce the participants, all hell collides as the Jeffs fight each other and Roode and AJ fight. Hardy slams Jarrett in the steel guard rail and then steel steps. Aj has control of Roode as he slams him in the guard rail and does some chops. Jarrett blocks a move from Hardy and slams him into the steel post. Jarrett turns and attacks AJ. He brings AJ in the ring and they are the legal men who start this match. AJ reverses the whip from Jarrett. After running into the ropes multiple times, AJ does a great dropkick. Jarrett gets up in a corner. AJ goes to him, but Jarrett lifts him up. AJ lands on the apron and goes for a springboard, but Jarrett moves. AJ lands on his feet, but it looks like he tweaked his knee. AJ still has the advantage as Jeff Hardy is tagged in. He gets in. That gives Jarrett a great time to tag in Bobby Roode. Hardy and Roode are in. They look around at the arena as the crowd cheers.


Jeff has total control of Roode as the show returns as he does a hurricanrona. He then does a dropkick to Roode while he sits down on the mat after landing a double leg drop on his sternum. He tags in AJ. AJ enters and he goes after Roode, but Roode kicks AJ's knee and he falls instantly. Jarrett enters and he runs to AJ, but AJ does a hip toss. Jarrett gets up and he whips Jeff, but Jeff reverses it. AJ goes into the corner, but as he comes out, he closelines Roode as he was running to him on the apron. AJ then closelines Jeff. Jeff gets up and tags in Roode after he gets back on the apron. Roode now takes control as he attacks the leg and knee of AJ. He stomps right on it. Roode tags in Jeff and Jarrett smashes the knee as he jumps up and lands right on it. Jarrett turns to Hardy to mock him. Hardy gets in and the referee goes right to him. Just then, AJ goes for a cover. The referee doesn't see, but when he does see it, Jeff kicks out. Jeff tags in Roode and Roode goes right after the knee again. He stomps on it. He pulls AJ out of the corner, but AJ fights him off. AJ gets up and, out of nowhere, he does a pay lay. Roode falls right on the mat. AJ is down too. AJ crawls and crawls to tag Hardy.....but Jarrett gets in and knocks Jeff off the apron. Hardy had enough. He takes off his shirt and goes in the ring. He attacks Jarrett. They leave the ring and Hardy attacks Jarrett throughout the arena. They go backstage. Karen runs and scrapes the back of Hardy, but that doesn't stop him for long. He continues to attack Jarrett. In the ring, Roode applies a half boston crab. AJ fights and fights and grabs the ropes. Roode argues with the referee as he said he tapped. AJ gets up in the corner after using the ropes. Roode runs to him, but AJ kicks him in the face and then does a closeline and a back body drop. Roode gets up and AJ goes to lift him, but he couldn't with his knee situation. Roode hits AJ and he falls down. Roode gets AJ up and goes for his finishing suplex, but AJ does an inside cradle and....GETS THE WIN! Roode can't believe it. Winners: Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles

He is dumbfounded. AJ's knee is clearly hurting as he can barely stand. Roode is not going to stand for this as he goes after AJ. AJ fights back and hits Roode with a closeline. Roode leaves the ring. Just then, AJ flies over the ropes and jumps right on Roode. Both get up and Roode runs up the ramp. AJ tries to follow, but he can't with his knee. Roode leaves the area as AJ finally stands up. He raises his arms for the fans. Just then, Roode comes back from backstage and does a huge knee chop to AJ. He falls instantly. Roode continues to attack the knee as he pulls it out and hits it on the steel stage. AJ holds his knee in agony as Roode goes for his title. Roode tells AJ that the title is HIS because AJ can't beat him! Roode raises the title up as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. AJ Styles- New from last week
3. Jeff Hardy- Down from last week
4. Mickie James- Up from last week
5. Gail Kim- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

Well, after seeing the preview for this week's Impact Wrestling and reading the main event, I was pretty excited. Not only that, I was excited that this is the last show before the PPV (which I need to say is the last PPV of the year for TNA). Being the last show, they always have the final hype of each rivalry....or at least try to. One thing that we did miss was any x-division involvement this week. While an x-division match would have been nice, after thinking, I don't think you can add anymore to the already fueled rivalry with Austin Aries. They could have always aired a video package about it though. Anyway, the main event sounded great but minutes before the show aired, I saw that Samoa Joe will be facing Abyss. I thought that would be pretty interesting to see. Long summary short, the matches were alright. They remind me of just "waiting" matches. While we seen some good matches in the past month or so, tonight's episode had waiting matches as we are going to wait to see some great action at the PPV like Roode vs. AJ and James vs. Kurt. Looking at the line-up, the PPV looks great as I can't wait to see the two actual wrestling woman Gail and Mickie fight. I am actually interested in seeing Jeff vs. Jeff....even though I don't want to see Hardy battling for the title in the near future. Kurt vs. James should be great if James can pass his concussion tests. AJ vs. Roode should be awesome (hoping both are healthy too). It's the final PPV for 2011, so let's hope TNA goes out of the year with a bang! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter!

Weekly Question: Which match are you most looking forward to seeing this Sunday at Final Resolution?

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