July Xplosion eXamination: Big Matches For Brittany, Tigre Uno Picks Up A Win


Three matches from Xplosion were uploaded to TNA's official YouTube account during the month of July. Brittany challenged Angelina Love for the Knockout's Title and then also faced her rival, Madison Rayne. Tigre Uno and Jessie Godderz clashed in singles competition. I give my thoughts below and I've included the match clip as well!

TNA Knockout's Championship: Angelina Love def. Brittany(7/4/14)

It was obvious going into the match that Angelina Love would retain after she lost the title to Gail Kim the week before on Impact. The match seemed kind of rough at the beginning, but they picked up the pace. Brittany fits in well in the Knockouts division. She put up a good fight but Angelina Love ultimately retained after hitting the Botox Injection. I'm learning more and more every day about TNA's Knockouts, so I will have more to say about their matches as time goes on!


Tigre Uno def. Jessie Godderz(7/11/14)

These two had a fun singles match in the second week of July. I feel like Jessie Godderz is underrated in the ring and he was able to show what he can do on his own in this match, as I have mainly seen him working with Robbie E and Zema Ion. Jessie controlled most of the match, with Tigre Uno trying to break away. The finish saw Tigre Uno kick Jessie in the back of the head and pull him to the corner. Uno did a big corkscrew off the turnbuckle for the win. The bout ran about six minutes and showed a little bit of what each person can do in the ring.


Madison Rayne def. Brittany(7/18/14)

I'm not sure how long ago this was taped, but the four-sided ring was still here. These two have had an interesting storyline on TV lately and it lead to a No DQ Match on this week's Impact, with Madison Rayne winning there too. It feels like Brittany hasn't "won" anything out of this program, and I think she should've went over here. It was a short, fun match that ran over five minutes. Rayne seemed to have control for a majority of the match, but it was a good showing from both workers.


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