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TNA Results - I'm Not Jealous Of You!

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I'm happily filling in for Alex this evening as he's unable write. It's the least I can do after he covered from me when I was away. Sorry, you're stuck with me tonight! I'll be getting the TNA Blog Zone out on Friday.

Pre-Impact Commercial

I may be the most hated man in pro wrestling, but tonight I need to be the most trusted. Hogan, I'm coming to talk to you!

2nd Pre-Impact Commercial

King Mo talks about being an enforcer, that it's his job to stay between Roode and Storm. Impact is live next!

Show Starts


Recap of the issues between Roode and Storm. The refs want nothing to do with them, so Hogan brought in King Mo. Roode didn't think much of Mo until he pushed Roode down. Aces & 8's want a match at BFG. If they win, they're allowed into TNA. If they lose, they will leave. It was Sting, and last week Bully was brought in to join Sting against A&8's at BFG.

Announce Segment

Storm will face Aries. Hardy will face Roode.

Storm vs Aries

Storm announces to the ring and he comes out looking like he's ready for a fight. Almost as soon as Storm was in the ring, Aries' music hit and he came out wearing one of his sexy capelets with 'greatest' on the back.

Aries stretches, Storm dances, then they lock up. Storm backed into a corner, they quickly broken up by Earl. Hammerlock on Storm into a side headlock. Take over, then they're back up and pacing. They test strength, and after some shuffling, Storm barely makes it over Aries who stumbles and an arm drag sends Aries sliding from the ring without any grace.

Side headlock on Aries. Storm eats corner, Aries all over the ring until he eats a sick forearm to the face. Blows to Aries until Storm sent out, but skins the cat. Aries misses this and goes out only to find Storm back in. Storm goes out and Aries with a suicide dive through the ropes on Storm. Storm in and gets a sick neck breaker through the ropes! In the ring a chinlock on Storm on the mat. Storm to his feet and nails a jawbreaker. Storm on Aries with blows, then whips Aries who gets a foot up. Blows to Storm's torso and head in a corner. Storm reverses Aries into the corner and on him with blows. Aries reverses and comes off the corner with a low drop kick on a sitting Storm. Storm whips Aries, eats a blow, but nails a clothesline. Storm on Aries with blows in the corner. Aries reverses and on Storm with blows in the corner.

They exchange blows in the center of the ring. Storm gets Aries up for eye of the storm, but Aries wiggles free. Aries slides out and hits a lovely uppercut on Storm through the ropes. Storm ducks a missile drop kick. Back and forth until a low arm drag from Aries, then the men collide head first.

Roode outside, sense Storm into the post, then rolls Storm in. Earl had been tending to Aries and missed the attack. Aries manages to get Storm up for the brain-buster (sick) for three.

Winner – Aries (7:20)

Backstage Segment

Brisco cons Angle into bring him along to BFG. AJ rushes in and demands to know if Angle is in with him at BFG, or not? AJ tells Angle not to join him out there and stomps off. Angle says Kaz and Daniels are still playing AJ.



Small video about Roode facing Storm, Hardy facing Aries, at BFG.


BFG memories – Hogan tapped out to Sting, Garett was the ref, but in the end Hogan and Sting made friends of their bloody selves.

In Ring Segment

Hogan and Sting out to the ring together. The fans seem thrilled to see them out together. Hogan says they've had a bit of a situation since last Impact. He's not a card player, but he was backed into a corner and had to cut a deal, but Sting is getting in that ring, brother. Hogan will have to watch Sting to fight to keep them out.

Sting says Hogan has to watch at BFG. Last week A&8's took out Anderson, so now they have Bully.

Hogan says they had to make a deal with a devil to keep A&8's out of TNA.

Daniels and Kaz come out and say they're the angels to save the day. These two superheros can fix it. They're days from BFG, but they can right the ship. Of all in the locker room they pick the most untrustworthy guy? Why didn't Hogan pick his favorite, Sting's favorite, the fans favorite World Tag Team Champs of the world?

Kaz tells them to cancel their TTC Match at BFG. Tell Bully they don't need him. Then have the only Olympic gold medalist in the business, Angle tag with Sting?

