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Impact Wrestling Results (5/24/12) - The Return Of.....!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 5/24/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package revolving around AJ Styles/Kazarian/Daniels storyline. It then recaps Mr. Parks and Abyss along with Bully Ray. This rivalry is becoming a real good one. A different video type ends.

Another video plays with a setting taking place in Hulk Hogan's room. He has Bully Ray, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy in there. Hogan talks about tonight's show. He talks about Open Fight Night and how it is going to be different than what he thought of. Hogan shows the stars a number of papers that show the whole line-up for tonight's show. Hogan goes on to talk about Roode and how he is going to put his title on the line. Hogan says this is a big deal as Roode is going to be the longest reigning World Champion. Kurt doesn't see that it's a big deal but AJ does. They start to argue and Ray interferes to bring his input in. Hogan says this show is going to change. It's going to be different than what it has always been. Kurt states that he should be fighting Roode because he won the most world titles than anyone else in there. Ray says, "Singles titles." Ray says Hogan is the best of the best in the wrestling business, but he doesn't understand why he has to convince Hogan for him to get a title show, unlike what Kurt did. Ray says he can take everyone over in this room. Ray says he can intimate Hogan if he wanted, but he respects Hogan. Hogan asks Kurt if he thinks Ray is intimidating. He doesn't think so. Ray yells back and says Kurt knows that and he is lying. AJ convinces Hogan why he wants to fight Roode. He doesn't want Roode to be the longest reigning champion in history. He wants to stop him. Kurt says he beat AJ last week, so he should fight him. Ray steps in and sees Jeff Hardy just sitting there. He calls out Jeff. Jeff says the fans should decide. Kurt turns that down as everyone will pick Jeff because he is the most popular. Jeff says Kurt's son even likes him. Hogan says Roode needs to be stopped. He his a genius as he is taking over this company. He goes on to eliminate Bully Ray from this competition because Ray never won a World Title. Ray can't believe it. He then says, "Eric was right about you." Ray turns and walks out. Hogan feels good about the decision though.

The video ends and the show's entrance video plays. It then promotes tonight's Open Fight Night. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. The crowd is on their feet as they want to be seen on television. Mike Tenay and Taz introduce themselves and the show. Music begins to play. It's Gail Kim. She walks to the ring along with Madison Rayne. Both get in the ring, but Rayne is dragging behind. Gail gets on the mic. She says it is great to be herself. She is the Knockout's Champion and she is the most dominate Knockout in this company's history. That is 10 years, people. The camera switches backstage to show stars watching Gail on television. Gail reveals that there is a blemish on her career right now. That is the Knockout Tag Team Titles as they are behind held by a man and some animal. Gail goes to call out Mr. and Mrs. ODB. Before she does, she gets Madison's attention as she was too busy improving her looks. Music plays and here comes Eric and ODB. They have the TNA Knockout Tag Titles around their waist. They make their way to the ring.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. Eric Young and ODB

Eric and Gail start the match. Eric looks at the crowd and points to Gail. He applies a smile on his face as the crowd cheers. They move forward and Gail grabs Eric's arm and works on it. He reverses it and works on Gail's arm. Eric moves in and applies a headlock. Gail gets out of it and gets behind Eric. He grabs him by the waist and tries to pick him up. He turns and grabs her from behind. He picks her up as she is screaming and drops her on her butt. Eric goes over and tags ODB. ODB enters and she takes care of Gail Kim. She knocks Gail out and then knocks Madison off the apron. Eric enters and goes around the ring with ODB.


Gail and ODB fight it out as Gail bounces off the ropes and closelines ODB. She covers but ODB kicks out. A short clip is shown of what happened during the commercial break. It shows how Gail and Madison turned the momentum. Madison is tagged in now and she attacks ODB. She makes ODB bend over and Madison bounces off the ropes. She kicks ODB right in the head. She covers but ODB kicks out at 2. Madison goes over and tags Gail. Both are in and double team ODB. They double whip her in the corner. Madison runs and smashes her. Madison goes to the apron while ODB runs back and closelines Gail. Both are down. Both move and tag their partners. Eric and Madison meet each other. Eric was about to attack but he stops as she sees it's a female. Madison follows Eric around the ring and hits him. Eric has enough and pulls down his pants. He does hip tosses and then a body slam. Eric turns to ODB and she yells at him to put his pants on. He tags her. ODB comes in and Gail tags Madison as she rolled to the corner. They fight. ODB goes after Gail. Gail tries to come back with a cross body, but ODB catches her. She goes for the fallaway slam, but Madison pulls the legs out from under ODB. ODB falls and Gail is on top of her. Eric goes to a different corner and climbs it to pose. The referee goes over and counts the pin. While the pin, Madison holds ODB's legs. It's 1-2-3. Winners: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Bobby Roode is walking backstage. He slowly goes through a door as he fights later tonight.


