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Intercontinental Champion After WrestleMania?

Okay, so Daniel Bryan has officially been placed in the Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 31 against six other superstars. He will join Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Luke Harper, Stardust, Dean Ambrose, and finally, the champion, Bad News Barrett.

Now the question is: Who will win? Well, if you want my opinion, it should be Zigger. Maybe Daniel Bryan, but he has other storylines to pursue. Another name that caught my attention, was Dean Ambrose. While he doesn't seem to have as much of a chance to win, never say never. He is a fan favorite, alongside Ziggler and Bryan. Bryan and Ziggler have definitely proven their in-ring ability throughout the years, and Ambrose has showed his talent throughout the short time he's been in WWE.

I say go with Ziggler. See what Dolph can do holding the title and see how much he can truly prove himself, even though he already has in my opinion. Yes, they might still go with Bryan, but I believe Dolph would be a better decision in this matter. I was genuinely surprised that they would add Bryan to the match, when I thought he'd be set to face Sheamus upon his return, seeing as how he is likely to return as a heel.

Ambrose could show his true passion for wrestling in this match, just like he's done in his time with The Shield. The other superstars in the match, other than those three, will bring an interesting taste to this match, and truly make it "one for the books". Stardust is also a very strong competitor, and if anyone is the dark horse in this match, I believe it's him. He's shown his talent throughout the years as Cody Rhodes, and definitely has the talent, and probably enough charisma, to make him go far. However, I don't think his time is just yet, since he's only pursued the role of Stardust for a short period of time.

R-Truth has some time to reboot. It seems like a lot of superstars, R-Truth, Ziggler, and Rhodes (he was Rhodes at the time) were all at the top of the roster for a long while, and then fell back quite a bit. There are plenty more wrestlers but those are just the few in the match. R-Truth is also a very well rounded competitor as well. He's been in many tag teams and has even held the WWE Championship for some time. He will definitely liven this match.

Luke Harper has even popped into this match. He will definitely prove himself in this match as well. I like his gimmick, but if he's good enough, he should have a little more mic time. He's a great and strong performer and will definitely pull his weight in this match.

For who the eighth competitor is, I have an idea. There are two options that I believe are most likely right now. Either Sheamus inserts himself into the match, or they compete with an odd number of wrestlers. Sheamus is set to return, but now with the addition of Daniel Bryan into this match, he has almost no one to face. There are a few names such as Rowan who could face him, but being a part of this match would be better in my opinion, if he has a WrestleMania match at all.

For who my pick is, I'm actually going to go with Bryan. Ziggler should win but WWE is going to decide something completely different. I think this idea will, in the long run, be more effective. Then the title's value will increase, and Ziggler or Ambrose can reclaim it in a matter of months. Ziggler definitely deserves a push, but it doesn't have to be at WrestleMania, as long as he receives a good one.

I'm just hyped to see what happens, and what the outcome will be! I guess we'll find out come WrestleMania! It'll be a great night, at least I'm hoping.

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