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Landau's Landscape III: Cena & Smarks

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Landscape III's topic has changed twice in 20 minutes. The original idea is hinted in the next paragraph (as it'll probably be Landscape IV). It was changed to my perception of good ring work, with the aforementioned topic being pushed back to Landscape IV, as already stated. So I started writing it, while watching Survivor Series. The main event – Cena & Rock vs. Awesome Truth, made me decide to tweak my topic. Instead of the star (literally; the sun) of my article being my own perception of good wrestling with examples such as Morrison and Cena being planets orbiting it, I've decided to make the star – following the ignorance of the so-called "Smart" fans in MSG – Cena with my perception and smarks orbiting it.

I'll tentatively say that I'm not sure what "tentatively" means and so I may be using it wrong here, and I will also tentatively say that Landscape IV will be about wrestling as a product in modern times. Well, current times – "modern" times were over 60 years ago. But that's the super-nerd in me talking.

But that's the future and I may be run over tomorrow and never get to Landscape IV which will make the last paragraph tentative. Just kidding, it'll make it irrelevant. So let's deal with the present, shall we? And seeing as said present is Landscape III, that's what I'll deal with, starting… NOW!

I'll start off with a rant, by saying MSG-type crowds are the worst from a wrestler's perspective. Those are the crowds that try to put THEMSELVES over. Unfortunately the Israeli crowd is the same way… Except, you know, about 1,000 times smaller. Survivor Series' crowd was the same. They ruin the show trying to be almighty, and they fall REALLY flat for anyone in the know (real know, not internet-know. I'm talking about the wrestlers themselves-type know). It was a couple of smarks (s standing for stupid for thinking they're smart) trying to show off their smarkhood to all the other smarks watching, as if to say "I'm one of those who REALLY get what's going on, I read the Internet. I don't cheer the faces and boo the heels 'cause I'm smarter than that". As a smark turned-wrestler I have to scuff at that. Those people THINK they don't boo the heels and cheer the faces, but they do. They just go by different faces and heels. They boo Cena and think it's THEIR OWN choice. It isn't, the promoter is always well aware of those fans and books wrestlers in two ways because of it. Cena's hatred became part of his gimmick for god's sake. And they hate him because it's cool and because they THINK they know how good a wrestler he is. "You can't wrestle" is the most ludicrous thing you can say to John Cena. You can hate his gimmick, but you can't question his ability when you actually know what's going on in the ring. Here are a couple of facts:

-John Cena is a ring general. I can say that this is a fact because you do not yet what my definition of a ring general is, and I say that without a doubt, according to facts that I am sure of as I am of anything in my life (how sure a person can be of something ever is a pondering I'll leave to Descartes as this isn't a philosophical debate (unfortunately as I'm a philosophy enthusiast)) He is in charge of his matches for the most part, and sometimes it slips through to the cameras. Watch "Everybody talks too much" on Botchamania. See how many spots Cena calls when he's supposedly controlled and carried. Just this past Sunday he orchestrated everyone involved (sans Rock who was on the apron) for a blind attack on him by Truth that got through very clearly. There's a very audible "GO TO MIZ, GO TO MIZ" by him directed towards the referee so the rest could unfold. That is a very clear example, however – I can see whenever he's controlled that he calls about 80% of all spots in his matches, with absolute top names as his opponents (Punk, Orton, HHH) being exceptions to that. You could say it's part of his "sucktitude" that he is too audible, but that's all on the cameramen and he calls SO MUCH OF WHAT HE DOES that some of it has to get through. He can wrestle very well and once in a while he has a match that allows him to show that. Sunday was 1 of those opportunities. His sequence when he got in the ring was pretty brilliant from an execution standpoint (as he's supposed to be rough), as well as from a psychological standpoint. His psychology in general is great (sans the Super-booking which he has nothing to do with – he's a yes-man for WWE) and his mannerism subtleties are great and can't be understood by the supposedly "all-knowing smark". Not every Internet reader fits this category by the way, but many do. The MSG crowd from Sunday does. His ring-work logic is as good as that of Daniel Bryan's, and I'm sure Bryan wouldn't mind saying that now that he actually got to work with him a bit. (a side note is that said ring-work logic, or lack thereof, is the reason I despise John Morrison's work.)

-So many greats have endorsed him in the past year alone: CM Punk, Mick Foley (big time), Randy Orton, Stone Cold Steve Austin are a couple of names off the top of my head. Punk said his matches against Cena were among the best work of his career. Now, there's a pattern - actual wrestlers saying Cena is great and non-wrestler fans thinking Cena sucks and that they know better from people in the ultimate know of how working a ring works. It annoys me to no end, it truly does.

And I know many readers are going to get upset, but it's the truth. Having been on both sides, THERE'S A REASON WRESTLERS MOCK INTERNET FANS FOR THE MOST PART. Internet fans think they're the best thing since sliced bread-simulators ('cause it's on a computer, see? I made a funny), and this is one thing Bischoff is actually right about – and I don't say that lightly. At the end of the day Internet fans don't matter or know what they're talking about. Read all you want, aspire for knowledge by all means. But don't act as if you have it, 'cause you don't. I know much more than most here about the workings of a match and how booking works, and I still don't say I know how it works more specifically in WWE – how many spots are known in advance of the match is something I'm always fascinated with. I can see when people are calling spots – I don’t always see what they are calling and to what extent. Sometimes I understand what spot is called and sometimes I'll just see a spot is called. When it's not visible I can assume when a spot is called. But those aren't enough to see the whole picture of the match.

But back to Cena, He's also a very big person. He goes with what he's told, being hated by ignorant people while doing so, and still continuing to do so because he thinks it's right. I personally think there was a promo where Cena absolutely KILLED Rocky, speaking about Merit - (up to about 3:30) John Cena is a bigger man than I am, I would never be able to withstand all this unwarranted, unjust hate and keep doing what I did that triggered it because I know I am in the right. That's just not enough for me (where I am now in my life, I hope to grow to that point eventually), and let's face it, knowing we're right is usually not enough for most of us. This person should be looked up to, and yet so many who THINK their perception is more accurate than anyone who disagrees with them hate him unjustly. To those people I say - I used to be like you. I outgrew it at 15 years old, and the actual level of class of those people is evident in the most liked comment on the "part one" of the above video, which is what I'll leave you with:

"Cena Fans = 12 year old fa**ot kids who gets a** fu**ed by their drunken dads." (this language is very unbecoming on this site, and was brought as a quote to get a point across. I apologize if anyone found themselves offended by it; this is not language I would use or endorse in any way myself)

Look at that sentence and how low a person can stoop. All I wish is that I am in a site that is, along with it's community, above such name calling, and that as few people here as possible are at that level or endorse it. Let's all have a healthy debate on the Cena issue in the comment section, without stooping to such vile lows. Because this is what I love about this site - the above rant rarely applies to people here. This is a classy website, always open to civil debating - with only 1 or 2 exceptions which I will not go into right now, as I don't want to call anybody out by name. I'll just say those people are people I have had beef with in the past, so if you don't fall under that category, you're safe.

As you can probably tell from the tone of this Landscape, I'm not in a very good place right now, and I apologize if it came out in the blog. I stand by what I said though, all the way.

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