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March Xplosion eXamination – Sonjay Dutt In Action, EC3 vs. Grado

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Hello TNA fans, and welcome back to the latest edition of Xplosion eXamination! In this article, I examine all of the Xplosion matches uploaded on TNA’s official YouTube channel from the month of March. Below each match breakdown, I have posted the match clip for you to watch!

Ethan Carter III def. Grado(3/3/15)

To kick off Xplosion in March, EC3 went one-on-one with British Boot Camp 2 contestant Grado. Grado is a very interesting character, and he reminds me of a young Dusty Rhodes. The match was a standard back-and-forth contest between the two really. EC3 spent some time mocking Grado's dancing at one point. EC3 gained control and hit the One-Percenter for the win over Grado. The streak continues.

DJ Z def. Sonjay Dutt(3/10/15)

I was pleasantly surprised to see Sonjay Dutt make an appearance for this Xplosion match. Dutt returned to take on one member of The BroMans, DJ Z. I've been a fan of Zema Ion, and wish he could break free from The BroMans, but I guess it's fine since he is regularly featured on TV. Dutt added that X-Division flare that I think TNA has been missing for awhile. I was once again surprised in the end when DJ Z managed to pick up the win over Dutt by rolling him up and using his tights.

Mr. Anderson & Chris Melendez def. Jessie Godderz & Robbie E(3/17/15)

Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson started things off by talking about cheap heat and cheap pops. Bully introduced Anderson's tag team partner, Chris Melendez. The match started off with Melendez fending off The BroMans until they took control for awhile, tagging in and out. Melendez managed to get some space and made the hot tag to Anderson, who was able to clear the ring apron of DJ Z and The Beautiful People. Anderson hit the Mic Check on Robbie E to get the win. While I can understand the way TNA has Melendez be the guy in peril for so long,(because only having one leg makes him weaker, right?) I just don't like that. I'm a fan of Melendez and was glad to see he and Anderson were victorious.

Rockstar Spud def. Sonjay Dutt(3/24/15

Sonjay Dutt was back for another match against a young X-Division star. I love that Dutt is doing this. This match was taped back in September 2014. At that time, Spud was still a heel. The match featured some comedy spots early on from Spud. Dutt showcased some X-Division style moves that fans know and love to try and take his opponent down. It wasn't quite enough, as Spud managed to low blow Dutt when the ref wasn't looking to sneak away with the win.

Gunner def. Jessie Godderz(3/31/15)

Finally, Xplosion has caught up to 2015 as this match was taped in NYC with Josh Mathews and Taz on commentary. This match featured Gunner going one-on-one (kind of) against Jessie Godderz. Jessie had lots of help from Robbie E and DJ Z throughout the match. Mathews hyped Gunner up on commentary early on, calling him "Mr. Intensity." I would agree with this statement, as I'm a fan of Gunner and have enjoyed his fast, hardcore-like ring style. The problem I had with this match is that we saw Jessie control most of the match with submission holds and head locks until the finishing moments when Gunner brought out his intensity and prevailed over Godderz. It really isn't that big pf deal, considering this is on Xplosion, but still something that bugged me.

It's a reoccurring theme week in and week out, month in and month out that Rockstar Spud and The BroMans are featured on Xplosion. This is practically the equivalent to WWE Superstars, but WWE doesn't use the same wrestlers as often. I thought the last few months prior to this was a better set of matches as we saw appearances from former world champions like Magnus, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, James Storm, etc. This month wasn't as great, but still decent. What did you think of these matches? Let me know in the comments area below.

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