Bully out and tells Kaz and Daniels to not talk about his brother again. Angle would have been a great choice. But this isn't a wrestling match, it's a fight. If it's a wrestling match, take the best, Angle. But in a fight, pick the baddest mother trucker there is. This is the wrestling business, they're not friends, but he'll be their partner. Their common business is to get rid of Aces & 8's. To prove himself, tonight why not have the WTTC of the World face Bully and his partner Sting? Daniels and Kaz really don't like this idea. Hogan agrees to it and Daniels and Kaz completely spazz out in the ring. They bounce all over the place, arguing this, but Hogan puts his hand to his ear and the fans cheer.


Hernandez w/ Chavito vs AJ

Hernandez out with Chavito in tow. AJ out to face Hernandez. AJ talks smack to Chavito before getting in the ring.

They circle, then Hernandez dives at AJ and eats corner as AJ sidesteps. AJ kicks at Hernandez's leg, then again. AJ rolls under a couple clotheslines, then on Hernandez with kicks again. A sunset flip, but Hernandez doesn't budge. AJ pulled up and Hernandez goes after him, but eats an enziguri. More issues with Chavito outside. AJ flies at Hernandez in a corner, but eats padding. AJ sent flying hard to the mat. AJ with blows to Hernandez's gut, but a big forearm comes down on a kneeling AJ's back. Hernandez pulls AJ up into a bear hug from the mat.

AJ runs into a huge clothesline. AJ picked up to Hernandez's shoulder, but gets free. Hernandez runs the ropes into a sweet drop kick. AJ with another drop kick sends Hernandez out through the ropes. AJ flies out, slingshot onto Hernandez. AJ off the top rope onto Hernandez, but Hernandez moves and AJ eats mat. Shoulder block sends AJ flying across the ring and covered for three.

Winner – Hernandez (3:54)

Backstage Segment

The A&8's leader likes how great of a chess player Mr. Hogan is. Back to business, like the promised, Mr. Parks is just fine. Joseph is handed a takeout carton of food and dived right in, but looks dirty and scared.

Isn't it funny how a common cause brings enemies together? Bully was a surprise, but not one they can't over come. A few weeks ago they asked if they were locked out or in? Tonight they might put that to the test, but rest assured, they will be seen on Sunday.



Promo about Sting in the HOF. Then on to BFG.

In Ring Segment

Ion to the ring in street clothes – jeans and t-shirt, white leather vest, belt over his shoulder. He grabs a mic and says he's living proof that being humble doesn't get you anywhere in life. Broken necks, arms and all for the X Division Title. It feels bitter sweet as its' BFG and he doesn't have a match as there's no X Division, he's taken them all out. It's true, he's not just f'n pretty, he's pretty f'n dangerous.

RVD's music. He says what's dangerous is talking all this smack in his earshot – the whole f'n show. Hogan told RVD he can wrestle whoever he chooses. A jump spin kick and Ion's on the floor outside. RVD wishes Ion luck.

Backstage Segment

Hogan is kvetching about Bully not being trustworthy. Sting asks who else there is. Bully sticks his head in and asks if Sting's ready. Bully asks what the look is for? Hogan says he doesn't trust him, he hasn't changed since he first came in two years ago. Bully says he's saying this with the most respect, 'Do you know who I am?' Bully and Hogan argue until Sting yells about them not needing Bully, there's no one else. Bully says he won't let them down. Sting says Bully better not let him down, he has one chance.


Backstage Segment

Taryn and Brooke talk about keeping control at BFG. Tara has a list for Brooke. She wants BFG to be a-list quality. Brooke doesn't agree with any of this because she's not Champ! Brooke rips the list up. Tara says King and Khloe were right about Brooke!

Daniels & Kaz vs Sting & Bully

Daniels and Kaz to the ring. Bully out to the ring. Sting out to round out the match.


Bully reaches for Daniels and is kicked. Side headlock on Daniels. Bully pushes out and eats a shoulder block. Daniels try to out smart Bully and is taken to a corner for head butts to the chest, and a SICK chop. Bully chases Kaz from his corner, then another chop to Daniels' chest. Daniels face first into a another corner, then elbows to shoulders and arm. Bully starts a 'Sting' chant and tags him in.

Sting on Daniels with blows, then kicks. A hip toss, then a clothesline to Daniels for two. Daniels back kicks Sting and tags out. Sting on Kaz with blows, then tags out.

Double hip toss on Kaz, then a sick clothesline on Kaz. Back suplex on Kaz for two. Kaz can't crawl away and into the face corner. A big blow from Bully and Kaz crumbles. A cop and Kaz is jelly. Sting tags in and hits a beautiful snap suplex on Kaz for two. Bully tags in and they double clothesline Kaz.

