Impact Wrestling 5/3/12 - Flair? Nice? Can't be!


Hi, it's Ken, I'm standing in for Alex tonight. Please bear with me, I'll do all I can, but remember my style is a bit different!

Impact this week starts with a video recap of Bisch's wrap up in TNA and his 'party' thrown by Flair. At his own hands Bisch ended up in a port-a-castle that was dumped over so he was left covered in poo.

In Ring Segment

Flair say Hogan plays with him, that he's Hogan's pawn. That Flair will always be under his thumb and that's it, but he isn't because he's g.o.d. Last week Hogan and Garett drove Bisch out of the business. Hogan is going to talk in the ring because Flair's pissed. He's in $1,000 shirt, $2,000 shoes and 2 HOF rings. You don't want to mess with the Nature Boy. "Hogan!" chants, but Flair says he won't show.

Hogan's music hits and out he comes. Hogan out working the crowd well before getting to the ring. Flair doesn't look impressed. Up came Hogan's sunglasses. Flair says it's good versus evil. Hogan is good, but Flair's the baddest man in the planet and he's tired of Hogan running roughshod on him. Does he have to take Dixie to Hard Rock again? Flair says he's taking over. Hogan says he won't fight Flair. Flair says he's going to boss him around. Hogan says he's stepping up the game. Evil is Bisch and all he did. Hogan takes this GM position seriously. He hung his boots up. TNA could have the longest run of any wrestling company and they could make it that way. Yes, Flair does work for him. Since he's his boss, he's going to ask Flair to be a judge on Gut Check. Help him find new talent. With Flair picking talent, they can live vicariously though them. Flair can teach them so much. Flair says Hogan is setting him up. Hogan says it's for the business, for the fans. Flair asks for who? Hogan wants Flair to help him shape the industry. Be Flair and do it.

Flair says he's being told to do it. Hogan says Flair won't say no because he loves this business. Flair says he loves hanging out with the kids, so Hogan's on. Hogan leaves the ring and Flair standing there mic in hand. (7:11 of Flair and Hogan in the ring.)


Backstage Segment

Velvet Sky calls Kim a cheater, she does it to keep her Title. Tessmacher says she was never given the chance to face Kim, but she beat her twice. Velvet says one of them will beat Kim for the Title.

Gail Kim & Madison vs Tessmacher & Velvet Sk

Kim and Madison to the ring, both in blue. Tessmacher out in an Impact shirt. Video of Tessmacher facing Kim last week on Impact. Tessmacher removes her shirt to show her red, white and blue ring gear. Velvet Sky out in pink and purple, letting the pigeons loose.

The heels attack the faces while Earl pats them down. Tessmacher and Madison outside while Kim sends Velvet into the corner, then kicks Tessmacher off the apron. Clothesline to Kim, hen two face busters and a sweet arm drag. Head scissors to Kim, but Madison on Velvet from outside so Kim can choke Velvet with a foot as Madison tags in. Madison on Velvet in the corner as Kim tags in. they double team Velvet in a corner, then Kim struts her stuff on the apron. Cheap shot to Tessmacher so Velvet can't tag out. Kim tags out. Velvet takes Kim down, but Madison in with a kick that drops Velvet for two.

Madison uses her gyration to slam Velvet's face on the mat. Another cheap shot on Tessmacher. Velvet with chops, but a rake to her eyes and Kim tags in with a blow to Velvet's gut. Running clothesline on Velvet for two. Blows to Velvet, then in a corner. Velvet set up top and Kim goes for a hurricanranna, but Velvet blocks and stays up there. Big bulldog on Kim from up top.

Tessmacher in with clotheslines and a drop kick. Head scissors on Kim, but them Kim blocks and drops Tessmacher. Kim sets up for her finisher which is blocked. Madison rushes in with a wild blow. Tessmacher ducks it and Velvet in to take Madison down hard. Tessmacher tries to kick Kim, but Kim grabs her foot. After a bit of struggling, Tessmacher hits Kim's finisher on Kim for three!

Winners – Tessmacher & Velvet

Backstage Segment

RVD warming up and heading for the ring.



