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It's Time To Disband The Revolution

When the faction "The Rising" arrived I was a little perplexed. One of the first things that came to mind is that TNA now has three factions. After watching May Mayhem I am convinced that we are at the point it is now time to disband The Revolution. It is difficult to utilize each faction effectively.

The leader of The Revolution James Storm has been feuding with Magnus. The feuds centerpiece though is Mickie James. Mickie James and Magnus are engaged and have a baby. It was weeks ago that Mickie and Magnus had come out for a segment to announce that Mickie is going to retire. In this segment James Storm is telling her how much the fans love her and plead "One more match". This was the beginning to the feud. It appears that James Storm hasn't supported this family decision. Family is the key word. James Storm is simply a long time friend of Mickie James and claims to be supportive. It's fitting though. As a leader it appears he is being manipulative and trying to be the wedge Mickie's marriage. After seeing this feud evolve though the other members of The Revolution haven't been utilized as a group. This feud that the creative team has generated has limited the usage of the other members. They have been utilized in singles matches but not as a group. I am convinced at this point it's time for the creative team to disband The Revolution due to the storyline.

When the "The Rising" were formed it was clear that they were designed to battle the Beat Down Clan. This rivalry has been solid. These factions are being used well and the talent is being displayed effectively as a group.

In my opinion as I once stated in a previous post Abyss doesn't belong in The Revolution. The Revolution was formed in September 2014. We are a few months away from this faction existing for almost a year. In my mind TNA should learn from other factions that have been created from the past. No I'm not comparing The Revolution to The Four Horseman, DX, or the NWO. Two of the factions that I mentioned WCW didn't know when to pull the plug on them. TNA should be looking at the effectiveness of this faction as time goes on. The creative team decided to generate a storyline between the leader of The Revolution James Storm and Magnus. This is a indication that TNA is running out of options to use them as a group.

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