Snap suplex from Bully, then Sting tags in. Stinger splash in a corner on Kaz. Sting goes for another, but Daniels pulls Kaz out of the way. Daniels crotches Sting in a corner as Kaz distracts the ref. Kaz outside on Sting with blows. Daniels joins him, but Bully is out with a chair. Bully hits the stairs with the chair as Kaz moves. "Sting!" chants.

Kaz holds Sting as Daniels hits a drop kick on Sting. Kaz slingshots in over the top onto Sting for two. Sting's arms wrapped back around his throat and held by Kaz, on the mat. Sting to his feet and elbows out, but right into spin kick. Daniels tags in and on Sting for two. Daniels points up and gets heat. Clothesline to Sting and Daniels climbs. Sting grabs Daniels and flings him, but somehow clotheslines Sting in the process. Both men are down

Both tag out, but Bully clotheslines back and forth on both men. The men are stacked and splashed in a corner. Samoan splash, but Bully only gets two. Sting in and beats on Kaz. Daniels grabs a strap, but Bully sees this and pushes Sting aside and nails Daniels with a big boot. Sting then saves Bully from a flying Kaz.

Sting slaps Bully on the chest and yells, "Bully, get the tables!" Bully gets the table as Sting takes Kaz down. Sting sets Daniels up on Bully, then Daniels goes through the table and Brian calls for the bell and the DQ.

Winners – Kaz & Daniels via DQ (10:07)

Bully and /Sting celebrate in the ring as the fans go wild for both of them. Video recap of Daniels going through the table.


Hardy talks about winning the WHC is the final step in his redemption. Aries talks about he's losing everything, but will get it by going through Hardy.


Hardy says he's been chasing the Title for a while now. This Sunday he's going to reinvent himself. He wins, then he'll be the best wrestler on plant earth.



Recap of Aces & 8's and how Bully has joined Sting and hot going in to BFG.


Snow gloating about taking on Joey Ryan at BFG. Might be younger and fast, but he's not smarted than Snow. Ryan goes off about getting around everything in TNA. They're going to his home the west coast.

Backstage Segment

Joe talks about Magnus being jealous of Joe's Title. Joe slaps the belt and Magnus is there telling Joe to be nice to his belt. Hervey says Magnus's segment is later. Magnus doesn't care about this. Joe is ready to fight tonight. Magnus says Joe isn't a Champ, and he's not TV. Magnus is a businessman, so he's waiting for the payoff. Joe says that cowards are called businessmen these days.

Gail Kim vs Tessmacher

Kim to the ring in white. Tessmacher out in red and blue.

Kim attacks Tessmacher before the bell from behind, so Taryn calls for the bell. Kim chokes Tessmacher with a foot in a corner. Kim with a beautiful flying clothesline splash on Tessmacher in that corner. Sweet head scissors from Tessmacher, then she booty dances, but can't bum slam Kim who's fled the ring. Kim on the apron, but is hung up on the second rope. Drop kick on Tessmacher, but only for two.

Taz says the Knockouts sang happy birthday to him. Tenay says Stevie had the hats and cake ready backstage and Taz ruined it. Big clothesline on Tessmacher against the ropes for two. Backbreaker on Tessmacher. Forearm to Tessmacher face, then she's whipped. Kim with that crossbody against Tessmacher in the corner. Tessmacher tries to fight back with blows, but doesn't get far. Kim throws Tessmacher down a couple times. Tessmacher catches Kim mid-move and sense Kim snake eyes into the corner. Forearms to Kim, then a body drop. Leg sweep into a slam on Kim – interesting move. Tessmacher up top, but Kim hits the ropes and Tessmacher is crotched. Tessmacher on Kim's shoulder, but Tessmacher reverses onto Kim. Kim comes back with a sit-down powerbomb. Kim climbs, but Tessmacher moves and Kim jumps down. Tessmacher throws Kim down in a very ungainly way for three – was supposed to be her finisher, but Kim really landed wrong.

Winner – Tessmacher (5:31)

Tara into the ring on Tessmacher. Tessmacher wiggles free of the widow's peak, and hits her finisher the correct way on Tara.

Backstage Segment

Roode going off about how he was in Hardy's shoes last year. Roode keeps talking, but Storm in and says he knows it was Roode who attacked him out there. Roode slammed into the lockers hard as Storm says Roode will have to kill him in three days. King Mo in to break it up and tells Storm to save it for Sunday.



