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Impact Results 6/7/12 - Dixie And AJ Sitting In A Tree?

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This evening I was asked to step in for Alex as he has some wonderful and exciting things going on. Please bear with me as writing TNA Results are not something I'm used to, and the flow is VERY different from RAW. I will do my best for you!

Tonight's Impact starts with video about the growing proof about the possible inappropriate relationship between AJ and Dixie. Kaz and Daniels played audio to end Impact last week. Dixie freaked and cut off the audio. Will she come clean tonight? Asked the narrator.

Announce Segment

Taz and Tenay say Dixie will talk to the fans about all of the allegations. They show video of Dixie freaking out after Impact last week. She was pissed at Daniels and Kaz. She yelled at the cameramen to get out of her face. She went to the the production truck and ripped 'David' a new one. She demanded to know who did it. She said Kaz and Daniels are finished, as is 'David' who might be f***ing finished if he doesn't find out who did it.

In Ring Segment

The camera on Dixie in the ring, the fans start chanting for her. She says she finds this whole thing very unimaginable. She's fought all week about what to say, but whatever she says, someone will be hurt. But she feels sorry for Kaz and Daniels. Two men so filled with hate, ego, insecurity that they would do something like this and ruin innocent lives. They threw a big rock in a serene pond, and the ripple effect is far and wide and she feels there's no other thing she can do than tell the truth of what's been going on.

Out comes Daniels with a smirk, Kaz in tow with a lesser smirk. Daniels tells her to not listen to the fans booing her. She wants to talk about the truth, let him help her tell the truth. She made a mistake. She would have been happy to hide that mistake, but she was found out. She should tell them she's a woman and she wants what she wants. She should be telling these people that she has a hole in her hear that her husband Serge couldn't fill and she found a suitable replacement in AJ. Who called who first? Where did they meet first? Was it at her house? A hotel? Dixie starts hitting at Daniels who back up and tells her, "Easy, easy. Don't get hot." Dixie hits at Daniels some more and he puts his hands against her collar bones and pushes her back into a corner. She bounces off the buckle padding and sits down hard on the mat.

Daniels yells at her that she can't ever think she can put her hands on him, no matter who she thinks she is. AJ runs down and into the ring. Daniels and Kaz quickly flee before AJ can get near them. Dixie is left in the corner, her head in her hands. AJ is spoiling for a fight. Serge into the ring wearing a lilac button down shirt, un-tucked, and dark blue jeans. He pulls Dixie to her feet. Serge looks between Dixie and AJ, then takes two steps toward AJ and punches him just once. The fans are chanting "Sucker shot!"

AJ over to Dixie who is in tears. He whispers in her ear, gets some heat from the fans. The two of them leave the ring together. Some fans are chanting for AJ, some patting him on the back as he escorts her from the ring with a hand on her lower back. They leave to the right of the ramp as fans take pictures and continue to slap AJ on the back. It didn't seem like any of the fans really reached out to touch Dixie as she passed.



The fans are still wild from what they just saw. Video of Dixie saying she'd tell the truth, but then Daniels and Kaz out to bully her. Then AJ out, then Serge out. The fans chant "TNA" chants to the video. Tenay says Dixie and AJ have left the building. Taz says AJ is supposed to be in the main event.

Crimson vs Aries

Crimson out to the ring, all smiles and ego. Backstage Joe and Aries talk respect. Aries says he hasn't disrespected Joe, but if he did, Joe would know it. Aries to the ring.

"Austin Aries" chants. Aries behind Crimson, but sent down with a horrid arm drag. Crimson then gloats. A kick from Aries, but then Crimson grabs his legs and backs him into a corner and on him hard. Aries whipped, vbut caught trying to float over. Aries free and on Crimson with kicks and blows. Drop kick to Crimson's leg, then a knee breaker. A discus forearm to Crimson. Crimson sends Aries over the top, but Aries doesn't land on the floor. Aries catches the apron, stays up, but then pulls Crimson off his feet. Corkscrew slingshot onto Crimson for two, but then Crimson gets his knees up for Aries lionsault.

