Interview With Brittany - Promotes "Stroke Ain't No Joke" & Talks About Her TNA Career


On Saturday night, Santana Garrett, otherwise known as Brittany in TNA, competed at Dynamo Pro's "Stroke Ain't No Joke" event in Glen Carbon, Illinois. I had the opportunity to talk to Brittany and conduct a brief interview before the event.

CJ: Tonight, you will be in action at an event called "Stroke Ain't No Joke". What does this mean to you?

Brittany: Well, as most of my fans and followers know, my dad had a stroke about 15 weeks ago. This show means a lot to me, I mean we're speaking on (stroke) awareness and prevention. A portion of the proceeds are going to the American Stroke Association, so I'm really glad to be apart of it and that my schedule allowed me to come out here and be with my dad and come back to the Midwest! This is where I got started, y'all know that right? I'm not from here (St. Louis), but I started out here with wrestling.

CJ: So how did you get into TNA?

Brittany: Some people know this, and some people don't, but I started in TNA in 2010 and was Orlando Jordan's on-screen girlfriend, I was just a valet and just started training for wrestling, and that was actually my start in TNA. Last year I did the One Night Only Knockout's Knockdown pay-per-view. I was among a lot of other girls and they showed interest in me at that time and I got a call last summer saying, hey, we want you to have a tryout. So I went out to OVW and wrestlers Taeler Hendrix and they liked me, so shortly after that I had a job!

CJ: What do you like about working for TNA?

Brittany: The roster. It's the best of the best, in my opinion. You have Gail Kim, Angelina Love, you know, some of the absolute best in women's wrestling and yeah the roster, it's amazing.

CJ: Have you had any thoughts about possibly going to WWE?

Brittany: Fun fact, I actually wrestled for WWE last summer. I had a summer contract and wrestled at the Performance Center for NXT and worked Ric Flair's daughter (Charlotte) in one of her first matches. Yeah, we had a really good match, too.

CJ: So what's your thoughts on the current angle with Madison Rayne?

Brittany: What angle?

CJ: Well, your thoughts on working with Madison Rayne?

Brittany: Working with Madison Rayne, you know what? All I ever wanted was to be accepted and because we had a similar up-bringing in wrestling, we worked for a lot the same companies, like SHIMMER, indie companies. I thought that her, of all people, would get me take me under her wing and she didn't. I tried, and I tried, and I tried, and she just wouldn't accept me, so you know I can only try so much. I had to realize that there was no way we were going to be friends. And we are far from friends right now, as you know.

CJ: And finally, who were your favorite wrestlers growing up, male or female? 

Brittany: Well, for female, Trish Stratus and Tara/Victoria. So amazing and so charismatic. And for male, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I used to go to my dad's house and he would put me in a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt and I would go back to my mom's house and should would be like what are you wearing? But yeah, Stone Cold Steve Austin is my number one.

Brittany went on to beat Jordynne Grace in a physical match. I honestly thought it was one of the best matches on the card. Brittany continues to impress me in the ring. I would like to thank my dad, Dynamo Pro Wrestling, "TNT" Kenny G, Luanne Garrett, and of course, Santana Garrett, for the the incredible opportunity and awesome show!

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