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More On B.J. Whitmer's Injury & An Excellent Update On His Prognosis


ROH Wrestling has been constantly updating the condition of B.J. Whitmer, who suffered a scary injury in Toronto on Saturday night. Below is the latest from Ring of Honor:

">@BJ_WHITMER Update - BJ has full use of his arms and legs. He is still undergoing a battery of tests but hopes to be (cont…

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) August 4, 2013

Whitmer was working with Mike Bennett when he took a piledriver on the ring apron. The spot went bad and Whitmer's entire right side went numb. He received medical attention for around 15 minutes at ringside that saw EMTs and Davey Richards, who is also an EMT, assisting.

B.J. was doing much better by Sunday and was up and moving around. As noted in the Tweets above, he's expected to be discharged from the hospital either on Sunday or early Monday morning.

As one of the first people to break this story, I am very very thankful that he is OK.

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