Hulk Hogan is in his office. The camera is on the other side of a window. Hulk is on the phone. He talks about making his first cut and says it was tough, aka Bully Ray. He then asks if he was coming. The person is. Hogan says he can't wait. Hogan hangs up.

RVD's music plays. He comes out and the crowd is pumped. He makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic as he is in the ring. He says he has some unfinished business to settle first before he goes to fight for the World Title as he wants the fans to have an honorable champion. The camera shows backstage where all of the stars are standing. RVD calls out Gunner. He makes his way through the curtain. Gunner comes out. As he does, pictures are shown of how Gunner took RVD out back in January.

Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner

Gunner is about to get in the ring, but Rob knocks him down. He falls down outside. Rob gets up in the ring and goes outside as the bell rings. Gunner comes back as he hits Rob and rolls him back in the ring. He then grabs a chair and tosses it in. Gunner enters and Rob gets up. He knocks Gunner down with a kick. He does rolling thunder. Rob has control. Both get up and Gunner is whipped into the corner. Rob comes and goes for a roundhouse kick, but Gunner ducked and pulls Rob back to slam his head on the mat. Gunner continues the assault. Rob comes back as he brings Gunner into a corner. Rob jumps and does a spinning heel kick to Gunner. Both are down. Both get up and Rob grabs the chair. He throws it to Gunner and then kicks it right in the face. Gunner falls. Rob climbs the corner. He jumps all the way to the other side of the ring for one huge Five Star Frog Splash. He gets the pin. Winner: Rob Van Dam


The show returns and Devon is on the ring apron as his music plays. He gets in the ring and has a mic. Devon states that Hogan stated a month ago that the Television Title will be up for grabs every week. Devon will try to fulfill that statement. But, last week, there was a Battle Royal to determine who might fight for the World Title. Well, in that match, Garett Bischoff eliminated Devon. Devon calls him out as he wants to even the score. Garett is shown backstage. His music plays and Garett comes out. He gets in the ring.

Garett Bischoff vs. Devon (Champ) for the Television Title

Both join hands before the bell rings. Once it does ring, both move around the ring. They lock-up and Devon grabs the arm of Garett and then applies a headlock. He takes Garett over his body to the mat. Garett gets up and pushes Devon in the ropes. Devon comes back and knocks Garett down. He gets up. They walk around the ring and lock-up again. Garett grabs Devon's arm and goes behind him. He then applies a side headlock. Devon gets out and grabs Garett's arm and does a headlock. Garett gets out and does a swinging neck breaker as Devon was bent over. Both get up. The crowd chants, "We Want Tables!" Good times! Devon and Garett lock-up and Devon applies a submission to Garett, but as it was locked, Robbie E and Robbie T enter. They attack Devon. Garett is down from the hold. They continue to attack Devon. Garett finally gets up and he helps Devon out. They both work on the double Robbies. Devon and Garett eliminate one each of the Robbies out of the ring. Devon and Garett are side by side. No Contest


The camera is back in Hogan's office. AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy are in there. It seems like it's a video again, but that is not the point. Hogan says AJ knows Roode the best. He goes to say that he was worried about Kurt with the Olympic training with the dieting and the injuries. He knows Kurt can fight, but he just doesn't know how he actually is. He says the crowd loves Jeff. Kurt steps in and says he can pick Kurt because of the fans and he can pick AJ with his ability or he can pick Kurt because he can get the job done. Hogan eliminates Jeff Hardy because he is too shaky with his win and loss record. Jeff leaves the office. Kurt wants an answer right now because they have to get ready and can't wait all night. Hogan says he will announce who Roode will face later on in the ring. AJ and Kurt leave, but as Kurt leaves, he states to Hogan that he can get the job done. Hogan knows that. He needs some time to think.

