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Latest On Ronda Rousey & Possibly Appearing Again In WWE


There are reports making rounds that Ronda Rousey will be unavailable for Wrestlemania 32 due to her filming schedule for upcoming movies. The report claims she’s scheduled to shoot “Mile 22” in Indonesia during Wrestlemania season. Filming for that movie was originally scheduled for May and the last I heard, Rousey was scheduled to shoot her role in the film in February before her My Fight/Your Fight biopic and The Athena Project. She has also been confirmed to play the lead in the remake of Road House.

So it’s true Rousey has a number of acting projects coming up along with her fighting schedule, however, it’s still possible that she could work Wrestlemania. WWE has been dealing directly with UFC about Rousey appearing at Wrestlemania but they’ve been coy about whether or not they will approve an appearance like they did this year. Further, it’s highly unlikely Rousey would be cleared to bump even if she was allowed to appear. Dana White is on record as to saying Rousey is one and done [with WWE] but she has expressed interest in a return.

The purpose of this report is to state a Wrestlemania appearance is still possible but Rousey’s schedule is filling up with dates. One idea pitched had Rousey teaming with The Rock to oppose Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. That continues to look unlikely at this point.

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