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Kevin Owens - The Star Of Tomorrow, Today

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Sunday night saw a shocking turn of events for the WWE Universe, as the current NXT World Champion Kevin Owens made his main roster debut in a match against face of the company John Cena. Not only did Owens go over Cena in the match but he went over CLEAN. That means no shenanigans, no interference, it was a simple finisher and pin I'm struggling to remember the last time John Cena was pinned cleanly like that and I can only think of his loss to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2014 (Please correct me if I'm wrong) so the significance of this victory is nothing to be just glossed over as this is a HUGE rub for Owens. If you don't already know much about this star of the future then after this blog I hope you will believe in Owens as one of the next top WWE guys.

Kevin Owens & Triple H

Owens victory over Cena via a clean pin fall decision has to be classed as a shocking moment as were any of you watching really expecting the referee to make that third slap of the canvas? I know I wasn't and was blown away by the victory for Owens. Clearly those in attendance were also shocked because you could feel a change in the crowd just from watching the stream on the Network. I don't know what it must have been like to experience but I imagine it was a fairly amazing moment to witness. This goes to show that WWE management clearly thinks highly of Owens and that he has a bright future in the company. The company wouldn't have put him over Cena in such a way if they didn't have faith that he was going to be something special.

Since his arrival within the NXT developmental system Owens has been nothing but an unstoppable force in the ring and has laid out anyone coming across his path. The man has dominated former friend and NXT Champion, Sami Zayn, and laid waste to other big names on the roster including Hideo Itami. Since winning the gold in NXT, Owens has proved himself as a top tier star and has nothing really left to prove after such a little period of time in the NXT system and his match with Cena has only further served as evidence of his talent. If you want to learn more about Kevin Owens before his arrival in WWE and NXT, which includes his run in Ring of Honor, his career, and path to the top of the independent scene then I recommend you check out a great interview done in person by Kevin Gill, which was recorded before Owens joined NXT.

Kevin Owens

I found myself asking when Owens debuted on NXT, what is it that makes Kevin Owens so great exactly? Well you only have to take one look at the guy and you can see when he wrestles he is fully confident in what he does in the ring, he can wrestle a real solid and entertaining match due to his fifteen plus years of experience in the ring from his time on the independent wrestling scene, he has more than proved he can talk on the microphone as he has the ability to even make his most hardened supporters want to boo him with some of the things he says, and he proved on Sunday without a doubt he can go toe to toe with the top names in the company. If you haven't seen Owens work as Kevin Steen on the independent circuit then I strongly suggest you look up some of his past work because this guy really has come a long way and has always been destined for this moment in the spotlight.

Make no mistake about it though, the accomplishments of Kevin Owens are not the only thing that makes him a star. The guy isn't exactly your typical WWE prototype with muscle and a chiseled physique. For an athlete of his size Owens can move and tangle with even the fastest paced stars, and has proved that size and look isn't everything. This is a guy who was never given a real chance and was told he would only ever wrestle in front of small crowds. Fast forward fifteen years later and Owens has hit the big time and showed everyone on Sunday why he is more than deserving of the spot.


Whats next for Kevin Owens? He is due to face off again in two weeks time with John Cena at the Money in the Bank Pay Per View. I say let's make this interesting and get the United States Championship on the line and have Owens shock the world again by defeating Cena to become the new United States Champion. I predicted at the end of last year that Owens would win a major main roster championship before the end of 2015, and sealing another win over Cena would solidify Kevin Owens as a break out star and prove that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with over the coming years. The future is now, and the future of WWE is Kevin Owens.

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