Lashley Hopes TNA Can Rival WWE

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TNA wrestling star Bobby Lashley is hoping that his current franchise can eventually compete with WWE as the sport's greatest wrestling organisation.

The heavyweight wrestler believes TNA has got what it takes to be the world's most loved wrestling outlet.

“I think right now that we’re building in the right direction and I don’t want to say they are declining but they are at a bit of a standstill," said Lashley.

"Getting mixed reactions, while thats happening, we’re rising up. I think that in the future it will get to a point where there will be a little bit more competition between the two.”

Lashley previously had a spell at TNA, but is loving his current role at the organization.

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“Yeah, my first run I wasn’t completely right and wasn’t able to give it 100% like I wanted too. I had some time in between to wrestle a bit and this time had more chance to settle in. And this time it has been a lot better, my work rate’s been a lot better as well as getting to work with some top guys. And I’m pretty proud to holding that title for TNA right now.”

Speaking about the differences with TNA and WWE, Lashley, who has now featured for both, was full of confidence for TNA in it's bid to be the best.

“You know here I like the cohesive unit and everyone is on the same page, no real back stabbing and none of that politics that usually go on, especially in the wrestling business," he said

The superstar wrestler admits that everyone on the roster is hopeful and everyone involved wants the same outcome for TNA.

"I know that everyone coming here is like we’re about to blow this show outta there. Everyone is on the same page with that. People will enjoy the things we do and in the long run they’ll be a shift.”

WWE is without a doubt the most enjoyed wrestling franchise around, with millions of fans tuning in each week to view their favorite stars, but TNA isn't that far behind.

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Speaking about WWE wrestler CM Punk, who has made a switch to UFC, Lashley belives the former World Champion can make a good career from the mixed martial arts fighting.

“I think he’ll do great, he’s had plenty of time to train. Once he has got all of the training in. I believe he’ll go out there and show the crowd that he is ready for it and I think he’ll earn a lot of respect for doing it," he said.

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