Crimson motions that it's over, but Aries counters red sky with head scissors. Running drop kick in a corner. Crimson counters Aries' brain buster. Aries sent outside. Crimson out, but Aries back in and nails a suicide dive, under the second rope, slamming Crimson to the barrier. Aries climbs, but Joe out and Aries down to the apron. Joe sweeps Aries' feet out from under him. Aries face plants on the apron and falls to the floor. Joe picks Aries up and rolls him in the ring. Aries is like a ragdoll, so Crimson pins Aries for three.

Winner – Crimson (3:39)

Crimson celebrates and says there's nobody there who can beat him. He's been through everybody and single handedly defeated Aries. He's our undefeated hero. He's been undefeated for 468 days! That's way longer than that Goldberg guy. He's the most dominant man in pro wrestling, period. He'll prove it at Slammiversary. He's putting out an Open Challenge. Show up and fight him. And lose!

Backstage Segment

Hogan says it's not becareful what you wish for, it's what you accept. What's up with AJ and Dixie? Roode is dominating. Be careful what you accept Brooke. Brooke accepted the job. Then Hogan claimed they were calling his name and headed for the arena.


Backstage Segment

Brooke in to the women's locker room to introduce herself. She complimented their outfits and how beautiful they look. She thanked them for working alongside her. She tells them – Velvet Sky, Mickie, Tessmacher and Tara than they're going to be in a Four Way for #1 contendership. They all like this idea. She's so excited about all this. One more thing, she said she's getting them media opportunities outside TNA. Montgomery Gentry wants Velvet Sky in their next video. After the match she needs to shower and get ready as Brooke has a Lear jet waiting for Velvet.

In Ring Segment (7:48)

Hogan out to the ring through pyro and excitement. Hogan goes on about this being a party that starts tonight. Thisis the 10 year anniversary for TNA. "TNA" chants. Hogan says when you talk about partying, they're starting tonight and through the weekend, then next week here live on Impact, brothers! As a special surprise, next week they'll defend the World Heavyweight Championship, no matter who wins the Title.

Of course Roode's music hits and he comes stomping out pissed off to heat from the fans. Roode says he has a great idea, why doesn't Hogan shut his mouth and show Roode the proper respect he deserves? "Hogan!" chants. Over the past weeks he's shown nothing but disrespect. Starting with Hogan ruining Roode's celebration. Then last week with the lumberjacks and Sting. Tonight a 6 Man Tag only three days before defending against Sting. "I'm not done!" And after beating Sting at Slammiversary, he has to come back and defend again? (Through much of this, until toward the end, he's staring at Hogan's chest, or up to the sky. He's right up close to Hogan, but has to look up at him and looks more like a fawning puppy not the tough guy of his words. Finally his body language caught up, but what he said and how he looked and acted were fighting against each other.)

Hogan tries to speak, but Roode knocks the mic and says he's figured it out. Hogan is jealous of Bobby Roode. Even in Hogan's prime, he couldn't lace Roode's boots. He's a better man, wrestler and Champ than Hogan ever was. If he wants to be GM, then get his ass to his office. Since he's not an active wrestler – Roode grabs Hogan's shirt, balls it up in his fist and tells Hogan to get the hell out of his ring!

Sting out and Roode jumps him getting in the ring. Roode up and in Hogan's face, but Hogan points behind him to Sting who's on his feet. A blow to Sting – nothing. Sting all over Roode. Sting on Roode in a corner, really beating him down. A clothesline and Roode rolls from the ring. Hogan points at Sting and the fans go wild. Roode is sliding backward, and crawling, up the ramp. Sting out to the ramp looking up at him.

Backstage Segment

The Knockouts getting ready for their match. Stretching and primping.


Backstage Segment

Joseph says to look at the facts. He went from being a concerned family member to sitting in the crowd and looking for his brother, you know, Abyss. He never thought he'd be talking to us, or them. He's in the business of truth and justice. At Slammiversary, he might just get a little bit of both, who knows?

#1 contender 4 Way Match – Mickie vs Velvet Sky vs Tessmacher vs Tara

Mickie out in a sparkly brown halter and light denim shorts. Velvet Sky out in pink. Tessmacher out in her own TNA t-shirt that she removes to show off her red, white and blue. Tara out in a hot pink two piece outfit. Tara on the ropes, hanging over the top to show her boobs to the fans.

