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Lucha Libre USA - This Week On Masked Warriors

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- Lucha Libre USA sent out the following:

This Week on Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
Don't miss this week's episode of Masked Warriors as Rudisimo, Rellik and Sydistiko, and The PR Powers go head-to-head to see who will become the first-ever Lucha Libre USA Tag-Team Champions.

After losing to Magno in last week's "Hair vs. Mask Wager" match and being disgraced in public by having his head shaved, the Arizona patriot, RJ Brewer has vowed to get revenge on his masked rival. Meanwhile, the other member for The Right, Petey Williams takes on Charly Malice in his own attempt rid the wrestling world of Masked Warriors. All this and more- Saturday on MTV2 at 10am EST

World Wide Warriors Webcast Premiere
Lucha Libre USA is proud to announce the premiere of its live web-show World Wide Warriors this Thursday night at 8:30pm EST on Facebook. Rocky Romero, member of the Latin Liberators, will be chatting with show host and commentator, Alex Iz and taking questions from fans. World Wide Warriors airs every Thursday night on

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