A really nice promo setup for Slammiversary – it's the 10th anniversary! April 30, 2003 JJ and Raven fought for the NWA WHC. Sabu showed up got involved. Blood everywhere and JJ retained the belt.

In Ring Segment

RVD in the ring says he knows they love him. They've been entertained by his feats for years. He doesn't have to tell them what a great wrestler he is, but he will do it because he's RVD, the Whole F'n Show. Mr. PPV. He'll beat Roode and be our next TNA Heavyweight Champion. He didn't lose the Title in the first place. He knows what he brings to the table, he's RVD. Roode's music hits and he comes out to the stage in a suit. He was trying to mind his own business, but can't get over how overconfident he sounds. He knows RVD's heads are in the clouds and he's been on hiatus, but he's Roode, the TNA Heavyweight, the It Factor, leader of the selfish generation, but mostly, Roode's HIS WHC! He's not just any WHC, he's the most dominant in the history of TNA. He became the most dominant by beating guys like AJ, Hardy, like Sting, Storm. Just to name a few. At Sacrifice RVD will be added to that list. As for tonight, Hogan has issued the plan for the night. RVD chooses Roode's opponent, and Roode chooses RVD's. Roode is allowing RVD to enlighten him first. RVD mockingly calls him Bobby Roode and says it's a guy that he hit in the head with a beer bottle last month. Mr Anderson. Anderson. Roode says he picked someone RVD knows very well, has been close to for a long time. RVD might know the name, Jeff Hardy.


TV Championship Match – Devon (C) vs Robbie T w/ Robbie E

The Robbies out to the ring in matching horrible blue, gray, white and orange v-necked sweaters. Devon out to face him.

Devon was barely in the ring when Terry attacked. Devon slammed into the opposite corner. Short clothesline on Devon and Terry posses. Devon on Terry with blows, but then runs into a back elbow. Robbie talks smack outside the ring. Terry with Devon up on his shoulder and slams him to the mat for two. Terry runs into a back elbow, but Devon's shoulder blocks don't drop Terry. The last on staggers him, so one in a corner and the last in the middle drops Terry. Flying headbutt off the top from Devon for two. Robbie on the apron and brought in over the top by Devon. Terry attacks from behind, but a sick tackle drops Terry. Devon turns right into Robbie who hits Devon over the head with a clipboard that shatters. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Devon via DQ

Robbie poses over Devon with the belt as Terry holds Robbie's arm high.

Backstage Segment

Flair says to Snow that they're friends and that's why he's doing this judging thing. Snow says he'll introduce the third judge, Senior Vice President of Talent Relations, Bruce Prichard. Prichard in with a smile and a handshake. Flair asks why he never called Flair back about his raise. They laugh and talk about how the industry has changed.



Silva faced Robbie last week in the Gut Check.

Backstage Segment

Prichard, Snow and Flair talk about Silva's match. Prichard says it wasn't Silva's best match. Flair calls him a twig who won't draw a dime because you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Snow says they're looking at potential. Prichard says he's not sure it was his best effort. Flair says he was brutally nervous, but he's not big and doesn't have the build to get big and won't get them a quarter dollar. Prichard asked about X Division? Flair says he doesn't see X Division in him. Snow says he's young and nervous. Prichard says in the day there were those who said Flair wasn't a World Champ until Flair proved them wrong. Silva had a tryout before, he's only 20. Flair says that while he did well on Twitter, the fans don't run this business. Flair says he has two rings and he knows the business. Flair says Silva will walk to the ring to meet god. Prichard isn't sure. Snow asks Flair to keep an open mind. Flair agrees. (3:12)


Backstage Segment

Hogan tells Anderson that he's in a match because RVD made it. Anderson can prove in one night that he can fit in the number one spot. Being the GM, it's now a No DQ Match. Anderson says he can be as violent as he wants, and keep going. Hogan tries to out Anderson Anderson, but Anderson jumped in with Anderson, Anderson. (1:31)

Jeff Hardy vs RVD

Hardy out in black with his face paint on, right down to the eyes on his lids. RVD comes out in a red, black and yellow singlet that looks semi-transformerish and very cool.

