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How We Should Look At Impact Wrestling Viewership Numbers Moving Forward

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Impact Wrestling had their debut show on Destination America on January 7th, 2015. It was dubbed as a "live" show even though it was on a couple hour tape delay. At any rate, the show was hyped up with surprises, a major announcement, and Bobby Roode vs. Lashley for the TNA World Championship. I was excited for the show. I was looking forward to it! And, I know many other people were!

The two hour show came and left and now we were waiting for the numbers to come in. We were waiting for the viewership numbers for the show. On January 9th, the numbers were released and it was announced that Impact Wrestling received an average viewing audience of 263,000. However, apparently that number was incorrect. Later on, a new number surfaced from Showbuzz Daily stating that the average viewership of Impact Wrestling was 359,000.

There is a 96,000 difference. A lot? Well, that's subjective. However, we can definitely look at the numbers and see the difference from when Impact Wrestling aired on Spike TV. But... but, but, but... I am not here to talk about that. Destination America reaches about 60,000,000 American households. Spike TV reaches about 99 million American households. You can certainly see the difference just in the numbers. With that being said, it is quite immature to compare the Impact Wrestling viewership between the networks. We can note it, that's fine, but instead of doing some hardcore compare analysis, let's actually discuss how we should start looking at Impact Wrestling viewership numbers moving forward.

It's plain and simple - Compare the Impact Wrestling viewership numbers to what the 1/7/15 did. Let's give the show, and company, the benefit of the doubt and go with the 365,000 viewership number. The difference is minuscule, in my opinion, but I think it is probably more accurate.

Anyway, we need to start looking at Impact Wrestling that will be airing each and every Friday, starting this Friday (January 16th), and compare those viewership numbers to the 1/7/15 show. Why? It's easy. If the viewership number decreases not only this week but each and every week (Meaning, it is lower than the 1/7/15 show), then we can state that people lost interest of the show. We can say they weren't impressed. We can say that nothing made them want to return and watch what will happen. We can take into account the different days (From Wednesday to Friday), but that 1/7/15 show gave us the platform. That show gave us the foundation of WHAT TNA CAN DO ON DESTINATION AMERICA. So, if it is lower then we know they aren't reaching their full potential.

However, if the number increases... If the number is larger not only this week but in other weeks... Then we certainly know TNA is doing something right. We know there is an interest in Impact Wrestling. We know people care about the product and want to watch and see what will happen next. That is the best news possible! That will certainly make me smile ear to ear.

Let's look at the 1/7/15 as a platform show, if I may. Again, that is what TNA is capable of doing. Now that Impact Wrestling will be on a new day, we need to see how this week's episode goes. Then, as the weeks pass, we need to analyze those shows to the first Friday night episode (January 16th) and see if it kept people's interest, if the show reached new viewers, or if people no longer saw the benefit of watching. Simply put, we can't compare numbers the show did on Spike TV to Destination America numbers. That is like comparing Walmart to a local Mom and Pop store. Walmart can easily beat the Mom and Pop store in terms of revenue, employee numbers, customers, etc, etc, etc... But, how is that local Mom and Pop store doing compared to the other local Mom and Pop stores? How is that local Mom and Pop store doing in this season compared to last season? Let's be realistic in what we are analyzing.

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