A video plays recapping the entire Mr. Parks/Bully Ray/Abyss story. It shows Mr. Parks investigation. He is going after Bully Ray while Abyss comes back and states that his brother, Mr. Parks, is getting too close to the fire. He needs to back off. Mr. Parks thinks the fire is Bully Ray. The video ends and Ray's music plays. He slowly walks down the ramp. Mike and Taz state that Ray is livid right now. He is not happy at all (There are numerous reasons why). Ray walks around the ring and mocks some of the fans. Ray gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He starts off by saying, "Do you know who I am?" The crowd boos. He asks the question again. They boo louder. Ray says Hogan does not know who he is as he decided to eliminate Ray first. Ray is in a very bad mood! If he is in a bad mood, he takes it out on every fan. They don't think he will get out of the ring and smack all of the fans in the face. Then, someone walks up to him and tells Ray that Mr. Parks is in the crowd tonight. He looks around for him. He finds him. He finds him. He says he is sick and tired of Parks. He is tired of him being in the crowd and around the building. He calls Mr. Parks to the ring. Parks is shocked. He stands up and puts down his popcorn. He makes his way to the steel guard rail. He goes through it and walks up the steps. Ray keeps edging him on. Parks walks down the steps and asks for a mic. He gets one. He says he is not a fighter or a wrestler. He has never been in a fight. Parks is a little intimidated. He wants some space. He tells Ray that. Ray, surprisingly, backs up. Parks makes his way in the ring. The only thing Parks wanted was to find out where his brother was. All of the facts that Ray gathered, it led him right to Ray each time. Over the years, Parks represented a lot of defendants. Some were guilty and not guilty. He has the skill to look into the eye and find out who is guilty and not. The crowd chants, "Guilty!" Luckily for Ray, Bully can have a fair and speedy trial in front of his peers. That is in the United States Constitution. The fans are his peers! In the disappearance of Abyss, he asks the fans if they think he is not guilty. He then asks if they think he is guilty and the fans scream. Just then, Ray kicks Parks right in the gut. Parks falls instantly. Ray slowly walks over and grabs his chain. He yanks it back and whips it over the back of Parks who is on his hands and knees. He falls flat on the mat. Ray gets close to Parks's face, gets on the mic, and says, "Not guilty!" Ray gets up and walks away as his music plays.

A video plays showcasing Joey Ryan who is decked out with big sunglasses and a bandana wrapped around his head. He will be the one fighting in the Gut Check Challenge tonight. He talks about where he was when he got the call from TNA. He was at Disney. Joey talks about how he got into the business. He always had an interest in wrestling and that will never leave him.


Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He talks about Gut Check as it is where they give some independent wrestler a chance to fight on national television and in front of a good crowd. He turns and asks Joey Ryan if he is ready. He is. Ryan shakes the hand of Al Snow. Music plays and here comes Austin Aries. The X-Divison Champion enters the ring.

Joey Ryan vs. Austin Aries in the Gut Check Challenge

Both move around the ring and they lock-up. Joey quickly takes Austin over. Both get up and Joey leans against the corner. They move forward and lock-up. Austin takes Ryan over and then does a drop toe hold. Austin gets up and lays on top of the corner. He comes down and gets in the face of Ryan. Ryan spits in the face of Austin. Austin doesn't like that. He attacks Joey as he knocks him out of the ring. He goes out of the ring and continues the attack. He brings Joey back in. Austin climbs the corner. Joey bounces off the ropes and Austin falls down on the corner and rolls forward. Joey gets him up, but Austin grabs the chest hair of Joey and pulls. Joey screams. He pulls Austin away and punishes him. He knocks Austin down and covers but Austin kicks out. Both get up and Austin comes back. Both run into the ropes and Austin spins for a closeline. Both get up and Joey goes to the apron. Austin goes to him, but Joey jumps up over Austin and does a sunset flip pin, but Austin rolls through and hits a low dropkick. Both get up and Joey whips Austin in the corner. He comes out and Joey goes for a pump handle slam, but changes it up. He takes down Austin. Joey gets Austin up, but Austin is able to come back with a belly to belly type suplex. Joey hits the corner from that move. Joey slowly gets up. He is in the corner. Austin runs to him and does a flying dropkick in the corner. He then lifts Joey up and drops him down right on his head. Austin covers and wins. Winner: Austin Aries

We will find out if Joey Ryan will make the cut next week.


A video plays hyping up the upcoming Slammiversary PPV. It is #6 of the greatest moments in TNA history. This was the match between Hogan and Sting. Garett Bischoff is the referee. Sting wins. Immortal enters and takes out Sting. Hulk Hogan turns to the American hero and takes Immortal out. What a Bound for Glory moment!

