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Jeff Hardy Returning To WWE?, Interest In Top Name Returning, Daniel Bryan Update, Whose Stock Is On The Rise

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Jeff Hardy

- The rumors of Jeff Hardy returning to WWE are back on following mentions of him during the Stone Cold Podcast after Raw on Monday night. Jeff is under contract with TNA Wrestling through February and after that, would be able to negotiate a deal to return to WWE. Jeff is on record as to saying he wants to finish his career in WWE and based on the way WWE has brought back The Dudley Boyz, it’s safe to assume they aren’t scared off by TNA anymore (why would they be? Viewership is virtually non-existent). I’m told the feeling within WWE is that Jeff Hardy is no longer the risk he once was and his personal issues appear to be solved and he’s in great physical condition.

- There was talk at one point of Seth Rollins winning the Intercontinental Championship at Raw on Monday and working three times at Night of Champions but it was scrapped in a late show rewrite.

- Jey Uso is expected to return to WWE soon, with writers expecting to place him back into storylines with Jimmy before the end of the year. Jey had shoulder surgery back in April, an injury that has caused him to miss the majority of 2015.

- The New Day’s stock has been on the rise, not just by their work on Raw but because of what they’ve been doing in general and how over they are.

- Speaking of New Day, there has actually been talk of putting El Torito with The Dudley Boyz to feud with the trio. And for those wondering, there were actually whispers of bringing Spike Dudley in for it.

- I’m told both Vince McMahon and Triple H have expressed interest in bringing Edge back as an on-air personality. Vince sees Edge as one of the most under appreciated stars after the Attitude Era, who was a large part of the success of the Smackdown brand. Edge wouldn’t be returning to the ring or ever bumping again but there is clearly still interest from the higher ups in his character.

- Daniel Bryan recently met with Vince McMahon and Triple H, which explains rumors of him possibly being at Raw, but the contents of their meeting were not disclosed. I’m still unclear when this took place but it was as recent as last Sunday-Monday near or in Baltimore.

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