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John Cena A WWE Championship Contender, How Much The Undertaker Has Left In The Tank, Why Kevin Nash Isn't A Reliable Source For Information, WWE Becoming More Predictable, Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

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Richard's Backstage Blog

The following questions were submitted for the Premium Mailbag but since some of you have been lobbying for me to answer questions in written format, here’s something different:

WWE will follow-up on the way John Cena lost his WWE title match… Will he get another crack at CM Punk for the WWE Championship? It all depends on the direction they choose to go but it appears Punk's attack on The Rock was the beginning of a heel turn. Things will be much clearer regarding the WWE Championship plans for SummerSlam following this week's Raw. Since I haven't heard the plans, I don't want to speculate further.

The Undertaker has more left in the tank… But how much is entirely up to him and his body. I heard there were plans pitched to use him at more than just Wrestlemania XXIX next year but everything seems to be pretty consistent that he will defend "the streak" again next year.

I wouldn't read anything to Kevin Nash's Tweets… Numerous readers have asked about Nash's Tweet involving an nWo return, CM Punk, etc. Nash called social media his PS3 and said he'll always be relevant due to his IQ. He seems to be suffering from extreme boredom that he cures by writing stuff on Twitter.

Has WWE become more predictable over the years?… This is a question we could debate for awhile but it's very difficult for me to answer because of the amount of information I receive before things happen. I'm told a lot of things and do not post storyline outcomes because of WWE changing plans. Information flows faster today than it ever has before, however, the business has been evolving since the inception of the Internet. Gone are the days where the majority of the audience is going to get worked and it's up to wrestling promotions to keep people entertained regardless of the predictability factor.

Could WWE re-hash the confrontation between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker from UFC 121 a couple years ago for a Wrestlemania XXIX match next year?… Absolutely and if a Lesnar vs. Undertaker match were to ever happen, next year's Wrestlemania XXIX is as good as time as any. What it will come down to is what WWE decides to do with CM Punk, John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton and The Rock. How the others are booked will probably determine which direction WWE decides to take.

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