They all circle, then Tessmacher on Velvet, Tara on Mickie. They punch back and forth. Mickie down, then Tara and Tessmacher on Velvet, but Mickie up and Tessmacher and Tara down. Kim on the stage. Mickie rolls up Velvet for two. Mickie again tries and gets two. Tessmacher and Tara from the ring.


Tara has Velvet locked up in the ropes. Mickie hits Tara in the back of the head with a baseball slide. Mickie pins Velvet for two. Mickie on Tessmacher. Tessmacher whips Mickie, but Mickie fights back and gets two. Jaw breaker to Mickie, then a neck breaker. Velvet breaks the count. Tessmacher on Velvet with forearms, but then Velvet sends Tessmacher out. Tara in and pins Velvet for two. Kim is talking her herself up in a big way. Tara hits a snap suplex on Velvet for two. Tara with a Boston crab Velvet. Mickie in and locks a back facelock on Tara. Tessmacher in and locks a side headlock on Mickie!

Mickie lets go and gets free. Velvet pins Tara, but then sned her out and Tara lands badly. Velvet on Mickie with blows. Cruddy head scissors on Mickie. Mickie fights back with a flap Jack. Tara in and sends Mickie out over the top. Tara climbs, but her moonsault misses Velvet who moves. Kim rips on Tara missing. Tessmacher into the ring and wants to fight Tara. Tessmacher pushes Tara. Tara pushes Tessmacher down. Tara gets Tessmacher up and hits a side slam on Tessmacher. Tara shimmies, but before she can flip onto Tessmacher, Velvet in and hits a sick DDT. Mickie off the top with the Thesz Press! High wheel kick to Velvet. Mickie yells smack at Velvet, but Tessmacher picks Mickie up awkwardly, a hand on Mickie's waist, the other grasping Mickie's thigh, then slams her face first to the mat for three.

Winner Tessmacher (9:18)

Kim to her feet. Tenay says Tessmacher has pinned Kim three times on Impact. Kim isn't impressed with that comment. Tessmacher to her feet, but the rest lolling on the mat and ringside.

Backstage Segment

Ray says we know what to expect from the contract signing. They're getting rid of the old document, Joseph will have to sign this if he has Abyss' best interests at heart.



Again recapping Dixie in the ring talking, then Daniels and Kaz out and cause everything to crumble.

Backstage Segment (0:22)

Hogan on cell saying if anyone understands, but it's alive show. He doesn't care what's going on with him and Dixie, but he's booked for the main event and better get his ass back there. Hogan hangs up and says, "Son of a bitch!"

In Ring Segment

Borash in the ring, at a podium. He talks about Bully facing a lawyer who's never been in a fight before, in his life. They're having the contract signing. Borash announces Bully who gets huge heat. Bully demands his music is shut off. "You suck!" chants for Bully. "Do you know who I am?" asks Bully. He asks again, getting in Borash's face. Borash then announces Joseph Park. Joseph out looking both scared and in awe, but no music, of course. He takes in the pop, then climbs the stairs and struggles to get into the ring, as usual. Taz asks if they can get another table in the ring, he's not sure there's enough furniture in there.

Borash says it's time to put pen to paper. "We want tables!" chants. Bully rips up the contract in Joseph's face, then throws it at him. Bully says that was a standard wrestling contract for a standard wrestling match. They're not having a standard wrestling match. This is the new contract. This relieves Bully of all liability. This has a hold harmless. No matter what Bully does to Joseph, there will be no repercussions. If Bully breaks his arm, breaks his knee, snaps his neck, gouge out one of his eyes, he won't be responsible lawyer boy. That's the one Bully's signing and the one Joseph's is signing. Bully signs it and slams it into Joseph's chest and demands he sign it. Sign it now! He doesn't have to read it, just sign it.

Joseph says he's never even been in a fight. If Bully thinks he's crazy enough to put himself on the line, then Bully needs a really good doctor. He's not signing it. He' refuses to sign. Bully motions to shake Joseph's hand, but spits in his face. Is Joseph going to sign it now? Joseph cleans his glasses. "Sign the contract, you freaking coward!" bellows Bully. The fans chant, "Rip it up!"

