June Xplosion eXamination: Tag Team Titles Defended, Knockouts In Action


Welcome to the newest "series" here on TNANews.com, Xplosion eXamination! For the first edition, I will review the four Xplosion matches that TNA has uploaded on their YouTube channel for the month of June. First up, we have Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne!

Madison Rayne def. Velvet Sky (6/6/14)

One thing that I have struggled with when watching wrestling is paying attention to the female wrestlers. As I watch a promotion more and get familiar with their workers, I finally get into the matches and this was an example of that. The commentators hyped Velvet Sky joining forces with Angelina Love again throughout the match. These two put on a solid match from bell to bell that lasted nearly nine minutes. The time surprised me as I'm used to the short divas matches in WWE and not used to the Knockouts division in TNA. Velvet was getting ready to give Rayne a bag with her face on it when Rayne rolled her up the win.


X-Division Champion Sanada def. Tigre Uno (6/13/14)

The more I see Sanada and Tigre Uno working together, the more I become of fan of both. They work well together and always seem to deliver in the ring. We've seen several matches like this over the last few months, but I enjoyed it. There has been a lack of X-Division matches on Impact lately and this match could've been used for that. The fast-paced action kept my attention throughout the bout and Sanada picked up the win in with a roll-up.


The Menagerie def. DJ Z & Jessie Godderz (6/25/14)

Robbie E was originally supposed to be in the match but had DJ Z replace him due to his fear of clowns. I'm not too thrilled about The Menagerie gimmick and having their music play during the whole match is the worst part. Crazzy Steve was beaten on most of the match until Knux tagged in and got the pin on DJ Z for the win. I feel like I have yet to see what Crazzy Steve can really do in the ring since he hasn't had much of a chance to show us. This was an okay tag team match that was mainly used for comedy purposes.


Tag Team Championship Match: The Wolves def. Sanada & Tigre Uno (6/27/14)

This was my favorite match out of the four. I was surprised to see Davey Richards announce that they were going to defend the titles, which made the match even more exciting. These guys put on a very good, fast-paced match that is worth watching. I have loved The Wolves ever since I seen their try-out match in WWE NXT several months ago. It was cool to see Sanada and Tigre Uno team up after their latest series of matches. I would say this match is worth going out of your way to watch if you like high-flyers and tag team wrestling.


TNA gave us a variety of matches this month with something from the Knockouts, X-Division, and two tag team matches. I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Xplosion eXamination and you can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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