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Latest On Global Force Wrestling's PPV Plans, TV Deal Update, AAA In The US

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Earlier this year, we reported in detail about Jeff Jarrett losing out on becoming the US distributor for their pay-per-views. Obviously in retrospect, given the issues that Triplemanía XXIII experienced earlier this month, it probably would have been a good idea for them to go with him. With their PPV being a disaster, Jeff is once again pitching them on letting him take over US distribution for a co-branded PPV like he did with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He's hedging his bets as well because as much as he's trying to set up another New Japan PPV, ROH has gotten more aggressive about solidifying that partnership and Jeff isn't counting his chickens before they hatch on that one. So he really wants to do a AAA PPV as it's too early to tell if he'll get a shot to do another NJPW PPV.

Given the backlash after the debacle with Triplemanía XXIII, AAA would probably be better off if they didn’t attempt another pay-per-view this year.

In an update on Global Force Wrestling getting a television deal of their own, the higher ups are insisting that Jarrett has something lined up but he hasn’t told anyone specifics. Morale in GFW is much better than TNA Wrestling because while Jeff Jarrett has his detractors, some do believe in him.

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