Joseph looks scared and says – Bully spazzes demanding he sign it – Joseph says for the past ten years of Abyss gave his life to this company. Joseph points to himself with a shaking hand as he says all of this. His brother Abyss gave blood and his body for the fans. How dare Bully try to desicrate his legacy by what he's done. Bully wants an all out fight at Slammiversary? He's on (thought Joseph's voice shook through those two words). He's not doing it for himself, or for the fans. He's doing it for his brother Chris. The mic is slammed to the table and Joseph starts signing as Bully yells at him to sign it.

A small pyro pop on the stage, then there's Abyss on the tron, his hood pulled low down over his face, hair hanging. Abyss is breathing heavy as Joseph yells to his brother. Abyss says to listen up. Their whole lives, Joseph has been opening doors that he's had no business opening. Now look at him. Look at he situation he got himself into. He warned Joseph for weeks to step away from the fire, or he was going to get burned. Now it's too late little brother.

"But Chris, I was doing it to help you!" Joseph is stumbling over his words in the ring. He was doing is so Abyss could come back. He was doing it to help Chris.

"I didn't need your help!" roars Abyss. "I never have." Abyss then addresses Bully, he said he left Abyss for dead. Bully, does he look dead? Brother, Bully, they will both find out just how alive he is... at Slammiversary!

Joseph's voice is much higher and he asks over and over about Abyss coming to Slammiversary? Joseph begs his brother, "Chris, don't leave yet. Chris, wait!" Joseph is staring at the tron and doesn't see Bully coming at him. Bully attacks form behind. Bully to the apron and looks down at Joseph. Then down beside the ring and Bully says, "Still guilty."

Video - Earlier

Garett in to talk to Devon earlier. Devon has Robbie E earlier. T will be there. Garett wants to be out there and watch Devon's back. Devon says he likes Garett, really likes him. He's proven that he has the heart to make a splash. Devon says it would be an honor to have Garett there, but don't cut corners. If he has to bring it, then bring it. Oh, my brother, testify. Devon thanks Garett and he heads out. This was supposed to be taped earlier in the day, but Devon was taping up, as if for a match.



Slammiversary promo. They talk about the legends who have made those ten years what they are. Then on about the TNA HOF.

Announce Segment

Tenay talks about Taz's confrontation with Joey Ryan. Taz says he doesn't feel bad. He thinks the kid needs to ramp up his. Just work and get better and won't do that on Twitter and FB. After Gut Check the camera caught up with Ryan. Ryan goes on about trending, then calls Taz a joke. Snow got in Ryan's face and told him to shut his mouth. He really ripped Ryan a new one, then threw Ryan out of backstage.

TV Title Match – Robbie E w/ Robbie T vs Devon (C) w/ Garett

Robbie E out with T in tow, both in ugly blue cardies with stripes. Devon out to solid pop, Garett in tow. Video of Garett facing Devon two weeks ago until E&T got involved. Then Garett helped Devon out.

Robbie stomps Devon on the mat. Devon backed into the corner and shoulder blocks while the fans chant for Devon. Some blows to Robbie, but is taken down again. Madison out to the stage glossing her lips. Robbie distracts and T attacks from outside. Devon into a back elbow for two. Devon pounds the mat to get the fans pumped. Devon runs the ropes and tackles Robbie. Clotheslines, then a shoulder block to Robbie. Big slam on Robbie, then diving head butt from Devon. The fans clapping for Devon, but then T trips him from outside. Garett in T's face. Devon rolls Robbie in a small package. Garett argues with the ref, so T in and rolls so Robbie is pinning Devon. Earl sees that T is in and yells at him, so Garett goes and rolls them back so Devon is pinning Robbie. Devon gets the three.

Winner – Devon (2:50)

Earl raises Devon's hand, but then T in and attacks Devon, then Garett. Robbie to his feet. Devon takes on T and clotheslines him from the ring, then Garett sends Robbie flying from the ring. Both Devon and Garett are pumped up. T yelling into the ring at both of them. Direct replay of that screwy ending. Devon and Garett celebrate in the ring while E&T seethe on the ramp.

