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Kurt Angle To Undergo Neck Surgery For Tumor?

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Kurt Angle stated in a promo taped at last night’s Impact Wrestling tapings that will air some time in the next two months that he has a tumor in his neck that will have to be surgically removed. It’s unclear if this is a work but you can read coverage from Scott Brooks, who was in attendance at the tapings on behalf of, below:

Kurt Angle came to the ring. He said a lot has been going on with a lot of changes. He is not ashamed to admit that he lost to EC3: he is good, has talent, and is championship caliber. His problem is his rematch where he got DQed. He thought that was his rematch, where does he go from here. He went to Bully Ray. He and Angle don’t see eye to eye but he respects him enough to listen to his opinions. Ray said the rematch never took place so now Angle gets another shot at EC3 for the World Title whenever he wants. Angle says that is good news because he went to the doctor this past weekend and he has a tumor in his neck and needs surgery and he is going to be out a little while. He has something to look forward to when he gets back and faces EC3. He thanks the fans for their continued support in his quest to become TNA Champion again. Eric Young comes to the ring. Eric says Ethan has not beaten Angle: Eric has. He questions how many times he has piledriven Kurt and asks how many his neck could even have left. The fans chant “boring.” Eric wants to take credit for that. Eric then questions whether he wanted Kurt gone for good then blindsided Kurt. He sets him up for a piledriver but Kurt counters. They go to the floor and Eric sets Kurt up for one on the floor until Chris Melendez comes out. Eric backs off but blindsided Chris when he checks on Kurt. He then piledrives Chris on the floor. Medics and Kurt attended to Chris after Eric leaves.

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