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Landau Rundown - January 7th, 2012

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For the 2nd Rundown I bring you a revolution! He is coming. The end begins tonight. Here he is, making his Rundown debut:

He is….

No. You know what, before I introduce him, watch his theme & tron to get you excited at this link:

Debutee Theme + Titantron

Ok, you've probably guessed by now (I mean come on, who doesn't recognize that theme?!), but here he is:

"?"! (Question Mark. Queschy for short). He is the newest member of the reactions, and he barely made the cut. Now there are the posits (+), negs (-) and queschies (?). The queschies will be used for segments I think are important but I do not have a decisive opinion on (yet or at all)


+ Ziggler vs. Punk was a great match, and I really liked the finish with Laurinaitis. Good timing on all parties' part. I don't mind the finish as we'll probably get a good, 20-30 minute match at the Rumble.

+ Laurinaitis as a character is really growing on me. In my eyes he should become The Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, and the PERMANENT RAW general manager.

+ Punk's animal cruelty line. I'm adopting that one.

+Santino. Aahhh, Santino… Barrett Baggage had me ROFLing, and the Santino Choo Choo only made the ROFLing bigger


? Y2J's return. While I think Jericho was brilliant in the way he trolled the audience, it WAS for a full 10 minutes and we still have to see where it goes from here. 5 minutes would have still worked, and made Rhodes vs. Bryan a bit less of a train wreck (see below)

? R-Truth's face gimmick works. So far. I would still rather see him with Miz as a dominating Tag Team, but we'll see how he fares moving forward.


-I am shocked no women's rights group has sued WWE yet. The way they are treating their female employees is disgusting. And where oh where were your Divas champion and her best friend (who is buried like crazy, by the way)?

-Bryan vs. Rhodes – This match should not have happened. And if it did, it shouldn't have had a clean finish. And if it did, it needed to last over 5 minutes, at LEAST 15. But no, all of these mistakes were made. Both men defend their titles on Smackdown, and neither one should come off weak prior to it. Well, both men came off weak. Bryan did for getting a roll-up victory and not a decisive one against the IC champion, and Rhodes did for losing in 5 minutes. Horrible booking, especially since this is WH vs. IC - champion vs. champion. To open a weekly show. In a 5 minute match. I'd rather see a tag between champions and challengers – Booker betrays Cody which leads to Show knocking him out and Bryan getting a blind tag off of Show and picks up the victory. Both matches get much more buildup that way – AND NEITHER CHAMPION LOOKS WEAK IN THE PROCESS. Also, this solves the following neg,

-Why is Kane (even in theory) tagging WITH Henry AGAINST Big Show?! Henry took him out – after he fought him FOR TAKING OUT HIS FRIEND BIG SHOW. No sense in this whatsoever.

- And WHY was Kane taken out of the match? Give a concrete and logical reasoning, please!

- Also, placing this match on the card after Y2J's return was a bad decision, Y2J (deliberately) killed the crowd and should have ended the show – even if there was a hole in the ring during his return, it wouldn't have mattered much with the way it was handled. And if they wanted Kane to end RAW for shock value, they should've delayed his attempted homicide via inferno of Ryder for next week's show, as the crowd was too exhausted to care. They already had a main event for this week, there was no need for another one.

- The follow up from the powerful ending of last week's RAW was too anti-climactic. I know Cena is not going to turn or change his behavior over night, but there had to be a better way to handle it than they did.


+ Great choice to make the IC title match the opener (in theory - see the first neg for a metaphorical picture of me backpedaling). Gets the crowd hot and they won't be burned out by the time of the WHC main event. Also great that Booker comes out first. The champion used to always come out last, now they do it when they please. I would not be surprised if both this and Cody kicking out of the scissors kick were Booker's ideas to put him over. Way to go, Book! Now Cody is going to seamlessly move on to Goldustin Rhodes, and he is on the verge of being elevated to main event status.

+ You know the AJ-Bryan coupling is a golden idea when Bryan kissing her on the forehead (!) gets a big pop. I, like The Choice, am very jealous of Bryan. What I wouldn't give to kiss AJ on the forehead...

+ Hunico vs. Dibiase... Both men are great wrestlers and it showed. Now please change the first's gimmick and the latter's music and send them to the upper midcard. When Rhodes is scheduled to drop the IC title, I want it to be to Dibiase (or McIntyre... But I always want McIntyre to win gold of any kind).