> Commercial


Roode telling Hogan to get out of his ring. Sting out and attacked Roode.

In Ring Segment (6:07)

Hogan is back in the ring to finish his announcement. He says that he was about to make a monster announcement before Roode so rudely interrupted him.

Anderson music hits. Anderson out to the stage, his mic drops, but they bleep him saying assholes! He then announces himself, but only once. Then Anderson to the ring. "Asshole!" chants than aren't bleeped. He asks if they're calling him an asshole. They say yes. He simply thanks them. He says to Hogan, before he was so rudely interrupted by an asshole, when Anderson was going to get a Title shot, next week. Hogan says one Mr. Asshole should cool his jets for a minute. Anderson says that no, he was going to say that one Mr. Anderson, Anderson, was going to get a Title shot.

With his permission, Mr... The fans finishes it for Hogan. Hogan says he want to finish, if that's okay Mr... Fans finish again. Hogan then calls him Mr. Asshole. Hogan plays with his throat, then calls RVD to the ring. Now that he has them in the ring, he calls down Hardy. Hardy out in a black button down, purple tie and jeans.

Anderson says he's not telling him that Hogan's giving one of these clowns a match. The three of them have been playing the game to get the Title shot. There will be one at Slammiversary and next Impact, no matter who wins. Hogan's is now extremely hoarse and sounds like he's been gargling with gravel. The opponent who faces on Impact will be who wins this match at Slammiversary. They will be in a 3 Way at Slammiversary. Whoever wins that match will face Roode next week. "I'm done!" and Hogan throws the mic down, very obviously annoyed with how that went down with his voice.


Announce Segment

Taz and Tenay go through the matches slated for Slammiversary.

Daniels & Kaz & Roode vs Angle & AJ & Sting

Daniels and Kaz to the ring. Daniels is all smiles. Roode out to join them. Angle out to the ring, not waiting to get in. AJ's music, but where's AJ? Sting out to the ring.

Daniels and Kaz attack Sting and Angle before the bell hits. Angle with the ankle lock, Sting with the scorpion deathlock, Roode didn't come in to help. Finally both got free and they regrouped outside the ring.


Daniels on Sting who is pinned for two. Chinlock on Sting on the mat. Sting to his feet and elbows free, but Daniels flips Sting to the mat. Kaz tags in. Daniels drops an elbow, then Kaz with a leg drop over the top for two. Forearms to Sting, then Kaz distracts so Roode can attack Sting from outside. Kaz with a spin kick for two. Kaz lets Sting crawl to Angle a bit, but not get there. Front facelock to hold Sting for Roode who tags in and kicks Sting in the ribs.

Knee drops on Sting as Tenay is freaking that AJ isn't there. Sting face first into a corner. Sting back with blows. Roode reverses a whip, but Sting moves and Roode eats corner. Sting tries for a stinger splash, but Roode moves and Sting eats corner. Both men are down.

Daniels rushes across the ring and knocks Angle from the apron. Sting makes his way over to the corner, but Angle isn't there because Kaz is on him outside. Forearm to Sting from behind from Roode. All three stomp Sting, then Roode locks on the crossface, the other two taunting. AJ rushes the ring, pele on Roode and then Angle in. Angle on Kaz with clotheslines and forearms. A belly-to-belly sends Kaz over the top and out! Angle out after him. Daniels and AJ in, pele on Daniels. Daniels rolls out. AJ pushes Sting out of the way, then AJ runs and flies over the top and lands on Daniels, Kaz and Angle outside. Roode in and tries to nail Sting with the belt, but Sting ducks and while he shows that he's struggling, Sting locks on scorpion deathlock. Finally, actually not that long, and Roode taps out.

Winners – Angle & AJ & Sting (10:24)

Sting is missing more makeup than normal as he stands in the ring to regroup. Sting grabs the WHC belt and holds it high as Roode yells at Sting from his spot sitting in a corner. Taz is all excited that this could be the ending at Slammiversary.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Daniels & Kaz

Thanks for bearing with me here, I appreciate it.

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