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Money In The Bank 2015 - A Reflection

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Last night saw the Money in the Bank 2015 pay per view take place and it was a night of mixed results with some great booking and some unexpected moments and outcomes that all in all led to a fairly decent show. There was only one way to start the show, and it was with the 10 bell salute to Dusty Rhodes, following with the Common Man Boogie being played to kick off the show. On the pre-show there was a great tribute video shown of Dusty's career that I urge you to check out if you haven't seen it yet. I'm sure it will be shown again tonight on Raw, and if you didn't feel emotion from seeing that then you must not have a heart. WWE's video department deserve some super credit for the work they did to produce that video, and I'm sure the Dream would have been thrilled with such a fitting tribute to such a legendary career.

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The first match of the card was the Money in the Bank Ladder match, which I thought was a pretty good opening match. Was it as thrilling as previous Money in the Bank ladder matches? I don't really think so, but when we are all used to crazy spots with insane bumps this one probably would seem tame. I was shocked that Roman Reigns didn't emerge the winner given the build he has been receiving over the last year from WWE, but what I did like was the twist with Bray Wyatt costing him the match because it came out of nowhere. Sheamus winning wasn't something I saw coming personally but this opportunity could be the making of his new gimmick. The Divas Championship match that followed was a fairly slow paced match but it was full of hard hitting action. Despite the outcome I thought the 'Twin Magic' back firing on Nikki and Brie was a good ending, only for the referee to realize and for Nikki to steal the victory at the end. My only question is why wasn't a disqualification called for Brie interfering in the match?

The match between Big Show and Ryback for the Intercontinental Championship wasn't anything really to write home about, as I felt it was just more a power match between two beasts. If I take one positive out of the match it's that I thought Ryback actually looked pretty good coming out of it, and I believe a triple threat match is now round the corner thanks to Miz's interference. Following that was rematch the world has been waiting for, as Kevin Owens locked horns again with John Cena. These two had a good old fashioned wrestling match that the crowd was into the whole way through. This was very much a different match between the two from their meeting at Elimination Chamber last month, and it was probably better than the first match. I loved Owens hitting the majority of Cena's 'Five Moves of Doom', a nice touch that we rarely get to see anyone do and I think that says how much Cena rates Owen's as a competitor, as Cena being beaten by Owens in the first place tells you how much Cena thinks of this kid. Kicking out of the Attitude Adjustment on more than one occasion really sums up how big a future star WWE sees Owens as, because not many people have had the privilege of kicking out of that move more than once in a match.

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There were so many near falls in that match that I genuinely couldn't tell which way this one was going to go, and Cena sold his frustration with not beating Owens beautifully throughout. I saw some moves from Cena, and a side to his character that I have never seen before, and I liked it. This was so a match of the year candidate because it had everything, including a standing ovation from the crowd before the match had even finished! Cena picked up the win as I expected, and the fifteen time World Champion had to work hard for it. I cannot wait for the third and deciding match between these two down the line, especially after that attack on Cena at the end by Owens. Without doubt we witnessed a match of the year candidate in this one, and I cannot wait for the next meeting of these two. The unfortunate task of 'following that' was given to the New Day and the Prime Time Players fighting it out for the WWE Tag Team Championship. New Day have had a good run as tag champions, but I think the Prime Time Players have been the hottest team in the division since they reunited, and I was glad to see them win the Tag titles here. The match wasn't a classic by any means but it was a good match to watch. The only thing I would change was the finish as there was no drama to it and I think the crowd seemed flat because of it, but then you could also argue they were exhausted from the Owens and Cena match as that was a roller coaster.

Then came the main event of the night that saw Seth Rollins defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose in a Ladder match. If there was one thing that was guaranteed in this match it was some crazy spots would take place, and these two did not disappoint. We saw a good fast paced match, filled with wrestling, high risk, and risk taking spots that made it a truly classic main event to watch. I liked Ambrose use of the Bionic Elbow from the top of the ladder in tribute to Dusty Rhodes, and the use of the Figure Four Leg Lock by Rollins gave a nod to Ric Flair, who was a great adversary of the 'American Dream' throughout his career. It was the end of the match that would see some questionable booking that will perhaps ruin the match for some of the more traditionalist fans. I have no problem with Rollins winning the match. I expected that would be the outcome, even though I picked Ambrose to win. What I don't get is the logic of how the match ended with Ambrose taking two brutal looking power bombs onto two different surfaces, only for him to get up just before the end of the match and almost leave with the title? It's just illogical booking and just made the moves seem some underwhelming, while making Rollins look weak. Yeah it's only a small thing but it's small things like that which make a match more believable and give it more credibility by the end. I get the feeling this isn't the last time these two will be dueling over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and I hope one day Ambrose gets his chance as champion because he has proved himself to be a top star in the last few weeks.


All in all, if you can look past the way the main event ended I thought Money in the Bank was a pretty good show, probably the best of the WWE shows we have seen over the last few weeks (not including NXT Takeover). Without question the match of the night has to be that battle for the ages between John Cena and Kevin Owens. That match had everything and it proved without a shadow of a doubt that Owens is more than ready to perform at the top level of his game. Money in the Bank is probably up there as one of my top three main WWE shows of the year so far, and I would recommend that if you haven't seen it yet that you go out of your way to watch it because you are in for a treat.

Please leave your thoughts on the show in the comments section below and let me know what you thought about last nights show.

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