BFG memories 2005. Hardy talks about jumping down 33 feet to put Abyss through a table. He did it because it was BFG.


About how great Sting is, because he is. Pictures of him from when he was young and through his career, setting up for his TNA HOF induction.

Announce Segment

Taz and Tenay go through the matches slated for Bound For Glory.

Roode vs Hardy

Roode out to the ring, very slowly.


Hardy out to the ring with his eyes closed. Lots of hand slaps, then hugs for some kids in face paint.

Roode attacks Hardy from behind as he's still slapping hands with fans. Roode sends Hardy into the barrier a couple times. Finally into the ring and the match starts. Kicks to Hardy in a corner, then Roode talks smack and gets heat. Hardy comes out of the corner and onto Roode. A big clothesline drops Roode, then his double leg drop. Hardy goes to work on Roode's arm. Roode up and back backs Hardy into a corner, then a knee to the get.

Hardy comes out and onto Roode with many chants for Hardy. Body drop, then clothesline sends Roode flying from the ring. Hardy reaches out for Roode, but Roode pulls Hardy off his feet. Double feet sends Roode into the barrier, then again. Hardy over the top and out onto Roode. Hardy gets the fans clapping, then sends Roode into the barrier again. Brian Hebner tells them to get into the ring, but Hardy still on Roode outside.

Roode rolled in, Hardy in after him. Roode into a corner and attacked by Hardy. Hardy whipped, flipped over the ropes, but then in and eats a sick clothesline! Hardy is crumbled on the mat, so Roode on Hardy with a knee drop off the corner, then a boot on Hardy's throat to choke him. Hardy sent sliding from the ring. Snap suplex on Roode outside.


Hardy is prone on the mat. During the break Hardy ate stairs, and Roode ate ringpost. Chin hold on Roode as the fans are going wild chanting and stomping for Hardy. Rna keeps Hardy on the mat for a bit, but then Hardy up and on Roode with big blows, but then runs into a back elbow. Roode climbs, nails a neck breaker on Hardy for a long two. Roode is frustrated over this. Hardy rolls out, Roode goes out after him. Roode pulls Hardy up and face first into the stairs. Hardy sent back in. Roode in with a big neck breaker for two as Tenay can't seem to explain what the move actually was.

Hardy starts fighting back, but gets locked into a rear naked choke. Roode gets Hardy down on the mat. Taz says Roode is getting his legs involved, but Roode isn't. Brian raises Hardy's hand. Once. Twice. But the third time his arm is up! Roode still has the hold locked on and Hardy is struggling. Roode backed into a corner, but still has the hold on tight. Hardy staggers across the ring, and makes Roode eat the opposite corner. Hardy runs up top to whisper in the wind. Both men are down.

Both are up, Hardy blocking Roode's blows. Boots to Roode's gut for two. Hardy whipped and gets his feet up. Hardy up with a splash on Roode for two. Big Double R spinebuster from Double R! Hardy set up top, Roode climbs, but Hardy fights off the superplex. Roode moves and avoids the swanton. Roode on Hardy with a big spear for two. Hardy avoids a suplex and takes Roode down. Roode comes back with a low blow, and then the bell.

Winner – Hardy via DQ (16:30)

Roode out and grabs a chair. Brian takes the chair away on the back swing. Roode turns around into a twist of fate.

In Ring Segment

Aries comes out and says he is not leaving Hardy in his ring. He's not saying this crap that was written for him. He's saying what he wants. Since joining TNA he's been told what to be, what to say, and now he's done with that. The picture painted by TNA is that Aries is jealous of everything Hardy does and has. He's not jealous of Hardy's rap sheet. Not jealous that he's half cripple and can't play with his little girl. He's jealous of the pandering to Hardy. He's been asking for new music and entrance video, but they're too busy making videos for Hardy. They're telling him to wrap up, but he's not. He's being set up to fail. He works best when it's him against the system. Him against the world! Aries isn't the failure. The only failure Hardy sees is in the mirror when he paints on that makeup.

Hardy says that his nuts hurt, his neck hurts. This Sunday he's going to end Aries' cocky ass.

Aries says Hardy has one more moment to stand in his ring. Now he's asking for Hardy to leave so Aries can bask in his glory. Hardy turns to leave, Aries attacks from behind. Aries manages to hit his brain buster on Hardy.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Daniels & Kaz

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