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One Match Should Be Eliminated From Wrestlemania Forever

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How would you make the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal better than what it is? I get it, there is no point.

The only way to “fix” the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is to eliminate it. The match was brought to the Wrestlemania undercard last year as a way to get “deserving” talent on the show so they can collect the pay-per-view bonus. While it accomplishes that goal, it does nothing else.

There are other ways to get a lot of talent on the show and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal comes off as to “thrown together” and it doesn’t help the winner is just awarded a meaningless trophy. I appreciate WWE paying homage to Andre but shouldn’t his name be attached to something more meaningful?

This year’s Battle Royal was bumped to the Kickoff and was booked very similar to the one last year. Last year, an up and coming Cesaro eliminated Big Show. This year, it was Damien Mizdow but Big Show went over.

I hated how Big Show just recklessly eliminated up and coming talent, including taking out a very over Ryback. It’s one thing for a Wrestlemania legend like The Undertaker to beat Bray Wyatt in a main event singles match and another thing for Big Show to mow through up and coming talent just because he’s the giant.

Perhaps even more disappointing was how Hideo Itami looked in his Wrestlemania debut. One of the company's highly touted and accomplished NXT prospects was just brushed to the side in a very meaningless fashion. I don't understand why WWE would put him in that position, where he clearly wasn't protected.

One person commented the Battle Royal was better than the Royal Rumble, which is depressing in its own right but I actually thought it was booked similar to the Royal Rumble. Especially the way Kane and Big Show just mowed through talent.

What good does it do talent WWE should be investing in to have them quickly dismissed by talent at the end of their careers? Nothing against Kane or Big Show but both should be working to help the next wave of talent, not recklessly eliminating them in a meaningless undercard battle royal.

Thankfully, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was one of the only low points at Wrestlemania 31 as WWE actually put on a very good show and did the right thing with their title belt.

You can listen to my complete reaction from Wrestlemania 31 at this link.

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