They both dance a bit, then lock up. Side headlock on RVD and Hardy won't let go. RVD has to force out, then with his legs takes Hardy down for two. Arm drag on RVD, then they stop and appreciate each other. They lock up and RVD behind, Hardy reverses it. Hardy reverses, then a back kick on RVD who goes out. Double kick through the ropes sends RVD into the barrier. RVD to his feet and Hardy flies off the apron onto RVD, but is shaking his arm after. RVD rolled in and Hardy pins for two. They exchange blows, then Hardy rolls the ropes. Hardy manages to grab RVD's legs, slam his down on them and pin RVD in that way for two. Hardy whipped, then a beautiful monkey flip from RVD. Side kick to Hardy in a corner, but then Hardy runs up the corner to his whisper in the wind on RVD for two.

Jaw breaker on Hardy, then a kick takes Hardy down. Rolling thunder, but Hardy got his knees up and both are down. Roode is sneaking down to the ring, belt in hand. The ref sees roods and yells at Roode to leave. Behind Brian RVD sends Hardy to run the ropes, Brian has to drop to the mat to avoid being trampled. Roode nails Hardy in the back with his belt, then RVD with a kick to Hardy's face and Hardy drops like a Rock. RVD gets the three.

Winner – RVD

Roode looks upset that he hit the wrong person. Roode starts getting mad as RVD's hand is rasied. Video recap of the end of the match – the Direct Impact of the night. Hardy is on the mat, RVD celebrating and Roode on stage pissed.

Backstage Segment

Joseph can be heard on his cell as Bully comes through the back. Joseph stops Bully. Joseph wants answers, Bully says he's not getting any. Joseph tells Bully hat he knows that Bully had something to do with Chris' disappearance and will prove it. Bully pushes Joseph back and tells him to not bow up on him. Bully says Joseph knows what Bully does to guys like Joseph. Ask his brother. Oh, they can't find his brother. Bully can do the same to Joseph, then stomps off.



Recap of what Taz calls a crappy ending to Bisch in TNA.

Backstage Segment

Borash is asked why he called out Bisch. Not only did they host Explosion together, didn't get along. Not only has Bisch taken stupid shots at Borash on his Facebook page, it was about everyone who's had to deal with Bisch around here. People getting treated like BLEEP for that time. Yes, he's going to say something about it. Bully comes up and Borash stops. Bully wants to hear how Borash took care of Bisch. Bully grabs Borash's tie and drags him to the ring to discuss this.

In Ring Segment

Borash is bring dragged to the ring by Bully yelling about Borash thinking he so tough. Bully gets a mic and says Borash wants to bully around Bisch? Bully forces Borash into the ring. Bully gets into Borash's face about what he did to Bisch. Bully says he's sick of this anti-bullying crap. They need to starts a new campaign. A 'stop being a little BLEEP and stand up for yourself' campaign. Bully says Borash is the poster boy for all the little BLEEP that guys like Bully take advantage of. Bully says Borash doesn't like that, wants to punch Bully in the face. They all want to see Borash slap the taste of his mouth. He wants to stand up for himself to guys who walk all over him. Why does he walk all over him? Because he can, and pushes Borash into a corner. (Those were all TNA's bleeps, not mine.)

Austin Aries' music hits and he comes out talking about how tough Bully is. He picks on lawyers. Bully tells AA to not step in the ring. AA stepped right into the ring. AA says he doesn't care about lawyers or Borash, but Bully called him out. When Bully called him out he picked on the only thing he could, the same thing every big, bad bully picked on, his size. Bully wants to talk about size? Takes craps bigger than AA, taken craps bigger than him. He thinks Bully's telling the truth as he didn't spend most of his career as Bully Ray, he spent it as Bubba Ray, the big, fat, pasty poster boy for all-you-can-eat buffets and Type 2 Diabetes. Now he got himself in shape...

