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May Xplosion eXamination - Havok In Action, X-Division Matches

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Hello TNA fans, and welcome back to the latest edition of Xplosion eXamination! In this article, I examine all of the Xplosion matches uploaded on TNA’s official YouTube channel from the month of May. Below each match breakdown, I have posted the match clip for you to watch.

Eddie Edwards def. Robbie E(5/12/15)

One-half of The Wolves and one-third of The BroMans went head-to-head in the opening Xplosion match. These two went through all of their basic moves to provide us with an entertaining bout. Edwards was absolutely the star of this match, hitting a moonsault off the apron, and just using his amazing ring awareness to keep Robbie E grounded. Edwards made Robbie submit to a half crab in the end.

Kenny King def. Sonjay Dutt(5/19/15)

The X-Division action continued the following week when Sonjay Dutt returned to take on X-Division Champion Kenny King (who was champion at the time this match was uploaded). It really surprises me that Dutt has never held the X-Division Championship, but he sure is a phenomenal athlete. Dutt and King worked a strong back-and-forth contest from bell to bell. Kenny King has really jumped out at me lately as a guy who is full of charisma and can work a good match with just about anyone. King stole the win with school boy while holding the ropes.

This could've easily made a great X-Division Match on Impact, especially while King was still holding the title. The other thing I wanted to note was the commentary. Josh Mathews just seemed to be all over the place while talking to Borash. Mathews wasn't even talking about wrestling part of the time. What's the point of commentary then?

Taryn Terrell def. Havok(5/26/15)

This was Havok's first TNA "TV appearance" for the first since Lockdown in February, I believe? It's been awhile, and it would be great to see her back on Impact weekly. Havok went one-on-one with the Knockout that beat her for the Knockouts Championship - Taryn Terrell. Taryn has really stepped up her game over the last year. She's had a lengthy run with the Knockouts Title, and I hope the reign continues. As for this match, Terrell and Havok gave it their all and provided us with a good, possibly even great match. It absolutely makes sense that Taryn went over here. Check it out:

That's it for May. Hopefully I'll be back with another edition of Xplosion eXamination in a month if TNA provides enough matches. What were your thoughts on these three matches? I thought all of them were worth going out of your way to watch. Sound off below in the comments area!

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