The camera is shown of the Impact Zone as the lights dim. Music plays and Jeremy Borash introduces the TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode. Roode comes out and stands on top of the stage. The crowd boos. Roode slowly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring as the title is around his waist. After him, AJ Styles' music is heard. He comes through the sparks that come down from above. He makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers. After him, Kurt Angle's music starts. Kurt comes up from under the ramp. He raises his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He makes his way down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring. All three are in the ring, but only two will fight. With that being said, Hulk Hogan comes out as he hears his music. He does his ear cup pose and fireworks explode at his side. He stands on top of the stage with a mic in hand. He says it has been an intense show. He says he thought it was a tough decision on who to pick now, but really he knows these two are great stars. Kurt has so much experience and so much stuff under his belt while AJ has been here in TNA and has the longest title reign now. He picks AJ because AJ has a great track record with the champion. Kurt is mad, but he walks out of the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode (Champ) for the TNA World Title

The bell sounds and both move around the ring quickly. They lock-up with AJ applying headlock. Roode pushes AJ into the ropes. AJ comes back and shoulder blocks Roode down. Roode rolls out of the ring. He walks around and then slowly gets in the ring. Roode lifts his arm for a strength test. He then lifts is other arm as AJ was about to grab the other. Roode kicks AJ in the gut on a cheap shot and puts him in the corner. He brings him out and AJ whips Roode in the ropes. Roode holds onto the ropes as AJ was about to hit him. Roode moves forward, but AJ hits a dropkick. Roode is down and rolls out of the ring again. He has to regroup.


AJ whips Roode in the corner. AJ runs, jumps, and smashes Roode in it. Roode falls. AJ gets him up and whips him in the corner. AJ runs to him, but Roode elbows him in the chest and head. He grabs AJ and throws him right into the steel post, shoulder first. AJ falls out of the ring. Roode follows and rams AJ arm first into the steel post. He rolls him in the ring and pins him. AJ kicks out at 2. Roode continues to attack the arm as he steps on it and then wraps it around the ropes. He breaks it at the referee's count. He gets AJ up and twists the arm around and then drops it down on the mat. He covers but AJ kicks out. Roode grabs it and wrenches it behind the head of AJ. He stops and then steps on the arm. He steps on it again. AJ is in severe pain. Roode takes AJ over and wrenches the arm back again as AJ sits on the mat. Roode is kneeling right behind him. The crowd is chanting for AJ to come back. AJ gets up and is able to punch Roode right in the head. He does it multiple times. He goes to whip him, but Roode reverses and hits the arm of AJ. AJ leans against the ropes. Roode turns away. He turns back and goes to AJ, but AJ gives him a back body drop over the ropes. Roode lands on the outside. He gets up and AJ flies over the ropes. He hits a great flying cross body. AJ gets up and gets Roode and smashes his head into the steel steps. AJ backs away. Roode gets up. AJ turns and runs. Roode does a hiptoss and AJ lands back first on the steel steps. Roode brings AJ in and covers him. AJ kicks out.

Roode continues the attack. There is a split screen as a camera shows Hulk Hogan in the back watching this match. Someone walks up to him and tells Hogan that his guest arrived. A huge smile appears on his face.


The show returns and Roode has AJ up on his shoulders. He drops him down for a suplex. Roode gets up. He backs up. He moves forward and drops his knee on AJ's face. He covers but AJ kicks out. Roode continues with knees to the back and wrenches AJ's head back. A submission hold is in effect. AJ slowly gets up. Roode grabs both of AJ's arms and pulls them back. AJ uses his strength and breaks out of it. He punches Roode and that makes him back up to the corner. AJ goes to him, but Roode lifts him up and puts him on the apron. AJ fights back and goes for a springboard but Roode pushes him and AJ lands gut first on the ropes. Roode backs up for a breather. He turns and AJ jumps on the top rope and does a springboard elbow smash. He covers Roode but Roode kicks out. It was close. Both get up. Roode comes back as he grabs AJ and places him on the top rope. Roode climbs the corner and goes for a superplex, but he hits Roode in the gut and Roode falls. Roode gets up and AJ flies for a missile dropkick. He covers but it's a 2 count. Both get up and Roode takes control as he kicks AJ in the gut and goes for the fisherman suplex. AJ counters and goes for the Styles Clash, but Roode gets out of it. AJ pushes Roode in the corner. AJ runs to him but Roode moves out of the way. AJ moves back. Roode runs and spears him. Both get up and AJ comes back. He drops Roode down and locks Roode's leg and then arches his body back to grab Roode's head to wrench it back. It's a great submission. Roode crawls and gets the ropes.