Bully tries to knock the mic out of AA's hand and says playtime is ovah, but it doesn't fall, so he rips it from AA's hand. Bully pushes AA. He says AA wants to talk crap, now he'll have to stand up for himself, but he won't do anything about it because he's the Champion and he represents small, little men, insignificant little men and won't do a damn things about it. AA isn't the one to do anything about it. He's breathing down AA's neck, spitting in his face (which Bully does) and AA isn't doing a damn thing about it.

Then AA does a damn thing about it and is on Bully like white on rice. AA on bull with blows. AA beats Bully into a corner with punches, chokes Bully with AA's blazer. Security out and grabs AA, pulls him back, so Bully walks up as AA is held back and kicks him in the slats. AA is left on the mat as Bully backs up the ramp with his mouth busted open.

Backstage Segment

Daniels and Kaz talk about beating Joe and Magnus at the next PPV and taking AJ down. Angle yells at them to shut up. He's going to make AJ tap out at Sacrifice and will do it tonight. Angle leaves and the other two ask each other what Angle is so cranky about, he's always winning matches, he has nothing to be cranky about.


Backstage Segment

Roode says he's beaten Anderson before and do it again. He is pissed about Hogan making his match No DQ. Who does Hogan think he is? Hogan should call Sting, the last person in control. RVD won't be taking the Title from him.

Angle & Kaz & Daniels vs AJ & Joe & Magnus

Angle to the ring. Daniels and Kaz out together. Video of AJ getting really upset about what Kaz and Daniels have on him. AJ, Joe and Magnus out together.

Joe and Magnus rush the ring and start the fighting. AJ is later to the ring leaving him and Angle to face off as the other four go to fight outside. AJ around behind, Angle reverses. They exchange blows. Angle runs the ropes, right into a huge drop kick. "Joe's gonna kill you" chants as the fight continues. Angle with a blow to AJ's face. Daniels in and on AJ, but pushed down by Angle as he didn't tag in, and Angle says he doesn't need their help. Joe tags in and beats Angle down in a corner. Magnus tags in and they double team Angle. Inverted atomic drop from Joe, big boot from Magnus, back splash by Joe and Magnus pinned for two. Magnus whipped, but Angle eats his foot. Kaz hangs Magnus up on the top rope form outside and behind Angle's back. Clothesline from Angle and both are down.

Daniels and Kaz both want to tag in, Angle won't. Chop to Magnus, then a chinlock on the mat. Magnus to his feet and out. Magnus is kicked, but comes back with a huge clothesline on Angle and both are down again. AJ tags in, as does Kaz and Taz says Kaz is legal, but Angle was nowhere near his corner and I didn't see a tag. Clothesline, then a spin kick on Kaz. A sick back breaker type move. AJ grabs Angle and sets him up, but Daniels is in and kickes AJ in the back of the head! Joe comes in and chops Daniels. Daniels whips Joe and rushes him, but Joe elevates Daniels over the top. Daniels flies over and nails the stairs with his head or face on his way down, over selling the move a bit too much, but it wouldn't have been as well seen otherwise. Magnus on Daniels outside. Joe with a suicide dive through the ropes on Joe.

AJ was about to fly out, but Angle trips him and locks on the ankle lock. Angle got close enough to his corner and Kaz takes the tag. Joe rushes Daniels and basically splashes Daniels into Angle in their corner and both Foley from the ring. Kaz has AJ up for his finisher, but Magnus in and kicks Kaz in the face. AJ hits the Styles clash and gets the three!

Winners – AJ & Joe & Magnus

The three faces celebrate as Angle yells at Kaz. Daniels gets in Angle's face. Angle pushes Daniels into a corner and cusses him out. Daniels cowers. Daniels grabs a mic and says he was going to twist the screws, but he's going to end it in seven days. AJ's seen the photographs, he knows. Either AJ tells his secret, or they will tell AJ's secret.