+ Sheamus vs. Barrett feud - pretty please/finally! Sheamus' wisetale storyteller gimmick is interesting. I am undecided on it just yet.

+ Cole on Santino become assistant to the SD! General Manager: "We'll go the way of WCW with these two running the show!". Normally I'm against such jabs, but this time it was actually funny.

+ Bryan's deluded cockiness is so good! And he plays it off wonderfully, he's really having fun with it. The more I think about it, the more I want Bryan to turn heel. If the ratings are dropping because he doesn't look the part - make that part of his heel gimmick, make that a reason people hate his guts. He isn't a Superstar, and he's damn proud of it.

+ Henry at ringside for the main event was great. "SHUT UP!" and "What kind of dumb question is that?!" are among the jewels he said to Cole and Josh, which fit his character perfectly.

+ That main event was played off wonderfully. Bryan is the king of in-ring nuances - He is careful, but less than when he was facing Henry because he's cockier now. And it's working - he had the upper hand for more of the match than you'd expect. And only Bryan could find a logical, believable way to get a LeBell Lock on Big Show and have everyone think Show is going to tap. He got himself intentionally disqualified in a subtle way and overall I like where this is going. Bryan going on the barricade is becoming staple, and with the thumbs down and boos it's going to get more and more annoying - and I love it! "YES! YES! YES!"


? Having Barrett give the announcement is as far fetched as it is effective to have him gain heat. I'd have Long deliver it with Wade interfering and saying whatever he wants to say, including Orton being finished - and THEN have Sheamus come out, etc.

? Santino as assistant could be a good position for him - good skits are bound to come out of this. Just please don't make Aksana "cobra" jokes a habit. The one tonight was predictable (I actually wrote the last sentence before the segment ended - I predicted it would go in that direction), though funny. Just don't make them a habit and next week Santino as assistant could become a posit.

? So Slater is now in the Hornswoggle fodder position like Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble? Doesn't WWE realize that whoever is in that position is going to be buried, have nothing left for them and subsequently released? Release Hornswoggle instead, I doubt he's much of a draw in comparison to the Superstars he makes obselete. I really hope this was 1 time and Slater is moving on to a renewed feud with Gabriel.


- Booker's pacing was a bit off in his match. Normally such a thing would not a neg make, but pacing is extremely important in the opener. It sets the pace for the show and fires up the crowd, and the few second duds Booker had were momentum killers at times. Also, is it just me or were there WAY too many irish whips in that match? They changed the finish to the match on the fly - I guess something went wrong with the original finish when Booker tried for an awkward scissors kick before Cody whispered in Booker's ear the new finish. My guess is Cody should've countered that 10th arm wrench into Cross Rhodes, but they mistimed it - that would explain the excess arm wrenches and Irish whips as part of the overall story. Either that or Booker's ring rust made those his go-tos. Ring rust can do that to you. It was a good match, don't get me wrong - but it could've been that much better.

- This Aksana thing isn't going anywhere. It is very much useless, and is time well wasted that could go to better things.

- HuniCamacho are killing me here with their gimmick. And a gimmick should do many things, but killing the viewer isn't one of them (although I see how WWE got confused with a person named Homicide using this gimmick)/ Not only is Camacho not really Mexican (he's Samoan - The son of Haku) and his fake accent is HORRIBLE and really comes off as racist when you know he isn't for realsies, but the whole idea of a held back minority stereotype is outright horrible in today's world. And the bike... Sorry, the LOWRIDER bike. It seems to be legit, unfortunately handing the whole fiasco (NOT a fiesta) a neg, especially with the ridiculous way Camacho rides it to the ring. The bad rep Americans get for being ignorant about how the rest of the world operates is only encouraged with gimmicks like these.

- Mahal getting pushed ahead of DiBiase is a bad idea in my eyes. He isn't nearly over or qualified enough as of right now to carry the position he was given in that segment. Also - Sheamus vs. Mahal means no Sheamus vs. Barrett, and that makes me a sad panda.

- "NO! NO NO NO!" was my reaction when I heard McIntyre's music was shortened. His whole poise was based on that awesome wait and slow walk to the ring. Even if they're turning him face (which according to Cole's announcing against him when he walked to the ring they are) this is not the way.

- Why are they pushing Tamina over Nattie (who got the jobber entrance) - and where in the world is the Divas champion?! We haven't seen her in weeks!

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