AJ gets up and stomps on Roode. Roode gets up and AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Roode gets out. Roode is able to grab AJ for a spine buster. He gets him up and hits the fisherman suplex. He covers but AJ kicks out. He gets AJ up and goes for the fisherman suplex again, but AJ moves out and hits the pele. Roode falls. AJ slowly makes it to the ropes. He is on the apron. He jumps on the ropes, before he looks around him. He does a 450 Splash, but Roode puts his knees up. Roode grabs AJ for a covers and he gets it. Winner and Still TNA World Champ: Bobby Roode

Daniels and Kazarian come down the ramp. They stand halfway down as they mock AJ. He lost this match. He looks up and sees them. They continue to mock. Roode gets on the mic. He says he is officially the longest reigning champion in TNA history. He asks for his champaign. He grabs it and then asks for another glass. He says he wants Hulk Hogan to celebrate with his champion. Roode pours the wine into the glasses as he waits for Hogan.


Hogan did not come out. Roode says that is fine as he will celebrate himself. He wants the confetti to fall. Roode's music plays and here comes the confetti. It falls and falls and falls. It's a huge party and moment. Roode dances around the ring with his wine and title. Just then, Hogan's music hits. Here comes the General Manager. Hogan claps as he is on the stage. He makes his way down the ramp. Roode starts making confetti angels in the ring. Hogan says that he is impressed. The music stops. Hogan states that he had the decked stacked against Roode. He knew Roode was good, but didn't know how good. Roode gives Hogan the glass of wine while Roode takes the bottle. They meet glass to glass and both drink. Hogan says he is glad that Roode called him out. Roode did something that Hogan never thought would happen. Roode has Hogan's respect now, but there are still challenges. The hard work has just begun. There is someone else who wants to celebrate. Roode doesn't want anyone else. Hogan tells the person to come out. Just then, the lights are out. The come back and music plays....Sting's music! Sting is right behind Roode. Roode turns and Sting chops Roode in the chest and then whips him in the corner. He does a Stinger Splash. Roode goes out of the ring from Sting. Roode slowly crawls his way up the ramp. Hogan states that it is, "Showtime." Hogan says that next week is the start of the 8pm timeslot and the start of the the live show! Next week will be the time where Roode can't run from Sting. There will be lumberjacks all around the ring as Roode will face Sting. NO way to run! Sting's music plays as both look on. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- New from last week
2. AJ Styles- Same as last week
3. Austin Aries- New from last week
4. Bully Ray- Same from last week
5. Sting- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

There are so many things to talk about for this episode of Impact Wrestling! First of all, it was Open Fight Night. I enjoyed the first installment of that, but that was a bit confusing. This one was a lot less confusing and way more enjoyable. I recommend TNA to tell which title will be up for grabs the week before and do an elimination style treatment on O.F.N. like they did tonight. The opening segment is the reason for that. The opening segment was loved by many and hated by few, as it seemed. The segment had everything set to a style of music that made it interesting and intense. You could cut the tension. Not only that, it seemed real. That is what I love. It was a great opener. Not only that, the entire show was great. I have to admit, there are some things I don't like on Impact Wrestling at times, but I don't see many of those flaws at all on this show. We did not have unnecessary segments or promos. It was all about action from open challenges to the Gut Check. Speaking of that, Joey Ryan seemed like a good fit for I.W. No matter who it is, Austin Aries can put on a great match. Besides that, we saw one amazing match that deserves to be watched again and that is AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode. These two are great. It was a lengthly match, which everyone enjoys, and it was a back and forth battle. I love seeing these kinds of matches. I wouldn't mind seeing Kurt as we know that would have been great too, but it was nice seeing AJ getting a really nice match under his belt. While he has his storyline with Daniels/Kazarian, the storyline of Mr. Parks and Bully Ray is heating up. Everyone criticized this story at the beginning, but I told everyone to let it run its course. You can't tell a story in a week or two. It needs to last. Now that it is going, it is going strong and people are liking. It's nice seeing Bully Ray in an actual story. He brings a lot to the table in it. The show doesn't have Eric Bischoff on anymore, and maybe Ric Flair soon, but they brought someone else back: Sting! Sting returned! It doesn't seem like he was gone too long, but time flies! It is nice seeing him back. They had to bring him back to draw for the HUGE show next week. I am not sure where they will go (Which is god as it = unpredictable). Next week's show is the biggest show of 2012, without a doubt! Don't miss it! I will be here an hour earlier! Let the good times roll! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my personal blog (link below in my bio).

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