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John Cena Gets Personal As 'Today' Co-Host

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WWE United States Champion John Cena was a special co-host on Monday’s episode of NBC’s “Today Show” during the 9 AM ET hour. Cena was live in-studio in New York City and will fly directly to Raw in Minnesota afterwards.

Cena discussed his nose injury and got off a plug for WWE Tough Enough. As of 9:22 PM ET, John had not gotten a chance to mention SummerSlam. There was a funny moment when John revealed when he sleeps with his girlfriend [Nikki Bella] (who he didn’t mention by name) he sleeps as he was made (implying he doesn’t wear clothes), while he wear’s “comfortable shorts” when sleeping alone. For those wondering how they got on that topic, the hosts were discussing a new product that separates a bed into sides and a Wall-Street Journal article, questioning if men wear pajamas to bed.

John noted that his girlfriend dresses him and it’s something that she’s done throughout their relationship. Below is a photo:

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10:01 AM ET Update: John was on for the entire hour, taking part in a segment with a son of one of the Charleston shooting victims and the New York Yankees, an interview with an actor and a cooking segment. SummerSlam was never brought up or mentioned.

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