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John Cena Grants 500th Wish On NBC's Today Show

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John Cena returned to NBC’s “Today Show” on Thursday morning as a special guest co-host during the 9 AM hour. On the show, Cena granted his 500th wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The wish went to Rocco Lanzer, an 8 year old that has leukemia. Cena visited with him earlier in the year but Rocco wasn’t feeling well and wished to meet him again. Cena brought the young man and his family to the “Today Show” to do just that.

You can watch video at this link.

On Monday, we learned more about John Cena than we ever wanted to know in terms of how he sleeps. Today, we learned Cena is afraid of heights.

Whether you love or hate John Cena as a performer, you have to respect him as a human being. rated Cena the second most charitable athlete in the world.

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