John Cena: Perhaps Not So Bad After All


The first time I wrote an article solely about John Cena it generated more comments than any of my blogs before it. I was fully aware that I was voicing some strong opinions, but that is all it was my opinion and not for a second did I anticipate the size of the reaction it got. For reasons I can't understand some people took it extremely personally and some of the comments made were not about the subject but directed towards me personally and resulted in a moderator deciding to close the thread. I also received a number of abusive messages to my Twitter account.

John Cena, John Felix Anthony Cena

None of this has put me off broaching the subject for a second time.

Now this blog is not me eating humble pie or retracting my previous comments, I fully stand by the original article and my right to voice my opinion. The monstrosity that is the "springboard stunner" still makes me weep ("Cena didn't get all of it" the inevitable Michael Cole follow up after yet another botch), he still kicks out of too many finishing moves (completely devaluing them in the process) he is incredibly annoying and repetitive in his promos and replace the words "Bray Wyatt" and "Rusev" with "Kevin Owens" and the story is the same. But to show I am a fair person I felt it only fair to give credit where it is due and give Cena some deserved praise.

Despite all the traits which I find incredibly annoying I have to say that John Cena has outperformed and exceeded all expectations in the last 6 months. When I compiled my top matches of 2015 so far Cena was involved in three of the top four. Now that doesn't happen by accident and in dropping down the card slightly and competing against fresh opponents it seems to have reinvigorated Cena. Since compiling the list he has had some epic battles with Cesaro and another with Kevin Owens and the way things are going more than half of my end of year list will be matches involving Cena. So in that respect, John I'm sorry.

Bravo whoever had the idea for Cena to take on the US title as it has been one of WWE's success stories this year. All the belts in WWE had become a bit neglected at the end of last year and beginning of 2015 and Cena has gone about his task of giving the title a new lease of life with a great gusto. Although the matches have been a little predictable in the sense you knew Cena was never really going to lose an open challenge to someone like Neville (remember him?), the matches have been fantastic. I have said for a long time that there is not enough "wrestling" on Raw and Cena has proven that people still want to see quality 20 min plus matches. And for being the spearhead of the "less talking, more wrestling" movement, he is my superstar of the year so far. I do think he needs to lose the belt on Raw soon though or the open challenge will become another pointless and predictable part of the programming.

I also have to applaud Cena for putting over Cesaro I can't think of many superstars who would do what he did and if it is true that Cena has been backing his push then I have to applaud that too. Cesaro has had a rough deal and people like Cena should do their bit to support their co-workers. As for last night, I lay the blame firmly at Vince's door (that's another story altogether but I think it may be time to hand over the reigns). I knew that Owens wouldn't win a title while still being booked in NXT, but why he is still being booked in both is bizarre. Another in a long list of bad booking decisions.

Kevin Owens & John Cena

The main reason I can't fully commit to joining the Cenation is his bland, boring whiter than white, cheese-ball of a character. Now that he has given himself a new direction and is regularly stealing the show with his matches, what a perfect time for the heel turn. I know, I know it is never going to happen for a number of reasons but just imagine if it did. The options are pretty much endless and the internet wouldn't break, it would shatter. I hope one day Hunter has the "testicular fortitude" to go where even Vince didn't dare.

Next time I go to see WWE live I will still be joining in with "Cena sucks" chants, but if he carries on having great matches and truly commits to putting over new stars then it may eventually become a term of endearment.


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