King Of Indies 2015 - A Night The Spotlight Shone

This past weekend there was a huge spotlight on both the WWE and Wrestlemania, but in the shadows of that spotlight a show took place called King of Indies. Some of the finest talents on the independent wrestling scene came together over two nights to compete in a sixteen man tournament to crown a King of Indies winner. Not only that but there were four special attraction matches featuring some established talent, and some up and coming talent too. For those who saw the show live in person, or via internet pay per view, we were treated to one heck of an amazing show that will be talked about for years to come. I wanted the world to know about this pay per view, and I helped spotlight the event here on WNW/WWE News when I was privileged enough to score an interview with the super talented Kevin Gill, and now I want the world to know about what went down over those two nights because those who did not witness the show really missed out.


Looking back on night one we saw an awesome opening eight matches in the bracket to qualify for the quarter finals of the tournament, which was due to take place the following night. Without doubt, the standout match of the opening bracket saw Adam Thornestowe defeat Shawn Ricker in a match that was phenomenal and has to be seen to be believed. The match was filled with excellent wrestling and was one of those matches where you really never wanted it to come to an end. Willie Mack also picked up an impressive win over Jody Kristofferson, a result considered a shock by many at the time and really seemed to be over with the crowd more than anyone that night. I was also impressed with the work of Jeckles the Jester, Jeff Cobb, Timothy Thatcher, and Dylan Drake, who all put on amazing performances and showed they really are talents to watch out for over the next few years.

Night one also saw two special attraction matches take place, with the Roland Alexander Memorial Battle Royal, and a superb three way dance between Ricochet, Joey Ryan, and Matt Cross. The Roland Alexander Memorial Battle Royal was won by JR Kratos, and featured many up and coming talents from across the independent wrestling scene. It was a pleasure to watch and I have to say was booked far better than the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was. Battle Royals are always a little messy, but this one was well worked by all the participants involved and told a great story right up to the end. The three way dance between Ricochet, Ryan, and Cross was absolutely a joy to watch and really showed why these three are going places in the independent scene. We saw high flying, dare devil styles combined with some great wrestling by all three men, with Ricochet picking up a well deserved win. Matt Cross is only making a bigger name for himself, competing in Lucha Underground as Son of Havoc, and I genuinely believe it's only a matter of time before he takes the next step to the big leagues of WWE. He really impressed me, as did Ryan and Ricochet, who I believe have bright futures on the independent scene and can go further in this industry and have a big impact.


Night two saw special attraction matches take place too, with a four way tag team match for the APW Tag Team Title between the champions the Classic Connection, Sir Samurai & Bobby Hart, The Rocknes Monsters, and Los Luchas, while two legends of Mexican wrestling squared off as Ultimo Dragon faced off against Juventud Guerrera. The tag title match saw a great effort from all four teams, which would see the Classic Connection retain their belts with what can only be described as some scandalous cheating, while I thought the Rocknes Monsters were probably the standout team of the four, and if you ever get chance to check them out at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show, then I would urge you to go out of your way to do so. They are a creative team with plenty of potential to go far in this business, and hopefully 2015 will be the year they really take off. Nothing needs to be said about the quality of Ultimo Dragon or Juventud Guerrera, and both looked like they were still competing in their WCW days, having a fantastic match full of the lucha style we have become accustomed to seeing them use throughout their careers. I don't want to give too much away with regards to the outcome of this one, as it really is a match you need to see to believe and enjoy.

Night two was all about crowing a new King of Indies for 2015, and while I thought night one was a quality show I thought night two topped it in terms of performance. There were some amazing matches in the quarter final that saw a superb match between Jeff Cobb and Brian Cage, while Timothy Thatcher and Vinny Massaro tore down the house with a great contest. Bryan Cage and Jeff Cobb had a solid match that night, but the standout quarter final contest saw tag team partners faces off as members of the Reno Scum in Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend faced off for the first time. The semi finals saw two great matches with Willie Mack defeating the man I expected to win in Jeff Cobb, and Adam Thornestowe defeating Timothy Thatcher in a wonderful match. The final between Willie Mack and Adam Thornestowe was without a doubt one of the best matches I have seen in all my years as a wrestling fan. It was full of fantastic wrestling, high flying action, and dramatic near falls. Adam Thornestowe eventually picked up the win to become the King of Indies for 2015, an accolade I fully believe he deserved. Thornestowe is a fantastic talent, who I believe has a bright future in this business and he will go far. 2015 gives him a chance to further establish himself as a top talent on the indy scene, and having this accolade to his name will only further make Thornestowe a name to look out for over the next twelve months and beyond.


What the King of Indies tournament highlighted for me personally was how deep the talent pool in the independent scene runs. I saw many names appear on the card that I hard never seen perform before, and some of whom I had only heard of. One thing is certainly for sure off the back of this tournament and that is the dream and memory of Roland Alexander has been kept alive by three visionaries in Kevin Gill, Markus Mac, and Gabriel Ramirez. From the amazing commentary team, to the fantastic talent, and to everyone who supported the show, we were treated to an amazing two nights of wrestling that easily matched the quality of Wrestlemania. Indy wrestling is well and truly in great hands and has a strong future, not only in the California area, but around the world too. I really hope that the tournament itself becomes a regular yearly attraction that draws more and more attention each year, because there really is something special about this tournament that many wrestling fans around the world would benefit from being able to experience.

If you have not seen the King of Indies show, and you want to see what all the hype was about, you can order the on demand iPPV from WWNLive.com by watching Night One and then Night Two, and keep your eyes on their Facebook page and Twitter for information on the future DVD release.

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