Kevin Owens Receiving Massive Amounts Of Praise


Through half of 2015, Rolling Stone has named Kevin Owens the WWE “Wrestler of the Year” so far. The publication noted:

Forget Seth Rollins' cowardly connivances or Bray Wyatt's boogeyman shtick: You want to see some real heel heat? Tune in to Raw whenever Kevin Owens' music hits and he moseys down the ramp to cut a promo or powerbomb your hero off the ring apron. Since his high-profile debut in NXT late last year, KO has become a phenomenon, jumping to the big leagues and turning the clock back to a pre-Attitude Era by committing himself to being a great, straight bad guy – with no chaser or chance of confusing him for an anti-hero.

The praised echoed throughout the piece, noting, “In a matter of months, the father of two from Marieville, Quebec has not only stared down his potential but surpassed it, becoming a lynchpin of two promotions and building a character inspired by everything it took to get him to this point. Love him or hate him, you can't deny his impact on the first six months of 2015 – or wonder how high he'll climb by year's end. It's wrestling, folks. It's Kevin Owens.”

CLICK HERE for coverage by Rolling Stone. WWE also highlighted the feature piece here on dot com.

Everyone — literally everyone — is raving about Kevin Owens. From current established top WWE talent to Hall of Famers like Mick Foley, everyone believes Owens has it. This is why he was transferred up to the main roster so quick; he had nothing to develop. Owens is legit and it’s an exciting time for all of his fans.

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