In Ring Segment – Gut Check

Snow explains how Silva had his audition last week and they will decide if Silva will become part of the TNA roster. Snow introduces the judges. First Flair, then Bruce Prichard, along with his Laurinaitis-like Title. Snow calls Silva to the ring. He comes out his his ring gear – trunks, boots, knee pads. Dramatic music and lighting, and Snow explains all their history in knowledge. Flair says he likes the attitude, but he needs to grow up. Prichard says Silva came down like he already had a job. He's seen Silva in OVW, but that wasn't his best work. Snow says he knows Silva has the passion and desire to be in TNA, but it's not just up to him. He needs two out of three votes. Silva gives a whooo or two, but Flair says no. Snow says his answer is yes, but he needs two judges. He needs to let the fans know how bad he wants it, sell himself to them.

Silva addresses each, and looks up to the heavens and says to his father. They're there (Silva and his father) after 8 long years. He was 13 years old and poor, but became poorer as he slept in his car...

Flair said not to talk to the marks, talk to them. 30 seconds, start again.

Silva says he stands up for himself every single night. He moved from Canada poor for one dream, worked hard for one dream, so he can get his contract.

Flair says he changes his vote, that was good, he says yes. Prichard says he would have said no after last week, but he had a second shot at his dream. Yes. Snow says he's on the roster, a TNA Superstar. Silva is in tears as each of the men speak to him off mic. (7:30)

No DQ Match – Mr. Anderson vs Roode

Anderson to the stage, reaches for the mic. Ladies and gentlemen, the archetypal asshole, no DQ, Mr. Anderson! Anderson! Anderson to the ring. Roode out to the ring, very slowly.

Anderson leaves the ring and starts the fight. Roode into the barrier on one side of the ramp, then Anderson sends Roode into the barrier on the other side of the ramp. Elbow to the back of Roode's neck, then Roode reverses into a Russian leg sweep kidneys first into the apron. Roode sets up for something, but ends up sent face first into the post. Roode up on Anderson shoulders and eats a rolling slam.


Roode calls for time, pulls Brian in the way, Anderson pushes Brian out of the way and takes a low blow, even though it wasn't an illegal move. Roode with Anderson on his back grinds his boot into Anderson's family jewels. Anderson rolls out, Roode after him and sends Anderson into the barrier. Roode rolls Anderson back into the ring and pins for two. Blows to Anderson face, but it looked terrible. Roode struts around the ring for heat. Suplex on Anderson, then knee drop for two. Anderson running the ropes, right into a back elbow form Roode. Roode from the ring and returns with a chair. Roode wedges the chair between the ropes in a corner. Roode tries to send Anderson into the chair, Anderson reverses and Roode goes face first into the chair.

They exchange blows until Anderson gets the upper hand. A clothesline, back elbow, then swinging neck breaker on Roode and Anderson is pumped up. Anderson telegraphs and is kicked. Anderson tries to kick Roode in the head, but Roode ducks. Anderson continues his spinning momentum and nails Roode with an enziguri-type kick, but it was more of Anderson's knee of shin that caught Roode in the head. Roode drops like a Rock, but only stayed down for two.

Anderson sets up, but Roode reverses. Roode is whipped, but gets a foot up. Roode pushes the chair out of the way. Roode up, but Anderson stops him with a punch, but Roode wiggles free of Anderson hold. Roode comes back with a big spinebuster on Anderson, but only for two. Roode sets up to drop Anderson on his head on a chair, but Hardy rushes the ring and attacks Roode. Hardy taps Anderson on the shoulder, Anderson gets up and hits a mic check on Hardy thinking he was Roode. Roode to his feet and on Anderson with the chair. Top of the chair to the gut, then the flat of the chair to his back. Fishermans suplex and a bridging pin on Anderson for three.

Winner – Roode

Video of Anderson attacking Hardy thinking he was Roode. Roode with the chair hits Anderson while he's on the mat, then hits Hardy, then heads back to Anderson, but RVD rushes the ring and Roode flees. RVD turns to tend to Hardy and Roode runs back into the ring. Chair shot to RVD's back, then a spiking DDT onto the chair leaves RVD flat out on the mat.

Biggest pop
Austin Aries
Velvet Sky

Biggest heat

I was told I didn't need to write up a TNA Blog Zone this week between doing this and having a busy couple of days. If you're interested in me writing the Blog Zone this week, please let me know and I will write it up on Sunday when I get home.

Thanks for bearing with me.

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